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top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #16. Marco Del Rossi

“Even strangers know, Spin. Last night wasn’t about my shoes. Those guys, they knew… and they bashed me because they hated it, just like you do.”

Not too long ago, NOBODIES let the Twitter world vote for a batch of already completed new music videos, wanting to know which one you wanted to see first. “Ice Crim Truck” from the “Stay Dirty” EP is the first of a series of brand new fire vids by this VERY busy duo. Check it out below:


The soundtrack for your upcoming Summer is NOBODIES “Stay Dirty”, available everywhere digital is sold. Also, you can grab the new self-titled album via CD/digital via Blackhouse.


Went from being a broke man, to being a dope man, to being the President. Look there’s hope, man
—  President Kanye West 2020 (Crack Music)