hint: the first thing he does with time travel is visit

The first time the team sees Andrew and Neil kiss is in the airport when Neil is about to leave to go see Uncle Stuart.

  • No one trusts Neil to actually go visit Uncle Stuart
  • So the whole team (including Wymack and Abby) goes to the airport with him to make sure he actually gets on the plane he says he is going to get on this time
  • Even Aaron shows up in time to come along, although he doesn’t say a word to Neil and mostly looks completely uninterested in anything to do with Neil
  • But he does glance to check that Neil is actually headed for the right plane
  • Andrew meant to get Neil alone to say his goodbyes before Neil left, but that did not work out
  • From the moment they woke up to the moment Neil has to leave them at the airport, they do not get a single second alone together
  • They wake up to a big breakfast Nicky made specifically for Neil
  • And by the time they’ve eaten, the upperclassmen are streaming into the room while Neil is still getting ready
  • Their room is so full and the upperclassmen are looking around at the monsters’ dorm room and chattering away at Neil
  • Dan makes Neil promise to call and check in every night
  • Matt insists that if anything goes even remotely wrong or if Neil needs anything, that Neil should call him right away
  • Allison tells him, “Try and come back looking like you weren’t on the wrong end of a meat tenderizer this time.”
  • Renee wishes Neil luck on his trip and says how they’ll all miss him
  • She also keeps an eye on Andrew who is standing back from everyone else

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To Newt, With Love

Request: “Hi-Hi! I’ve read your newt x reader stuff and they are so nicely done, I like your style! Could I request for angsty newt x reader, pure angst. Sadness and all that. If you don’t mind of course! Something like ‘reader likes newt but newt is stupidly oblivious and he still hanging on leta/is with tina most of the day. At the end, the reader just 'poof’, out of touch. Thank you!”

Word Count: 2,643

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The midnight blue dress draped over your body shatters the beams of golden sunlight streaming through your window, sending specks of glittering light all over the white walls of your bedroom and the pastel green sheets of your bed. You hardly notice, though, as you struggle to clasp a delicate silver necklace around your neck. The fine chain, soft as gossamer, tangles around your fingers, fighting your attempts to secure it. The struggle proceeds for a minute before you can drop the chain and watch it shimmy into its place in the dip between your collar bones. A beautiful gift from an old friend.

An old friend you’re visiting in five minutes, if the godfather clock standing in the corner is correct. A bundle of nerves flutter in your stomach. You haven’t seen Newt in months. Any time you wrote and told him you’d be able to make time, he’d been too busy. Then NEWT exams rolled around and every spare second of every day was dedicated to scrawling out notes and rereading the same chapter five times until you could nearly recite the entire textbook word for word. The grueling effort paid off, though, earning you high grades in every subject.

Today, you celebrate with your best friend of seven years. The two of you agreed to meet at your house at noon before traveling out to Hogsmeade to enjoy butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and then find a dancing hall. You know Newt has a fondness for dancing unmatched by many others, even if he may be reluctant to admit it.

One more glance in the mirror satisfies you. Not a hair is out of place, your elegant silver earrings brush the tops of your exposed shoulders, and the dress gleams, not a hint of lint on it. You step from the mirror’s gaze and cross the room, enjoying the clacking of your heels against the wood floor. On your dresser sits an ornate black box. Swirls carved and painted white loop around the wide case, meeting on the top to circle around Newt’s full name.

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John Brown as the mastermind behind the Blue Sect and the recent sad events?

Disclaimer: Spoilers and long post. As such, this theory will initially be a little chronological to try and make the explanation simpler.
If any point is unclear, feel free to ask @thedarkestcrow or me about it as it is something we discussed together. :)

First of all, here’s what we know about the current arc (ch127 happens mid-November 1889):

  • Bravat (who’s most likely human) knew from the beginning that Ciel is the Watchdog (”Earl Phantomhive”), that Seb is a demon, that Lizzie is Ciel’s fiancée and that the Starlight Four committed crimes at Weston.
  • Bravat’s sect is at least one and a half year/two years old (ch125). However, seeing as there was no hint of massive blood collects and death before August/September 1889, we’ll assume for this theory that the 4 star lords were put in Bravat’s care at some point during Summer 1889, which is when Bravat started using the S4 to promote the Sphere music hall in order to collect as much blood as possible.
  • Othello said that, considering the anormal progress of the sect’s technology, a supernatural being is most likely behind it (ch119/ch125). This supernatural mastermind is very probably the reason Bravat knew about Sebastian being a demon (and about Lizzie and Ciel). 
  • While the reason tying Lizzie to the sect is still unclear, we’re going to assume for this theory that Bravat’s mention of her to Ciel (ch123) might mean that she’s seen as a possible hostage to use against him. 
  • Lastly, about the 2CT: it seems like it’s almost confirmed.
    • Lord Sirius being Ciel’s twin (aka Real!Ciel, a “bizarre doll”) is a popular theory
    • Agni’s reaction when he found the burnt picture of Ciel’s family (ch126) was quite telling that something was unexpected about this picture.

I hope all of this makes sense for you guys! Onto the theory about John Brown…

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Dating Sam Holland Would Include:

So, guys… This is my first time doing an aesthetic and a head canon sort of thing… so I encourage criticism, because I had so much fun making this, but want to learn how to make it even better next time! Thanks!

  • You guys meet at a theater, school, cafe, or something along those lines.
  • He’s really nervous to talk to you at first, but Harry pushes him to you.
  • He falls into you and gives Harry a glare before realizing it’s you he’s run into.
  • At first he’s not really sure what to say, but you get the hint and give him your number.
  • Your guys’ first date is really cute and romantic.
  • He takes you to a small cafe where it’s nice and quiet, and he’s friends with the owner so it’s cleared out by dessert and you have the building to yourselves.
  • You guys some how end up dancing in the middle of the room.
  • After he drives you home, it’s raining.
  • Your guys’ first kiss was in the rain.
  • Sam’s family loves you.
  • You went to LA with Tom once for some Spider-Man press stuff, it was a blast, but you really missed Sam.
  • He loves to kiss your forehead and cheeks.
  • Cuddle buddies for life.
    • Watching a movie, reading together, sleeping, talking, etc. you and him are always cuddling.
  • When you’re sick he rushes to your pad with soup that his mom made and you guys stay in bed all day watching musicals (including Disney).
  • You’ve had a piano in your flat for forever, but never used it.
  • One morning you wake up and Sam’s playing the piano.
  • Sometimes when you guys are together, doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll catch you counting his freckles.
  • You’re supportive of his decision to stay in England and study while Tom, Harry, and Harrison go to travel the world.
  • But you’re busy filming movies and/or writing.
  • Sam loves his girl who does what he does.
    • Likes to make movies and make music.
  • While you’re busy you have to fly to Montreal for work and visit Tom.
  • Sam gets a little jealous of Harry and Tom.
  • But he trusts you enough to be your own person. You’re a big girl, he knows that.
    • It’s one of the reasons he loves you so much.
  • The first time you say “I love you” to each other, you’re having a picnic date, looking up at the stars.
  • Your arms are wrapped around his torso, your head resting on his chest, and legs tangled in each other’s
  • You look like a koala, which is what he loves to call you.
  • As his chest raises and falls, you mutter an “I love you.”
  • He tenses, realizing he’s waited to hear you say that forever. “I love you, too…” he whispers, trying not to start running around in circles and screaming out into the world because he’s so happy.
  • When you go back to the car at the bottom of the hill while cleaning up to go home, he does a victory dance.
  • You guys get home and he can’t keep his hands off you.
  • He just keeps saying: “I love you, I love you, I love you…” over and over again.
  • You giggle into his shoulder as you start slow dancing in your room like you did on your first date in the cafe.

i made a similar post for the hyung line a few days ago, and it got some really good responses from everyone! so without further ado, here is the maknae line version!!


JIMIN - psychic type specialist

  • “….”
  • “Oh, I know that look. You’re expecting me to be a water type gym leader, huh?”
  • tbh, no one could blame you for thinking he was a water type specialist because his gym was pretty much submerged underwater–literally
  • his core value, determination, was pretty much evident from the get-go. without the use of any diving apparatus, you had to come up for air every so often in order to pass through his gym in order to get to his room
  • “Don’t worry!! No one has drowned yet… I think.”
  • what is up with all the gyms in this region?? why is it like all the gym leaders were trying to kill you?
  • also, another pressing question: what if you can’t–
  • “You can’t swim? Oh, me too! The most I can do is a doggy paddle, and I’m not even that good…” Jimin laughed, his eyes squinting adorably
  • wait you didn’t even say that question out loud. was he–?
  • “Am I psychic? Nope! I just have really good intuition. Look, try to think something really weird and random. I promise I won’t be able to tell.”
  • ok. you start mentally saying to yourself: ‘holy shit you’re really fucking hot and cute, your hands are really small and i want to hold them and i would really love it if you could maybe stick them up my–’
  • “See? I have no idea what you’re thinking!”
  • (when you aren’t looking though, you don’t notice the keen smirk on his face HE HE HE)
  • “Anyway, about the drowning thing: don’t worry! My slowking and I will save you if you ever start looking like you’re having some trouble.”
  • getting saved by a hot gym leader who had killer abs to boot? maybe you should pretend to drown just so you could maybe see him in action well now you have nothing to worry about
  • as you go through his gym with some difficulty due to your lack of swimming skills, you noticed from the corner of your eye how jimin was indeed swimming alongside you, except he wasn’t exactly swimming
  • “Did I forget to tell you? You could use your psychic type pokemon to create a bubble of air around you to make it easier. Haha, how silly of me to forget” he told you this telepathically, a mischievous grin on his face
  • (you promptly rise up to catch your breath, slap him on his firm chest in annoyance, and summon your psychic type pokemon to help you complete his hellish gym)
  • now that you have the help of your psychic pokemon to aid you, you reach his gym leader room quickly
  • the room had less water and appeared more normal in comparison to the rest of his gym, with a simple dust battleground for the battle and a chair for where jimin was supposed to sit
  • except the chair wasn’t empty like it should have been
  • lo and behold, the neighboring gym leader, kim taehyung, had come to visit (if you haven’t pieced it together, he was the one sitting on jimin’s chair)
  • “How many times have I told you not to visit during a challenge?”
  • the pout on taehyung’s face was as fake as the baby voice he used: “but jiminieeeee i missed you :<”
  • “Omg–i’m so sorry, my darling. Are you fine with him watching us battle?”
  • not really sure what the fuck was going on, you let him do as he pleased
  • when you acquiesce to his ridiculousness, taehyung points you a saucy wink, which pretty much short circuits your brain and breaks your concentration
  • so all in all, you could definitely blame your defeat to taehyung’s way too intense staring and overzealous hooting
  • after the battle, jimin comes over to you and pats you on the shoulder, half-apologetic for his weird friend
  • “I’m so sorry about him, but I suppose this is a way for you to get used to him because you will have to defeat him eventually. Come back next time and i’ll make sure he doesn’t interrupt again.”
  • (taehyung, does in fact, visit each time you rechallenge jimin)
  • (not that you were disappointed to lose more times than you can count. if it meant seeing jimin and his beautiful thighs each time, then honestly you should be thanking taehyung)

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My JeRza thoughs

Okay, time to tackle this one, it has been a week already! Time flies!

But first, a big thank you and a shot out to @thefairystales for her work at translating the interview with Mashima and because we got a nice convo a couple of days ago and it was a delight to discuss with her about the ending and jerza.

