hip hop twinz

Happy Birthday, Hip Hop Twinz!

   First of all, you both have an incredible talent for dance, and while, Sarah, you may not get the recognition you deserve for being amazing on your own and are often referred to just as “Jason’s twin”, you are a beautiful and wonderful human being. And Jason, while you may be considered the “ugly one” in the ICONic Boyz, I want you to know that you’re not only far from it, but also intelligent, sweet, and funny. The two of you, whether together or apart, mean more to me, and have more talent, than you could ever imagine. I hope your 12th birthday is as great as you both, that you find all your wishes to come true, and that your swag may continue to run through your veins, and spread further than just all the swag you have in your little fingers. :)


Happy Birthday to the Hip Hop Twinz… Jason & Sarah Smith! They are legit the nicest people I have ever met. When I met Jason I gave him a hug and got a picture, right as I left I said “Jason is the sweetest person who ever walked earth.” He is so gentle and sweet. When I met Sarah it was while we were watching the Boyz perform and I was sitting on the floor with her. We were waiting for the Boyz to come out and all of a sudden Will Smith appeared. Me and her started freaking out and she told me she had no clue he was coming and I was saying how I always watched Fresh Prince and she told me she did too! I didnt get a picture with her, but she was so nice and completely gorgeous. I hope they have the best 12th birthday ever! (: