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Community Issues.

Note: This might sound incredibly harsh and selfish. But I would appreciate it very much if all of you, and especially Jack read through this.

I have talked to many people in this community. And I’m more than glad that I have made some of the best friends in this fandom. I support you all 100% and I support this community.
However, the past few weeks I’ve seen changes.

- First of all the problem we all already know about, people attacking eachother because they like theorizing about Anti. Jack pulled on the dadpants for this and thought it was a shitty thing to do. But did it change? Nope, it calmed down, but did not disappear.

- Secondly there has been an extreme increase in art theft in this fandom. I’ve had to ask people multiple times if they would credit the original creator. Gifs from my best friends were stolen, reposted, and claimed as their own. Photography from Pax events are reposted a lot, art is traced and copied. And its happening more and more. Please stop stealing art!

- Last but not least: Captions, I’ve seen a lot of people post pictures of Jack’s videos with captions enabled, incorrect captions, and the posts are about how funny the comments in captions are, or that there are still some hidden “ anti hints “ in the captions of videos.
This can be fixed!! Premiere Pro has ways for captioners such as myself to caption videos and export that caption file, so you can upload it to YouTube, and disable the community contribution function.

I love and support this community with my whole heart but I felt like we all need to be put back down to earth and acknowledge what’s going on here.


“the first reason was because if you had a rehearsal for a school band you could leave a lesson, that was the first reason we started this band.”