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Under the Tree-A Dersha Christmas Special Prompt

As promised, here is my Dersha Christmas Fic. I apologize for taking so long, but I’m sure it’s still Christmas somewhere, right? Ha! This is just a little somethin’ somethin’ to add to the holiday cheer. Enjoy! 

Derek and Ahsha have been married for almost a year (Dec. 27th) and this is their first Christmas together as a married couple.

The holiday cheer was definitely in the air. Stores and the mall stayed packed with shoppers, neighborhoods were decorated with lights and you couldn’t escape the Christmas music.

Ahsha was cooped up in her office, finalizing costume designs for the next month’s dances. Since moving to Miami, her career had flourished. Though it was everything she had been working towards, Ahsha still couldn’t believe her dreams had come true. Under her direction, the Miami Heat Dancers were literally on fire. They had always been a popular dance squad, known for their hard core hip hop routines, but they needed a young and fresh leader. That’s when the newly married Ahsha Roman became part of the Heat family. Running a dance team was a tough task. Not only did Ahsha choreograph most of their routines, she was also the director. That meant attending meetings, traveling, and making sure the girls on the team didn’t break contract or make a bad name for the organization. Ahsha appreciated being part of a team without all the extra scandals in the news headlines. Sure, Miami had their fair share of drama, like any professional sports organization, but it wasn’t on the level of the Devils. No one was on that level. Going to work without hearing about a murder, the owner pimping out the dancers and all the other mess, was a relief.

“Mrs. Roman,” a voice called from behind the slightly open door.

Closing her notebook and stacking it in the corner of her desk, Ahsha invited her guest inside. “Come in.”

Danielle, one of the Heat dance captains, stepped inside the spacious office. “Ohhhh, loving the Christmas decorations. Nice! Just wanted to drop the choreography book by your office. We added a few more songs to the list.”  

“Thank you,” Ahsha said, flipping through the large notebook. “I’ll go through these when I get back in town.”

“And we got this for you,” Danielle added, placing a bright red bag on Ahsha’s desk. “Since we won’t see you on Christmas.”

“Awww, you all are too sweet. Thanks Dani. I’ll try to wait until Christmas to open this,” she chuckled, standing to hug Danielle. Ahsha loved each and every one of her dancers, but Danielle was like a little sister she never had. When she arrived in Miami, Danielle didn’t really have her head on straight. The dancer had moved from Seattle all the way to Miami to start a dance and modeling career. That meant making stupid decisions that not only were an embarrassment to herself but to the organization. The last director had given up all hope and suspended the dancer until Ahsha came on as the new leader. Being a younger woman, Ahsha seemed to connect with Danielle. That connection and Ahsha’s ability to see the good in people, helped steer Danielle on the right road. She was still a work in progress and had a long way to go.

“No you won’t. You’ll open it as soon as you get home. Will you be back in time for our appearance this afternoon,” the dancer stopped at the door on her way out.

“I have an appointment so I’m not sure. Kelly will be around so you all should be good,” she reassured with a smile.

“Okay. Talk to you when you get back. Merry Christmas,” Danielle sang, skipping out of her director’s office.

Later that Afternoon

The Heat basketball team was on their way back from a game in Colorado. Like always, Derek called his wife before the flight back to let her now he was on his way. It was something Ahsha appreciated and looked forward to when he was out of town.

“Look at you glowing. Miami is treating you well, baby,” Derek smiled over the Facetime call.

Ahsha blushed as she turned the car off and sat back against her seat.  “I’m glowing because I’m talking to you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Derek chuckled, his warm smile making Ahsha’s spread across her face. “What are you up to?” he asked.

“Just leaving the arena and headed to a meeting now. By the time you get home, I’ll have all the stuff out so we can put up our tree,” Ahsha replied. This would be their first Christmas as a married couple. Putting up a tree was actually very exciting for them since it would a tradition they could start together. When Ahsha was a little girl, she and Sloane would pick a night to decorate the house, while baking cookie and looking at bad Christmas movies. Now Ahsha wanted to pass that same tradition to her own family. Though it was only the two of them, for now.

“Okay. Well, I’m about to get on this plane. I’ll see you at the house?”

“Yes, baby. I love you,” Ahsha beamed, unable to hide her excitement about her man coming home. He had been gone for three days. They were both missing each other like crazy. The newlywed bliss hadn’t worn off yet.

