hint of his face

don’t think about allura deep in thought — eyes focused on a map of constellations before her, brows furrowed, tip of a pencil on her lips, hair tied back except for that one silver strand that’s slipped out of her bun. 

don’t think about shiro checking on her in the middle of the night — finding her in the command room, sighing softly to himself when he sees her standing in the same spot as when he left her two hours ago, slipping his arms around her to embrace her from behind, stepping close against her to catch the little jump she makes when she realizes he’s there.

don’t think about his breath on her neck as he turns his nose toward her, her arm slowly lowering the pencil in her hand down to the table — the hint of a smile stretching over her face as his lips graze the point of her ear as he murmurs,

“hey, princess.”


A/N: Alright, so I realized I never specified this, but I don’t actually feel that comfortable writing sex scenes (in any writing). It’s not because Peter is supposed to be 15, since Tom Holland is 20 years old, but just because I’ve never written smut, so I’m not quite at that level yet. Maybe one day, followers, maybe one day…

#84: “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

#87: “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

Summary: You and Peter have been dating for 6 months and Aunt May leaves the two of you alone.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“It’s like you want to ruin men for me,” you complained, laying on Peter’s bed. He turned to look at you, confused, though you could see the smallest hint of a smile on his face. He had been trying to reach up to the top shelf in his closet and his t-shirt kept riding up, exposing his torso to you. The short sleeves were rolled up, exposing more of his biceps, and you just couldn’t help your wandering eyes.

“Oh, hush,” he laughed, finally grabbing the clothes he’d wanted. Peter bounded over and sat beside you on the bed, fiddling with his phone. You watched him with a soft smile on your lips.

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The living pork cutlet bowl is much better.
—  Viktor Nikiforov, talking about his boyfriend
How Do You Do That

It was late at night; the rain pounding on the rooftop and the storm lighting up the house every once in a while. But you couldn’t care less because, somehow, you found yourself in Thomas Shelby’s bed. You laid there naked, watching his silhouette against the big window as he lit a cigarette. He slowly turned to face you, a hint of a smile playing on his lips as he saw you watching him intently. The way he inhaled the smoke, blowing it back out with ease and inhaling it again through his nostril; normally you’re repulsed by smoking but there was something about the way Thomas did it. It made him look more handsome, if that was even possible. He made it look glamours somehow; something no one else could do. Apparently, you had been looking at him too long.

“What?” He asked in his deep, soothing voice.

“Nothing,” you say, trying to stifle a laugh as you look down at the sheets around you.

“No, really. What?” He demands, starting at you intently as he continues to smoke.

“How do you do that?” You say, captivated by his movements.

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BTS reaction: their idol crush covering the 1975′s “Falling for you” and looking at them

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He’d be pretty flustered tbh. He wouldn’t quite know how to handle it. But I do think he’d write it off as nothing. He’d probably reason that you just wanted to look at someone you know for some kind of security. I feel like he’s a pretty oblivious guy, and he’d need the other guys to tell him that you were clearly hinting at liking him, or you would just come and confess to his face.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He wouldn’t show a reaction on the outside. But on the inside he’d be feeling quite giddy. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from thinking that it maybe meant something. But once the performance is over, he’d be another one to write it off as nothing. Not because he’s oblivious, like Jin, but because he will just refuse to believe any sign he sees right until the moment you confess, just to net get his heart broken by imagining something that isn’t there.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

Confused bby. He wouldn’t write it off as nothing, like his hyungs would. But he wouldn’t quite believe it either. He’d probably be wondering if you had really looked at him, or if it was just wishful thinking on his part. But he’d be more convinced if the members had noticed as well. He wouldn’t do anything about it though.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

His brain would definitely take over, like with Hobi. Like, he knows that when you have a crush, you have a tendency to notice things that aren’t really there. So he’d be kinda afraid that this was something like that. But he’d be pretty convinced that wasn’t the case, and he’d also probably ask the members about it (and let’s be honest, if Namjoon’s got a crush, the members will definitely know about it). If he was sure enough he might bring it up to you, because I do feel like he’d be one of the more forward members when he’s got a crush.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Very surprised and probably pretty giggly. He wouldn’t have the same doubt as his hyungs would, so he would just try to figure out how he should react. He probably wouldn’t act on it, though, as he wouldn’t be 100% sure you meant anything by it.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’d be all giggly. He would probably have 0% doubt that you directed that line at him. And he’d be so happy about it. He’d be blank at first, before starting to smile widely. If there’s one member who’d have the guts to confess after this, it’s him. I’m not sure he would though. He might wait for you to make that move.

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I’m still having Hwarang feels okay

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Shook™. He’d be another to doubt if he had really seen you stare at him. But he’d be lowkey sure he had, and freak out because he wouldn’t know how to react, or if you really meant what he thought you meant. He’d probably need his hyungs to tell him to just confess the next time he sees you.

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You crouched in the corner of the chamber you had been locked in for the past six months, arms wrapped around your knees. The sounds of battle reached your ears dimly through the heavy door: men screaming, swords clashing, footsteps running. Closer and closer they came, until they stopped right in front of the door. The handle shook violently, and then the sound of someone slamming into the door made you scramble to your feet, looking around desperately for a weapon to defend yourself.

