Three years, that letter has been sitting in my files. Three. Years.

It’s too ridiculous to run, I thought, even for Pointless Letters. Can’t run that. No-one would believe a newspaper ever printed it.

Then UKIP released their 2017 manifesto.

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I think it might be canon that clarke is going to feel feelings for bellamy first (since the soft reboot of course)

….hard same


Testosterone Thursday

Frack…Brett Deledio Inspires Me!

Just Wish That He’d Lose The Shorts!

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ah god this whole elias and the fight thing has got me high strung because elias has been framed from the get go as the main player, he’s framed as the main figure during the fight and then he’s the one sana brings up when she talks about the fight, and with elias apologizing you’re first thought is about the fight, but it’s all just a little too obvious if it actually was elias that started it/hurt isak right? i’ve been thinking for a while that elias’s involvement has more to do with what’s going on with him personally than anything against isak (and/or even) and with isak’s hint today “he didn’t beat me up” im more inclined to think elias didn’t hurt isak but that something else made him get involved

Why Them?

Even after all these years the basic question of the show is WHY ARE THESE SPECIFIC 5 GIRLS BEING TORTURED? A question that we still do not have an answer to. This needs to be seriously relevant and meaningful. Praying the writers have a solid and convincing reason.

We know Spencer and Alison have direct links to A because of their twisted family history, but how do Aria, Hanna and Emily fit into this to warrant the same torture by AD?

Yes, the group in general followed Ali as leader and stood by and did nothing while she blackmailed and bullied people, but this isn’t a good enough reason as to why all 5 of them have been terrorized to such great lengths for so many years.

It could be something that happened “That Night.” I find this a bit unrealistic though, because how is it possible that all 5 of them have absolutely no recollection of what happened that night? And A knows everything, so if they were drugged by Alison would he/she really hold all 5 responsible?

I think what makes the most sense is The Jenna Thing. All 5 girls were together when they threw the smoke bomb into Jenna’s barn. Jenna was blinded as a result. If A or someone he/she loves was also there that night and was disfigured in some way-this would give them a good reason to want revenge on all 5 girls.

Spencer’s twin clue?

During the airport scene, Spencer introduces Ezra and Wren and says ‘Wren was almost my brother in law a couple of times’

We all assumed ‘Spencer’ said this because of the Wren/Melissa on/off relationship, but if this ‘Spencer’ is her twin, maybe it means:

‘Wren was almost my brother in law a couple of times because he was in a relationship with Melissa and my other sister Charlotte’. 

….is luckgandor back again we bein real rn

Edit, adding information about him into the actual post instead of tags, under a cut for anyone hoping to avoid drama entirely - though this is less drama more a warning/PSA for new players or anyone who doesn’t know:

(Alternatively, Rhea’s luckgandor and kingofeli tags are great for getting to know his history.)

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Arcturus - Uber A/AD

Hero - Charles DiLaurentis

I think it is safe to assume that Arcturus is Uber A, and possibly a friend to Lucas and Charles. Hanna says that the hero (Charles) is “this boy who gets picked on by other kids and by his own family.” Charles was picked on by his family (mainly Kenneth) because he hated Charles for wearing dresses and wanting to be a girl. Charles was probably picked on by his friends because as we’d seen in the 6x10 flashback with Bethany, he liked to wear dresses. Kids can be terribly harsh so Charles probably copped a lot for wanting to be a girl.

The hero then meets an alien woman in the woods who becomes the heros protector, getting revenge on everyone who bullied the hero. So, Arcturus pretty much tortures whoever picks on the hero. The boy also shapeshifts into Arcturus so that he can experience the payback that is given to the bullies.

So, the hero (Charles) becomes A to experience first hand revenge. This means that someone has been Uber A/AD all along, which is the Arcturus of the comic, and that Charlotte was Big A but was not at the top of the A hierarchy.