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‘Dope’, Rick Famuyiwa (2015)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Malcolm Arakanbe. I’m a straight-A student with nearly perfect SAT scores. I play in a punk band with my friends and I’m a 90s hip hop geek.

Sono una di quelle persone che hanno il cuore di ghiaccio, ma si stupiscono ancora davanti a un fiore e si emozionano davanti a un tramonto.
—  Enzo Molise


Lupe reminisces on the movies that helped create a generation. The title could also be a play on the whole concept of this song. These movies were good and entertaining upon watching them, but in the long run, too many of them painted a stereotype that was detrimental to the masses. In the same way fast food double burgers with cheese are tasty upon eating them, but too many of them are detrimental to your health in the long run. These movies are in fact “double burgers with cheese.”  

E quando distrussi casa volevo dire “Credimi”
Quando sparì per giorni volevo dire “Cercami”.