This is something I have been thinking and discussing with several friends in the course of this week after the end of FT and how at first I feel very dissappointed and later on mostly bummed and then after digesting all of this and talking it out my perspective changed more. The interview translated by @thefairystales finished to settle things for me.

I was right in a couple of things and It’s nice to know.

Mashima mentions in his interview that what he wanted was to leave room to his audience to imagine the rest (same as what happened with the Jerza kiss) And Lucy is an unreliable narrator.

Before anyone starts the attacks, this is not an attend to diss Lucy, far from it. Unreliable Narrator is a narrative resource (forgive the redundance) used in literature to give the audience the opportunity to make their own interpretations of a story through a character inside it, because unlike the omniscient narrator, in which the author is privy to all thoughs and knows everything, the unreliable narrator aka the character, doesn’t.

Keep this in mind please.

Lucy for all purposes and here I quote Mashima, is someone who

 "shares the same point of view as the reader…. is by the reader’s side. She doesn’t understand the things that the readers don’t understand, and she says it out"

Thus why the vagueness over Jellal and Erza’s relationship status from her POV. Even Lucy says it herself in regards to Erza, she still can’t get her, in the way she misinterprets her words and gets surprised along us when she says “it’s complicated” and then next panel we along her learn that she is not talking abour her and Jellal but about the book in her hands.

The “it’s complicated” was misleading and was played for laughts over Erza’s apparent inhability to read a barely difficult book or write a letter.

At this point Lucy can’t tell us anything about Jellal and Erza’s current relationship because she does not know more than what she has told us: Jellal is free and Erza has started to act more openly as a typical woman in love who wants to impress her beloved.

What is truly going with jerza, just Erza and Jellal know.

Coming back to canon, are they canon?

First, What does mean “canon” in the romantic sense?

A ring and a wedding?, Grandiose declarations of eternal love?, An “and they lived happily ever after”? Children? Appearing side by side with knowing smiles? Mutual feelings of love? Confessions?

I think canon can be found in any of this and even more scenarios I am letting out. Jerza is mutual. Their love for each other is something that has been hinted throughout all Fairy Tail’s story. It survived pain, hatred, deception, death itself and they both keep loving each other. And I don’t need to mention the Beach scene and the infamous “kiss” because if you remember panel by panel, Erza initiated the action but Jellal followed suit, both consenting it and both closing distance on their own volition, making it clear that their feelings were mutual, no discussions there. That was as good as canon can be.

Soooo, are they canon?

Hell yes!

For that I think the important question is not about canon but about the status of their relationship:

Are they dating/getting to know each other?
Are they taking their time?
Are they going one step at a time?
Are they seeing each other from time to time?

It can be lots of things, maybe they are somewhat dating and thus why Lucy has noticed the change in Erza’s behavior regarding her appearance. Or just getting to know each other better without being in life or death situations. Maybe they are not doing more than take things slowly because Fiore just got trashed and there were more urgent matters this past year.

There are many things that can be going on, and If Jellal and Erza have something in common is to keep things just to themselves, specially a relationship between them.

As you see I have enough room to speculate this and not be refuted cause Mashima gave me enough to reach my own conclusions.

I think they are in contact, there are lacrima phones and if Erza keep in contact with Jellal during the year of Fairy Tail’s disbanment, she can easily do that now that Jellal and his group are not fugitives anymore.

So I am not pulling at straws here. And I believe that the 100 years quest is not gonna be a big impediment to them when Jellal has been roaming all of Fiore, so crossing paths time to time is in the realm of possibility. Even better, knowing Team Natsu are nothing more than limit testers I am sure they can finish the quest in less than 10 years at most (being pessimistic. Come on! they flattened a so called powerful kingdom in mere days, so I can say they can tackle a 100 years mission in 10 years or less).


Now I know I am avoiding a question in regards of Jellal who is at times considered an obstacle to jerza, ironic, uh?

But, what if there are things Jellal needs to do to finally settle with Erza? A friend and I (God bless her) talked about it and we reached this not very popular conclusion: His journey to freedom is still ongoing.

Hisui asked him along CS to live for the future and Jellal just uttered a word and keep pensive. And before that, Erza also in a gentler tone asked him this time to value his life. Nothing about sins, but about living. So my conclusion is that this time he is thinking long and hard about it, not about sins, but about true freedom and living on. A freedom he could not taste while he was a fugitive and less when Zeref was alive. So now that Zeref is no more and he has been freed, he needs to keep moving to get acquainted with this world, to know who he is and what he wants in order to get his fresh start.

And I think this is the way to become free of his burdens.

Yes, there was regression and some messyness for the sake of drama over his character but I believe Mashima gave him the best ending he could give at that point in such short space in the last chapter.

For me it works, for me it means Jellal is searching for himself, I can imagine him traveling as a free man to tie loose ends (searching for Wally and Sho, going to Mermaid Heel to have a long chat with Kagura and apologize properly, visiting the ruins of the Tower of Heaven, etc), to see the world and learn how to live in it before returning to Erza, That’s for me a good end for him.

And you know what? Erza gets it. And it’s OK because Erza is also living her life, she is moving, she is doing stuff and being hopeful, she knows (by caring for her hair) that he will come back to her soon but that does not mean she is going to just wait for him doing nothing, because Erza is not like that, she is a person with her own life to live. 

I repeat, there are lacrima phones, Jellal knows where she is going, what she is doing and is okay with it because he wouldn’t like to see Erza wasting away her life just waiting for him, he is not a selfish jerk.

Sooner or later, they will be together.


Of course, I am not telling anyone to not feel sad or dissappointed, it’s natural, we all wanted more than what we got and I know some parts of the fandom have been quite nasty, I got my share of rudeness here on my tumblr for shipping jerza. That ppl is not worth our time, let them go, block them, we can do better with our time that let them get to us.

But if there is a thing we can’t to is to be a jerk to others or force our reasoning on ppl. Take it or leave it, but don’t be a jerk about it. And don’t be a jerk to Mashima, insulting him is not gonna fix shit, the man did what he deemed the best, at the end of the day is his own story to tell. 

Rant in your page, feel dissappointed and robbed but don’t go to the page of a man who busted himself to bring us chapter after chapter week by week without fail for 11 years. That deserves our respect.

Something is not adding up

Here is the thing: The more I think about it and the more that comes out, I have a hard time believing what JMS has said on Twitter about one (or four) cast members deciding not to return. This is show business, and I get that anything is possible. Especially if Netflix was negligent about renewing the contracts on time, but something is sitting funny with me over all this. 

There is no shady court intrigue. I’ve been given the same reasons you have: Viewership. Never once did Brian even hint at one of his cast members not wanting to return for a third season. This was backed up by Tuppence and Toby retweeting his statement, and showing love. Brian has said multiple times that the reason for the cancellation was viewership, and money. Period. 

These guys are all so close that they have said numerous times that they are more like family, and even have a Whatsapp group message where they are all constantly calling, texting, and visiting each other. Do we really think that Brian would be kept out of the loop if one of his friends decided not to return? I highly doubt it. If it’s true, and he didn’t know that someone did not return? That would break my heart. 

And let’s not forget that Brian encouraged all of us to make noise for the show, and try our hardest to get it renewed against all hope. Why, then? Why would he advocate for us campaigning like this if he knew it was a lost cause? If he knew that one or more of his friends had declined to return? That, to me, makes zero sense with the respect that he has shown for all of us. He would have hinted that the cancellation ran deeper than just numbers and money. 

That is why I would rather hear something about the cast leaving from the cast themselves, and not a producer that wasn’t even as actively involved in season 2 as he was during the first. JMS does not everything. He only helped Lana set up the season, and then he took a step back for the remainder of it. 

Roberto Malerba, another producer, was actively involved in season 2, and traveled with Lana during season 2. He has also known both Lilly and Lana for way longer than JMS has. He has also backed up what Brian and Netflix has said about the reason being money and viewership. So, JMS is the only one who is claiming it was a cast issue. 

And none of the other cast are backing him up on Twitter. Not Tina, Not Toby, Not Tuppence, not Brian, not anyone. If it were true, you would think they would lend their voices (or Twitters) in support of this. 

It’s up to you whether or not you want to continue fighting. What I do know is that I find all of this very suspicious. Fans before us have started even smaller campaigns to get their shows brought back, and they succeeded. It may take awhile, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking. Our Global Cluster on Twitter is always hard at work giving new hope to fans, and so even if you don’t feel like fighting anymore, join us for some fun on Twitter anyway, and get your voices heard.

Part Two, Chapter Four: Print Shop

Claire has traveled thru the standing stones once again and has been reunited with Jamie. The two are looking at the photographs Claire has brought from the future, discussing the similarities in their two daughters.
You can find previous chapters here.

November 1766; Above the print shop belonging to Alexander Malcolm, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“She had curls like Julia as a lass, aye?” Jamie reverently stroked a photograph of toddler Brianna standing on a park bench holding an ice cream cone, her hair a riotous mess around her face.

“They tamed a bit as she got older, but Bree had that same cowlick just there like Julia did.” My fingers found the rebellious tuft the three of them shared at the back of his head.

He smiled, “She’s fair like the both of ye too.”

“Very,” I agreed. “She burns in the sun easily and often complains of her freckles. I suppose that’s my genetics to blame, though, you tan rather than burn for the most part.”

“What of her voice, Sassenach? Did she sound like her?” His eyes implored me, leaving the photograph for the first time. He seemed to absorb every piece of information I gave him, needing to know every detail about his child.

I nodded, “She does.”

We fell silent for a time, just basking in the newness of being together again.

“Its beautiful, you know,” I whispered.

He turned, placing a kiss atop my head. “What is, mo nighean donn?”

“Julia’s stone.” I answered.

I wanted to continue. My heart longed to tell him how much it meant for me to have her by his parents, how comforting it was to know that she was forever safe at Lallybroch, but my lips wouldn’t form the words. I grabbed at his hands, needing to feel their strong security.

His eyes gleamed in the candle light, “I thought of her often while ye were gone, our beag calman geal. Imagined her playing with Willie and the bairn Jenny lost.”

“Caitlin, wasn’t it?” I asked as I traced the faint ‘c’ at the base of his palm with my thumb.

“Aye,” Jamie answered, clearing his throat. “I would bring a flower for each o’ them when I’d visit my parents graves.”

A lump rose in my own throat. Turning my face into his shoulder, I swallowed past it and added, “I brought her pink tulips. I should have brought flowers for them too, while I was there, but all I could think of was her.”

“She’s at Lallybroch, then?” A hint of a smile warmed Jamie’s voice.

I pulled away from him slightly, needing to see his eyes. “Of course she’s at Lallybroch.”

What on earth did that mean? Why wouldn’t she be?

“I didna want to assume… I wasna sure…  with Frank, ye ken,” he added.

The air around me grew cold. I pulled my hands from his and grabbed fistfulls of my skirt.

“What in bloody hell does Frank have to do with where our daughter is buried?”

Jamie’s brows furrowed in confusion, “What are ye saying, Claire?”

It was one thing for him to have avoided Julia’s grave out of grief, but he was acting as though he had no knowledge of where he had laid her to rest.

“What am I saying? You’re the one not making any sense.” I stood and backed away from him, “You speak as though you haven’t the foggiest idea where she is!”

He tried to reach for me, but I avoided him.  “How would I ken where she is if ye dinna tell me, Claire?”

If I didn’t tell him?

“Why would I need to tell you where you buried her?” I asked slowly, finding it very hard to breathe.