“I love you too. Have fun at your meeting. See you when I get home.” Derek crooned, his deep voice held so much promise. The wink he threw her before hanging up told Ahsha all she needed to know.


Later that Night

The aroma in the Miami mansion made Derek’s stomach growl as he walked through the back door. Sugar cookies were baking in the oven, while a pot of chili cooked in the crock pot.

“Mmmm, smells good in here,” Derek sniffed, placing his bag by the door before making his way over to his wife.

Ahsha shrieked, throwing her oven mitt to the side and running towards Derek. Her long legs wrapped tightly around his waist when she leaped into his arms. “Didn’t even hear you come in.”

The player linked his arms around his wife and pressed his lips to hers. “You were into your music. Look at you all festive and stuff.”

“Trying to get into the holiday spirit. I missed you though,” Ahsha sang, sounding like a school girl talking to a crush.

“I missed you too,” he replied, kissing Ahsha again before putting her back on her feet. “Looks like you’re throwing down in the kitchen. The chili smells nice.”

“Figured I’d make dinner and dessert like my mom does for Christmas tree night. She usually wears a onesie with me but I couldn’t find one big enough to fit you.” Ahsha’s suggestive tone made Derek chuckle.

Not being home in Los Angeles was hard for her and she was trying to make light of it. But Derek knew this was a tradition Ahsha and Sloane had started when she was a child and Ahsha had never missed a year, until now.  She was homesick and thankfully they would be returning to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with Sloane and Pete. They had been in Miami since the end of last season and Ahsha hadn’t seen her family since then. Derek knew it was rough for her because she had never been away from home for this long. So continuing the tradition started by Sloane made the distance a little better.

“Oh yeah?” Ahsha was back at the crock pot checking on the chili while Derek was stealing sugar cookies behind her back.

“Derek,” she exclaimed, only to laugh when Derek stole another one. “You better be glad you’re cute. We’re supposed to be decorating those with the icing.”

“You know I have a sweet tooth, baby,” came Derek’s reply along with a kiss on the cheek.

“Sure do. Now stop stealing my cookies,” she teased, playfully pushing Derek away.

Still not following his wife’s demands, Derek leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I can think of some cookies to steal and I’m not talking about the ones over there on the counter.”

“Well if you’re a good boy, then you can get extra,” she teased back in mock innocence.

“My girl,” Derek replied, gently slapping her rear before disappearing up the back steps that led to the master suite.

Mrs. Roman smiled to herself as she removed the last batch of cookies from the oven. Their sexual banter always made Ahsha laugh. Just a few years ago, she was too shy to even say the type of stuff she said to Derek. “Hurry back! We still have to put the tree up,” she yelled up the stairs.

A few minutes later, Derek ran back down the steps in more comfortable attire.  Derek Roman wasn’t comfortable until he was shirtless and Ahsha didn’t mind one bit. Seeing that body on a daily was a blessing.

“I see you’re all packed and ready for LA,” Derek said as he followed Ahsha to the island in the middle of their spacious kitchen.

“Yep,” she quickly replied, sitting on the counter.

Though Ahsha had a great job and was doing what she loved, occasionally Derek felt bad for taking the deal. He felt like he had ripped Ahsha away from her home and she made a big sacrifice for him. At times like this, he could tell she missed home and it made him feel guilty. For the past few weeks, she had been acting strange. Every time he asked, she would brush it off. That’s what drove Derek to wonder if she wasn’t happy in Miami.

Ahsha had jumped off the counter and turned the chili on low before making her way to the living room. “I’ve never had a real tree,” she gushed, looking at the large tree that had been delivered to their home earlier that day.

“I’ve never had a tree, period,” Derek laughed. “My grandmother never wanted to take them down so she just never put them up.”

“Awww, well now you have one,” Ahsha added, dragging a box of decorations towards the couch.

The couple began setting up their tree before pulling out all the decorations they wanted to use. Ahsha hummed Christmas carols under her breath as she picked out silver and red decorations.

Something was definitely on Ahsha’s mind and Derek assumed it was about her being homesick.  Little did he know, her odd behavior had nothing to do with wanting to be home for the holidays.

“Baby, can I ask you something,” Derek asked, interrupting their silence. Ahsha’s bright eyes stared into his, telling him to continue. “Do you like it here?”

“Wha-What do you mean by that,” she questioned, still frozen. “I mean…I miss home sometimes but I love my job and the team. Getting along with the wives here is a different story but I’m fine. What made you ask that?”

