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1. Do I yell “IT’S CANON!” or “IT’S FACT!” in this situation?

2. This is not too far from where I’m staying.  Who wants to join me there to bury a treasure chest full of porny johnlock fic and art?

3. Whenever you feel sad, just remember: Holmes & Watson are intersecting right now.

4. Going along Watson, once you meet Holmes you have no choice but to follow~

5. Looks like a lovely area to retire and take up beekeeping.  🐝💖

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ik you don't blog about the show anymore, but what's your opinion about what happened at Sherlocked??

What I want to say is: PLEASE, WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE.

I know there was a part of the fandom who still thought that Moftiss were brilliant writers and that we were gonna get the ending we all dreamed of. And I understand that, really I do. But we all need to wake up.

Moftiss admitted they used homoerotic subtext in their series. They knew that would bring people towards the show. All the speculations, the metas, the discussions… that was stuff only the passionate fans would do, not the casuals. And they knew that hinting, implying something regarding Johnlock would bring the “fangirls” and the show would gain popularity. So, they kept doing that for whole 3 seasons (+ TAB).

Then, something happened. I think that they wanted to end the series with S4, but there was a problem. They didn’t want to make John and Sherlock a couple because that was never their true intention, but the situation had gotten away from their hands by that point. (translation = “too gay”) and they panicked.

So what did they do? They wrote S4 sloppily, completely retconning everything, changing the personality of the characters, giving Mary a central role and minimizing the interactions between John and Sherlock. They made that season the most #NoHomo possible because that was their plan all along: Sherlock and John solving crimes together, Sherlock alone and John marrying and then mourning his beloved wife (who shoots nicely, let’s not forget that).

S4 is the true BBC Sherlock they wanted to do but never could because they were very aware that they wouldn’t have gotten so much success if they did #NoHomo from the beginnin’.

Honestly, that was such a smart move because now they are famous and rich and the show is successful and they can tell whatever they want because the series is probably over forever (despite what Moffat says), so they won’t have repercussions of any kind. In fact, they just blame the fans because ugh, they were too stupid, too naive, they should have known that John and Sherlock were straight when they didn’t want to share a bedroom after knowing each other for 10 minutes.

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what are your friends like, naegi?

nagito’s a bad parent so he let makoto watch sherlock and now makoto’s obsessed with it 

they warned us

Back in December, Arwel Jones was going crazy with the elephants thing on Twitter. 

Repeatedly posting little elephant emoticons and saying that setlock this time around was ALL unaddressed elephants. 

Lots of us took this as a hint that Johnlock would become canon this time around.

We shouldn’t have.

I see it as a warning to the TJLCers, like, “Hey, sorry, good job, you, you’re on the right track, but we’re gonna put you through hell for a bit.”

Because if setlock was ALL unaddressed elephants, well, that means the elephants weren’t addressed yet.

They were warning us in our own language.

Supporting my theory of ‘Moftiss and crew know what we’re doing, speak our language, and want to support us’ we have: 

“Is cup of tea… code?” a line from TLD from Billy Wiggins.

Obviously this line is a nod to the TJLC theory about tea representing gay love.

So yeah. Ginger Dad, Moffat, and the crew all support us.

Rock on, friends.

The elephants will be addressed.

Confirmation Bias

Hey Steph :)

This is a bit too long to send it as an ask, so I’ll do it this way.

I’ve seen hints etc. for Johnlock since I started watching “Sherlock” but I had never believed it possible to happen till I stumbled unto TJLC. I’ve admired the dedication and enthusiasm people had, loved the approach they took to analyzing the show etc. And of course, I was disappointed with series 4.

I tried to think about what went wrong. Was it deliberate on Mofftiss’ part? Or was the analysis faulty? I’ve looked at the criticism by people who don’t believe in TJLC etc. Tried to take different views into account to avoid just “screaming into an echo chamber”.

An argument that I’ve stumbled unto again and again was that of “confirmation bias”.

