hip hop society



Lupe reminisces on the movies that helped create a generation. The title could also be a play on the whole concept of this song. These movies were good and entertaining upon watching them, but in the long run, too many of them painted a stereotype that was detrimental to the masses. In the same way fast food double burgers with cheese are tasty upon eating them, but too many of them are detrimental to your health in the long run. These movies are in fact “double burgers with cheese.”  

What about the boys S/O teaching them how to hip hop dance?

Of course! Hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He can’t do this at all.
  • He’s just not used to moving like this.
  • He’s impressed by the abilities that your body possesses, but that doesn’t change the fact that he looks like a cactus on drugs.
  • He follows your instructions to the letter, but he just can’t seem to move in the way you’re asking him to.
  • Which is pretty frustrating for him, but you honestly find it hilarious to watch.
  • Eventually he gives up, instead choosing to sit on the sidelines and watch as you practice.
  • It’s much more enjoyable for him, you’re very talented and it’s fascinating to watch the way your body moves.
  • He’ll have to observe your practices more often, but he won’t be participating again any time soon.

Amami Rantarou

  • When you propose the idea, he’s actually really excited! It sounds like a lot of fun!
  • He likes when you two do things together, even when he kind of has no idea what he’s doing.
  • But he really does want to learn anything you want to teach him, so he’ll follow your instructions.
  • And he’s actually not bad for a beginner! He’s listening attentively, asking questions, doing what he’s told, and really trying!
  • But honestly, he doesn’t really care about hip hop. 
  • It’s fun! But he’s not gonna get into hip hop culture any time soon, he just likes being able to spend time with you doing something fun and learning more about you.
  • Maybe you’ll make this a regular thing.

Ouma Kokichi

  • “Hip hop? I can do that.”
  • …What?
  • Sure enough, he doesn’t wait for even a second before he begins showing off that he can in fact hip hop dance.
  • Extremely well?? ?
  • He doesn’t need you to teach him.
  • You wonder if you even could.
  • If anything he should be teaching you, frankly.
  • You actually ask him to, and he says no. His talents can’t be taught, they’re the genuine ability of a natural born leader!
  • He won’t even say where he learned it.
  • Natural talent, he insists!
  • But-
  • He didn’t practice for 17 hours a day the second he started dating you or anything like that.
  • And he CERTAINLY didn’t have his subjects find the best hip hop teachers his society had to offer for him.
  • And obviously he didn’t have constant training to try and impress you.
  • No way.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s not really sure he can do any of this.
  • The way you dance, you just make it look so easy, he could never do that! 
  • You promise him that it’s a learning process, and that he’ll get it if he just tries.
  • Besides, you wanna help him!
  • He acknowledges how talented you are, and says that yes, you’re probably a wonderful teacher, but he just doesn’t think he’s capable!
  • Finally after some back and fourth, he agrees to a few quick moves.
  • And honestly, he’s not very good. But you’re pretty sure he could be if he wasn’t so nervous about it!
  • You tell him to relax, hip hop isn’t about being tense, it’s about having fun and dancing your way.
  • He doesn’t really understand entirely, but he tries to loosen up a bit anyway.
  • And he does improve, once he starts having a little more fun with it!
  • He probably won’t be doing this again any time soon, but he really liked trying it with you.

Kaito Momota

  • He’s really excited, he knows a little bit of hip hop and he loves to dance, so he’s pumped to learn more, especially from you!
  • He’s a pretty good dancer and he’s very fit, so he’s easy to work with, especially since he’s eager to learn.
  • Beyond this just being something fun he can do with you, he actually enjoys it as a personal hobby as well.
  • But something he enjoys on his own AND with you? Now that’s just perfect!
  • He picks up the moves pretty quickly, so that’s not too difficult, but he keeps getting off topic.
  • Cracking jokes, tickling you, little things like that.
  • You keep having to get him back to focusing!
  • But you’ll admit you’re having a lot of fun. 
  • This’ll definitely be a regular thing now.


  • He really, truly has no idea what he’s doing.
  • He doesn’t even know if his body CAN move in the way you’re moving yours.
  • He does his best, but the instructions just don’t make sense to him, and he can’t really figure out what he’s doing.
  • You can tell it makes him kind of upset, actually.
  • So you may or may not make up a few moves that you know he can do.
  • And when he sees he’s actually able to keep up with you, he’s elated! 
  • Look! S/O! He can do it!
  • You’re glad he’s enjoying himself now, his happiness is more important to you than whether or not he can dance.
  • If he’s having fun, you’re happy.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s terrible.
  • Absolutely terrible, not even close to good, just awful.
  • But he’s having so much fun, really, and he’s just adorable.
  • You bet with some practice he could actually be pretty good!
  • But right now it is just embarrassingly funny.
  • “Am I doing it right?”
  • Sure Gonta why not
  • This is 100% going to become a regular thing.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • No.
  • But-
  • No.
  • He is a terrible dancer and he doesn’t even wanna try.
  • You beg for a little bit, but ultimately, there’s no way he’s gonna do it.
  • However, he thinks you look pretty amazing when you dance, so he’ll still show up to watch you practice.
  • You really are amazingly talented.