Communication was an issue for them in the past and they both worked hard at making sure they talked to each other. No matter how heated their discussions could get or how mad it made them, they made sure to communicate. This time was no different. Ahsha not being happy had crossed Derek’s mind multiple times, especially during the holiday season.

“But you wish that we could have stayed back in LA,” Derek added.

The dancer pursed her lips. “There’s certain things that I miss about home but I’m happy, Derek. If that’s what you’re wondering.”

“You sure? I would understand if you weren’t, being so far way from your family and the Devil Girls,” he continued, the guilt somewhat subsiding when Ahsha walked over and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I’m happy. Here with you in this big ol’ house, with my job and my team. I’m living in a dream and I couldn’t ask for a better husband. I’m fine, I promise,” Ahsha reassured her husband, standing on her tip toes to brush her lips against his. “This is our first Christmas together as a married couple and our anniversary is coming up. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

Her sweet grin was contagious and caused Derek to smile. “Okay. Guess I just feel kinda guilty dragging you here away from everyone.”

“You didn’t drag me anywhere. Remember we made this decision together and I’m happy with it. Sure, I get homesick and I miss everyone, but being here with you makes all of that better. You know?”

“Yeah, I know,” the player muttered, bringing Ahsha’s lips to his again. “Don’t be afraid to talk to me if you ever feel-“

“Babe, stop putting a damper on my holiday cheer. Let’s get our tree decorated so we can eat. I’m starving,” Ahsha groaned, returning to the box of ornaments.

No one came in between Ahsha Roman and her food. Not even her husband. “What’s new? When aren’t you starving?”

“When you feed me,” she shot back.

The player’s lips curved into smirk. “Now, you know I always feed you and keep you full.” Well, he did have a good point.

Knowing she had set herself up for that reply, Ahsha could only shake her head.

Their concentration stayed on the tree as Christmas music echoed throughout the mansion. Occasionally, the couple would catch each other’s eye. Even in a footed reindeer onesie, Ahsha looked beautiful.  After a year of marriage, Derek often had moments where he couldn’t believe he’d found a wife like Ahsha. Her radiant beauty and big heart still made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Ahsha bit her lip as she attempted to reach one of the higher branches to hang a bright red ornament.

“Do you need me to pick you up, baby,” Derek crooned as though he was talking to a small child. “Too short to reach the branch?”

That remark got him a light slap to the arm. Derek lifted his wife to the branch and placed her back on her feet. “I’m not that short,” she chuckled, brushing off her hands.

After they finished the tree, Derek and Ahsha returned to the kitchen to eat their dinner. They sat at the kitchen island, Ahsha’s legs were resting across Derek’s lap. “You threw down on this chili. I may eat the whole pot,” Derek exclaimed, squeezing Ahsha’s thigh.

“My grandma came up with this recipe years ago,” she responded, holding a spoonful of chili up to Derek’s lips.

“Well, I love your grandma…and you for keeping the tradition going,” Derek added. “I’m sure our kids will look forward to this every Christmas. I know I will now.”

The mention of kids made Ahsha’s lips curve into a small grin that she thought Derek didn’t notice. Her odd behavior had little to do with being homesick and a lot to do with a secret she had been keeping. The plan was to keep the secret until Christmas Day, but things weren’t working out that way. Derek had already called her out on acting weird. Keeping this type of secret from her husband was hard, especially when she had found out weeks ago.

“What’s that look for,” Derek asked, catching Ahsha off guard.


Seemed like nothing got past Derek. “You’re blushing.”

There went the plan to keep the secret until they got to Los Angeles. Derek wasn’t going to leave Ahsha alone until she spilled the beans. “I only smiled,” she argued, knowing he would only keep questioning her.

“Smiling about what? I know that look,” he pressed, smiling from ear to ear because he knew he had her flustered. “That was one of those sneaky smiles. What are you hiding?”

Like Ahsha thought, she would give herself away before Christmas. Derek’s nosey nature and ability to read her put an instant end to her secrecy. She either had to lie and keep her surprise hidden or tell him the truth. Derek was the type to not let things go, so she decided to go ahead and let him know the good news.

“Sometimes knowing each other so well is a bad thing,” Ahsha said, placing her spoon back in the bowl and leaning forward. “I wanted to wait until Christmas to tell you.”

When Ahsha paused, Derek automatically got worried. “Tell me what? Everything okay,” Derek asked, his hand tightening around her thigh.

