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New tales blog!

Hi guys! 

We have (as seen) created a new blog for the tales of fandom! And by we- I mean by me, mod Pascal and Mod Sophie (yes two people are running this!)

We were rather inspired by the widespread positivity in the tales fandom esp we were very very vERRRRY inspired by @happytalesreminders!!! Both me and mod Sophie wanted to increase on this wonderful positivity by making this blog! And we want to give back to the tales fandom which is one of the reasons we met one another!!!

What we plan to do in this blog in the near future is the following:

  • Give advice + motivational doodles from mod Sophie! (mod pascal is rather biased and wanted to add that mod sophie has THE CUTEST doodles!)
  • Make daily posts with edits with tales characters saying rather motivational quotes- some are expanded on from in game quotes! This is done by: mod Pascal
  • Reblog positive tales quotes/gifs/edits/arts/posts IDK EVERYTHING from all you guys!!! (all this should be positive and inspiring :D) This will be done by both mods.

We have more in our about and FAQ section (but our links page is underconstruction!)

We are rather excited to share this blog with you (and for me I am actually VERYY nervous ahaha) and would love if you guys could reblog this post to spread the word of this blog! 

- Mod Pascal 


I fell in love with seven-lilies’ cover of this theme song so whoops my hand slipped and now we have this live-action Danny Phantom trailer thing.