From what I’ve gathered, TJLC began with series 3 (hints for Johnlock were really, really blatant here and TSoT will probably remain my all-time favourite episode). Of course, Johnlock could be seen in the previous seasons as well but it was only after series 3 that people started to believe that it was not just queerbaiting, that Johnlock was a real possibility. But what I’ve also seen when the promo for series 4 began and when the series started is that much of what was released indeed was interpreted with the (possible) confirmation of Johnlock in mind.

“You can’t kill an idea, can you?” And that’s the problem, I think (if you want to call it a problem *shrug*). After series 3 we’ve been convinced that Johnlock was endgame, that this was what the show was about, what it was leading to. Problem is that we started looking for evidence that supports this idea but dismissed possible other meanings.

I think, we have to reassess some of the meanings we’ve applied to some of the symbols we’ve seen in the show.

Take “elephants” for an example:

  • a) There are elephants on the pillow behind Lord Moran in TEH,
  • b) elephants on Anderson’s conspiracy wall,
  • c) of course, there’s the case of “The Elephant in the Room” mentioned in TSoT,
  • d) elephants on the tie of that one guy at the wedding,
  • e) the elephant on the brochure at Mycroft’s fridge,
  • f) …
  • etc.

Elephants are all over the place and since we’ve come to the conclusion that everything just has to point to Johnlock as endgame that must mean elephants must do so, as well. The phrase “elephant in the room” means an unspoken truth that’s rather obvious. 

So it looks like the thought process was: “Johnlock is endgame” –> “elephants” –> “the elephant in the room” is “Johnlock”.

Let’s look at it differently:

  • a) Lord Moran, a Member of Parliament, secretly a member of an underground terrorist network
  • b) Anderson’s conspiracy wall had sth to do with the possibility of Sherlock being alive, what he’s been up to etc.
  • c) “The Elephant in the Room” is a confidential case that no one’s supposed to talk about
  • d) his girlfriend’s about to break up with him, he didn’t know till Sherlock pointed it out
  • e) “Put me through to Sherrinford, please.”

Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the other instances elephants could be seen but what the ones above all have in common are “secrets”. So how did we get from all those many different secrets to “the elephant in the room is Johnlock” when all those instances have nothing to do with Johnlock?

I’d like to bring up an example from ASoIaF in which a symbol for one thing has lead to another: 

It’s been brought to the readers’ attention that Jon Snow, assumed bastard of Eddard Stark, is different from the other bastards we’ve come to know in the books and that the question of who his mother is might be of importance. There were different theories who she could be, some of those directly brought up by characters in the books. 

One theory, the one that’s been confirmed in the show, is R + L = J. That Eddard Stark is not Jon’s father but that Jon’s parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, Eddard’s sister.

Whenever we heard about Lyanna she’s been connected to blue winter roses. She loved the scent of them; when Rhaegar crowned her queen of love and beauty at a tourney he did so with a crown made of those roses; when Eddard dreams of her, her statue in the crypt has a garland of blue winter roses etc. etc.
Whenever we hear about blue winter roses we associate what we hear with Lyanna Stark. So when Daenerys Targaryen has a vision of a blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, a connection has been made between Lyanna and Jon Snow who is part of the Night’s Watch at the Wall, a massive barrier made of mostly ice.

Here, Lyanna is so strongly associated with blue winter roses because both have been brought up in the same context again and again and again. As far as I can remember, those roses have ONLY been mentioned in connection to Lyanna which is why “blue flower at the ice wall” has lead to the new link between Lyanna and Jon Snow.

Since elephants have been brought up with so many different people with so many different secrets - and unfortunately I don’t know if they’ve been seen in other contexts as well - without being blatantly connected to the idea of Johnlock, it’s hard for me to see how they are supposed to be seen as connected :(

With other symbols, metaphors etc. it’s much easier to come to the conclusion that they are connected to Johnlock, e.g. the food = sex metaphor.

I hope it’s possible to see what I want to say with this post.

Maybe it’s time to reassess the material we’ve gathered, let’s look at it and the context it’s been presented in, let’s look for connections etc. Maybe we’ll come to the same conclusions as before, namely that Johnlock is endgame and that we should have been right, maybe we’ll come to different ones.

