Meet the HamilTexans: two North Texas performers in Broadway’s hottest show
Booker T.’s Alysha Deslorieux and J.J. Pearce’s Elizabeth Judd are thrilled to be in “The Room Where It Happens,” aka “Hamilton.”

Y’all y’all y’all

I went looking for more about Elizabeth Judd’s Hamilton  role and towards the end of this artice there’s THIS:

At 19, after Collin College, Judd enrolled in the CAP21 conservatory in New York. She left the following year to do a national tour of Spring Awakening that stopped at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. She made her Broadway debut in the ensemble of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, understudying and performing as the lead female character, Mary Jane.

She returned to Dallas to star as Eponine in Les Misérables at the Dallas Theater Center in 2014. This marked the first time she worked with Liesl Tommy, who directed a diverse cast on a daringly reimagined post-apocalyptic set. Judd hopes to work with Tommy again someday, perhaps in a revival of Tommy’s conception of Les Misérables, which Judd believes deserves a New York production.

so…MAYBE a revival might be in the works someday?!?

Team Seiseki on Horror Movie Night
  • Tsukushi:invested in the story and upset when someone dies, not scared but startled 99% of the time
  • Kazama:fell asleep during the opening credits and drooling on Tsukushi's shoulder
  • Mizuki:not scared but super-focused on the movie and eats all the popcorn
  • Usui:trying to get the kids to calm down and making sure to provide snacks for everyone
  • Ooshiba:brags about not being scared while holding onto Kimishita's sleeve for dear life
  • Kimishita:rolling his eyes at the bad special effects, trying and failing to get Ooshiba to let go of his sleeve while questioning his life choices
  • Haibara:yells at every moderately interesting development and scares the crap out of everyone more than the movie does
  • Inohara:calmly watches the movie and lets the others cling to him when they're scared
  • Kurusu, Nitobe and Shiratori:pretty scared, jump into each other's arms at the slightest jumpscare while gobbling down all the snacks
  • Nakijin:absolutely terrified, curled up into a ball and trying to cover his eyes and ears at the same time
  • Ubukata:has no idea what she's doing here and just wants to go home.

I just realised that I might lowkey have a bear collection???

OKAY SO this is just a random personal post but I was preparing my stuff for moving and figured I have a bunch of bear stuff (with my main one also on display but judge free zone thank) that I kept buying/getting because they’re all so cute akfkakdkkakxakwkfjjasj

(+ i have a polar bear pajama shirt and more WBB stickers on the front of my laptop that are not included here)

SOBBING IM SO??? I’ll put them all in one place in my new room from now on and its going to be really cute ;u;