The Signs as Canadian Things
  • Aries: Cash Cab, Bob & Doug, garburators, basketball
  • Taurus: Ogopogo, Nanaimo bars, Jolly Jumpers, Canadian Tire Money
  • Gemini: The Terry Fox Run, Colo(u)r, The Dionne Quintuplets, bagged milk
  • Cancer: The Tim Horton's Double Double Visa, Peggy's Cove, Corner Gas, Hinterland Who's Who
  • Leo: The Calgary Stampede, Michael J Fox, toonies, Much Music
  • Virgo: ketchup chips, separatism, Ryan Gosling, eves-troughs
  • Libra: The Robertson screwdriver, John A MacDonald, Angela Anaconda, lacrosse
  • Scorpio: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, toques, Banff, Bonhomme du Neige
  • Sagittarius: Degrassi, Stephen Harper, The Klondike Gold Rush, not having pennies
  • Capricorn: Maclean's, Jim Treliving, Heritage Minutes, freezies
  • Aquarius: McIntosh toffee bars, Drake, Molson, The Bay
  • Pisces: Boston Pizza, Holmes on Homes, Timbits, The Roughriders

So apparently there was this thing called Channel One, which was a news program reported by teenagers/college students and shown in high schools via satellite in the United States.

Well, how fancy for you!

I did not get to see this program, seeing as I grew up in Canada and we were still watching filmstrips of Hinterland Who’s Who on the loon and the muskox.

However, a couple of these young ace reporters look kinda familiar now …

(p.s. Hinterland Who’s Who is awesome, by the way. The flute solo is like our third national anthem behind the Hockey Night in Canada theme song … eh.)

(p.p.s. As some people have now commented, Channel One still exists. My bad – blame Canada! And the fact that I didn’t care enough to read more than two sentences of the Wiki page. It’s Anderson Cooper, dammit. That’s all that matters.)

between 1971 and 2006 the hinterland has either grown much faster than the heartland or at approximately the same rate.

Canadian Cities in Transition

This is why Canada is weird. Our hinterland is more valuable than our heartland. Weird. Also YAY! since I live in the hinterland.

Also, could I get any cooler than blogging about my school readings? /school is my life.


Hinterland Who’s Who: The Canadian Beaver, ca. ~1970s.

Hinterland Who’s Who is best known as a series of 60-second public service announcements profiling Canadian animals and birds, produced by Environment Canada Wildlife Service and the National Film Board of Canada in the 1960s and 70s, and re-launched by the Canadian Wildlife Federation in the 2000s. In the original announcements, a distinctive refrain of flute music (John Cacavas’ Flute Poem) opens the ad, and is accompanied by the low-key style of the narrator, John Livingston, describing the animal over footage of it taken in the wild.”


Spiders On Drugs.


the effects of drugs on spiders, MUST WATCH!!!1


Hinterland Who’s Who: The Surfer

My favourite entry in last weekend’s 6th Annual Seaforth Film and Photography Festival.


Hinterland Who’s Who Swift Fox (by cocopuffo)

Early 1970s vignette from the NFB of Canada.