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How do you not see the connection between appropriating iconic Black American imagery the lack of Black American representation on Marvel's creative teams?

Okay, fair cop, I spoke quickly and curtly and may have given the wrong impression. So I apologize for that.

I think that anybody who’s been reading this page for the past month or so should have a pretty good idea of where I stand on the issue of representation in our comics—and that goes for creators as well as characters. We can always do better, and we continue to work on it.

There are still plenty more titles to be announced as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel, and as they continue to roll out, I believe that you’ll see the evidence of our commitment to creator representation among the creative teams as well as our characters.

My point, such as it was, is that this isn’t an either-or situation. Doing the Hip-Hop covers (many of which were illustrated by creators of color) has no direct bearing on the state of African-American representation among our creative teams. What it does do, hopefully, is to showcase an appreciation for this respected artform, and by extension create an environment that’s maybe a little bit more welcoming to prospective creators.

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I'm new to block b and zico, but what are some reasons people don't like him? I know people say he's problematic but the little things I've seen, it's not worth it to hate someone so much.. you mentioned he's hurt BBC before.. how? Sorry, I'm just curious, and I have a special place in my heart for zico & I just want to protect him bc what happened to the good out weighting the bad, you know?

He ended up hurting a lot of fans when he released his solo ‘Tough Cookie’ last year. I mean, Block B has always had a little trouble with their image since the Thailand incident, but it got worse with his solo. He used derogatory words (n word) and wore a jacket that had the confederate flag on it during a few scenes. 

I’m gonna mix my opinion with the fact stated above, if you don’t mind. Since you asked me… He apologized, he always does when he’s wrong, and the thing is, he didn’t know it could offend people with his lyrics. “(…) Had we known exactly that this word carried a deprecating meaning toward homosexuality, we would have strictly censored it. Zico himself has stated that just as he has continued to do music freely, he holds absolutely no kind of prejudice or negative intentions against anything regarding homosexuality, and respects sexual minorities.”

Honestly, you know that a lot of Korean rappers are inspired by American rappers and they try to act “cool” like them, especially on stage and when they’re doing their hip hop. Zico is one of them. Zico has his own color, he’s got a strong personality, but of course he tries to be cool like his role models. The thing he doesn’t know (or at least didn’t know until then) is that he can’t say the things American rappers say, and he can’t do what American rappers do. It seems like this issue isn’t still clear enough there, but I believe in Zico. I’m sure that now that he knows, he won’t do such a thing ever again. 

Whenever I say I think he was ignorant back then, I get hate, but that’s what I genuinely think. I don’t think Zico is a bad person at all, at all. No one knows everything, not everyone is born learning stuff already. Also, not everyone is from the USA and not everyone knows what they can say or not. For example, me: I never ever used the n word in my life, but I never knew it held a bad connotation (historically). I never knew it was offensive until I learned it was. I’m not American and I didn’t learn the USA history during school. That’s the thing. We’ve got to learn first. I’m sure he wouldn’t hurt his fans like that by using those derogatory words if he knew if would upset them. An artist without fans is pretty much nothing. Like I said in the other ask, he knows BBCs are loyal and he would never make our bound shake on purpose. And he would never hurt his image like this way either.

All we have to do is think. Everybody knows he messed up, fans included. We’re not blind. No one is trying to excuse him and no one is saying that what he did was right, no one, just like no one taking people’s right to be upset with him. But there is a difference between not having enough knowlege of something and being a racist homophobic like antis like to label him.

I’ve done several posts listing thousands of inspirational and nice things he’s done for fans, for his family, for his friends, for other artists… Because the guy needs positivity too. I can give you the links to these posts if you want to see them, I always try my best to post proofs along. I just think that it’s so easy to point other people’s mistakes and label them as “problematic” and other things, when literally everyone is liable to make mistakes. The bad thing is keep making them instead of learning, apologizing and moving on - what, apparently (and thankfully), he did.

Just made a quick little rough draft of what I think the XXL 2015 freshman list should look like let me know what you think of my list and add your own lists if ya want

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