Just some thoughts (that I’d really hope to see discussed here).

(submitted by IStillBelieveInJohnlock)

Hi Lovely! 

Thank you for your honesty in your Johnlock analysis. I get the point you’re trying to make here – “[…] one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” – but with regards to the elephant thing is that it WASN’T such a huge indicator of Johnlock until Arwel. “The Elephant in the Room” in TSo3 was cute, and we just kind of giggled about it because HOLY CRAP THIS EPISODE IS SUBTEXTUALLY ABOUT JOHNLOCK, and then Arwel began tweeting a lot about elephants… I mean A LOT. And there were a lot of subtext used that is commonly found in media where they are suggesting a queer reading of a show but they cannot  / will not explicitly say it.

Yes, we may have gotten over-excited about things like elephants and phones and “dinner?”, but there is literally no point to putting ANY of this stuff in if they’re weren’t trying to suggest a Johnlock reading of the show: it’s metaphor and symbolism, and it’s commonly used to invoke an idea in your audience, or to help foreshadow upcoming events in the series. Character mirrors as well were used CONSTANTLY to help viewers see the connections we were supposed to make between the relationships or character arcs of John or Sherlock.

PLUS the show itself used at least over 150 romantic tropes commonly found in media, so it’s not even subtle what they were trying to invoke with the series. They could have done the entire series without all of these things and still could have made a great show. But all of the metaphors, mirrors, subtext, symbolism, tropes… Take ALL of that out in what we CURRENTLY have and you end up with a hot mess. Take out John and Sherlock’s relationship (or FRIENDSHIP even) and you end up with S4.

I totally respect how you are looking at this from another angle, and that’s totally cool. For me, though, there’s just too much evidence in the show that suggests that they WERE going to do a Johnlock endgame, and something happened that caused them to do a 180 in S4.

I feel like we will never know.

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i don't want to be a pessimist here, i really hope destiel is endgame and after s12, and after i read some of your meta, (which is amazing btw), i mostly believe it will be, but i shipped johnlock too, and all the subtext and even text and the foreshadowing and all those hints that johnlock is endgame was all for nothing...or maybe just for queerbaiting, and i was really butthurt about it that i'm afraid to put any hopes up for destiel, how do you think destiel is different than johnlock?

I may be a bit controversial on tumblr about Johnlock because…. well I didn’t really see it like it was blatant and going to be canon, I saw it as subtext that was something they added to give it a bit of pizazz without thinking they were actually in love or that it would be endgame canon. 

I really enjoyed the first seasons of Sherlock (I just cannot get my head around how the last season worked at all, maybe I need to try again, but it just didn’t make any sense to me) and my interpretation was that Sherlock might be a bit romantically interested in John, but push come to shove he was more intellectually interested in him and the friendship they forged and I never really saw John as being romantically interested in Sherlock at all.

I felt like they added the subtext, which for me, was subtext only, to add a bit of spice to their chemistry and their character bond, but without actually meaning to make it romantic.

Now I see this differently to Destiel in that I read Destiel as 1. much more blatant because of the continuous and abundant nature of it, given that it is now nearly 9 years and much more material to work with due to there being…. around 135 hours of SPN since season 4 v 15 hours of Sherlock

2. But also that it is written into the script in terms of the fact that it has a real effect on the PLOT, not just sitting alongside it as subtext to be ‘enjoyed’ (I say ‘enjoyed’ because I know how painful it was to fans who really wanted it and it didn’t happen but for a lot of people I think it did add to the enjoyment of the show by deepening their character bond). Whole seasons don’t make sense without taking into account the deep feelings between Dean and Cas, I mean… seasons 4-6 are all about Cas saving the world because of his love for Dean, season 7 is one big long metaphor for Dean’s innermost thoughts and depression about Cas, season 11′s mytharc plots rests on Dean’s love for Cas and how Amara uses it… 

I totally feel for anyone who felt queerbaited by Johnlock because I genuinely do think that they put subtext in there on purpose thinking it would be a great addition to the chemistry but had no intention of going through with it as it was just that, a fanciful way to deepen their connection without it really being actually scripted love (honestly this is wanky, but I really don’t rate Martin Freeman as an actor, I find him so cold that it wouldn’t surprise me if they upped the written subtext in order to counter his wooden performance),  I just don’t think they realised how much people would feel cheated by it.