Crash! The door gave way and a man stepped in. Tall and bloodsoaked, an axe in his hand, he looked anything but merciful, and your heart sank. As he approached, you pressed your back against the wall and fell to your knees, shutting your eyes tightly. Please, let it be over quickly.

When seconds stretched on and nothing happened, you opened your eyes gingerly. The Viking’s axe was lowered, his free hand outstretched. Although his face was unreadable, there was a hint of kindness in his eyes, and you timidly reached out and took his hand, allowing him to pull you to your feet. After months of imprisonment, even going with a Viking seemed better than what would happen if you stayed. 

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do you think maybe you can write a gerame fic about Ludwig and Alfred being so sickeningly sweet with the public affection? it would be awesome if it was during meetings in front of the other nations :D! i love your writing so much please keep up the amazing work!

“BAAAABBE!” Alfred whines loudly. Loudly even for him, causing a few heads to turn his way followed by the rolling of eyes. Alfred despite their looks can’t fight the smile on his face as he hangs off of Ludwig’s arm. The other has a hand to his face in exhaustion but the smallest hints of a blush are on their cheeks just peeing out.

“Babe please~” Alfred coos even more, jostling Ludwig a little to get his eyes back on him. Clearly like the true center of attention he is, he knows Ludwig is focused on him, barely paying mind to the rest of the attention he is receiving.

“Captain misses you!” He pouts, puffing up his cheeks and practicing his puppy dog eyes. A look he has nearly perfected and with one small glance, like the one Ludwig spares him for just a second, he is able to melt any kind of resolve just by being cute.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt..” Ludwig gives into his pleas for him to spend the weekend in his country since the meeting is being held there. Alfred breaks into a mega watt smile, wrapping Ludwig up even more in a hug and kissing his cheeks over and over and over.

Ludwig simply huffs, trying to look a little less embarrassed than he really is. He hooks an arm around Alfred to help hold him up which only Alfred would be able to tell from their positions that it helps keep them closer.

“Perhaps I could make dinner to make up for your hospitality?” Ludwig coughs into his hand and doesn’t dare lock eyes with Alfred knowing exactly what look is on his face. Alfred does have stars in his eyes, beaming truly, because he knows that Ludwig knows how much he enjoys his cooking. 

“Bloody hell get a room!” Alfred chuckles only mildly sheepish at being affectionate in the middle of a meeting break. He skipped his way over to Ludwig before he could leave and no one else was going anywhere so they all stayed to watch the show that is their relationship.

He shrugs over in Arthur’s direction. Gilbert is snickering with an arm over Arthur’s shoulder and Matthew is nearby shaking his head at the public display. Alfred just waves them off to place a few more extra sloppy and sweet kisses on Ludwig’s cheeks, fully making the German flustered in what Alfred would consider a mission success.

A double success when he tries to go back to his seat but he’s pulled back for a quick kiss where it counts. Ludwig has a red face and lets him go immediately after but Alfred is grinning madly and not even Gilbert’s wolf whistles can make him shy.

First Kiss - Yugyeom (Got7)

Yugyeom and you had been dating for about three weeks now and he was yet to kiss you. You knew he was shy with these types of things but every time you were with him you just longed for his lips on yours. You were currently hanging out with Yugyeom at the boys’ shared apartment. You were both watching a movie. You sat beside each other on the sofa, his hand draped around your shoulders keeping you close to him. In the movie a steamy kiss scene came on which made you look over at Yugyeom. He caught your eye and blushed biting his lip. You looked at his lips and moved your face slowly towards his trying to hint to him what you wanted. 

“Oh um excuse me I have to use the bathroom” He said quickly before getting up and going to the washroom. You sighed and threw your head back closing your eyes in frustration. You heard a chuckle which made you open your eyes. Jackson was by the front door apparently, he had seen your failed attempt to kiss Yugyeom. 

You pouted at him. “Does he not like me?” you asked feeling unsure about everything now. 

Jackson chuckled again coming and sitting by you on the couch.”He likes you a lot trust me.” he responded.

“Then why won’t he kiss me at least? We’ve been dating a few weeks now and he won’t even instigate a simple kiss” you said obviously frustrated by the whole situation.

“Look Y/N honestly you’re going to have to instigate the kiss. Yugyeom is too shy and insecure to do it so up your seduction and take what you want” he advised blatantly. 

You sighed and was about to say something when Yugyeom reentered the room. “Hey JB said we have a last minute rehearsal to go to in ten minutes.” he said. You frowned at his words. He could clearly see the disappointment in your eyes and he pouted at you walking over to you and pulling you into a hug. Jackson left the room to get ready for the rehearsal. “Y/N I’m sorry, I know I promised to hang with you but I promise you as soon as the rehearsal is over I’ll come over to your place ok I promise.” he said smiling down at you hopefully.

“Ok babe” you replied happy that you would get to hang out with him later on and you also decided that you would kiss him when he came to your place. You promised yourself that. 

