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Happy Jalapeno New Years!!...quick look at a bad promoter...

weird title huh?…lol…well first off…I wanna wish everyone a fun and safe New Years….

Usually I don’t get too introspective during this time….but as I was skimming through facebook I came across a flyer for a certain hip hop promoter, more like a promotional group, and I just shook my head at the names on the flyer…how could it be that in 3 years they still have the same artists performing week after week?…not only do I blame the horrible promoters that get a random headliner every week and make the openers sell a crap load of tickets for shitty spot at a shitty venue, but after a while, how can the artists themselves have no pride?? ..I’m not gonna act like the all-knowing artist that does no wrong..hell…we used to perform with that promoter…and every show was more wack than the one before (our fans were great..but the way the show was put on, the venue, the sound, and most of the crowd the other acts would bring, all of it was just bad…and thats bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good)…..

.it’s gonna be 3 years since we vowed to never perform with them again….and it was more like a vow to never perform with promoters or venues that work like that….you don’t have to just accept what people hand you…go out and get yours…put on your own damn event if that’s what you have to do….I can stand proudly and say whatever we’ve gotten we’ve earned…whether its staying on the computer for hours promoting, going out and meeting people that you know will benefit your music career, even just being responsible with your sociability..don’t know what I’m talking about?…returning a phone call, being where you say you will be when you say you’ll be there… every time you lag on communication you pretty much show people that you are not one to do business with…..but I digress…

 In those 3 years we got signed under one of the biggest record labels in Japan (as a group and I received my own deal as well)….we released 3 LPs, 1 solo LP, been a part of 7 cds all together, numerous Itunes hits, thousands of downloads on mixtapes (that is just from straight internet hustle..although not something you should rely on, it is something that should never be overlooked).. I’ve stepped into the studio and written with/for numerous Platinum Artists..and more recently we just filmed a music video that would put to shame most major label artists’……you have to set goals…..I still have many to reach…..

I wanna wish everyone a happy new year…I hope 2012 brings everyone happiness…and with all your endeavors…go out and get what you want…whatever your field is…strive to be the best..live it and breathe it….and if you’re stuck in a job or career you aren’t happy with, then change it….change it now…….lastly…..stay positive..but never be a pushover…(the never ending preach lol)  

I’m sending love one last time from 2011. see you mudafuckers in 2012…

- Jo Well

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Throwback Article - ‘Lil’ Kim’s Fans Threaten Rap Rats’
 After Fellow 'Junior Mafia’ Rap Group Member Lil’ Cease Snitched on her in court.

“ Lil’ Kim’s fans are burning up the web, Threatening turnout member’s of her junior M.A.F.I.A. posse for betraying their beloved queen bee.

"If I was you, I’d put a hit out on all of them” A fan named Brittany said  said.

“ I hope they die a million deaths. How you gonna rat & snitch on a girl to save your ass from jail!”

You can’t fuck with queen bee.

Geraldo Rivera: Hip-Hop Has Damaged Black People More Than Racism In Last 10 Years

From the (stupid) article:

“Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years,” Rivera began. The Fox News contributor then challenged anyone to find “a youngster – a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem who has succeeded in life other than being the one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent that make it in the music business – that’s been a success in life walking around with his pants around his ass and with visible tattoos…”

FOX NEWS has been more damaging to black and brown people than rap ever will. I know it seems like he is obviously wrong and everyone can write it off, but significant amounts of people still believe nonsense like this, and this racism can pass off as journalistic analysis. He’s feeding into a pre-existing school of thought that will go out of their way to deny racism and blame POC for their condition.

So he’s saying that young people will not be successful when they sag their pants and get visible tattoos  - which is something that HIP HOP tells them they MUST do. So who’s telling white kids to get tattoos? The tooth fairy? Also - just because POC aren’t constantly in the streets in their down town actively trying to appease whiteness 100% of the time, don’t think that some these kids aren’t having to code-switch and wear masks just to make it and support themselves. He doesn’t want POC to be successful, he just wants POC to be less threatening to him.

I also find it interesting that a LOT of my coworkers actually have had visible tattoos - which came as a shock to me because I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone basically said tattoos would ruin our futures. I guess when you have the privilege of no one is telling you how much potential you have at failure - you can fearlessly do what you want and still be successful.