hip hop pictures

Okay, the cute small story about this photo is actually really funny. So my friend and I heard that Jay park, Loco, and DJ Pumpkin were coming to Cleveland for the Cavs game and since we live (relatively close) to Cleveland we wanted to hang out and try to run into them.

Now the first day we didn’t see them but we still had a fun time together at a fan fair and seeing a lot of over very very attractive Asians walking around.

A day passes and neither of us go out because we didn’t have time and we thought they had left. But the following day was THE DAY.

We were walking around and we happen to find the hotel they were staying at (don’t ask how it was weird) so we walked around for a few hours and then we sat down to rest. Then after waiting for a little I see a yellow beanie…. and I thought… Loco wears a yellow beanie….

My friend and I didn’t want know to do or want to say so we walked past them and sat “closer” to them. About 3 feet away from them really. They went back inside and we thought they were probably waiting for Jay. And this was a once in a life time chance so we waited for them to come back out. About 5 minutes later Jay and Loco come back out and went to a car that was beside us. Without even thinking I got up and said “Jay Park can I please have a hug” He was like of course! While hugging him I said “ I would ask for a picture but I know you probably wouldn’t want that ” and he said that a picture was no problem! His body guard tried to stop it but Jay said it was fine.

While my friend was getting hugged by Jay I called out for Loco before he got in the van. Now, I don’t know if he just didn’t hear me or didn’t understand me but his reaction was the sweet more purest thing ever and he gave me a hug also.

After the hugs and pictures my friend and I said bye and thank you and went on our way. Jay told us to have a good rest of our day and Trust me we did ;)

DJ pumpkin was already in the van and his head is poked out in the back xD

We saw Jay again the next day but we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to disturb him (and he was also with a girl)