hint: i'm a very happy camper

vampire-hoe  asked:

I might be biased, but I'm pretty sure the whole "romance" is v one sided from Jace (there's not evidence it exists from Vraska) and I'm at least *hoping* it's going to end up being about appreciating friendship even if ur romantic feelings aren't reciprocated?? I don't think it looks like there's even a chance they're going to end up together tbh. ((Also I thought Pride of the Kraul hinted at Vraska being gay so wtf wotc?????))

If there’s a theme of “accepting friendship and that your romantic feelings won’t be reciprocated” with Vraska and Jace, I’ll honestly be a pretty happy camper. That sort of lesson isn’t really one you see very often as far as, like, fantasy media is concerned and pretty important for a fanbase that probably has a considerable amount of “Nice Guys”.