With Dean and Cas, their story is much longer as stated above which enables it to go much deeper into so many more romantic tropes, for them to be portrayed as much more of the romance than the buddy trope, I think they fulfil like 67% of romance tropes? where most couples on tv / in movies settle at most around 10-25% ish? This is because they are able to do so due to the pure length of time we have been watching them and because they are actively portraying it in this way. I’m trying to remember how many Dean and Sam fill and Sam and Cas fill? I think Dean/Sam is like 12% and Cas/Sam is probably about 2%! So there is a real reason why it is so strong with just these two…

Season 12 is all about taking it now from the subtext into the text, we have been watching it with a similar “will they won’t they” attitude towards TPTB as with Johnlock up til now, even though it was scripted and much more plot - related I believe, there was still a chance that they would potentially back out, even if it didn’t make sense for the story, it was still a possibility because I think a lot of the GA don’t really see the way that the story doesn’t make sense without it.

For example in season 11, I think many of the GA just look at the top level and don’t read into WHY Amara couldn’t contact Dean without going through Cas, how her forced bond with Dean was not as strong as his chosen bond with Cas even though she was GOD’S SISTER or WHY Amara’s whole interactions with Dean were all about him repressing his emotions, loving, but it being clouded in shame, holding himself back. 

I mean some people were shocked at some of what Dean said in 12x22, they were also shocked at how Dean acted in 12x11 and a lot of this season said he was OOC, which he absolutely WAS NOT, he was entirely HIMSELF and that was the point! That he had DROPPED the facade so his true self was showing through in snippets and I’m sure these people will be absolutely shocked when he acts more and more like this in season 13.

I feel like to get through to some people Dean literally has to say something blatant like “Sammy I’m done pretending, this is me, deal with it, oh and by the way, I like dudes too” before taking a big bite of a Chicken Parmeggiano and ordering an ice cream sundae and getting back to business, cos man the point is, he’s not that different, there’s just a few things he keeps locked away, but his whole character isn’t going to change.

Anyway, same goes for Destiel, it’s going to have to be eased in slowly but made blatant now and I feel like season 12 was the first part and season 13 should be the second, before it can go canon, so that people aren’t shocked by it, in exactly the same way as they did Performing!Dean this season, ramping up the subtext before taking it into the text and then finally making it canon.

So now after season 12 it feels to me that with all the bad PR around queer baiting with Sherlock, with all the bad PR around Supernatural (if you google queer baiting SPN comes up on the first page), it would be diabolically stupid for the new showrunner to ramp up the subtext like this and bring it into the text as he did from mid season 11 onwards, without taking it towards endgame canon.

It doesn’t mean they will for 100% sure but I would be so confused if they didn’t now, it would literally be the worst kind of ongoing, not just subtextual but textual now queerbaiting and a total shambles of a PR disaster as well as making NO sense to their own story which has been so carefully crafted for over a decade. 

I don’t think they’re THAT stupid to take a beautiful story and rip the soul of it out, destroying their credibility as writers as well as PR Hell…

I have trust in Andrew Dabb until proven otherwise :)

  • *watching SDCC apology video by Andrew Scott
  • Andrew: These nuts are hot
  • Andrew: Listen, I can't go and you guys can't go but I think we should send some kind of message
  • Andrew: ...if I don't collapse from these hot nuts!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *squints eyes
  • Me: andrew, are you- are you being serious rn?
  • Me: wow

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Steph, is it bad that I feel an ache in my chest whenever I see posts or even things outside of tumblr saying the show is bad now? I didn't like a lot of things in series 4, but seeing people turn on the show is upsetting to me. I just want series 5 to get here :(

Hey Nonny!

