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Heyy Kay, do you have any of those sweet tips for school? Just starting 10th grade and I'm h o r r i f i e d like, It's just so much happening at once?? And there are people in my class who basically hate me, so that's always neat 👌👌 How do you cope with attending this hellish establishment known as "school"?

lemme tell you, firstly – this is all advice that i’ve learned not only from my own experience, but things that i’ve been told from therapists, psychiatrists, my parents and my brother, etc. please listen to this stuff, or at least try !!
((also this is long af get ready)

-do. your. homework. you won’t be motivated, you won’t want to because it’s boring and technology is more fun, but do it. the feeling of productivity that you end up getting will be your fuel but it comes after you start. just start it, motivated or not. get your assignments in.

-as for studying? go to one place every time, the same time every day. don’t put it off, don’t wait to be motivated. force yourself to go to that one place, same time every day, and get your shit done until it’s //done//. why? this makes a habit.
for example; some people eat breakfast even when they aren’t hungry, out of habit.
my grandpa used to wake up every day at 7am, years after he stopped working, because he’d done the same job (worked in the mines) and had to do so during his work. that’s how his body clock was set up.
make it a habit for yourself. force yourself to do shit and stop being so gentle with yourself.
you won’t get anything done if you’re all just constantly “uwu it’ll be okay :3”.
my motivation is literally “get the fuck up, cunt,” and “hold your head up high what the fuck hoe is ya damn neck broken ?? SMH” and “WYD!? GET 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 WORK 👏🏻 DONE 👏🏻 BITCH 👏🏻” lmfao
not only will it make you giggle, it’ll actually get you going.

-if you have to do service hours or volunteer work, try checking with the library. my school has a library helpers program of people who put books back and do stuff like check books in and out. alternatively, city/town gardens

-decorate your supplies or have cute things! motivational stickers can be cute, fun, and make you smile. get little keychain decorations.

-always !! carry a water bottle. teachers may be strict about letting you out of the classroom, and you can’t leave during things such as final exams. also, in gym class, lines may be long for water fountains after an especially intense class, so it’s best to have your own hydration.

-don’t worry about what other people think. think of it this way; do you remember anyone’s particularly bad hair day? a day where their shirt was backwards or inside out? chances are, people won’t remember that about you, either.

-laugh at yourself. tripped or slipped? laugh it off. that way, people can’t laugh at you – only with you. things can’t be an issue for you if you just accept them and don’t let them be used against you. the same thing goes for insecurities, fears, all of that. if you accept things as they are, you won’t feel like you need to be pressured into changing them.

-if it’s allowed in your school, wear what you want, get piercings and tattoos, dye your hair, all of that self expression. again – do you remember such small things about people? if you don’t, it’s likely that other people don’t remember trivial things like that, either.

-get things done but don’t overwork yourself. listen, it’s one thing to procrastinate something because you’re on your phone and have to stay up late to finish it because it’s a major part of your grade. it’s another thing to genuinely forget.

-don’t !! stay !! up !! late !!, get off your phone, put it across the room, anything.
you need music to sleep? get a radio, or a bluetooth/aux cord speaker.
need some kind of light? LED lights, those thingies that cast stars and stuff on your walls/ceiling.
just don’t use your phone !! get to sleep !! being tired in the morning is not a necessary thing because you were up late. your friends will be around later, the next day, and so on.

-trouble waking up in the morning? put your alarm across the room, whether it’s your phone or otherwise. get a friend or family member to wake you up, and get you talking. most importantly? just get out of bed. if you’re anything like me, once you start moving, it’s easier to continue. set your alarm as something loud – i suggest all the way, the jse remix. that shit will scare you awake.
another idea is to blast some music, not while you’re still laying down. things like hip hop, dubstep, fuckin play all star if it’ll get you dancing or singing along.

-don’t skip breakfast !!!! even if breakfast is just a granola bar or something. EAT. take a snack to school, always have //something// to eat. don’t skip lunch, either !! pack a sandwich, a poptart, granola/energy bars, dry cereal, noodle cups that you make just with hot water. DON’T. SKIP. EATING.