A few hours later you were in your apartment eating a candy bar and watching some old reruns of your favorite show. You heard a knock on your door and you got excited knowing that it was Yugyeom. You ran over to the door and opened it to a smiling Yugyeom. “Sorry I’m so late” he said apologetically but you didn’t care as long as he was there with you. It was around ten pm. 

“It’s fine” you smiled beckoning him inside and over to the couch. He sat down looking up at you with an adorable smile. You sat beside him not leaving any space for him to move. He chuckled and draped his arm around you just as he had earlier that same day. He began watching what was going on on the television but you were paying attention to him. 

You watched as he cutely laughed at what was going on, the way those lips curled up, gosh you wanted to feel them on your lips right at that moment. You bit your lips staring at him. 

He soon realized that you were looking at him rather than the show and turned to you “Is something wrong?” he asked. You just licked your lips and shook your head, no. He smiled “I’m gonna pop some popcorn k?” he said and you nodded again. He got up and went to your kitchen. You just bit your lip and looked at him walk away. God, you really wanted to kiss him right away. A minute passed and you got the courage to go to the kitchen and take what you wanted as Jackson had so nicely put it.

You entered the kitchen, Yugyeom was standing in front of the microwave waiting for the popcorn to stop popping. He turned slightly when you entered and smiled before turning back to face the microwave. You went and sat on the middle island staring at Yugyeom’s back.

“Oppa” you said softly. He turned to you with bright blushes on his cheeks. You had never called him that before. “Come” you said sweetly. He gulped but did as you said. He took a few steps and he was in front of you. You reached your hands forward grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him in very close. Your lips were mere centimeters apart now. 

“Oppa I really wanna kiss you” you whispered breathing onto his face as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Can I?” You asked. He looked so flustered, his cheeks were so red and he was biting his lip but he nodded giving you permission. 

You tangled a hand in his hair and pulled him in close your lips met and you felt all the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. His lips were soft and moved slowly against yours. Your lips moved together in sync as if you had both kissed before. You slowly parted his lips with your tongue and slipped it into his mouth. He immediately began playing with your tongue with his making you whimper against his lips. Just then the microwave beeped signaling that the popcorn was ready.

You pulled away from the sweet kiss “The pop…” you began but he pulled you in close reattaching his lips to yours. Kissing you slowly and passionately. His hands were on your back and yours in his hair as you kissed. You both kissed for a really long time before pulling away. 

“Wow” he said smiling cheekily at you while you smiled back at him. Sure enough you both had many make out sessions that night, you taking the first step definitely gave him his confidence as he never wanted your lips to part for too long.

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many would say that "isnt that the era where jk pushes jm every single second on cam?" and i was one of them actually cuz i was shipping vm and hm so hard but the thing is..i noticed jk would actually linger around jm and it's quite intriguing cuz it's out of his supposed character, it also crossed my mind that maybe those were their given images just to humor fans. i wouldn't blame the management tbh cuz starting idol groups usually do that until they get comfortable being themselves on camera+

I’m really amazed by ARMY’s observation skills! I usually miss these moments cause I watch them at face value. I’d have to re-watch with fan analysis to notice. Thanks for the reference! I’d check this out ;D 

And I do agree. I think BH had to see which works best for the fans. Members actually gave hints to this process. Like when Jin said once that since his face is handsome, he had to stay quiet to give off a mysterious vibe to his character. I also noticed Jk getting angry when Jimin accused him of calling his hyung a trash in one episode of Run BTS. JK was really upset and Jimin said sorry by giving him the meal flag he was able to get during the games. 

At the end of the day, I think the fans love them for who they are. 

See You Then (Ron x Reader)

summary: ron catches y/n staring and it boosts his ego a little too much.

requested: yeah, tysm :) 

pairing: ron x reader


1.“You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

22. “Stop it.” “What is it that you’d like me to stop?” “Smirking at me like that.” “Like what?“ “… Stop it!”


You hadn’t realized you’d been staring. Or, okay maybe you had, but Ron noticing was the last thing you expected to happen- though to fair, you weren’t exactly being subtle. 

You couldn’t help it. He had a look on his face that hinted that he was concentrating quite hard, though you had no idea what on. Snape was lecturing the class about their lack of any kind of skill, or something along those lines, which wasn’t the kind of thing that required the amount of focus he seemed to be giving it.

His brows were furrowed, and his head was positioned in such a way that you could see how his jaw shifted in tune with his breathing. You were so distracted by this that you didn’t even notice that he had turned towards you, and had remained in that direction for some time- clearly waiting for you to look away. 

 After a minute of mutual staring, the corner of Ron’s mouth turns up into a smirk that you weren’t used to seeing on his face. You feel yourself flush, even before he leans across the aisle. “You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

Your mouth drops open for a second, as you search from some kind of excuse as to why you had been staring at him so intently. “I was just-”

“Mr. Weasley, if you would save your flirting for outside of my classroom.”

Ron straightens up, though the smirk doesn’t leave his face as he sneaks a glance at your still flustered expression. You meet his gaze for a second before forcing your eyes to  Snape, who had continued his rampage, now adding in a part about the “obvious disrespect that was being shown in his classroom.”

You didn’t even have to look to know that Ron’s smirk was still there. “Stop it.” you whisper, when Snape has his back turned to the two of you. 