Well, to be fair, S4 hurt a lot of people, and we shouldn’t condemn those people for feeling the way they do about a show they trusted to give them proper representation and love. TFP was a slap in the face to many, especially since the general audience doesn’t read the series like we do. Taking everything in S4 at face value, it IS a weak and terrible season – Sherlock and John are more further apart than ever, the narrative flew off the rails, Mary became the central character of the series which is SO annoying because that’s not why we watch the show, the characters are horribly OOC, and TFP is… just there. A series should not make 90% of your viewership think that your last episode is fake.

BUT S4 does look very pretty – in the first two eps anyway – and was acted brilliantly, I’ll give them that. And, Nonny, it’s OKAY if you enjoyed the series! But you have to understand from a narrative and critical standpoint that it really does not hold up as a solid series. The things that made the general audience love the series and made Sherlock the hit that it is – Sherlock and John’s relationship – is just… non-existent, and people are seeing that outside of the fandom. Most people didn’t really like it but don’t know why (hint: Johnlock was gone), and I think a lot of the reason S4 was the way it was is so that the audience understood that the reason they’re watching is for Johnlock whether they knew it or not. But that absolutely does NOT excuse them at all for hurting their core fanbase – many of them “DAY ONE” FANS: the young LGBT+ people  who thought that they were going to finally see themselves on screen; the women who could relate to characters like Molly and learn that they too could overcome a silly crush on someone and find true happiness; the people who saw themselves in John and Sherlock’s characters as the broken, scarred people they were and still found happiness in their late 30′s/early 40′s despite all the shit they’ve gone through *coughs*. 

This series meant a lot to many people, and it’s hard for many to come to terms with that, and that is completely okay. Just as it’s okay for you to have enjoyed Season 4. We can’t expect the whole world to like the same things we do – that’s utterly ridiculous, and a little bit boring, don’t you think?

That all said, this reply is not meant to criticize you at all, I’m simply stating why people are upset, and hopefully help you empathize with them as well, just as I do. I have mixed feelings about S4, as you may have noticed, but I’m not going to expect someone else or you to share my sentiments as well.

But yes, I would like S5 or a lost episode to address the problems of S4. That is my hope. Because I don’t want to believe that Sherlock was always a “terrible show”, that they’re just… fucking up temporarily.

I personally stay away from articles and news media about the series and engage in fandom things instead. It keeps my mind happier and healthier, because we will ALWAYS have fandom, and fandom is full of ridiculously creative people who want to make people happy and who always will see Johnlock as canon, regardless of the bad press. I recommend you do the same too, Lovely.

More meta: But, if it was a fantasy inside Sherlock’s Mind Palace™ and he is so obviously in love with John, why hasn’t he imagined himself kissing him?

@sherrydcherry​ and me were having this fascinating conversation (which was basically babbling about how amazing the special was and when the f#ck are they going to make this sh#t canon because it’s about motherf#cking time), and then she asked me: 

“I was thinking, why hasn’t Sherlock brought himself to imagine (or see) in his mind palace a kiss yet? I mean he obviously loves him!“ 

So I started to write down my answer going as far back as the beginning of Series 3, and somewhere along the way it turned into a very fruitful piece of meta, so I’m sharing it.

Do y’all know how in TEH, when the Sherlock Fan Club (The Empty Hearse, but to avoid confusion with the episode’s name I’ll keep calling them that) started speculating about how he could have survived The Fall, they fantasized about Sherlolly and Sheriarty?

Well, there has always been one thing nagging at me about that.

There were enough fans in the club for both Sheriarty and Sherlolly shippers to exist among them.

Originally posted by it-s-bread

Originally posted by gifystuff

And yet, do you mean to tell me, considering all the comments the media made about John’s ‘bachelor’ status…

…as well as the fact that John and Sherlock had been living together for years…

 …the fact that they stayed in a hotel together during the case in Baskerville…

…despite John always being used as a way for criminals to get to Sherlock…

…the fact that they ESCAPED from the police together…

…Despite ALL OF THAT, do they really mean to tell us there was not a SINGLE Johnlocker in the Fan Club, no one that could have come up with a fantasy about Sherlock’s survival that involved Sherlock and John fleeing the country together?

