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Ff 🌹

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uzun ff

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I don't get it? Why does everyone hate eat your kimchi? Please explain! I'm so lost!!

  • They bash idol groups even though they make money out of their fandoms and even build their studio out of donations.

  • They call idols names one example is when they called Hyuna slutty.
  • Have lived in South Korea for what? 6 years? Know only basic korean and then have the guts to rate idols english. 

  • They never care to do proper research yet talk as if they know everything about groups, korean culture and norms. 

  • Call kpop fans names. That being their latest tweet:

  • I saw on twitter that Simon ranted about BTS’s leaders stage name “Rap Monster” because he is apparently a true hip hoper and that name is an embarrassment for hip hop. I’m sorry but if he really was a fan of hip hop he’ll know how common “embarrassing” names like Rap Monster are and I’m not even a fan of hip hop. Just to name some 50 cent, Pitbull, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Snopp Dogg etc. 

  • They made a rant video about Teen Top’s music video and song “No more perfume on you” going on and on how bad cheating is, making Teen Top seem like the biggest jerks ever when they had no say in the production of the song and music video whatsoever. While they praised Gary’s music video “Shower Later” that showcased females as objects and was sexist as fuck.

  • They bashed B.A.P for crying in their mv’s and called them “bitch ass pussies”. I can’t understand why someone would bash HUMANS for trying to portray the feelings and emotions of their songs not to mention they used a female body part as a swearword. Just beyond what I can deal with.

  • I’m not going to watch this video again but if I remember it right it’s the video they called B.A.P pussies in and fooled people that wanted to watch the video for BTOB by including them in the title but then decide to not include them in the video because it didn’t fit their standards. They could’ve just not mention or had BTOB involved from the start but they HAD TO make fun of them and make fools out of their fans. 

  • They also respond very rudely to criticism or just block people. They obviously know what they doing and saying without the fake ignorance and stupidity they tend to fall back to when situations get sticky.  

  • I remember also that they once wanted to make fun of fanfics that resulted with people deleting or putting their fanfics private out of fear. 

  • Oh I also remember how they called people boring and plain for not having a similar style as them. 

This is just a few reasons why kpop fans don’t like them and hate them. 

Going Home - Chapter 12

Hiii, you beautiful, beautiful people! I hope you have (had) a great start in(to?) the weekend. I’m currently eating ice cream with my friends (if our plans worked out… our plans don’t always work out… our plans hardly ever work out) and I hope this chapter is a nice alternative to ice cream for you :)
Previous chapters.

Chapter 12: Come Thru

“I’ll be with you in a second Z, I promise, I just have to clear something first,” Val told me, his hand on my back while he gently pushed me to a bunch of couches that I usually only saw groups of rich and old people sit on. “Can you just sit down and wait for me? I’ll be with you as fast as possible. Don’t leave, have a… read.”

His eyes seemed to be seriously afraid I might leave but the sad truth was I really had nowhere else to go. These dance lessons had become the highlight of my days. “Sure, take your time.”

It seemed like this was a busy time for the studio, people were coming and leaving every full hour, and I felt guilty to take Val away from his classes just so he could teach me – a stupid girl that wasn’t even that good and had no prospects anyway. But Val never made me feel like I was ruining him; he never rushed me, was patient and calm, in good temper, and always made sure we had time to meet up every day.

When I sat down I saw the typical clientele – people who looked like they had worked for many years, earned more than I could even dream off, and who really spent that money to take lessons from a few good looking dance teachers – at least until someone threw herself onto the cushion next to me.

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