He arches an eyebrow at you, a look of feigned innocence plastered on his face. “What is it that you’d like me to stop exactly?”

“Smirking at me like that.” you shoot back, even though you knew he knew exactly what you meant. 

His smirk only widens. “Like what?”

“…Stop it!” your voice unintentionally raises a few octaves, drawing the attention of the surrounding classmates. You feel your blush grow as you shrink in your seat, completely ready for the bell to ring. 

“You seem to be awfully flustered over someone you once said reminded you of a rodent.”

“We were thirteen.” you scowl at him. “And I’m not flustered.”

“Really? Have you just run a marathon then? Because you’re cheeks are quite red.”

You shoot him a look, deciding that perhaps talking wasn’t the smartest thing for you to do at the current moment, as you were only seeming to prove his point. 

Eventually, the bell does ring, though it takes much longer than you would’ve liked. You’re fully prepared to sprint towards the door, but Ron stops you before you even have time to pull out your chair. “So…” he fiddles with your quill, and you watch him, despite that being the very thing that was the cause of your class-long embarrassment. “What are you doing this weekend?”

Your heart flutters, and for a moment you’re afraid he heard it. “Not sure… Why?”

“Well, I was thinking we could hang out… If you’re free, that is?”

“Hang out how?” you ask carefully, not wanting to get the wrong idea.

Clearly that was the right thing to say, because his cocky smirk reappears. “Like a date, I suppose.” 

“Oh. U-Um yeah. I’m free I guess.”

He looks at you for another second, his eyes seeming to be searching for something in yours, before grinning- a genuine grin this time. He takes a step back  from your desk, setting down your quill. “Alright, cool. See you then, Y/N.”

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Oopsie! *IMAGINE* #TenEdition {Requested}

Ten scenario, where you guys were being too loud last night and the next day your kids asks you about it?! Haha thanks!! ♡”

Here you go anon! :)

Originally posted by taeyonggi

“Mommy, was daddy hurting you last night?”

You almost spilt your coffee and you could hear Ten choke on his toast, as you all sat down as a family for breakfast.

“What did you ask me sweetie?” You asked your 4 year old, hoping that you had heard her wrong.

“Last night!” Your 6 six year old son chimed in. “I could barely sleep! It sounded like you were dying mommy, and you kept screaming daddy’s name over and over again.”

You shot a meaningful look at Ten but he was trying to avoid you by looking down at his plate, with just a hint of an amused smile on his face.


“Umm I’m fine, I…I fell out of the bed and daddy helped me get off of the floor.” You said in a rush, hoping that that your answer would quell their curiosity.

“Well if you fell…” Your daughter continued “Why did you keep screaming “More! More!”

“Yeah!” Your son added “You even said “Faster!” and  “Please don’t stop!”

You went 50 shades of red and you could hear Ten chuckling softly, obviously getting a kick out of your shame.

He was so going to pay for all of this later.

You took a big breath and cleared your throat.

“We were watching a movie too, about race horses and I was cheering for them!”

This time Ten laughed loudly and you promised inwardly to kill him as soon as the kids were out of sight.

“Okay, but was Big Daddy a name of one of the horses? Because you said that to–”

“BREAKFAST IS OVER!” You shouted abruptly, standing up and taking their plates. “Go get ready for school!”

Your two kids groaned and ran to their rooms, and a silence fell over the table.

“Babe.” Ten began, standing up from his chair and coming over to talk to you.

“Nope, I don’t want to hear it!” You screamed, trying to side step him to get away.

Ten caught you by your waist and pulled you closer.

He leaned down low and spoke softly in your ear.

“Tell me more about Big Daddy the horse.” He whispered.

“Aughh!!” You yelled slapping his chest and running away as he fell over laughing behind you.

Sometimes it kinda sucked being married to a grown up 5 year old.

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Colors (Part 9)  [Min Yoongi X Reader]

Genre: Mafia Au/ Angst (M)

Warning: Violence

Word count: 4000

Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7- Part 8 - Part 10

Originally posted by koreanmusicfan

                                              Part 9 : Family

Bright green hair and deep dark hollow eyes, it was too contrasting.

He looked serene yet fierce at the same time

His eyes said it all. Words were irrelevant.

It was undeniable that the way Min Yoongi presented himself was formidable, even when you could see blood all over him.

Min Yoongi painted himself red with such finesse that it didn’t look like murder but ‘Art

Staring at his face and you could only wonder “who are you really Min Yoongi?”

Namjoon sat in front of us with an ice pack pressed to his left cheek, his already plumped lips looked swollen and yet he smiled ear to ear while staring at Yoongi. On the other hand, Yoongi showed no hint of emotion on his face. No anger or disdain, any kind of remorse or concern he had in his eyes for you about 10 minutes ago was thrown out the window the minute Namjoon had left you two alone in the room.

“What did you tell him about us?” Yoongi had questioned you with bitterness in his mouth.

At first, you didn’t understand the question but then it clicked. You weren’t his first concern obviously; his people were his first concern.

“Nothing. I told him nothing” you had replied with a little hitch in your throat.

“If I come to know that you’ve told him anything about us. I swear to god y/n, Namjoon would be the least of your concern” Yoongi had said without even looking at you.

It’s okay, you’re safe now.

What a load of bullshit!

“Why are you even here?”  You asked with  utter confusion. You failed to understand Min Yoongi, one moment he came running to save you and in another, he was threatening to do the worst to you.

“Because, I like coming here to meet Namjoon every once in a while. To discuss news, weather, politics over coffee.. Why you think?” Yoongi had replied rolling his eyes.

“I never asked you to come here so you don’t have to be such an ass-”

“Try being a little grateful for once. If I was a little late Namjoon would’ve already chewed you up and spit you out. If you were lucky you would be dead.. If not..”

“But you’re the reason why all this is happening?” you muttered.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You did this. You’re the reason why all of this is happening. Taehyung was the one who stole Namjoons guns; you were the one who put me in that room for a month for no damn reason. My only fault was I went on a date with Yungjae”

Yoongi looked at you in some kind of disbelief.

“So don’t blame me for the incompetence in your own men. You keep finding faults in others have you ever tried looking in the mirror?”

“You’ve got galls to say that. Seeing where you’re standing right now. You’re making me regret my decision by the second.”

“Then you shouldn’t have come. What difference would it really make? If I’m here with Namjoon or there with you. You’re both just like each other..”

Yoongi’s expression changed into a grim one as he glared at you angrily

“Did I hit a nerve? It’s true Yoongi! Flip the coin and see it for yourself. You won’t be able to tell the difference, I know I can’t”

“Don’t test my patience y/n, not right now. You won’t like it”

The room went still for a moment until you heard the sound of door opening.

“You haven’t changed a bit have you hyung? Still the same! 4 years and nothing changed except your hair. I liked your natural hair more, though. ” Namjoon said in a Joyful tone.

Yoongi shifted a bit in the seat and crossed his legs over one another.

“I could say the same for you. You’re still as fucked up as you were 4years ago. Maybe a bit more!”

Namjoon smiled widely and put the ice pack down on the table.

“I miss those days. Things weren’t so complicated back then. Back then we were family..”

“‘Remember, ‘We’ were family. Weren’t we hyung? Until you found a new one and threw your brothers out”

“Oh yeah, I threw you out.” Yoongi said with no interest “but you left out the part where you killed a 14year old boy brutally for no reason”

“15,” Namjoon said biting his lower lips, “I think he was 15”

“What does it matter? He’s still dead and you killed him.”

“oh, c’mon hyung! I can’t believe you’re still stuck on that. It has been 4 fucking years! Get over it already”

“He was a part of our family”

“He was a TRAITOR”

“HE WAS MY BROTHER!” Yoongi’s loud voice startled you “Jungkook was my brother. And you killed him.”

“Not your blood brother hyung. You and I were more brothers than you and Jungkook. You thought he was just a kid but he was giving out information-“

“I only spared your pathetic life because I owed you one or else I wouldn’t have flinched before shooting you right in the head”

There was pin drop silence in the room. Namjoon gasped and placed a hand on his chest

“Ouch, that hurt. ” he said mockingly and laughed. “Hyung let the bygones be bygones.. We met after 4years and this is what we’re talking about?”

And then his eyes found you.

“-Oh! So silly of me, between all this talking I had totally forgotten miss. y/n was in this room too”  Namjoon grinned.

Hearing your name from his mouth was enough to make your eyes go wide.

“Tell me hyung.. What makes her so special that you came running all the way just to save her life?” Namjoon asked Yoongi with a sly grin.

“I didn’t come here to save her life,” Yoongi said uncrossing his legs and sitting straight.

“Huh. Interesting.. You don’t care about her yet you risked your own precious life for her?”

“Who said I’m risking my life?”

“You came here all alone; they took your gun outside. I could kill you right now? What’s stopping me from doing that?”

“Let me explain it to you, you have your control over east area. And I have control over both west and north. It doesn’t take much to do the math and tell that I have an upper hand here. So kill me and it will rage a war among quarters. You lack manpower and backup too. Since I’m the one who has been paying a shit load of taxes to that pig Young-shin. I have his and my men posted around almost, everywhere.”

“After I die, Jimin will take over my place instantly. And you know Jimin better than I do. How many of your men has he killed alone?”So, take out your gun and shoot me. I dare you. And Once you’re done digging my grave, start digging yours too, Joonie” Yoongi smiled and you saw the hesitation peeking on Namjoons face. He pondered for a while before speaking up

“You got me there,” Namjoon said scratching the back his neck with his hand.

“But that still doesn’t answer my question, hyung.

-why are you here really here?”

“To carry out on our ‘deal’. Why else?”

“50” Yoongi scoffed “I don’t even give 50% to Young shin and more than half my men are actually his men. If I gave him a little more he would start cleaning the dishes at our place”

You sat beside Yoongi without saying a word. As long as your life wasn’t on stake you couldn’t care less.

“35% of everything. Drugs, money, guns. Everything. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal” Namjoon said rubbing his lower lip with his thumb.

“25% for next 5years”

“Unacceptable” Namjoon mouthed

“Then don’t accept it and I’ll leave” Yoongi shrugged.

You saw the conflicted look on Namjoons face.