Fear began to creep into Jamie’s eyes. “The two o’ ye went into the stones, Claire. Did she no come out wi’ ye?”


This wasn’t possible.

Spots flashed before my eyes as Jamie lunged towards me, just in time to gather me into his arms before I hit the ground. The noise of the stones roared in my ears and drowned out the sound of Jamie’s voice. I was laying in his arms, the rough cotton of his shirt pressed against my cheek, but the world rushed past me as though I were falling off a cliff.

Wrapping my arms about his neck, I clung to him fiercely as my tears slowly pulled me back into reality. He wasn’t speaking anymore, but wept with me, gently rocking back and forth. The repetitive motion and vibration of his strong heartbeat set me back on solid ground.

If she hadn’t come thru with me and she hadn’t stayed with Jamie, where and when did she go? And how was she buried at Lallybroch?

Jamie was the one to actually put words to the question, once he found his voice again.

A strong spasm ran thru me, making me convulse at the sound of it. His arms squeezed tighter around me, as if protecting me from myself.

“Where is she, Jamie?” I asked after a time, my voice trembling.

“She is at rest, mo chridhe,” Jamie whispered in my ear.

“But when? How?”

“I dinna ken,” his thumb wiped at a trail of tears on my cheek, “but if she is at Lallybroch, that means she was with family, aye?”

“She finds us,” I murmured.

Jamie’s chin quivered as he tried to smile, “We always find a way back to each other, mo nighean donn. Why should our daughter be any different?”

Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 24 Review

Alright, so last week left us with a dead Dezel, me downing 2 cups of green tea latte in pure rage (Velvet would have been so proud), and this week is the not-finale.  *sigh*  Damn it, ufotable.  Are we doing the drinking game again this week?  Of course we’re doing the drinking game again.  How else am I supposed to get through this week’s episode without it?  Besides, I have today and tomorrow off, so at least I can go on a proper murdering rampage in Berseria after this, lol.  Once more, the rules, and they are entirely subjective:

  • If it irritates me, I take a sip - usually it’s things like, Seraphim in the background.
  • If it pisses me off, I take a gulp - single voice arte call outs, Azure Assault Doesn’t Work That Way, you get the idea.
  • If it makes me table-flipping mad, I empty the cup - past things that have triggered this response: Sorey purifying a dragon, Alisha successfully armatizing, generally having Sorey’s dream be not properly represented (co-existence as Sorey wants it to be is more than just humans getting along while the Seraphim stand off to the side), Dezel’s sacrifice - you get the idea.

Join in if you’d like, I highly recommend doing this with a non-alcholic beverage, especially if you’re anywhere near as frustrated with the anime as I am.

TL;DR: Glass got emptied three times this time around (look, ufotable, your scriptwriter is terrible, I get it.  Can they just stop trying to outdo themselves?), and I’m pretty sure the first half of this episode could have been done in Pendrago.  Because all of that exposition needed to have happened sooner.  And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m even more pissed off than Velvet in the middle of her Break Soul, so I’m going to wander off to play Berseria to take it all out on the daemons over there.

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Drinking Games

Hephaestus wakes up, bound hand and foot and draped over the back of a donkey.

He doesn’t have time to panic before Dionysus’ face drops down, grinning cheerfully.

“Good afternoon, Heph! Good to see you’re awake!”

“Dionysus?!  W-what – where the hell – ”

“Your volcano is depressing. We’re going someplace better.”

“Going – what? Where?!  Why am I –?”

“Not very articulate, Heph. Maybe you’re still drunk?” Dionysus’ grin widens and he boops Hephaestus’ nose before straightening back up, walking alongside the donkey.  

It’s all starting to come back to him, very slowly.  “You – damn it, Dionysus!  You came over and got me drunk again!”

“You needed it, pal.  You were dragging around your forge like you were already dead; I came over to try to cheer you up but I was ready to start crying just seeing your pitiful state. Healing is not possible in that house of misery.  So, we’re heading to my grove, for a party.  No, don’t worry, no maenads this time!”  Dionysus holds up his hands defensively.  

“Why.. am I… hanging off the side of this donkey…”

“You were pretty out of it. Didn’t think you’d be up to walking, when you’re alternately drunk out of your mind, or just passed out.”

“I’m tied up, Dionysus!”

“So you wouldn’t fall off!”

“Yeah but… ” Hephaestus doesn’t bother to finish arguing.  It’s hard to get any leverage in a conversation when you’re hanging upside-down anyway.  Which is really the first thing that needs to be addressed.  

“Dionysus, this is honestly pretty uncomfortable.  Let me at least sit upright.”

Hephaestus can’t see Dionysus’ face, but he can sense the good-natured leer.  “Ahh, I dunno, I kinda like the impression that I’m whisking away a young man for a night of debauchery – ”

Now, Dionysus, before I throw up on your sandals!”

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Adoptive Family AU (Part 2)

I forgot about this post (until recently), but here’s are some more headcanons I have:

  • REVISION: Jyn and Cassian aren’t married yet and also Bodhi lives with them because these three are a trio and even if Jyn and Cassian are a thing, there’s no way they’d leave Bodhi behind.
  • ANYWAYS so actually Jyn didn’t want to have kids (because she didn’t think she’d be a good mother. That and she didn’t want them to inherit her fucked up genes.)
    • Cassian wanted a family but figured he could wait. He could persuade Jyn later.

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it starts with an earthquake, pt 6

The world ends on a Thursday, comes crashing down in smoke and fire and ruin. And then it keeps going, and Vox Machina figures out how to make do in the aftermath. [ a post-apocalyptic au for cr ladies week ]

day six: pike 2.0 [previously: pike, vex, keyleth, allura, percy]


Percy visits them on the roof, sometimes.

He takes leave of the garage, folds his oil-stained towel on his workbench and climbs two flights of stairs to join them, shirt grimy and hair wild and fingers still dark with grease. He sits between them, between Vex (keeping watch on their surroundings) and Pike (keeping watch on Vex). Sometimes he greets them with a smile or a clever quip. Sometimes he sinks down between them and says little, allows Pike to wipe the stains from his fingers and curl their hands together. Often, Vex greets him with a kiss to the cheek. Sometimes they merely sit, all pressed together.

The details are unimportant. What matters is this: they sit there together, and for a little while the end of the world does not seem quite a terrible thing, not if this can come from it. Not if it means she gets them.

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Spock Imagine- Holding Hands

When Captain Kirk calls an emergency meeting, you know it is serious. You got the page while you and your boyfriend Spock were in the middle of an intense game of chess. Behind closed quarters, your relationship with Spock is like no other. The two of you often sneak into one another’s room to spend time with each other. When the two of you mutually agreed to enter into a relationship, both of you decided that it was best to keep it private for now. 

“Emergency meeting. This can’t be good.” you bite your lip, looking at the page. 

“I would agree.” 

The two of you abandon the chess board, a few of the pawns falling over as you get up. He opens the door, kindly allowing you to exit first. As you pass, one of his hands falls against your waist, startling you. Peering back to him, you give him a faint smile before hugging him gently. Returning to your destination, you walk at a brisk pace in order to take part in the meeting. 

When you walk into the meeting room, there are two seats left at the large oval shaped table. You sit down, Spock on your right and Sulu on your left. Captain Kirk clears his throat and everyone looks to him with full attention. 

“I’d like to thank everyone for coming as soon as you did. We have something to discuss, and I want to talk it over with everyone.” he says, folding his hands together. 

There is a long pause, causing the tension to build up in the room. Everyone is looking around to each other, trying to figure out what could be happening. You look around to make sure that everyone is there, and you ca’t find anyone missing. 

“I got the order that we are to travel into uncharted territory in a new nebula.” he says with a straight face. 

To most people, Spock is unreadable. Because you have spend so much time with him in private, you are able to tell his reactions and feelings. Noticing a small twitch in his jaw, and feeling his calf muscle tense, you know that means something is wrong. Being on the medical team, you aren’t always aware of how dangerous something can be, it’s just your job to tend to the wounded. Sliding your hand along his thigh, you reach for his hand. 

Holding hands wasn’t something you did very often in the past, but recently it has become a very intimate action. Being in space has come with its challenges as well as its insecurities. There have been moments of being scared, and Spock has always been your rock. His large fingers entwine with yours secretly underneath the table. 

“Captain, what is the reasoning for traveling into this nebula.” Uhura asks.

“There is said to be an abundance of Dilithium on the planet.” 

“I must say, Captain, that is a lot of risk for something we can harvest in charted  territory.” Spock comments. 

“I would agree commander, however this is said to be a different strain of dilithium. Technologists have been working on a new form of warp technology but the dilithium isn’t strong enough.” kirk shakes his head. 

“So how can we prepare Captain?” you ask, squeezing Spock’s hand tighter. 

His thumb grazes softly over your knuckles, an attempt to calm some  of your nerves. You love that gesture, especially because no one knows it is happening. This is a perfect representation of your relationship. It’s an intimate and close relationship, but hidden to everyone else. It’s almost exhilarating to hide it from everyone. It’s like being a little kid again, giddy with a secret that you can’t tell anyone.  

“Each unit has a check list of things they can do. Medical, I’d like you to stock up as much as possible and please freshen up on wound care.” 

“Why’s that Captain?” Bones asks, leaning forward. 

“Since this is uncharted territory, we have no clue what kind of life forms are inhabiting this area.” he warns. 

“Its rumored that a species we have never encountered before. This species is told to be vicious and animalistic.” you stumble. 

“Correct. That is why it is important to be prepared. It is our job to start charting and to find where we can start harvesting. Is everyone okay with that?” he peers around to everyone at the table.

No one objects, so the meeting is adjourned. You approach Bones, letting your hand slip away from Spock’s. Bones is looking over his supplies chart on his tablet.

“Bones, what can we do to prepare?” you ask. 

“Well first we need to make sure everyone is fit for commission. It does us no go to have injured or sick crew members go out.” 

“I would agree. I will send out a notice that everyone should come visit us at MedBay. Then I will do some research on some new techniques.”

“Not a bad idea Lieutenant (y/l/n), I’ll do the same.” 

You look over to Spock, who is talking with Captain Kirk. He looks calm, but you can tell that there is a hint of anger inside of him. With his hands folded behind his back, he listens intently on what the Captain is explaining. 

“(y/n)?” he says, drawing your attention.

“Yeah doc?” 

“I just want you to know he’s in good hands. He knows how to take care of himself.” 

You look at the doctor with scared, pleading eyes. You should have known that he would figure it out. When you aren’t with Spock you are with Bones. 

“How did you?” you are cut off. 

“You have this look in your eyes. They tell it all. You get the same way when you are taking care of someone.” 

“Do me a favor and keep it on the down low, doc?” 

“Sure thing (y/n).” 

“Thank you.” 

You depart from the doctor and exit the board room. Spock follows behind shortly, catching up to you. He doesn’t say a single word the entire walk back to the dorms. Making sure the coast is clear, you peer around to avoid anyone seeing you go into the same place. You enter swiftly and Spock follows suit. Once he shuts the door, you are able to be real with him for a minute. Going into uncharted territory makes you feel anxious because Kirk and Spock are the ones at greatest risk. 

He sees your distress, grabbing your hand once again. A single tear drips down your cheek, and you quickly wipe it away with your free hand. Leaning against his chest, you feel safe. 

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” you squeak out. 

“Nothing is going to happen to me (y/n), I won’t let that happen. It’s illogical to start a relationship if I felt I was in any danger.” 