-lastly: don’t worry too much, friend. you’ll be okay. it always seems scary until you start but if you put in effort, and get work done, you won’t be so stressed. 99% of the stress i see is from people who didn’t do their assignments and work because they stayed online and procrastinated. don’t do that to yourself. study, work hard, and you’ll be okay.



Precious Metal: While Jada Pinkett Smith Remains Big Will’s Hollywood Wife She Refuses To Play Second Fiddle To Anyone

When Smith approached Honore four years ago to start up a band, he was a frustrated LA. session guitarist for folks like Erykah Badu. He was feeling pigeonholed as a hip hop and R&B man. This, from a guy who caught the music bug when he saw Roy Clark picking the banjo on Hee-Haw, which, Honore concedes, is unusual for a kid growing up on the black side of segregated Baton Rouge, La. Like Smith, he never bought into the idea that his skin color meant he had to stick to one kind of music.

Smith joins her guitarists in the makeshift studio on wheels. She sometimes rolls separately from the band, and the mood changes a bit when “boss lady” hangs here. “We play the dozens all the time,” Honore says.

“But we don’t mess with her because she does get her feelings hurt,” Graves adds.

“But Will plays! He’ll bang all day long!” Honore says.

The G-rated hip hop star hasn’t been around that much for this tour, but he was there for a lot of the Ozzfest run. Smith says it opened her husband up creatively. “He was really inspired, checking out the dope ass musicians that were on that stage,” she says, “just seeing the difference of live music and what it does to the spirit of man.”

Smith says her husband is now getting jiggy with more rock-oriented signatures and live instrumentation. He’s even called Honore and other band members to get input on how to work with different sounds. “Everybody thinks that cat is one dimensional,” Honore says. “He’s not.”

The subject of Will’s transformation brings up one of the band’s biggest challenges: How does one get more black folks into this? “For black audiences, I think it’s important that we start expanding ourselves,” Smith says. “You know, black people say, ‘Oh, rock 'n’ roll is our music.’ Yeah, but you don’t listen to it. Why’s that?’”

She even complains that there’s no category for rock at the BET Awards, which she co-hosted last year along with her husband. She shakes her head in dismay. “Sometimes I feel like we’re our own worst enemy,” she says. “Because we limit ourselves more than anybody.”

For now the band will settle for a growing fan base of die-hard metal freaks, melanin deficiency and all. After the set Smith and company spend an hour at the souvenir stand signing CD covers, glossy photos, and T-shirts that read, “THIS AINT NO R&B SHIT!”

Aaliyah Makes History as 'Try Again' Hits Number One On Hot 100 Without a For-Sale Single

Jun 09, 2000, 01:00 ET from Virgin Records

Never before in the history of the
Billboard Hot 100 chart has a song hit Number One without the dual benefit of both radio play and single sales. That is until now …
Pop superstar Aaliyah makes record industry history today: her current
smash single “Try Again” has hit the Number One slot on the Billboard Hot 100
chart, a remarkable feat given that it reached that pinnacle based solely on
radio’s overwhelming response to the track.
Based on research compiled by Broadcast Data Systems, this week alone over
91 million people heard Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” her current song from the hit album of music from the film “Romeo Must Die.” As a result, the singer secures the top spot for the week ending June 17, 2000.
The “Romeo Must Die” success story began on March 28 when the album
debuted at Number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. It features
eighteen new tracks by an all-star array of hip-hop and R&B talent, including
Destiny’s Child, Ginuwine, Mack 10, Timbaland & Magoo, and BG from Ca$h Money.
Aaliyah contributes four tracks to the album, including the chart-topping “Try
Again” and her collaboration with rapper DMX on “Come Back In One Piece,”
currently climbing the charts. The album has shipped over 1.2 million copies
in just ten weeks. Aaliyah lit up the silver screen earlier this year starring in Joel
Silver’s film of the same name. The versatile performer received terrific notices for her performance as Trish O'Day in this modern day “West Side Story.” The film opened Wednesday, March 22, and is the highest grossing
Warner Bros. film released so far this year.

SOURCE Virgin Records