hip don't lie

  • mom: how did you do on that math test you had last week
  • me: eh okay... i got a B
  • hips: no you didn't... you got a C..
  • me: mom my hips are lying..
  • mom: sweetie.. hips don't lie.. ur grounded..

geek-of-baker-street  asked:

Building off of high school au. Bad boy Viktor sitting in a pep rally and the football cheerleaders come on, and he's like, great like I want to see this and the cheerleaders have a routine to 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira, and who ends up being lead? Yep, cheer captain Yuri. Viktor looks around for him, but doesn't recognize him until they have to work together on a project, and he sees this shy, nerdy boy who ends up falling for. The two get together and get caught kissing behind the bleachers.

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