“You can’t say that Spock.” 

“Vulcans can not lie.”

You feel his hand creep around your shoulder and plant around the base of your neck. One of his fingertips grazes above the collar of your dress, touching skin. His touch tingles, a magical sensation. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, his grip tightening. This is a side of him you don’t see very often. Every now and then, the human in him gets the best of his vulcan control. 

“It is my duty to keep both you and myself safe, and I will not fail you.” he mumbles against your shoulder. 

Wander: you need to pick your ships more wisely my friend

Post S1 analysis

Aaaaaah, Wander. The Hero. The Legend. The Sunshine Banjo Face.

I already talked about how Wander’s actual character development happened before the show, and, well, given the revelations from “The Wanders” it seems I was correct. But he did have some character growth.

S1 wasn’t exactly plot driven (Wander&Sylvia travel through the galaxy and have their little adventures, and Wander also wants to turn Hater into a good guy – that was pretty much it). In S2 we had Hater falling down on a villain’s list thanks to his, err, ‘nemesis’ and Dominator entering the galaxy. And Wander pushes the plot forward by… making mistakes all the time. Let’s take a look at the four main episodes:

The Greater Hater: Wander enters Dominator’s ship with ♫ FRUIT BASKET! ♫ and has to be saved by everyone. First Sylvia tries to escape with him from the Dombots, then Hater frees him, then Hater distracts Dominator while Peepers slashes her console AND then Sylvia has to help Wander once more… while he’s busy talking with unresposive Dom (really dude, the whole ship was coming down on you and you were more worried about fruit basket than lava burning all your fur).

The Battle Royale: Do I. Do I even need to explain that one.Wander puts a ring pop at the top of the Blasteroid Asteroid Formation, making all villains in the galaxy believe it’s a Ring of Invincibility. Why? Because he wanted Hater and Dominator to meet and fall in love with each other! …Of course! He also makes sure every villain gets out of the way in indirectly violent manner. Which he actually comments on, sort of. (There is a reason why this episode is my least favourite of the four main ones after all).

My Fair Hatey: Ok, so Hater’s feeling are his own and the entire second arc is not only Wander’s fault… Bur out resident furry spoon did encourage Hatey in his advances, thus making our resident skeleton villian turn to him for help. I’m going to talk about this more in Wander&Hater section, but let’s be real here: Hater considered Wander 'love expert' mostly because he was the only one who cheered him on. The great musical numbers happen, Dominator reveals once and for all that she’s a Bad Guy and our hero decides near the end that he “really made a mess of things”.

The End of the Galaxy: After turning down almost every single thing that could help them defeat Dominator the galaxy is left with one (1) planet intact. Wander goes to her ship revealing planet’s existence and people hiding on it. Good job Wander.

So yeah, it doesn’t look great, does it. BUT.

The Greater Hater: Hater would visit Dom’s ship no matter what. If Wander hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t trigger Hater’s petiness. And Sylvia wouldn’t be there either. So in a weird kind of way while making a big mess he also get them out of it. Thanks to the influence he has on others.

The Battle Royale: …Ok, he did make a lot of mistakes in this one, but at the same time… He’s not entirely responsible for Hater’s feelings. And if you think about it everyone would learn Dom is a girl in way or another, so maybe it’s a good thing they’ve learned that back then rather than later? If Hater got his crush later then maybe it would end up in even bigger disaster? At least by the end of the next special they knew there was no reason in pursuing Dom. If the battle didn’t happen maybe Hater would refuse to fight his crush at the end of S2? Who knows? Adding to that Wander had good intentions here, but that’s Wander for ya. Also thanks to all this Peepers&Sylvia found a common ground and without it the rest of the season would be doomed.

My Fair Hatey: He admitted to his mistakes (“Realizing that is the first step to making things right.”), made sure Hater wasn’t left behind, and let’s not forget that his lesson was actually pretty good one. And, as I mentioned, thanks to him Peepers&Sylvia even considered teaming up and saving everyone back there (and giving Dom ice powers but that doesn’t matter here).

The End of the Galaxy: Thanks to Wander it didn’t end with Dominator’s death. He was a distraction for Dom (as Hater put it), and he brought here to the Secret Planet for the right moment, just for our favourite Evil Doer to fight bac- protect the planet. And there’s also a fact that Spoon influenced Sylvia on how to deal with doubtful Hater. He talked with Dom, revealing her insecurities, and at the end showed her a beauty of life.

Ok, I mentioned that most of Wander’s development happened before the show began. Well, there were few instances hinting at his past in S2! Let’s take a look:

Screwball – a figure from his past, a guy who believes is doing good, but is ultimately bad. Wander’s afraid of him, willing to fight back, and ultimately loses just for Syl to step in and save the day. Wander is so, so not okay with Banana Man’s actions he considers him irredeemable. Yikes.

The Hat – he tells a story of how he he saved a poor thing from the civil war. While it’s interesting and pretty important for Wander, I feel like at that point he got himself pretty much figured out.

The Hole…Lotta Nuthin’ deleted scene, The Legend, and that little moment in The Hot Shot – these episodes imply that Wander has no idea about his origins.
Major Threat – seems like Wander has some experience in turning villains to a good side. No wonder he’s so confident he’ll succeed with Hater.

The Wast of Time – how. How old are you, Wander? And we learned he got his name form Syl.

The Helpless!Wander – yeah, so that happened. We’ve all seen that, we’ve all cried. Or at least sobbed a little. That was a moment where influenced Wander, that made him want to help others all the time. No one knows what exactly happened, I’m not even sure if Wander knows that. All that matters here is that he was hurting and decided once and for all he didn’t want it to happen to anyone else.

So… in short Wander influences A LOT of people, driving it further home how much of a hero he is, while not being a protagonist. Sure, he made mistakes and learned from them (main episodes, “The Fremergency Fronfract”), learned that life isn’t a fairy tale, and he had few weird moments (like almost letting Hater destroy him and Sylvia in “The Big Day”), he has his faults (being ignored really irritates him ehehehe) but in the end he’s still Wander – good, helpful, nice, kind, full of energy, party-loving, Hat-addicted, banjo-playing, loving, stubborn, sometimes manipulative Wander. I wished that he would question his beliefs and… yeah, it kiiiiiiind of happened in the third arc, but ultimately S2 wasn’t about his development – it was mostly about Hater’s. Who I’m going to talk about in the next part. But S3 (that is going to happen, come on) is a fair game.

What could happen to him in the future? I’m hoping for some exploration of his past, for something that would challenge, made him question his morals, used his kindess against him big time. Yeah, I know I’m mean here but come on, imagine that character arc.

On a closing note: Hero Wander is the best thing that ever happened.

TL;DR: Wander made a lot of mess, but at the same time influenced other people to do good. Still a great guy. Still wishing for some great challenge for him.

anonymous asked:

How would the Gasters react if they thought their S/O was cheating, when it turns out they were just being secretive to get them a present?


- He’s concerned
- Which is putting it lightly
- You’ve been staying out late, hiding your phone screen while you text, avoiding conversation
- His first thought isn’t that you’re cheating, but that something’s wrong
- Are you stressed from work? Depressed? Did someone upset you?
- He keeps dropping hints that he knows something’s up, that you can come to him with any problem and he’ll gladly help
- The more that you say you’re fine, the more he worries
- It’s Sans who plants the idea in his head
- ‘maybe they’re gettin’ bonely and started seein’ someone on the side.’
- He literally only said it for the pun, but Gaster’s way too insecure to not take it seriously
- He can’t stop thinking about it
- On the one hand, he has total faith in your loyalty
- But on the other, he’s shocked you ever wanted to date him in the first place
‘I’d leave me, too.’
- Soon he can’t take it any more and timidly begs asks to know what you’ve been up to
- He admits that it’s been driving him crazy
- You didn’t want to ruin the surprise so early, but it’s not worth making him anxious
- So you tell him to pack a travel bag and take the next week off work
- You’ve been planning a trip to Disney World
- Gast’s all like

- This 36 year old man is gonna have the time of his heckin life wearing one of those mickey ear hats and eating overpriced churros and you’d better kiss him while the fireworks are going off because it’s so romantic-


- If you’re being disloyal, he’s going to kill you
- …except he won’t
- He might kill someone else, though
- And be really, really sad angry
- When you start acting strange, the idea doesn’t even occur to him
- He’s prideful enough to believe that you’re perfectly happy with the relationship
- But part of him is fully aware of his flaws
- i.e. his temper
- Sometimes it scares you, or his stubbornness makes you upset
- Has he pushed you too far? Is that why you’ve stopped talking to him?
- Expecting the worst, he closes himself off
- He’s back to his old, snide self
- Cold, distant, cruel, angry
- It’s really just a defense mechanism, since he’s sure you’re going to drop the truth at any moment
- And break his heart
- You notice, obviously
- And ask him why’s he’s being such a dick
- He childishly argues that he’ll stop being this way once you tell him what you’ve been up to
- So you walk to the closet, pull out a hidden box, and shove the immaculately wrapped present at him
- Gaster almost immediately realizes his mistake
- He feels incredibly stupid
- So he opens the gift and sees it’s that expensive book set he‘s been wanting
- He quietly thanks you
- There’s no spoken apology, but he does take you out to a nice restaurant the next night


- I’d like to think he’s mature and experienced enough not to jump to conclusions
- But like
- He’s a Gaster
- It could go one of two ways
- 1) He is a mature adult and brings up that you’ve been acting differently, and if something is wrong you should talk to him about it
- 2) He goes full Phantom of the Opera and gets extra clingy, even more obsessive
- Like making excuses for you to stay longer when you visit
- ‘You can’t leave yet, I need help with…moving a couch.’
- ‘Please disregard the fact that I don’t own a couch.’
- He’d never force you to stay but he’s nearly desperate when asking
- Plus he does all these super unnecessary things to prove his affection and ‘win’ you back
- Someone plz let him know it is not the 1400s and you don’t get a spouse by throwing gifts at them
- He’s just so upset and he could easily discuss it but he’s too busy being an operatic drama queen
- I bet he writes sad poetry about it in his diary, fuckin dork
- Either you’ll have to intervene or he’ll pull himself together and be a goddamn adult about it
- Option 3 that I hadn’t considered until now) he makes use of his sneaky skills and straight up follows you
- Hopefully it occurs to him that that is a huge violation of trust but like I said, he’s a Gaster
- They tend to not have the best judgment


- It’s not until he sees strange receipts on the table that he starts to get ideas
- Why were you shopping at these high end stores…?
- Rather than coming to the blindingly obvious conclusion that you’re getting him something special, he’s heartbroken
- It’s finally happened, hasn’t it? You’ve found someone better, and you’re wooing them with fancy gifts
- He goes to soap opera levels of drama and imagines how you’ll break the news
- Each scenario is even worse than the last
- He mopes around his massive mansion, anxiously waiting for you to come home
- You return with a bunch of shopping bags, which only reaffirm his suspicions
- He outright asks who you’ve been seeing
- Your confusion seems genuine
- But he pushes on anyway
- He shoves the receipts in your face
- You must be getting gifts for your secret lover! Why else would you be buying a…
- …a telescope…and a book on astronomy…a star map…
- Come to think of it, he hadn’t actually looked at the items listed
- He’s so ashamed for accusing you
- In his defense he’s been cheated on way too many times, it’s left him a little paranoid


- He doesn’t really understand the concept of cheating on a partner, since his species is pretty much entirely asexual and often polyamorous
- But he does understand jealousy, and it seems like you’ve been spending more time with someone else than with him
- And that is wholly unacceptable
- How dare you not spend every possible moment you can in his company
- He’ll be super passive aggressive and bitchy about it
- I mean he’s usually a grump but this is a new level
- Turning his back on you, refusing to surface, splashing you with saltwater, the silent treatment
- Basically just a giant baby about the whole thing
- I don’t know what you could even get for him, it’d have to be waterproof and tailored to his very specific interests
- Which are pretty much just food and anything to keep him from getting bored while you’re away
- Maybe pool toys or something
- Whatever it is, he will grouchily accept it
- And gradually forget why he was angry because hey, this gift is really nice!
- Also his short term memory is really shitty so

anonymous asked:

Hi^^ would you do a ultra fluffy Ravi baker AU scenario? The story is up to you :3

This took forever! It turned out to be a bit long (9k!) but I hope you like it! 

