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Rpg games!

So Leorio has been bothering me to let the world know of my RPG addiction. So I threw together this list of sorts because I just finished a bunch of awesome RPG horror games. I recommend these if you want something entertaining, and slightly scary. These are in order from my favorite, to least favorite! P.S. I absolutely forbid Gon from playing these games.

1. Ib (Amazing, need I say more?). Scary (7/10) Fun (9/10)

2. Forest of Drizzling Rain (not so scary, but pretty cute). Scary (5/10) Fun (9/10)

3. Alice Mare (short, and fun) Scary (6/10) Fun (8/10)

4. Mad Father (Spooky!). Scary (8/10) Fun (7/10)

5.  The Mirror Lied (this ones pretty weird, but very short.) Scary (4/10) Fun (5/10)

6. Misao (Story wasn’t my favorite, but it was fun game play) Scary (7/10) Fun (6/10)

7. Mermaid Swamp (the story is a little odd, and it’s definitely scary.) Scary (9/10) Fun (5/10)

8. The Crooked Man (It did it’s job well, and was unpleasantly scary. So unpleasant that its at the bottom..) Scary (10/10) Fun (4/10)

Soooo yeah! These were pretty fun, I know I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep updating as I play more games.

Extra: Homework Salesman was really fun, but not at all a horror game. Scary (0/10) Fun (9/10)


How to: IOC

The IOC, or Individual Oral Commentary, is a major internal assessment of the English A HL and SL exams. You will receive a random passage from a work you have studied (40 lines long). You will have 20 minutes to analyze it. You will then give a 10 minute speech/presentation. After the 10th minute, you can have a discussion with your teachers, and by discussion I mean a brief question and answer period of no more than 5 minutes. It will be recorded.

There is no one way to guarantee a good score. It’s very fluid and depends on a number of different factors. Tone should be respectful, yet casual. Its safe to assume that the person you are talking to has read the work and is somewhat familiar with it. I was taught a good place to start is briefly taking a few seconds to frame the passage’s importance in the whole of the work, then carry on to your analysis. 

Go in to the planning part with a plan. Read the passage you were given. Go ahead and mark it up while you are reading. Color mark literary devices. At the end of your first read through go back and find a few literary devices you are very familiar with and can explain well. Try to come up with a thesis for your passage. It can be about the passage’s significance to the entire work, but its easier to sometime just pick a theme showcased in that passage. On mine, I got a passage from King Lear where the daughters are talking to Lear. Good time to bring in a theme on parent sibling relationships. Now go through your literary devices and use them as arguments to support your thesis. (AKA Author is saying XYZ about ABC. We know this because: lit device 1, lit device 2, lit device 3 work together to encourage the reader to take [this] viewpoint.) You then literally use the parts that you colormarked as evidence for your assertions/arguments and explain why.  It’s okay to use more technical vocabulary if your comfortable with it. Not using it might keep you from a 7, but using a term incorrectly is going to hurt you worse than speaking simply.

Unless I’m mistaken, you can bring your colormarking notes in with you - just nothing from prior to the 20 minute prep period. Speak at a normal pace and try to sound like you are confident.  This really should come across like a casual discussion of what you would write in a normal literary analysis paper. Don’t worry about the questioning period. Your teacher should be using that time to redirect your focus to an area that they don’t think you covered well or in enough detail to try and maximize your points. Don’t think about it like someone drilling you, think about it like a conversation.

Relax. This is not meant to be stressful. I know you might be concerned about public speaking, but its just going to be you and your teacher - that person you’ve known for at least a year now - nothing to be worried about.

So uh.  I had this ideya, and no reasonable excuses to justify not doing it.  Apologies are offered as needed. XD;;;

FNAF meets Ib!  Mike and Faith as Garry and Ib works pretty darn well, and if Violet becomes Mary… then the gallery could be featuring the works of Fazbaerna, whose paintings of oddly creepy animals seem to be alive!

(Dangit I have comics and asks to do! XD  Ah well, it got me drawing anyway!)