“Yeah, everything is fine. Unless you’re not okay with being a daddy,” Ahsha smiled shyly, her eyes glossing over with tears of joy. They had been trying for a baby since their honeymoon. Both grew a little impatient when it didn’t happen right away. Derek wasn’t joking when he said he wanted a big family. During their honeymoon, he mentioned wanting at least five kids. Having a dysfunctional family made him want to give his children the world.

“You trying to tell me something, baby,” The expression on Derek’s face was priceless.

“Yes, I’m pregnant. We’re having a baby,” she gushed, tears now rolling down her cheeks. When Ahsha first found out she was pregnant, she was nervous as hell. Sure, the baby would be set and she didn’t need to worry. But, bringing a child into the world was scary. Their lives would forever be changed and this was a huge step for them.

“You serious,” Derek cheesed, still not able to believe his ears.

“It’s been confirmed by more than one test. I’m pretty sure you knocked me up,” his wife laughed, holding a hand to her stomach.

“Wow,” was all Derek could say as he rested his hand on top of Ahsha’s.

The couple didn’t even finish their dinner. Excitement had taken over as Derek leaned over to kiss Ahsha’s stomach. “I’m going to be the best father I can be. I will promise you that…and you too,” Derek promised before kissing his wife once more.

“I know you will,” Ahsha whispered, wiping her tears.


Three Days Later

Sloane and Pete couldn’t be happier to have their daughter back home for the holidays. They hadn’t seen her since Derek and Ahsha took off for Miami. Derek and Ahsha planned to keep the baby news to themselves until they got to Los Angeles. Along with a trip to Paris, the Romans found a way to incorporate their surprise into a gift.

“Ahsha told me you loved the famous Hayes chili,” Sloane shouted from the kitchen.

“Yeah, I think I ate one too many bowls of it,” Derek responded as he, Pete and Ahsha made their way to the dining room table. Pete and Sloane had moved out of Ahsha’s childhood home and into a house with more space. Sloane was most excited about more room for her garden and a larger kitchen.

“Well, I was on my own eating it since Sloane doesn’t eat meat. Imagine that,” Pete teased.

“Eww, okay. I don’t need to hear about you two’s stomach issues,” Ahsha gagged.

“Ha! Ahsha couldn’t leave the house after eating too much chili one year,” Sloane added, earning a gasp from her daughter.


Everyone at the table was laughing at Ahsha’s embarrassment. Sloane appeared with homemade sweet rolls in tow, sitting them in the middle of the table with the rest of dinner.

“Mmmmmm. All of this smells amazing,” the dancer sniffed, reaching over and grabbing two rolls for her already full plate.

Ahsha’s hoarding of the food caught Pete’s eye. “Looks like someone has quite the appetite.”

“Didn’t get to eat breakfast, plus you can’t just eat one of these rolls.” That was true but there was no denying her appetite had picked up in the last few weeks. Trying to keep a straight face, Derek squeezed Ahsha’s leg under the table.

“My rolls have that type of affect,” Sloane added, kissing Pete’s cheek before taking her seat.

Derek and Ahsha glanced at each other. They had opened gifts earlier that day and Ahsha wanted to be suspenseful and hold off on the ‘special’ present.

Ahsha cleared her throat and reached under the table to grab two gift bags. “We have one more present for you. I saved the best for last.”

Confusion was etched on Pete and Sloane’s faces. What could possibly be better than a week long trip to Paris?

“Open it,” Ahsha beamed, clasping her hands together in glee. This moment was more exciting than finding out she made the Devil Girls or when Derek got her back on the team.

Sloane was the first to pull out a coffee mug that read, “Grandma of the Year” in bright pink letters. Pete was next, reading his t-shirt aloud. “The best dads get promoted to grandpa.”

There was a short pause and then a loud scream from the new grandmother.

“Ahhhhhh! Does this mean what I think it does,” Sloane squealed, jumping to her feet, and running over to Derek and Ahsha’s side of the table.  

“Yes,” Derek answered, his chest puffed out in pride.

“Oh my goodness. This is the best gift ever. Congrats sweetie,” the mother exclaimed, kissing her daughter’s cheek, and pulling her into a tight hug.

A smile spread across Pete’s face.  “Congrats, kids!”

“Awww, I can’t believe my baby girl is having a baby,” Sloane cried, hugging her son-in-law. “How long have you known?”