Also, this is inspired by my summer vacation in Jordan. None of this actually happened to me, but I was kinda hoping the baker guy would pay me attention lol unfortunately, I had to go back empty handed hahaha 

Here you go ^^ 

Ravi x Reader


Word count: 9813


You flopped on your bed and stared at the ceiling as the new realization hit you. You graduated! After 4 long years, you could finally call yourself a free person. You were free to do whatever you wanted, at least until your parents start bugging you about the business they’re willing to open for you. You appreciated their willingness to help you take a huge first step into your career life but you needed a break first. As a graduation gift, you asked for their permission to travel on a vacation, alone, to recharge yourself before you were ready for the after-graduation life. 

You decided to go to your mother’s hometown. You haven’t been to this town in a number of years. Since your parents moved to the city you came here for a week or two during summer to visit your family. This will be the first time you spend more than almost a month here. You wanted to move out of the city and spend some time with your cousin. She had asked you to stay at her place and you agreed. She had moved to a new apartment recently and wanted you to be the first one to stay with her at her new place. 

 After taking a nap, you decided to walk around the area and get familiar with it until your cousin comes back from work. The first thing you noticed once you stepped into the main street was that almost everything was available and within reach. You didn’t need a car to get your daily groceries, midnight snacks or late night fast food. The area was packed with eateries, super markets, laundry places and even a tailor. You appreciated your cousin’s good choice of a location for her apartment. 

Your tummy grumbled and you found yourself walking in the direction of the first party shop you noticed. You patted your pocket to make sure you didn’t forget your wallet and headed toward the shop. Stepping inside it, you noticed that it was empty. You looked around for a couple of seconds before hearing a voice behind you saying:


You turned around to see a guy smiling at you brightly. You stared at him for a couple of seconds before feeling your cheeks heat up as you smiled back. 

“How may I help you?”

He asked before stepping behind the counter. His voice matches his handsome appearance, you thought to yourself. He had a husky voice but it somehow had a cute tone matching his manly, yet cute features. His nose scrunch, his tiny lips, and his draped, sleepy eyes; you found all these quite adorable.

He was waiting for your answer while you were admiring the shape of his face and the tone of his voice. When you finally realized he was staring back at you, you cleared your throat and said: 

“I’ll take one of each.” 

You pointed at the stuffed croissants. 

“Sure. One second.” 

You watched him as he turned to grab a box and then pick one of each flavor before placing them inside the box. His fingers were long and sleek as they moved to carry the box off the counter and towards the oven. Those hands can’t belong to a baker, you thought to yourself. 

“Do you want them warm?”

He asked, interrupting your thoughts. You looked up at him and nodded, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks. He placed the croissants on a tray before putting it inside the oven and then saying:

“This will take a couple of minutes.”

“That’s okay.” 

He took his gloves off before looking up at you. His fingers tapped the counter lightly and he seemed hesitant for a couple of seconds as he thought of something to say to hear more of your voice.  

“I don’t… I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” 

You couldn’t miss the blush that was slowly creeping into his cheeks. The corners of his lips lifted up in a tiny smile, and you loved how the right corner was a bit higher. You smiled back, before locking your eyes with him and saying:

“Actually today is my first day here.” 

You giggled when he lifted up his eyebrows and stared at you in surprise. You added: 

“This is the first shop I walk into. I still have a lot to explore.” 

He smiled, a proud smile, and then said: 

“I hope we leave a good impression on you.” 

He turned around when the oven peeped. You watched him take the croissants out of the oven and place them carefully inside the box. Handing you the box, he said: 

“And I hope these make you come again for more.” 

Your heart skipped a beat when you caught a hidden message in what he said, or so you thought. Does he want me to come again or is he just advertising his shop?  

“I’m sure they will! They smell so good!” 

You took the box from him and placed it on the counter before reaching for your wallet.

“How much are they?” 

He shook his head and said: 

“These are on the house.” 

“What? No. I have to pay! I took a lot!” 

The box was heavy and you never thought he’ll offer to pay for them. You felt guilty and insisted on paying him but he refused to take your money. 

“You’re our guest and this is our treat. If you like these then you can pay for your next order.” 

You pouted as you looked at the box and then back at him. You found him smiling as he stared at your pout.  

“Do you promise?”

You asked and he nodded. 

“Okay then, I’ll take it. Thank you very much!”

You said as you carried the box. 

“You’re most welcome! Come again!”

You nodded and left the shop unaware of him watching you disappear behind the corner.  


“Did he give you all this for free?”

Your cousin gawked at the box full of food and then looked up at you, waiting for your answer. You were still admiring the pastries with a smile on your face.  A tiny hint of guilt was still occupying your thoughts as you said:

“I feel so bad! He’ll probably get scolded, won’t he?”

She picked a piece and then said:  

“Well, people here work at their own shops. If he gets scolded, then it would be by his father or something. At least he won’t get fired.” 

She took a bite and then said: 

“This is really tasty! How come I never went there before?” 

You were somehow glad that you went there first, and you were sure you’d go there again and again. You looked at the food with butterflies in your tummy. You were no longer hungry. A new feeling had taken over and you sat there watching your cousin eat while your mind was busy thinking about the cute baker.  


You definitely went back for more, right the following day. Your cousin had left for work, leaving you alone to explore the area, or at least attempt to do so. Once you stepped into the street, your legs led you toward the same shop. It was as if this was the only way they knew. 

You entered the shop and noticed him working inside the kitchen. There was a wall separating the kitchen area and the display area. A small window allowed you to look inside the kitchen and notice him working on some kind of dough. It took him a couple of seconds to notice you standing behind the counter, silently staring at him. He smiled as soon as he locked eyes with you and you smiled back. He turned to the person in front of him and pointed at the dough before wiping his hands on his apron and walking out of the kitchen. 

“Good morning.” 

He said and a knot in your stomach was starting to form. How could a simple ‘good morning’ stir all those feelings inside of me? You thought to yourself as you said:

“Good morning.”

You then noticed the traces of flour covering some locks of his black hair and parts of his face, making him look even cuter. You smiled as you remarked: 

“Looks like the kitchen is a bit messy.” 

He gaped at you for a second, unable to understand what you meant. You pointed at the flour on his cheek so he wiped it off and then smiled as he said: 

“I just got a bit too excited.” 

You giggled and his smile grew wider. 

“I’ve never really tried baking before.” 


He asked, lifting his eyebrows up again and staring at you in astonishment. You nodded, a shy smile creeping into your face. He thought for a second and then said: 

“I… I can show you… if you want of course.” 

You could suddenly imagine him holding your hands and pressing them against the dough. Th mere thought unleashed butterflies in your tummy and you felt your cheeks heat up.  

“Maybe some other time?”

You said, not wanting to sound too eager. You’ve only met him once and you still had a long way to go before you could do such a thing with him.

He seemed flustered, and maybe a bit disappointed, you couldn’t decide. He probably thought you were politely rejecting his offer, not knowing you were screaming internally, hoping he’d ask you again when you’ve had the chance to get to know each other a bit more. 

 He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he said: 


He then drew a smile on his lips as he said:

“So, what would you like to eat today?”

You pointed at some of the newly baked muffins and said: 

“I’d like to try these!”

“Sure! One second.”

He brought a box and placed the muffins inside it carefully. He was working silently so you said, as a way to initiate another conversation with him:  

“My cousin loved the croissants I got yesterday. But we felt really bad about getting them for free.” 

When he noticed the pout on your lips, he gave you a warm smile as he said: 

“I am really glad you liked them.”


He leaned forward and stole a quick glance in the direction of the kitchen before saying in a whisper: 

“This is my father’s shop, so don’t worry about money.” 

He then gave you a wink before giggling, earning himself a glance from the man inside the kitchen area.  

“How much are these?”

“They’re on the house.”

He said and then chuckled when you frowned. 

“You promised!”

He laughed and then said: 

“Fine. Let me calculate it then.” 


You stared at the box of muffins resting on your table as his husky laughter ringed in your ears. Your cousin couldn’t understand what was so strange or interesting about a box of muffins. 


For two days, you passed by the shop without entering. You wanted to see other places and you didn’t want him to think that you were growing a crush on him, even though you were. After all, you didn’t even know his name and you were going home within a month, more or less. But you still managed to take quick glances in the direction of the shop to see him on your way to the laundry or the super market. Once you noticed that he was looking in your direction, you’d look away immediately. You couldn’t fight the urge to see him but you tried to be as careful as you could not to let him see you. 

You were both playing that cat and mouse game. Both of you were waiting for any chance to steal quick glances at each other but were being careful not to get caught. You both pretended you were looking somewhere else when coming face to face with each other. Like shy teenagers, you were slowly growing a crush on each other but weren’t ready to admit it yet. 


It took you a couple more days to go back to his shop. You wanted to cook your cousin some homemade food that you’d eat together when she came back from work. She took care of dinner, leaving you no chance to go out and buy anything. You were glad you had time to spend with her during her busy schedule, but you were also eager to go back and see him. 

You finally got your chance to do that on the weekend.  She was out with her coworkers and you were free to get yourself another box of muffins, croissants or maybe both. 

You couldn’t understand why your heart was beating faster the closer you got to the shop. On one hand, you wanted to see him. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, his cute nose scrunch and his husky laughter. On the other hand, you wanted to know if he’s going to ask you why you haven’t come to the shop in the past couple of days. You were planning to ask about his name this time, or initiate a more personal conversation. You had all kinds of questions prepared in your head, but they all vanished when you were faced with a different guy standing behind the counter. Your eyes roamed the place, looking for him but the new guy smiled at you and asked if you needed help. You cleared your throat and chose a couple of the pastries from the display. He put them in a box and you paid for them before leaving the shop. 

You couldn’t hide your disappointment. Your cousin asked you if everything was fine to which you nodded without saying anything. You couldn’t understand why his absence caused you so much disappointment. You knew this was a family business so any family member could be working there. 

You ate the pastries while planning another visit after a couple of days and hoping he’d be there this time. 


When you entered the shop and heard his laughter coming from inside the kitchen, a smile crept into your face. 

He’s here! 

You entered the shop pretending to think of something to buy when you heard his voice addressing you: 


You looked up and pretended to be surprised to see him, but you were sure it wasn’t as convincing as you tired to make it look. 


“Long time no see!” 

He said excitedly and your heart skipped a beat.  

“Ah… I came a few days ago but you weren’t here.” 

You said as you pushed a lock of hair behind your ear. He smiled at you, eyes sparkling as he leaned forward and said: 

“Was that a good thing?” 

A faint shade of pink crept into your cheeks. 

“I don’t know. I didn’t get free muffins so…” 

He laughed and you laughed along. His laugh was very contagious, and his laughing face very adorable. He turned to look at the kitchen and then said:

“We’re trying a new recipe today, would you like to give it a try?” 


He called someone and then asked if the pastry was ready. He then disappeared inside the kitchen and came back with a tray full of pink colored pastries topped with strawberries. He looked at them with a grin on his face and then said as he placed the tray in front of you: 

“These are my invention. Try them and let me know what you think.” 

He was very proud of presenting you his own recipe, while you were delighted to receive this honor. His eyes followed your hands as they picked a piece and placed it in your mouth. He patiently waited for you to swallow before asking: 

“How is it?” 

“I love it! It’s very tasty.”

“Do you really think so?”

He asked eagerly and you nodded as you took another bite. It was indeed very tasty! He grinned as he looked at the pastries again. He was very proud of himself. He then grabbed a box and placed the pink pastries inside it before wrapping it and handing it to you. 

“Then take them all home!” 

Your jaw dropped as you stared at the box in surprise.

“No. I didn’t say they’re tasty so you’d give them all to me!” 

“I know. But I still want to give them to you. You’re the first one to try them and I want you to have them.” 

You hesitated for a couple of seconds, trying to figure out a way out of this situation and then said: 

“If you don’t let me pay for them I won’t come here again.” 

You were hoping this would make him change his mind. 

“Well, I won’t take any cash.” 

“How do I pay then?”

You asked and were curious of how he’d ask you to pay if not with cash. He leaned forward and cleared his throat before saying: 

“How about you tell me your name and we’ll be even?”


That’s how you knew his name was Wonsik. You gave him your name and he smiled as he introduced himself before asking you to accept his gift. You took the box and he promised to come up with a new recipe and have you try it before anyone else. You left the shop with a smile on your face and a knot forming in your stomach. 

You spent the weekend thinking about him; everything he said, his little laugh and his proud smile. He was very sweet and had this friendly aura around him. Your only wish was to be able to spend more time at this place, more time with him.


It became a habit to pass by his shop and wave at him on your way to the super market. He was always alert, as if waiting for you to pass by and give him a smile before going on your way.  

The following week, and while walking toward the super market, you were surprised not to see him standing in front of the shop like he used to. He might be busy with a customer or maybe working in the kitchen, you thought to yourself as you shrugged your shoulders and hoped to see him on your way back home. You continued walking in the direction of the super market. As soon as you entered, you noticed a big sign indicating the arrival of a moving circus in town. A couple of kids stood in front of the sign and were excitedly asking their parents to take them there. Standing behind them looking at the sign, you wished you had someone to go with. Your cousin wasn’t interested in such events. Besides, the sign said the circus is leaving tomorrow and your cousin had an appointment tonight, so it was near impossible. 

A light tap on your shoulder caused you to turn around to see who it was. Your eyes met Wonsik’s as he stood behind you with a smile on his face, his lips slightly curved to the right.


“Good morning.”

“What are you looking at?”

He asked and you pointed at the sign. He took a closer look at the sign and then turned to look at you. A faint shade of pink crept into his cheeks as he asked: 

“Have you ever been to an event like this before?”

You shook your head ‘no,’ so he said: 

“It’s fun. They come to this town every year. It’s a part of the town’s annual carnival. Have you heard of it?”

You’ve heard of it before from your cousins but your vacation was always a month or so after the carnival. 

“Yes, but I never had the chance to attend.” 

“It’s not a huge festival, just a local celebration, but it’s quite interesting. I… I can show you around… if you want.”

Is he asking me on a date? You thought to yourself as you noticed the shade of pink taking over his cheeks and ears. He was blushing as he stared at you in anticipation. You weren’t going to say no and you didn’t want to keep him waiting. A date with Wonsik could never be a bad idea. 

“I’d love to.” 

His eyes sparkled as his smile became wider. Your cheeks were heating up and your heart was pounding in your chest. A second ago you were hoping you had someone to go with and now Wonsik was asking you out on a date. You couldn’t deny that you felt attracted to him, and to be able to go to this event with him meant that you had the chance to get to know him better. Suddenly an upsetting feeling took over you as you remembered the nature of your stay. It was temporary. It will end very soon. 

A sigh almost escaped as you thought: I have to tell him, he deserves to know.  He interrupted your thoughts as he asked shyly:

“Do… do you mind giving me your number? so… so I can pick you up tonight.”

You stared at him for a second before saying: 


He handed you his phone and you typed your number before saying: 

“I’ll see you tonight then?” 

“Yes. I’ll pick you up at 7?”

You gave him a nod.

“I’ll be ready.”

He grinned and then added: 

“I’ll see you tonight. I have to go back to the shop now. Good bye!” 

He waved at you on his way out. You followed him with your eyes until he disappeared behind the corner. Your heart was still pounding in your chest and you could no longer remember what you came here for. A couple of seconds passed before you heard your phone ringing inside your purse. You took it out and stared at the unknown number for a second before picking up. As soon as you did, you heard a familiar husky voice saying: 

“Hey, it’s me. I… I forgot to give you my number.” 

You giggled. Why is he so adorable?

“That’s okay.”

“You can save my name and call me if you need anything.”

He said. 

“Thank you.”

“I… I’ll call you tonight.”


He hesitated for a couple of seconds, as if trying to find something to say instead of hanging up. You waited until he finally said: 

“Then… Have a good day.” 

“You too.”


He said and hung up. You smiled to yourself as you saved his number. You put your phone in your purse and looked around the place before deciding to go home. You forgot what you came here for and at this moment all you wanted was to go home and find something to wear tonight. 


Your cousin couldn’t miss the happy grin on your face. You were busy looking for something to wear as you tried avoiding her questions. She kept asking until you finally gave her an answer. 

“Are you kidding me?”

You shook your head ‘no.’

“A date? Are you serious?”

“Yes. What’s so bad about going out on a date?”

“Nothing. But did you even tell him you’re here on a temporary stay? Did you tell him you’re leaving in a couple of weeks?”

You swallowed hard as feelings of guilt replaced your excitement and the grin on your face disappeared. You sat down on the edge of your bed and said: 

“I couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to reject him.”

“What will you tell him when it’s time to go home?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“But you will hurt him, eventually.”

You let out a sigh and then asked: 

“Should I cancel it then?”

She sat down next to you and placed a hand on your shoulder as she spoke in a softer tone: 

“I didn’t mean to upset you. Go out and have fun, but make sure you tell him.” 

You let another sigh and gave her a tiny nod. She gave your shoulder a pat and then suggested: 

“Wear my floral dress. I think he’ll like it.” 

You looked up at her and smiled before whispering:

“Thank you.” 

She took the dress out of her closet, placed it on your bed and then left the room. 


You were done getting ready when Wonsik called. He asked for the address and said he’ll be there in 5 minutes. You grabbed your purse and took a final look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the apartment and waiting for him in front of your building. 

He pulled over in front of the entrance and got out of the car to greet you. His eyes traveled up and down your dress before complimenting you: 

“You look very beautiful tonight.” 

You felt a knot form in your stomach at his compliment. Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink as you tucked a lock of hair behind your ear and said: 

“My cousin let me borrow her dress.” 

“How nice of her!” 

You smiled as he stared at you fondly before saying: 

“Shall we go?”


The carnival was as he described it; local, simple, yet exciting. Kids running around, stuffed toys, candy and balloons everywhere. As soon as you arrived, he bought you a balloon and tied it around your wrist “so I won’t lose you in the crowd,” he said. He then asked you if you wanted cotton candy.

“If I want anything I’ll tell you.”

“What about these?”

He asked as he pointed at the stuffed toys hanging from one of the booths and you smiled as you shook your head ‘no.’ He pouted and then asked: 

“How about we play a game? If you win, you get me something, if I win I’ll get you anything I want.” 

“Why do you want to get me things so bad?”

You wondered and he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he replied: 

“I… I just like getting things for people I… people I like.” 

Your eyes widened in surprise at his sudden confession. He smiled awkwardly when he looked at you and found you staring at him. You were feeling flustered so you almost whispered:



That was only the beginning. He played the first game and won with ease. He smirked as he picked up one of the stuffed toys and handed it to you. You hugged the teddy bear and followed him toward the next game, determining to win. Even though you did your best, you ended up losing. He giggled when you lost for the third time as then commented:

“Seems like I’ll go home empty handed.” 

 You laughed and said, defending yourself: 

“I’m doing my best.” 

But your best wasn’t enough. You kept losing and he kept winning until you were both walking around with three stuffed toys and 2 cotton candy sticks. He looked like a big kid hugging the stuffed unicorn with one hand and stuffing his mouth with cotton candy with the other hand. You smiled to yourself as you stared at him dotingly. He was very lovable, and you’d hate to leave him behind. The smile disappeared when you remembered your conversation with your cousin and thought of his reaction to your departure. You opened your mouth to initiate a conversation with him and try mentioning that you’re here on vacation. Before you could say anything, you heard a whine coming from behind you. You both turned around to find a young boy crying and his father handing the ball back to the booth and kneeling down in front of him. From their little conversation you figured that the father didn’t manage to win his child the stuff toy he wanted. You exchanged looks with Wonsik and then asked: 

“Do you mind if I give him one of these? I can’t take them all home.”

“They’re yours. Do whatever you want with them.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded so you approached the child and asked him to choose one of your toys. He stared at you for a second and then his face broke into a grin as he hugged the unicorn very tightly before thanking you. The kid’s father thanked you for your kind gesture before taking his son’s hand and walking away as they both waved at you. 

You turned around to find Wonsik staring at you affectionately. He parted his lips to say something but before he could you both heard the announcement of the circus. 

“Do you want to go?”

He asked. 


“Let’s go then.”  


He bought the tickets and refused to let you pay for them. Why does he keep doing that? You sat next to him before placing the toys on the floor in front of your seat. 

You spent the next hour laughing at the show and laughing at his squeals every time the performer spat fire in his direction. Time with him passed very quickly and soon you were heading home. He asked you if wanted him to take you anywhere else before going home, if you were hungry and wanted to eat something and if you wanted to go out on another date with him. Your answered were no, kind of, and yes. 

He pulled over in front of his shop, went inside quickly and came back a few minutes later with a box of pastries. 

“These are for you.” 

He said as he handed you the box. 

“Aren’t you hungry?”

You asked and he nodded. 

“Then let’s eat them together.” 

When you were done eating, you thanked him for the night and he asked you if you had any special place you’d like him to take you to. 

“I haven’t seen much of the town yet, so anywhere would be fine.”

“Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

You nodded and then got out of the car before wishing him a good night and climbing the stairs toward the apartment. 

You entered your room, flopped on your bed and took a deep breath before letting out a content sigh. You were happy, even beyond happy. You never thought the night would get any better until you received a text message from him inviting you for breakfast and wishing you a good night again. You hugged your pillow and slept with a content smile on your face.  


You sat on a chair facing the counter at the shop where Wonsik worked. You’ve just came back from an eatery across the street after having breakfast with him and he was already asking you where you wanted to go next. The amount of care he was showering you with made you feel more attracted to him and guiltier for not telling him about your departure. 

“So where do you want to go?”

Wonsik posed the question and gave you time to think to think as he reached for his phone and flipped through the gallery for something.

“I don’t know. Take me anywhere.”

He showed you a photo of what looked like a fountain.

“What is this?”

“This is the only fountain in town. It’s a dancing fountain. The water moves with the rhythm of local music. It’s fun to watch. Wanna go?”