“On top of that I’ll make sure Taehyung never steps his foot in this place . I can guarantee you if he ever does it again, I’ll hand him over to you myself.”

“Fine” he said with his head nodding up and down. “Fine. But if you ever fuck up this deal Yoongi.. You’ll regret it big time. Now, Get out of here! And keep your dogs at bay”

Yoongi smirked, got up from his chair and straightened his coat.

“And you yours. I’m happy we could come to a mutual agreement. I hope to never see you again Joonie”

That was it. Everything was done. Nothing bad happened. It was over, no one died. You would get to go home now. You were still sitting on your chair, lost in your thoughts when a hand slid under arm and you scooped you up.

“What are you waiting for? You want me to give you a piggy back ride?” you shook your head “Then walk!” Yoongi said before dragging you along with him towards the door. You were almost there when..

“Yah yah! What is this?” Namjoons voice halted Yoongi’s footstep stopping him dead on track.  Yoongi sighed and turned around and let go of your arm.

“Wae? What is it now?”

“I completely forgot to mention a very important part of this agreement.”

“We already went over everything, didn’t we?”

“Not everything hyung.. Not ‘everyone’.” Namjoon smirked while eyeing you standing beside Yoongi.

No, no. No Yoongi wouldn’t let it happen. He can’t let this happen. This can’t be happening. Suddenly you were gripping his arm. Nails digging into his clothed skin. One hand tightly gripping the back of his overcoat.

“I want the girl Yoongi, hand her over to me and seal the deal. I will keep her alive, for now. I promise.”

To your surprise, Yoongi only gave out a shrilled laugh. He removed your hand from his arm and pulled you in front of him.

“As expected, so pathetic of you Joonie!” he curled his one arm around your neck and placed his chin on top of your head.

“But I guess you’ve always been like that, always a pathetic little scum. Even when we were little, you wanted everything I had. You wanted my Books, my toys and then we grew up and you wanted my guns and then my position..

-And  Now you want her? Wae?”

Yoongi gently pushed your hair back from your shoulder and tilted your head a little so he had access of your neck and pressed his cold lips on the side of your neck all the while his eyes never left Namjoons face.

Because she is mine” Yoongi whispered in your neck, smiling. His hot breath fanning your face as he placed another kiss on your temple.

“Sorry Joonie but you can’t have her. You can’t have anything that is mine. You only get what I give to you. And you only get when you beg and plead. Like you’re supposed to you pathetic little shit”

And then Namjoon was red and angry walking towards Yoongi, Yoongi pushed you away and Namjoon pushed Yoongi against the wall with full force, his hands around yoongi’s collar.

“Let’s see how you talk when all your teeth are on the floor! HYUNG” Namjoon said before punching Yoongi straight on the cheek. Yoongi stumbled and got back up. He licked the blood on his lips with the tip of his tongue.

And just like that they were both on the floor. Punching, kicking, chocking as you watched in horror.

Yoongi was on top of Namjoon, punching him.

And then they reversed and Namjoon was on top.

He punched and punched and punched until Yoongi’s mouth was glistening red.

“Stop” you whispered “Please stop” but he wouldn’t stop. Yoongi looked lifeless.

“Stop! Please stop you’re killing him! Stop it!” you screamed and Namjoons closed fist stopped mid air as he turned towards you and smiled and you back paddled.

His hands were quick to grab the back of your hair and pull you forward.

He made you stand up and walked you towards Yoongi who was trying to get up.

“Such is your love for her hyung! You were right.. Maybe I can’t have her. You won’t give her to me” he threw you across the room.

“But that doesn’t mean i can’t have some of her” Namjoon said while laughing like in a deranged manner.

“Stop. You fucking piece of-” Namjoon was quick to shut him up By kicking him right in the stomach with full force. Yoongi curled up like a ball in pain.

“That’s a goal” Namjoon said wiping the blood from his face with his palm. And then he started walking towards you.

“It’s only going to get worst if you fight it sweetheart”

“Get off of me!” you screamed when his legs were around your torso. You were screaming and crying calling out for help.

You screamed for your mother

And then you screamed for help

You tried to kick and punch and you cried

And after sometime you realized you were only screaming for Min Yoongi.

“Stop it..” you heard his raspy voice “Stop it Namjoon.” He stood with his one hand on his stomach. Breathing heavily.

Namjoon removed his hands from your shoulders and looked at Yoongi

“You’re still fighting for her.” He said getting off of you. “Must be true love.. What else could be the reason?” Namjoon chuckled.

“ “Love bleeds you dry until the red organ ceases to beat” such a beautiful quote and so honest!  Will she be the death of you? Min Yoongi, the biggest mafia boss, feared by everyone and a king to so many, dies fighting for a girl? Sounds odd! Unrealistic. Doesn’t it? ”  

The room was filled with your soft sobs, Namjoons laugh and Yoongi’s heavy breathing.  

“Anyways, Let’s continue shall-“ Namjoon stopped mid sentence.

“What are smiling about?”

You looked at Namjoon and then at Yoongi who was grinning, a gummy smile carved on his face.

And then he started laughing, Giggling, he was cracking up.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Namjoon looked clueless “WHY THE FUCK ARE LAUGHING LIKE THAT HUH?”