Because I mean, the fans being the Sheriarties and Anderson being the Sherlolly (lol, I’m still not over how hilarious his heteronormative mind is) implies that the fans ARE aware of the fact that Sherlock IS, indeed, very much gay. 

And do you know what other things the fans knew that could have confirmed the “Johnlock escaped the country together” theory for them? They knew that John wasn’t living in Baker Street anymore. They probably had no clue as to what his new address was, but they knew the flat was empty. 

Granted, John didn’t leave the flat until months after The Fall, but they could have come up with some explanation for that, something like “well, John couldn’t just LEAVE the flat in the SAME day that Sherlock ‘died’, that would have been too obvious.. So he waited for a reasonable amount of time before he went to meet Sherlock in… say… Amsterdam for example, so that no one would be suspicious, and then they started a new life together under false identities…”

*clears throat* 


There was enough material for the Fan Club to put together a story about forbidden love and eventual eloping (and I, in fact, think someone must have done it), the same as there is enough material in Sherlock’s Mind Palace/drug-induced fantasies that it would be possible for him to hallucinate about finally banging John.

So the big question remains: Why the HELL wouldn’t they all do it? Sherlock, the Fan Club, the writers, whoever, why wouldn’t they simply show us what is obviously in their minds? Here’s what I think:

Because the Sherlolly and Sheriarty fantasies were a discard method. 

This was the writers going, "Look at how weird and out of the blue this would be, there is no way that we could organically include this in the plot, just scratch it, lol!”. This was their way of “invalidating” both ships. 

You don’t simply show the culminating moment of a ship (aka passionate kiss), laugh at it, dismiss it as a stupid daydream and still manage to keep that ship’s validity status. 

So, this was really a discard method. Something like, “Hey, Sherlollies and Sheriarties, have this consolation prize and go home; there is nothing left for you here”.

So if we continue along that line of thought, it makes sense that, if they indeed are going for Johnlock as the endgame, they don’t use their way of TAKING THE TRASH OUT in order to hint at John and Sherlock becoming canon.

If they did, it would send mixed signals, and honestly, when you’re going for the endgame in a slow-burn story that’s been unfolding for the past six years, you don’t simply give away one of the most important moments (the kiss) just to hint at the chance that it may, indeed, happen one day.

And that’s as far as my theory goes concerning why we aren’t being shown what is clearly on everyone’s mind these days.

edit: tagging @malinwolf because she’s always ready to hop on the crazy train :D

The battle is over and Sherlock is at the end of his powers.
He is tired and exhausted from acting like the best man who is happy for his best friend.
Now, in the dark of the night where no one can see him, he can drop his mask.
He drops the mask and finally allows himself to cry.
It hurts but it also ease the unbearable pressure in his insides.
Sherlock walks through the dark lonely streets and the tears ran down his face and he feels numb.
Now, it’s final.
An era is over and a new one begins.
John doesn’t need him anymore.
He maybe said that nothing will change - but Sherlock knows better.
He can already imagine, how it will happen.
Less visits.
Less calls.
Less and less contact.
Until he’ll only be a ghost of the past for John.
Sherlock doesn’t know if he wants to experience this development.
But he knows for sure, that he doesn’t have to. There are enough ways out, right?
The tears dry on his face until he reaches Baker Street.
He’s relieved that he will be alone there for a while.
Thoughts and demons can be silenced.
He knows the methods for that very well.

Just a tsot mini-ficlet.


Warning: If you don’t ship Holmescest, there’s nothing for you here. Written for amusement purposes only, and not to be taken in conjunction with large quantities of seriousness. Also, this is not intended as a dig at anyone or anything. I believe in freedom of interpretation. I, for example, firmly believe that Sherlock secretly longs to be a pilot with thinning ginger hair, and that John once sold insurance for a living. I can prove it, too. Just don’t ask me how *cough*.