He looked around and then said:

“I’ll wait till my cousin is here so he can take over my place and then I’ll call you. I think he’ll be here at around 3. Is that okay?”

You nodded.

“Okay then. Go home now and I’ll call you once I leave. Or do you want me to drop you?”

“No no. I’ll walk. See you later.”

You grabbed your purse and waved at him on your way out of the shop. You were heading toward the apartment when you noticed your cousin getting out of a taxi and walking toward the building. You waved at her and then ran in her direction. You stopped in front of the building and greeted her. 

“Where have you been? I was surprised to wake up and not find you at home.”

She asked. You blushed as you answered:

“Wonsik took me out for breakfast.”

She squinted her eyes as she questioned you:

“You haven’t told him yet, have you?”

You swallowed hard and turned around to look at the direction of the shop before saying:

“I… I didn’t get the chance to tell him.”

She let out a sigh and then took her keys out of her purse as she said:

“Let’s continue this at home. We can’t let him find out like this.”

You climbed the stairs toward her apartment as you thought of all the possible reactions he’d have when he knows you’re leaving in a few weeks, and none of them were pleasant.

You walked into the apartment, sat down on the couch as your cousin sat facing you before asking:

“Did he ask you out again?”

You lifted your head to look at her and gave her a tiny nod. She took a deep breath and then said:

“Cancel it.”


“You heard me. Call him and tell him you can’t go.”

“But… why?”

She squinted again and tilted her head to the side before questioning you again:

“Why? Are you planning to keep fooling him forever? Sooner or later he’ll know that you’re not here to stay and that all you’ve done is giving him false hope for a possible relationship.”

“I didn’t lie to him.”

You said, defending yourself.

“But you didn’t tell him the truth either! You have to end this now!”

She almost yelled and you were taken aback for a second. You knew this was wrong, very wrong. You made him believe that you’re here to stay and that whatever is going on between the two of you is not a temporary thing, but only the beginning of a real relationship.

“What if… what if I really like him?”

She stared at you in disbelief before asking:

“Are you serious?”

You could feel your cheeks heat up as you continued:

“Well, I… I feel attracted to him. I mean he’s nice and all and I… I want to spend more time with him.”

She gaped at you for a couple of seconds before getting off the couch as she exclaimed:

“I don’t believe this!”

“What’s so bad about wanting to spend time with him?”

She turned to look at you and then said:

“What’s so bad about it? You want to have fun and go out with him and then suddenly tell him ‘I’m sorry, I have to go. Oh by the way, I knew I was leaving since day 1 but I just wanted to have fun before I go back home’!”

“You’re being too harsh!”

You hated how what she said was making you feel. You were feeling guilty beyond description and her words only made things worse.

Before she could add more accusations, your phone started ringing. She ran and grabbed it before you could stop her. She picked up immediately when she saw Wonsik’s name on the screen.

“Oh hi. Yes. I’m her cousin. Aw. I’m sorry but she’s not feeling well.”

Your eyes widened in shock as you watched her cancel your date with Wonsik, telling him you were suddenly feeling sick.

“You want to come see her? Yeah sure. We’ll be waiting.”

She hung up and you grabbed your phone forcefully before saying:

“How could you do this to me?”

“Go pretend you’re sick and we’ll talk about this later.”


“Are you sure you don’t need to see the doctor?”

Wonsik asked as he looked at you in concern. You had to lay in bed and cover yourself up in a blanket and pretend you were feeling sick until he leaves. He brought a box of muffins and placed them on the night stand next to your bed only to make you feel worse about yourself. You had to fight the urge to confess it all to him and wait until you had a better chance to do that. 

“I’m sure. I’ll be okay, don’t worry.” 

“I made her some soup. She’ll be fine.” 

Your cousin said and he turned around and thanked her before turning to look at you. You bit your lower lip when you saw concern in his eyes. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t go out with you.” 

“It’s okay. We can go out later.” 


“I’ll go get you something to drink.” 

Your cousin said as she winked at you, urging you to speak up. You waited until she left the room before turning to look at him. Before you could say anything, he said: 

“How about when you recover we do something more fun than the fountain?”

“What is it?”

He hesitated for a second and then said: 

“I was thinking maybe… maybe we could bake something together. It’s… it’s something I’ve always wanted to do with my… girlfriend… and… if you want to of course.”


Everything he said was making you feel worse. 

“I… I’d love to.”

He gave you a warm smile and then leaned forward to print a quick peck on your temple. Your heart was racing in your chest at the proximity of your faces and the softness of his lips on your face.    

“I have to go now. Get well soon. I’ll call you.”

You gave him a tiny nod and watched him leave the room before hearing your cousin send him off. She walked into the room to find you crying. She let out a sigh and sat down next to you. She patted your shoulder as she said: 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this but… I felt like I had to do something to save you both from this situation.”

You wiped your tears away before saying:

“I know. I shouldn’t have gone too far with this. What am I supposed to do now? He… he called me his girlfriend. He’s getting too serious about us in such a short time!” 

She stroked your hair and then said: 

“You’ll have to tell him.”


Two days passed with Wonsik continuously calling you to make sure you were feeling better, not knowing you were feeling a lot worse. 

On the third day you decided to call him and ask him to meet up. He was excited to know that he’ll finally see you and insisted you come to the shop instead of meeting at the coffee shop like you suggested. You got dressed and left the apartment determining to put an end to this. 

Once you saw him waiting for you behind the counter you forgot all about your plans and just wanted to throw yourself in his arms. He grinned when he saw you walking in his direction. 


He held your hand in his and leaned in to print a kiss on your cheek before saying: 

“I missed you.” 

“I missed you too.”

You said in a whisper. 

“Are you ready?”

“For what?”

You asked and he said: 

“For a baking lesson.” 

You didn’t forget about his little fantasy but you were hoping he’d postpone it till later, or keep it for someone who deserved him more than you do. But he didn’t. He held your hand tightly and led you toward the kitchen. You both entered and he closed the door behind him before saying: 

“This is my paradise.” 

And I am the fallen angel who doesn’t deserve to be here, you curse yourself.

He took you toward another counter before reaching for a pink apron and then saying: 

“Today we’ll make a simple pizza dough. Do you like pizza?”

You nodded and then turned around for him to help you put the apron on. When he tied it up you turned around to find him staring at you dotingly. You cursed yourself with every sign of affection he showed towards you. You never imagined anybody would feel this way about you in such a short time. 

He smiled as he admired how cute the apron looked on you and then said: 

“I knew pink would suit you the best.” 

He bought this one especially for me!

“You bought this for me?”

He nodded. 

“Thank you.” 

You said in a whisper, cheeks heating up and tears welling up in your eyes. 

“You’re most welcome! Now, shall we start?”

You gave him a tiny nod and he was already mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough. He was so focused that he didn’t notice a tear rolling down your cheek. You wiped it with the back of your sleeve hurriedly before trying to initiate a conversation: 

“Who taught you how to bake?”

He lifted his head up to look at you and then answered: 

“My mother. She used to bake a lot at home and I enjoyed watching her knead the dough and make pretty shapes out of it so she let me help.” 

He had a beautiful smile on his face as he talked about his mother. It was contagious and you found yourself smiling back. He placed the dough on the counter-top and then said: 

“Now it’s your turn to give it a try.”

He moved aside and you stepped closer to the counter. You hesitated for a second before touching the dough with the tip of your finger. 

“It won’t bite you.” 

He remarked with a giggle. 

“I don’t want to ruin it.” 

“You won’t, don’t worry.” 

He then placed his hand on yours and pressed it lightly against the dough. Your heart skipped a beat when you felt his hand on yours. They were soft yet strong against the back on your hand as they pressed it onto the dough. 

“It feels soft, doesn’t it?”

You hummed in response. 

“Now keep pressing until it gets softer.”

He said and then held your hand and pressed it again onto the dough. After a couple more minutes, he stopped. 

“Now we need flour.”

He grabbed the bowl of flour and took a pinch before scattering it onto the counter-top and scattering a bit more on the dough itself. He then caught you off guard and tapped the tip of your nose leaving a tiny trace of flour there. You let out a surprised yelp causing him to laugh. You reached for the bowl and scattered some flour on his face. He stared at you for a second and then said: 

“This means war!” 

You giggled as you ran away from him. He put his hand into the flour and then ran after you, determining to leave white marks all over your face. He trapped you in a corner and you let out a scream when you turned around and found nothing but his white hands. He cupped your face and chuckled when he could see traces of his fingers printed on your cheeks. 

He was standing in front of you, hands still cupping your cheeks and his face dangerously close to yours. Your heart skipped a beat when the look in his eyes became tender and the space between your faces was slowly disappearing. Your breathing hitched when his lips landed on yours. It was a short peck but it left you in awe. He pulled out slightly to look at you, waiting for your reaction to the kiss. You gave him a tiny nod and his lips landed on yours again. This time it was a longer, deeper kiss. You threw your arms around his neck and he held your body against his before tilting his head to the side and deepening the kiss more. 

He pulled out and stared at you with a smile on his face. 

“I have something to tell you.” 

He said and you suddenly remembered what you came here for. 

“I… I have something to tell you too.” 

“Oh! Really? You go first then.” 

You bit your lower lip and hesitated for a couple of seconds before looking up at him. You weren’t sure how to start. He noticed how worried you seemed, so he asked: 

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I’m so sorry.”

You said in a whisper. He frowned before asking: 

“Are you… are you reconsidering our relationship?”

You shook your head ‘no,’ and then said: 

“I… I never meant to do this to you. I should’ve told you long ago, but…”

You let out a sigh and he took a step closer to you before taking your hand in his and saying: 

“What happened?” 

You looked at him and then said: 

“I’m leaving in a week.” 

He stared at you in disbelief. 

“Leaving? Where are you going?”

“I’m going back home. I… I am sorry I never mentioned this before but… I was here on a vacation. I don’t live here. I… I only come here in summer.”  

“You don’t live here?”

He repeated after you, confused and perplexed at how the night had turned out.

“I’m so sorry. I wish I didn’t have to leave… I really like you and I… I’ve never been happier but I have to go back.” 

He was speechless. He stared at you without saying a word. Tears rolled down your face when you didn’t get any reaction from him. You thought he’d yell at you, beg you to stay, do anything! Doesn’t he care enough about me? Is he upset? Is he okay with it? You couldn’t tell from his lack of reaction.


He said after a couple of seconds. You looked at him in anticipation. 

“I had something to tell you but… I guess it would be pointless to say it now.” 

“Wonsik I… I am sorry.”

He looked at you with a sad smile on his face before saying: 

“Please don’t apologize. It’s fine.” 


You stared at him in confusion. He continued:

“We’ll meet again next summer, right?”


“Where are you going anyway?”

He asked as he handed you a towel to wipe the flour off your face. You were still confused by his shallow reaction. 

“To the city.“ 

He cleaned his face and hands and then said: 

“Good luck.“ 

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

He gave you a faint smile as then asked: 

“Would it change anything?“ 

“I’m so sorry.“ 

He let out a sigh and then said: 

“You should go home. It’s getting late.”

You grabbed your purse and followed him outside the shop. He offered to drive you home and gave you no chance to reject his offer. When he pulled over in front of your building you turned to look at him before saying:

“Thank you… for everything.“ 

“You’re welcome.“ 

He said without looking at you. You felt a piercing pain in your heart when you thought he didn’t want to look at you. You bit your lower lip and then asked:

“Will I see you tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure. I might be busy.“ 

You let out a sigh.