“You think I came here unprepared. How stupid do you think I’m?” Yoongi stood straight and looked at Namjoon whose face only went milky pale.

“I had already told jin hyung that I’m coming here and we made a plan. As I had said before I have my men posted, everywhere. The plan was if I don’t come out of this place in 3hours.. They would come in”

“It has been, exactly, 3 hours and 10mins since I stepped in and they could come in any moment-“

And then there was a loud BOOM! You could hear loud screaming and sound of machine guns.

“Now..Oh I guess they’re here.. You better tuck your tail in and run Joonie! You fucked up big time now.”  Yoongi smiled and bit his lips.

“I’m going to fucking kill you Yoongi!” Namjoon gritted his teeth in anger and took out the gun from underneath his belt.

“I’m right here. And by the way, our deal is over”

There was a loud banging on the door. A man opened the door looking bewildered

“Namjoon we need to go. Now! These people are fucking butchers. Our men are dropping like flies..”

“You’re going to pay for this hyung” Namjoon said before giving one last dirty look to Yoongi and fleeing out the door in a hurry.

You could still hear the loud noises of gun fire outside, it was too loud so you placed both your palms on your ear and tried to block out the noise.

“It’s too loud..” you said. “It’s so loud. Make it stop, make it stop” you cried and squeezed your eyes shut.

You could hear someone calling out a name.

Someone was calling out your name.




You opened your eyes and found Yoongi’s face in front of you. He was shaking you frantically by the arm


Y/N! Are you listening?”

You nodded your head.  He removed his overcoat and placed it around your shoulders since you were shaking like crazy.

“Y/n! I have to go.” No! He’s leaving you here. He can’t leave you here. You started shaking your head “Please..No don’t leave me here”

“I have to go for now y/n, are listening to me?” his hands were cupping your cheeks “just Listen to me. I can’t take you outside. Not right now. It’s too dangerous.”

You were still moving your head saying “No- no” repeatedly.

“You can’t leave me here. Please take me with you I wanna get out of here please-“

“Hey y/n, look at me. Just look at me alright. Calm down. I’m not leaving you here” he moved his hand to the back and gently pushed your head in so your forehead was against his shoulder.  

“You just need to listen to me carefully alright” he whispered in your ear “I’m going to leave you here for now. I can’t take you outside, it’s too dangerous. I won’t be able to protect you. I need find Hoseok and Jimin. I need find a gun”

His hand found your back and gently rubbed it.

“You have to stay here. I’ll come back for you after sometime, I promise.. Don’t scream or make a noise. Just hide behind the desk until I come back.”

“Please..” you pleaded while tear drops soaked his shirt wet as you held onto him tightly “I just want to go home”

“Don’t worry.. After all of this, you can go home..”

“I’ll come back for you” that’s all Yoongi had said before leaving you in the room all alone.

He promised you he would come back and you trusted him wholeheartedly. Yet, a small voice inside of you was screaming on top of its lungs.

“He’s not coming back! You’re dead. You’re dead. YOU’RE DEAD!”

But you didn’t have any other choice. Sitting behind the table, you held onto his coat tightly while still shivering underneath it, rocking back and forth with your hands pressed to your ears trying to shut the noise out.

“He said he would come back..” you told yourself again and again.

Time was passing away and the noises outside were starting to die down.

He said he would come back

You were starting to think otherwise..

Why would he come back? And that even, for you?

What if he never comes back? You can’t sit here all day waiting for him. He could’ve just left you. If Namjoon has left the place you could leave too.  

So you got up and slowly started to make your way towards the door.

You hand moved towards the door knob, feeling the cold metallic handle underneath your palm, you took a deep breath and moved it when suddenly the door flung opened, almost hitting you in the face. And Yoongi stood in front of you.

It was a ghastly site; he didn’t look like the person who had left the room minutes ago.

He was breathing heavily. Both his hands were covered in blood; there was blood on his white shirt and blood splatter on his face too. Yoongi was covered in some much blood and most it wasn’t even his.  Well some of it was his, you could see the wound. The gun shot on his shoulder. He held his palm over it.

You backed away seeing him like that.    

“I said I would come back. C’mon lets go” he said before grabbing your wrist with his bloody hand and dragging you outside.

It was then that you saw the horror laid out on your way. Bodies of men, piled up. Limp and broken and bloody.  Everywhere. Someone of them looked too young.. Blood was everywhere, on the floor, on the wall. Did Yoongi do this?

They are all butchers.

He dragged you along with him somewhere, you didn’t know, you didn’t care. And then he stopped for an instance and leaned against the wall. His face scrunching in agony.


“I’m fine. I just need a minute”  Yoongi mumbled

“you can lean on me.. c’mon-“

“I said IM FINE” Yoongi hissed at you through his teeth.

“You’re not fine. You’re injured and bleeding. It’s better to lean on me now. If you faint on the way I won’t be able to pick you up” you argued “So please”

He looked up at you and placed his one arm around your shoulder.

“Where are we supposed to go?” you asked

“I’ll tell you the way.. just walk” Yoongi said standing up straight.