Many thanks to my lj peeps for putting up with me ;)

Right, so while Mofftiss have been keeping fans on their toes with the hints of Johnlock in canon, this is clearly a red herring to distract from the greater conspiracy, the real conspiracy – THE HOLMESCEST CONSPIRACY. (Okay, okay, so Holmescest will never happen on the show. But it sounds cool, doesn’t it? Is my tinfoil hat on straight? Good!)

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TBB Appreciation Post!

In anticipation for the TBB Watchalong today, and in honour of its five-year anniversary, I’m showing my appreciation for this episode with the TBB section listed on my Masterpost! It was actually my FAVOURITE episode for a very long time – until THoB then TSo3 – so I’m sharing my love for this under-appreciated episode!

The Blind Banker Tag on my Blog

  • How Did “The Blind Banker” Get Its Name?- All the Sherlock episode titles are derived from the titles of ACD Holmes stories…. except for The Blind Banker… A theory on where this episode may have got its name (Hint: It’s Johnlock-related ;)).
  • “This is my Friend” - An analysis of the scene where John corrects Sherlock. Theorizes on how much their relationship has developed since.
  • We All Hated Him”  - An analysis on Sherlock’s character and theorizing about his past based on his interactions with Sebastian Wilkes in TBB.
  • Symbolism of Scarves - In an episode that heavily uses codes to crack the case, the scarves used to choke Sherlock also hold a Johnlock-related symbolism as well…
  • Sherlock and the Gherkin - It may be a modern symbol of London, but there’s a lot of subtext present in the first appearance of this iconic building. A theory that suggests the Gherkin is being used as a metaphor for Sherlock’s blossoming attraction to John.
    related posts: [The Gherkin Revisited] | [The Gherkin Once More]

Heck, why not, here’s also my list of my favourite TBB things!!

  • John fighting with the Chip and Pin. I can relate.
  • Sherlock’s look of admiration when John admits he fought with a chip and pin.
  • Sherlock taking a case from his former something-or-other-who’s-now-an-asshole JUST BECAUSE JOHN NEEDED MONEY.
  • John being the trashbag he is by hitting on his NEW BOSS after falling asleep on the first day on the job. WOW.
  • The subtext. So. MUCH. SUBTEXT. I never saw it until I got head-deep into the Johnlock fandom.
  • Sherlock already becoming attached to John after only being flatmates for about 2 or 3 months. You can see it in everything Sherlock does this episode. It’s really ridiculous.
  • Sherlock being confused at what “date” means. Literally that line is one of my favourites in the series.
  • Sherlock following John on John’s date with Sarah. 
  • John surprising Sherlock not once (knowing where they should go next) but twice (John thinking ahead and taking the photo for Sherlock)! :D It makes me smile SO SO HARD MY CHEEKS HURT.
  • The “dancing” (it’s close enough!!) and the little pat on John’s cheek, I’m dying.
  • Sherlock being stupidly excited about figuring out the code, so the first thing he does is run back home to get John’s approval… only to realize John got stolen from Sherlock.
  • John whump. I’m a sucker for John whump and Sherlock in a right panic about it. I LOVE pining Sherlock, and this episode is literally the beginning of it. It breaks me and makes me so miserable I love it! <3! :D
  • Sherlock being so so gentle with Sarah at the end and John being the absolute trash he is and is like “Well, hopefully our next date won’t be like this!”. JOHN MY GOD YOU TRASH HEAP I LOVE YOU.
  • Sherlock taking genuine gratification in making someone else happy.
  • JOHN’S STRIPED JUMPER. UGH. He looks like a precious peach and I can’t even:
  • I actually loved the ambiguity of who “M” was, and I love it more now that S3 is around, because there are SO MANY M’s in Sherlock that WE DON’T KNOW FOR SURE ANYMORE IF “M” was Moriarty!!