“A few weeks. I was going to tell you all today but Derek talked it out of me,” Ahsha explained, still in her mother’s embrace. Sloane pulled away and placed her hand on Ahsha’s midsection. “I haven’t started showing just yet.”

“You did say you wanted lots of babies. So this is what…number one out of ten,” Pete joked, clasping a hand on Derek’s back.

“Whoa! Let me have this one before you start talking about having basketball teams running around.”

The family continued laughing and gushing about the new addition to their family. It was one of the best Christmases for all of them.


Later that night, Ahsha was soaking in the big jet spa bathtub in the guest bedroom of her parents’ new home. Derek was downstairs watching football games with his father-in-law and catching up on other sports talk. The day had worn the dancer out and the jet water stream had her relaxed.

Once Derek finally turned in for the night, he found Ahsha still soaking in the tub. “What are you still doing up? You should be getting some rest,” Derek demanded, standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

“I was waiting up for you. You have one more gift to unwrap,” she teased, pointing to the bow sitting on top of her hair.

Sex didn’t sound like a bad idea but honestly, they both just wanted to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, Derek was already in protective mode and didn’t want to tire his lady love out. Derek stripped out of his clothes and joined Ahsha in the tub.

“Tired,” he asked, settling behind her.

Ahsha rested against his chest. “Mmmmhhmmm.”

“Figured,” came Derek’s quick response as he kissed Ahsha’s neck. “Still can’t believe this.” His hands caressed his wife’s tummy.

“Me either,” Ahsha replied, closing her eyes. “Can’t wait to find out what we’re having.”

“I’m going with boy. Then we can try for a girl the second time around,” Derek suggested. “Since we love trying so much.”

“I think it’s a boy too. Or maybe twins,” Ahsha mumbled, turning her head towards Derek who had his eyes closed too.

“Twins would be nice. But I’m fine just as long as our baby is healthy and has all fingers and toes. That’s all that matters, right?”

“Right,” Ahsha agreed.

Finding out Ahsha was pregnant was the best gift anyone could ask for during the holidays.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed and had a great Christmas. Be on the lookout for a sneak peek into Skylines-The Prequel here soon. 


Inspired by your Ninjago Break Dance Au, meet Barry! Or B-Boy Berri when he’s competing.

Being in his early twenties, he surprisingly has gotten on a good start helping out with ballet practice with kids to even high schoolers. That doesn’t stop him from kicking it when he spices up his hip hop routines with his ‘twinkle toes’ as some would like to call him. Obviously, he has a sort of annoyance with Kai. Having choice words about how he isn’t flexible enough for some moves that would really improve his routine. That doesn’t stop him trying to flirt with Zane nor get him to try on pink outfits. He doesn’t have a thing for him, that’s just how he makes friends….maybe.

He will happily teach anyone some basic ballet exercises to improve their own styles or just as a simple work out. Though he has some people banned from his studio due to some ‘fruity’ jokes. Don’t ask.

awesome oc! and cool drawings!!! <3

What kind of backhanded compliment was that Len? “You’re too good of a dancer to be doing that” she’s a hip hop dancer, that’s her style, you’re basically saying that she’s good but you think that hip hop is shit and insulting anybody who dances hip hop. Also, dude we get it you like traditional dances, the hip hop was the tiniest part of the routine and her Jive content was amazing, even if you don’t like hip hop that routine was still better than a 6. Also judges stop having a go at contestants for choreo you don’t like, you have an issue with the choreography take it to the pro, talk to the contestants about their technique.

Working out can be fun :)

Okay, so I was hanging with the fam and they were being boring so I decided to watch some dance tutorials for working out(as its my new years resolution to be healthier and such). 

Its actually really fun doing all the cardio hip hop routines. I(sadly) have really low self esteem, and keeping up with all the intense workouts have always been hard for me to keep up with. 

But seriously doing these videos are so much fun, and its  been working up a sweat for me especially when I repeat them a few times. 

So for those of you who are like me, and aren’t good at keeping up with workouts or have a goal of losing some weight I totally recommend these below! 

(^^ This is my fave!) 

And so many more(I’ll post my faves each week)!!!!


Mark Ballas, Val Chmerkovskiy and Witney Carson dancing a hip-hop routine during the DWTS Live on Tour. Thackerville, OK at The Winstar World Casino on January 30, 2015.


Caitlynn Lawson and all star Ivan.
I loved this dance….