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$uicideboy$ - I Hung Myself For A Persona // Now I’m Up To My Neck With Offers

Graffiti, Rap, and Sexual Awakening: An Analysis of Dizzee Kipling

This was a paper written for a course I am taking in gender, sexuality, and media on how a character in television or film’s gender intersects with other identities. I chose Dizzee Kipling because he’s one of my faves from The Get Down and I felt this show does a really great job of exploring intersecting identities anyway. This analysis is about 8 pages in Word so if you read it, I totally love you! I’m really proud of this paper and had so much fun writing it!

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 5

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,000

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 … Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

(A/N: Wow, jeez, ok this came out a lot longer than the others, but I hope you still enjoy it!)

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If someone had told you 3 years ago that you would be where you are now, you would have laughed your ass off. If they said that you would give up the biggest opportunity that has ever been given to you, while Jiyong went on tour across the globe for concerts and fan meetings without a single returned phone call, you would have continued to laugh in their face.

But here you were, and there he was; enjoying his life without you and a work environment where he no longer has to worry about seeing the face of the girl who walked out on him.

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anonymous asked:

I read your answer to an anon and in the two years you've been in Korea you've never approached any of the "famous" people you've met? They all just happened to see you and say something? No shade or anything just curious. And if that's the case that's so cool

If you name someone in the Korean hip hop scene, then I’ve probably seen them, met them or am friends with them.

I used to go to a popular club (it’s not that popular anymore) where I approached Sulli, Sik-K, Kim Hyoeun, Don Mills, Ugly Duck and even BewhY first. However, I wasn’t networking with them, or trying to network with them. I just approached them as a fan!



The end.

Okay, I grabbed Sulli’s *ss (she grabbed mine, too), bought Ugly Duck a drink (we became acquaintances after we met) and danced with Kim Hyoeun. I also slid in his DM afterwards. Yes, he remembered me. That was last year, around the time when he was still on SMTM.

I was approached by a first generation idol (the owner of the club), an Esteem model (*sigh*) and a freelance model there, too. I was also approached by a KorAm producer all the way from LA when I was there! He was having his own party, and I recognized him. His face was on the flyer. 

He was so surprised to see me in Seoul (there weren’t as many black girls and women in Korea last year as there are this year) and got my number. We chatted off and on for six months, but I curved him for two weeks in a row when he came back for his second party … and to produce an album for a rapper here.

I don’t f*ck with boys and men from LA. I’m a simple Texan girl, and their game is TOO STRONG. They’ll have you sending nudes and praying to Daddy in no time. *cry cry*

I also used to go to Secret Society, Bill Stax’s club. Everyone knows Bill Stax is Vasco, right? He always said hi to me. He always said hi to everyone. We got close VERY slowly, and weren’t even texting each other until after he broke up with his girlfriend. 

Anyway, I actually met everyone (Giriboy, Swings, Yohan, Black Nut, Nochang, etc.) at Just Music through Changstarr. He approached me first, too, again, it took awhile—almost a year. I had my own reasons for avoiding him, but ya’ll: He’s a good guy—just in need of more guidance than the Korean hip hop scene can offer. I just tell him to stay away from the drama. Thank to Tumblr, I know he hasn’t been listening.

Bae used to work at JM, but he slid in my DM … after seeing me at a SS party and then noticing one of my comments on Instagram. I didn’t even know how to use Instagram (and still don’t). I’m getting better!

Anyway, I ran into C Jamm twice last year before we REALLY met, which was just a few months ago, but moving along…

Nope, we actually need to rewind.

The Secret Society fam called ahead to let their fam (Kirk and Los) at Club Compton know my friend and I would be stopping by. It was a potentially awkward situation that went very, very well! We didn’t want to ask Los, who was at the door, if he “knew us”, but he recognized us on his own. Everything was on the house: table, drinks and food. It was an unforgettable night. Kirk, Los and Nada are all great people. As for Killagramz, I’ve seen him around, but we haven’t met … yet?

I did approach Dumbfoundead first, but I approached him for a friend who was too shy to say hi. By then, I had seen him at four or five different parties. He stopped to talk to us. He danced with us, too. I miss having him around. He’s so chill, and he had The Party of The Year at Octagon, his showcase. *sigh*

I met Jinbo around the time I was starting Slay In Korea (rewind a little more), but I didn’t even know who he was when we met. He just walked by while my friend and I were drinking outside of a 7/11 in Itaewon. He said something to us, and it made me laugh. I said something back. 

(If you’ve been to Itaewon, then you know I broke the Golden Rule of not looking at let alone talking to anyone!)

We realized we were going to the same club, so we hung out off and on all night. We were going to a different club together (four of us) when he mentioned his stage name. I put two and two together. After all, I had “U & I” on repeat—and still do! When I mentioned Slay In Korea, he gave me a lot of good advice about, gosh, everything, and is probably second only to Bill Stax as far as friends who are celebrities.

