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ID #17703

Name: Zyan
Age: 22
Country: México

Hi! This is very exciting!

I guess I’ll introduce myself a little. My name is Zyanya, but Zyan is also fine. I speak both English and Spanish fluently and basic-intermediate Japanese.

I’m an introverted, sensitive, calm, and reserved person but I genuinely like meeting people. I’m quite open once I feel comfortable with someone. There is no greater joy for me than having someone with whom to share thoughts and laughs. I think we all have something interesting to say or can crack a really good joke (I can’t though, I’m terrible with jokes, but I’m good with the laughing part:).

I’m currently trying to learn what it means to be an adult and failing constatly in a rather comical way. Mostly terrified of everything but also excited about my future.

I love many things for alternated short periods of time. I don’t know why, but that’s just how it is.

I enjoy drawing, writing, listenig to music (jazz, r&b, blues, hip hop, rap, orchestral, math rock, alternative, indie, folk), reading (The Name of the Wind, HP Series, Howl’s Moving Castle, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, We Always Lived in the Castle, 100 Years of Solitude), looking at comics/graphic novels/mangas, watching tv shows (specially mockumentaries) and heart-warming thoughtful movies… oh, and memes!

I’d love going back to the craft of sending letters, but I’m also open to e-mails or any social media (twitter or tumblr preferably). I am looking for long lasting friends!

Preferences: 20+ would be my only request :) I don’t care much about the rest.