You  walked and walked, crossing different hallways and opening different doors. Until you saw a big door which looked like the main entrance of the building. You started swiftly walking towards it, with the limp Min Yoongi still on your shoulders when suddenly Yoongi stopped.

You looked at him in confusion.

“C’mon we have to go. The exit is right there!” You said with eagerness. Yoongi removed his hand from your shoulder and stood straight.

“I have to find Hoseok and Jimin”


Jimin was here too. You needed to see him too; you had a lot of questions to ask.

“You can see them later. We need to leave you’re shot-”

“There’s a car key in the inside pocket of the coat. Take the car and get out of here”

“Go wherever you want to go, go home. After that, leave the car in some secluded place. If I find any kind of damage to my car I’ll find you and I’ll kill you y/n” Yoongi said and turned around.

You grabbed his arm, the un-wounded one, and he looked at you in surprise.

“You’ll bleed out here. You can find Hoseok and Jimin later on. First you need to see a doctor-”

“You’re really daft aren’t you? I just gave you my car and your freedom. Just Get out of here before I change my mind” Yoongi said and turned again but you nudged at his arm and he pushed it away.

“What is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with you huh? You’re going to bleed out here! Then all of this” you said while pointing at the dead bodies lying around at your feet. “All of this will be for nothing..”

“And I’m only doing this because i owe you one. You saved my life, even if you were the one who put it in danger in the first place. So I’m saving yours”

Yoongi looked at you with some kind of amazement. His eye brows shot up.

“I know why you want to meet Jimin and Hoseok. Because you think you’re going to die. Well guess what, you’re not dying. Not now Not until you answer some of my questions. And I’ll take you out of this goddamn place even if I have to drag you out by your stupid hair!”

Yoongi had only scoffed and said “This kid..” before grabbing your wrist and walking towards door with you.

“I have an extreme urge to punch you right now for your stupidity. You’re lucky i don’t hit women. Now drive”

He said just before getting inside the car.


When you were in that room and Jimin had come to meet you the first time he had said something important to you. You hadn’t understood it back then, but now it was clear to you.

We know what we have to do to survive through the worst

Worst was always in front of you and yet you had survived.

Survived with Yungjae

Survived in the room

And now you’ve survived Namjoon.

“Why?” Yoongi laughed and then his face pinched in pain “Maybe because I’m just a daft as you are!”

You understood it now. What Jimin had meant when he said he was a survivor. You saw it with your own eyes at Namjoons place.  You didn’t need guns or fighting skills.

“Why did you save my life Yoongi?” you asked more softly now with tears still rolling down your cheeks.

You only needed him.

“i don’t know..” Yoongi said quietly his eyes still stuck to yours.

You could never get out of this hell, not now. Not anymore, since you’re already so deep inside. Namjoon would find you..Only thing you could do now is learn to live inside of it.

We all get used to the darkness, if we don’t it consumes us

You moved your hand to Yoongi’s cheek as you leaned your forehead against his.

“Y/n what are you doing?” Yoongi gulped.

He was cold and damp, he smelled of blood. He was dying.

“I don’t know..” you mouthed just before pressing your lips against his.

You hated min Yoongi with every inch of your body. Yet when it happened it didn’t feel wrong or right.

His lips were cold and yours were burning up so melted into each other easily. Your hands flew to his neck and you felt his pulse vibrating underneath your touch. Yoongi pulled away and you caught him with your lips and just like that you had him.

His hands were in your hair, your face burning up both in pain and adrenaline. You tasted blood, his blood or your blood you couldn’t register. You didn’t care. You felt his tongue swipe your lower lips and a smile graced your face.

You needed Min Yoongi to survive in this.

You saw what he could do at Namjoons place. He had the power and you wanted it.

He had a family and you wanted all of it

You knew what you had to do to survive through the worst.

Yoongi hissed and broke the kiss and fell back on his seat. By the time you pulled away you were breathless.

“Yoongi just stay with me. We’re going home” you said with a small smile just before starting the car.

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[12 am, 15 Feb 2017. London.]

‘Tis a quiet night on Baker Street. The flat at 221B is one consulting detective short of its normal occupants.

[7 pm , 14 Feb 2017. New York City.]

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Atlantic, a small, dark-haired figure sits by the window in a brightly-lit living room. The intensity of his gaze as he scans the street outside is truly remarkable for a boy this young.

Something he sees brings a sparkle of triumph to his blue eyes, which he immediately narrows, as if to assess whether the subject in question has fulfilled his expectations. The outcome is apparently positive, earning a toothy grin from him.

But any hint of mischief on his face is gone as quickly as it appeared, and within an instant he has switched to a neutral expression as he steals a glance at his mother, relieved to find her attention still casually fixed on her book.

A few moments later, the doorbell rings behind him. The boy beams. He bounces to his room as his mother stands from the sofa to get the door.

He will greet their guest the next morning.

i’ll never be over the “who would you like to be your valentine if you could have anyone in the world?” not only bc harry turns to louis and says “you” but bc of the sincerity of it?? harry is completely serious when he says it. there’s not even a hint of a joke in his voice or on his face like it’s almost too intimate to even watch and i’ve cried about it for the past five years and i’ll keep crying about it