After meeting him early THIS YEAR, I started to network more. He was the first Korean hip hop artist outside of the SS fam to find out about Slay In Korea. I appreciate how supportive he has been and still is (he also bought my book), even from a distance. He’s so busy! 

Once I decided to do Slay In Korea, I started networking more. I’ve spent most of 2017 networking, which is why I was so upset about “groupie girl”, recently. She (almost) ruined TWO of my relationships with KHH artists, one that I am working with and one that I want to work with. 

(I am putting together a few puzzle pieces today and realized she must really have a really bad reputation. It’s not about slut shaming anyone. I don’t think anyone really cares about who you sleep with around here. It’s more about calling out social climbers who step on everyone to get to the top. They only want to know who you know and what you can do for them, even though they’re doing only Morrigan—my goddess— knows what while they’re here, again, only Morrigan knows what how long.)

I was also approached by Jay Park this year (we saw each other around for a looong time), but I’ve already said that I’m not going to talk about him. I actually had a Real Crush on him … until we met…

When I met Jang Woo Hyuk through someone who works with him, he approached me first, too, just as an ice breaker. We were all at the same table. I love VIP for the food. I started eating, and he fed me, too, and patted my head. I almost died. I felt like a fan girl for the first time!

Well, for the first time after meeting Gray…

I didn’t even realize that I was staring at him from across the room until we made eye contact. He just stared back for a few seconds then half-smiled. When he walked by, I said something totally unnecessary, but he stopped to talk to me, anyway, before leaving.

I met Cha Cha, too, once last year through my muse and once this year through “groupie girl”. I only have good things to say about him.

I’ve met Dayday at least three or four times. We always act like we haven’t met (he saw me at his showcase and asked me if I was having a good time, just fan service more than anything else), just like, “Do you remember me?” 


What am I talking about?

I don’t network anymore. I stopped networking months ago. I’ve got a full plate, because my plate is small. One-woman show here! I’d like to market and promote the artists I’m working with now and meet more later. I’m actually working on pitches! I don’t want to network at clubs, anymore. It does get messy. I’m starting to lose my self-control… /stop tangent

Oh, I forgot to mention a few rappers my friends and I met last year (before SMTM), like Myundo (approached me first), Superbee (approached my friend first) and J’Kyun (approached my friend first). 

Not much to say there…

I tried to be as detailed as possible. I don’t want to lie or exaggerate, because you’re right. Based on what I said, it’s easy to get the wrong idea.

In the former blog post about networking, I just wanted to share my tips and tricks for when you’re in networking mode and need to make the most of one night! Sometimes, it’s all you’ve got. 

When I am in networking mode, I don’t approach people first. It’s just counter-productive. If someone is interested in me, then they’ll approach me first … and be interested in what I do!

This needs to be said, too, and I hope it shows through all of my stories: There is a big difference between meeting someone on a personal level and meeting someone on a professional level! It’s possible to turn personal connections (that started at clubs!) into professional ones, but if your reputation precedes you for all of the wrong reasons, then no one will want to have personal or professional relationships with you.

I know the media glamorizes being socially awkward or shy, too, but girls and women: Get rid of all the bones in your body that make you hesitate to share yourself with the world and the people in it. 

You’ve got five minutes, sometimes five seconds, of someone’s time. What are you going to do with it? Make every moment count.

I don’t think Tumblr answers are supposed to be this long. F*ck.


I Hung Myself For A Persona/Now I’m Up To My Neck In Offers - $UICIDEBOY$

[tweet from Myke C-Town: “I wish I was open-minded enough to appreciate everything (or even 75%) of what hip hop offers…but some shit makes me wanna go Helen Keller”] via [x]

ok real shit for a minute…do abled ppl think Helen Keller got famous bc she sat in a chair and did nothing all her life? like do they think she holds the US patent for being deafblind or something? what kind of facts are ableds getting when they use the name of the first modern disabled rights activist to imply self harm or call someone a r*tard

Oh shit. It’s been revealed (this won’t be the actual cover, though I like it)….http://www.amazon.com/dp/1606997912/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_-n4.sb1G516K1

The description is most important.: A special slipcover and a special comic are included in the smash hit’s gift set.
To celebrate the resounding critical and commercial success of the first two volumes of Ed Piskor’s unprecedented history of Hip Hop, we are offering the two books in a mind-blowingly colorful slipcase, drawn and designed by the artist. As if that’s not enough, in addition to the two books and the slipcase itself, Piskor has drawn a 24-page comic book — Hip Hop Family Tree #300 — specifically for this boxed set that elegantly reflects the confluence of hip hop and comics, which was never more apparent in the early 1990s than with the famous Spike Lee-directed Levi Jeans commercial starring Rob Liefeld, who went on to create Youngblood and co-found Image Comics, not to mention ending up on the radar of gangster rapper Eazy E. Piskor tells this story as a perfect parody/pastiche/homage to ’90s Image comics. Full color