"Then… will I see you before I leave?”

He turned to look at you and the said: 

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t guarantee anything.”

You gave him a tiny nod and then said:


He hummed in response so you got out of the car and walked inside the building as he drove away.


Your cousin walked into the apartment to find you spacing out on the couch in front of the T.V. Your eyes were fixed on the ceiling and you didn’t respond to her calls, making her worry. 

“Are you okay? What happened?”

She asked as she sat next to you. You turned your face to look at her before turning to look at the ceiling again. A few seconds passed before you said: 

“He kissed me.” 

Your cousin frowned. She couldn’t understand what was so upsetting about that. 

“Why do you look sad then?”

You let out an audible sigh and then said: 

“I told him I’m leaving next week.” 


You stood up but she grabbed your arm as she asked: 

“Where are you going? You have to tell me what did he say.” 

You looked at her and she let out another ‘oh’ when she saw tears rolling down your face. 

“He didn’t say anything.” 



“What is that supposed to mean?”

“He simply doesn’t care.” 

She let go of your arm and you grabbed your phone and then said: 

“I’m tired. I need to sleep.” 


“Are you planning to starve yourself?”

You cousin asked but you didn’t give her an answer. It’s been two days since you had spoken with Wonsik. He didn’t call nor text, and neither did you. You haven’t even left the apartment no matter how lonely you felt when your cousin went to work. 

“I don’t feel like eating anything.” 

You said as you pushed your plate away. You rested your head in your hand.

“Not even Wonsik’s muffins?”

She said teasingly and you remained silent for a couple of seconds and then said: 

“I miss him.” 

She reached for your hand on the table and gave it a light squeeze before saying: 

“Why don’t you go see him then?”

You looked up at her and asked: 

“Will you go with me?”


You walked in the directions of Wonsik’s shop with your cousin by your side. You didn’t want to see him alone. You needed her to come with you. You were afraid he’d refuse to talk to you and she offered to give you all the emotional support you needed. 

You followed her inside the shop while your eyes scanned the place for him. You spotted him standing inside the kitchen with a boy standing next to him. The boy looked a bit younger and inexperienced. It somehow seemed that Wonsik was teaching him how to knead the dough and showing him how to spread it on the counter-top. 

It took them a couple of seconds to notice you looking at them. Your heart dropped when Wonsik motioned the boy to leave the kitchen and serve you. You exchanged looks with your cousin before saying: 

“See? He won’t even talk to me.” 

“How can I help you?”

The boy said with a smile on his face. Your cousin asked: 

“Are you the baker?”

The boy giggled and then replied: 

“No no. I’m new here. I’m still learning.” 

You cousin smiled and then said: 

“I’m sure you’ll be a good baker.”

The boy scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he said: 

“Thank you. I have to learn quickly before my cousin leaves town.” 

You darted your gaze in the boy’s direction as he uttered the last sentence. You then looked in the direction of the kitchen to find Wonsik staring at you before leaving the kitchen and walking to where the boy was standing. 

“Go back to the kitchen.” 

The boy seemed flustered as he nodded and went inside the kitchen, leaving you staring at Wonsik in disbelief. 

“You were leaving too?”

You said and he looked up at you before answering: 


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He stole a quick glance at your cousin who was busy looking at the pastries. 

“For the same reason you didn’t tell me.” 

You frowned. 

“What if I wasn’t leaving, were you going to leave me behind?”

The corners of his lips lifted up in a smirk as he said: 

“Weren’t you planning to leave me behind?”

He was right. You hated to admit that he was right. 

“I guess we weren’t meant to be together from the very beginning.” 

You said and his smile disappeared. You looked at your cousin and called her name softly before saying: 

“Let’s go.” 


She muttered as she looked at Wonsik before mouthing a ‘sorry’ and following you. 


“How could he not tell me?”

You said as you threw your purse on the couch. You sat down as you huffed in annoyance. 

“Says the person who only told him 2 days ago.” 

You looked up at her and then said: 

“He initiated this relationship! He asked me out first! Couldn’t he at least tell me?”

She sat down next to you and placed a hand on your shoulder before saying: 

“Didn’t you say he was about to tell you something that night? Maybe he was going to tell you about his plans to leave.” 


You stood up and walked toward your room. 

“Where are you going?”

“I need to pack.” 

“But… we still have 2 more days!” 

“I’m sorry.” 

You headed toward your room and she followed you. She placed a hand on your shoulder forcing you to turn around as she said: 

“Forget about him. Let’s go out. Just you and me.” 

You let out a sigh. You didn’t feel like doing anything. 


She begged. You felt guilty for letting what happened with Wonsik affect her like that. After all, the purpose of staying at her apartment was to spend time with her.

You gave her a tiny nod and then said, in an attempt to brighten up the mood: 

“But you’re paying!” 

She giggled and linked her arm with yours.

“Sure thing!” 


You used your last two days in town to hang out with your cousin. You did your best to push everything related to Wonsik to the back of your head. You both hid the truth from each other, you both pretended this was a real relationship while you knew you’ll be leaving town very soon, and you both refused to talk to each other after that day at the pastry shop. You didn’t call him and neither did he, so you convinced yourself that once you’re back to the city you’ll forget all about it. 

You packed your luggage and bought gifts for your parents and friends. Your cousin made you promise to come back in summer so you could spend more time together. You assured her that once you figured out what you wanted to do with your life, you’ll send her a ticket to visit you instead. 

You spent the night waiting for Wonsik to call. You had told him you were leaving in a week and the week was now over. You thought he’d call you before you leave or at least text you. He disappointed you one last time when he didn’t contact you at all. You fought the urge to pass by the pastry shop on your way to the airport. You were dying to take a final glance at him before you depart but you convinced yourself that it would be better not to. After all, it was all over now.


It was on a sunny day that you entered your new coffee shop with a smile on your face; a grateful smile. Once you were back to the city your parents reminded you of their offer; they’re willing to help you start any kind of business you wanted. It took you a couple of months to decide that you wanted to open a coffee shop. They didn’t fail at providing you with all necessary sources to make your wish come true. The location was very comfortable, and the shop was equipped with all the necessary equipments. All that was missing at this point were the employees, which is why you had a sign on the window of the coffee shop announcing your need for a barista and a baker. 

Your need for a baker reminded you of Wonsik. You hadn’t stopped thinking about him ever since you returned. Having not heard from him, you tried to ignore all the memories related to him. You were busy with your coffee shop and you wished this could help you forget. 

While pushing boxes to the corner of the shop you heard the shopkeeper’s bell jingle.You pushed the last box and knelt down to mark it as you said: 

“Sorry, we’re not open yet.”

“I’m here for the job vacancy.” 

The man said and you turned around when you recognized the voice. A tilted smile and a scrunchy nose greeted you as a husky voice said: 

“I’m an experienced baker.” 

You stared at him in disbelief. You never imagined that you’d see him ever again. He was standing in front of you with a smile on his face as he asked if he could work with you. Could this be a dream?

“Is the position still vacant?”

“Y… yes.”

“Then I guess we’re meant to be together after all.” 

Your legs were shaking as you took a step toward him. You stared at him; hundreds of questions floating inside your head. 

“How… When did you…”

You stuttered. He took another step in your direction opened his arms wide enough for you to fit in as he said: 

“Come here and I’ll tell you everything.” 

Feelings of nostalgia engulfed your being and you found yourself walking in his direction and burying yourself in the warmth of his body. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head as he said: 

“I miss you so much! I was very stupid for letting you go. Please forgive me.” 

You inhaled his scent as you tightened your hold around his body. You rested your head on his chest and listened to his heart pound in his chest. A few seconds later you pulled out and looked up at him as you said: 

“How did you find me?”

He pushed a lock of hair behind your ear and then said: 

“I asked your cousin. I originally wanted to leave town but when I met you I knew you were my destination.“

"What if I never left?”

He lent forward as he said: 

“I was going to take you with me.”

He paused for a second and then continued:

“This is what I wanted to tell you. I… I wanted to know if you’re willing to come with me but… when you said you’re leaving I decided that instead, I’ll just follow you." 

You looked at him as you asked:

"What makes you think I’m worth it?”

He smiled and then said:

“Your cousin told me a lot about you. She even showed me some of your old photos.”

She did what? You cheeks heated up and he continued: 

“You looked very cute as a baby and I believe that cute babies turn into good people.”

You giggled as you asked:

“What about you? How do I know you’re good enough to hire?”

He thought for a second and then said:

“I was the cutest in my family." 

You laughed and he laughed along. God, how much I miss this laugh. 

"Does this mean I got the job? Don’t you need to test me or something?" 

"I know how good you are. Ah, I need to retest one thing though." 

You said as you pulled yourself up and pecked his lips. A light shade of pink crept into your cheeks as you said: 

"Good. Now you’re hired.”

He blinked a couple of times before asking: 

“Do you kiss other applicants too?”

You laughed again and hit his chest playfully as he said:

“I hope not.”

we’ve passed the end (so we chase forever)

“Hey, Iwa-chan, what do you think of living forever?

“What, like if you don’t find your soulmate?”

“Well, how else can we live forever?”

On choosing to live forever.

@iwaoiweek2017 -  (immortality)  1  ☆  2  ☆  3  ☆  4  ☆  5  ☆  6  ☆  7

thanks to @sawamura-daichis-thighs for beta’ing this!


“Hey, Iwa-chan, what do you think of living forever?”

This is when Tooru chooses to ask such a question—the start of high school, the two of them donned in Aoba Johsai’s blue and white and getting ready for their first practice, and as Hajime’s copying the knot on his right shoe to his left. In turn, he doesn’t look away from the task.

“What, like if you don’t find your soulmate?”

“Well, how else can we live forever?”

We, huh. Hajime wonders if Tooru thinks of forever in the context of them, and chides himself for such pointless observations. Because he might’ve been observing this best friend of his since forever (and the other boy, the same), but it doesn’t make him immune to the dangerous waters of wishful thinking.

“Humans are crazy shits,” Hajime says. He secures the shoelaces with a final twist, goes to stand with some sort of conviction, and starts his warm-up. A light kick with the toe of his shoe prods Tooru out of his crouch from where he’s been staring intently at Hajime, urging him to do the same, and Hajime just trudges past the exclaimed how rude! “We’ll figure something out.”

“Hmm.” Arms raised high and skyward, Tooru gives a pleased sound at the stretch. Hajime tears his gaze away from the line of skin exposed by the lifted shirt. “We haven’t come up with the one-hundred percent scientific explanation for soulmates.”

“Well,” Hajime says, “it’s soulmate, after all. Something unquantifiable. Why’re you asking this now, anyway?”

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The Best: The Saga

I have a good friend, not on tumblr, who frequents terrible roblox roleplay servers, looking for fun.

A result of this fun is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. The Best story.

He preferred to remain anonymous, but I think this needs to be shared with the world. With that in mind, all of this text below this readmore is his own words, not mine, and a completely factual account of events. (The art is by me tho.)

Oh speaking of that-  the art was made at the time of original telling, which means there was some artistic liberty and also my art separates it into three parts while the actual text goes with two parts. I left both as is for the sake of historical accuracy.

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The Maheswaran legacy

So, the other day I was layin in my bed, and a crazy theory came to me: What if Connie’s oldest ancestor was actually the first human to help the crystal gems in the rebellion…

Then one thing came after another and suddenly, human slavery came to me as an idea.

So, if you’re into crackpot theories like me, read this fic.

Also available at the Ao3

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