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New Music Video for Too Cold by Trip Lee! Don’t miss out!

The clique froze
I don’t mean ice on the wrist though
I mean we ain’t changing, to get dough
Cold don’t mean we ain’t lit though


Hip Hop AU
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A huge thank you to @kankenkiid who wrote this beautiful poem to go along with the comic. Thank you! (poem in the dark grey boxes)



Iwaoi Hip Hop Au - Oneshot

My part for the Iwaoi exchange with the wonderful @mandelkakan .
Amanda wrote this beautiful poem about Oikawa’s pining in the hip hop au and now I show Iwa’s struggle and why he pulls away.

Please click on it for better view!

The text in the bubbles is by me the other text are lyric parts taken by “Fear” by Atmosphere


a few more photos of kuroken based on @amalasdraws wonderful hip hop AU!!

@yoshitomi-yuki as Kenma and me as Kuroo; Karolis Lapėnis photos

Don’t miss this Crazy Smooth Track from @XvrOmar called Grown Woman!’

She’s a grown woman
I handle mine while you handle yours
She don’t depend on anyone. (woo!)
But still wants me here for plenty long

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