hip hop cat

Eyes shut tight under the weight of stuff I cant explain, only know not knowing will take the edge of the pain away. Even if Im ignorant about whats to come if there is something the past has taught me is to fear and run. Self defence mecanism, light up the bridge before its built, cut the red cord without a hint, of feeling, empty, never happens because its all like fairies.

I only know I know nothing, famous last words, in my case I dont want to know everything because it will hurt. Living in ignorace annoys the shit out of me but even to this day I canmot find that bravery, within me, to give it a chance, love equals hate according to my scars.

Im a cat. Thats it.
Scared. Scaredy cat. Thats it.
I survive the fall. I land on all fours. Thats it.
Remeber that im human and all fours is a lot. Of pain.
Thats it.
Scaredy cat.

Wish I wasnt but its what I am. Accept.