(pics are mine :))

Please feel free to add your favourite TBB Things to this post!! They’re probably mine too, but I forgot to add them because I love this episode and I just AGHHH. :D Let’s show our appreciation for this underloved eppy! :D

Disappointed but not with the episode...

Well looks like I’m in the very small percentage of people that actually liked The Final Problem.

The amount of time and effort that it takes every single one of the people that work on that show counts for something and for people to be slating them and saying ‘they’ve let every one of their fans down’ and that 'they should be ashamed of themselves’ is disgusting to me. They deserve better than that. Was the episode perfect? No, course not. Nothing ever is but it was a damn good episode and if people can’t see that then there’s something wrong.

I know a lot of people (not everybody) are saying the show was 'queerbaiting’ to which I roll my eyes. I’m aboslutely on the side of the lgbt community being represented in the media and in tv shows but do not blame a show and it’s writers for something not happening that was never promised to you in the first place. No ship is ever promised so when it doesn’t happen do not throw a tantrum and say you’ve been 'let down’ or that they’ve 'taken the right from you’. You never had the right. Nobody ever said it would happen.

Was Johnlock hinted throughout the show? Maybe. Maybe not. I know people that have watched the show and never even seen a hint of Johnlock and the idea of it is ridiculous to them. I, as a Johnlock shipper, have maybe looked into subtle things that I have considered hints. However, just because I have looked into that and considered it in a Johnlock context does not mean that the show intended for that. For example, I’ve seen the quote from Sherlock in ASiP about girls not being his area being used as an example of Moftiss 'queerbaiting’ thier audience. If you choose to see it as Sherlock saying girls aren’t his thing, guys are, so John and Sherlock should be together then that’s your porogative. Others might see it as Sherlock saying I’m not into people all together. It could even be seen as simply as Sherlock isn’t good around girls. Either way, it’s dependant on the person watching and what they choose to see and what they don’t. What everybody is crying about 'queerbaiting’ I personally believe to be people looking too closely into the show.
Another example I found of this was when I was scrolling through Tumblr after The Six Thatchers was aired and someone had taken a screencap of the bus that John get’s off of while talking to the mysterious 'E’. They had pointed out how the number of the bus was the same as the date that gay marriage became legal in one of the US states (can’t remember now which one). Now maybe Moftiss fully intended to do this or maybe we as fans have become so obsessed with finding the hidden meanings and symbols that we’re looking far too closely into things?

Similarly, I’ve seen people saying that the characters were never Moftiss’s to use like that and they are 'ours’ and we know better.
All I can say to that is don’t be so ridiculous. They are the writers and creators of the show and they can do whatever they want to with it!
Just because we choose to write fanfiction, just because we can draw some fanart, just beause we have different opinions to them does not mean under any circumstances that we know better than they do. We as a fandom are being selfish and choosing to lash out at the writers for what they choose to do with their show. We have no right to get mad for our AU’s not happening or for our ships not happening. That’s what the fandom is for, so that we can create all that and take pleasure from doing it. If Moftiss just gave in and said sure do whatever the hell the fandom say then what would be the point in having a fandom at all? What fanfiction would we write if it was already being showed in the show?
Don’t claim to 'know better’ about their own creation. That’s like somebody taking someone’s new invention and showing it round town, boasting about it and claiming it as their own when they haven’t even read the instruction manual. It’s rude and just makes them look the bigger idiot.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode wasn’t perfect and I have said that I didn’t think this series was as good as series past. There were a few plot holes and the show has definitely taken a more dramatic turn, straying away from the simple 'solve a case’ layout it began with. Yet, that does not warrant the amount of hate and the vile words that I have seen going around.
I have been a huge fan of the show since the first episode and have always taken great comfort in knowing that the fandom was out there and have made so many friends from it but after last night I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be a part of it.

Some of the hate directed mainly towards Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt is absolutely disgusting and I can only hope that they see some of the positive comments coming from the few fans out there who don’t feel the need to completely disrespect the writers, actors and crew of such an amazing show.

I hadn’t intended to go on a rant but last night, after scrolling through the Sherlock tag, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth that had nothing to do with the episode, only the fans.