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“He said that you’d never amount to much. You didn’t even pass you Sergeant’s exam.”

Bath Bombs

Stiles is stressed about finals and decides to try out the bath bomb that Lydia gave him in his ‘study pack’.

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He had been standing there for a while now, staring down at the bathtub full of steamy water.

Stiles looked from the bath to the small letter in one hand: a note that Lydia had written him.

            Maybe this will help you relax.

            You’ll ace your finals, there’s no doubt about that, so stop worrying and take a break.

            The lavender has a calming affect that should help curb your anxiety and the petals are for a touch of flamboyance.

                    Spoil yourself.

                    Love always,



Stiles sighed and turned his attention to the monstrosity in his other hand. It was a smooth round ball with a chalky white surface, interrupted only by the small hole at the top that revealed the small collection of white rose petals, sprigs of lavender, buds and leaves.

Across the white surface were hints of dyed colour: little touches of blue and purple that curled about the circumference.

Stiles set the note down on the counter and knelt down by the edge of the bath tub. He reached over and lowered the bath bomb into the water slowly, watching as it erupted into brilliant colour. Foaming waves lapped at each other as they spread across the water’s surface while spirals of blue and violet colouring diffused and swirled through the water. The petals, flower buds and leaves drifted across the surface, creating whirling patterns through the lightly coloured foam.

Stiles watched on in awe as the bath bomb dissolved. Once it was gone and the water settled slightly, he stripped off his clothes and climbed into the bathtub. The coloured water pooled around his pale limbs, the petals tickling his skin as he sank into the water.

He settled into the warmth, letting out a heavy sigh as he felt his body melt into the water.

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Colour Theme Meme - Cancer + Shinomiya Kojirou requested by @csdump

Imagine Enjolras going to his favourite coffee shop every day, in a rush because he has to go to work and he’s already late and he isn’t a morning person, not at all, and he just needs his caffeine. And sometimes, he caches a hint of colour in the edge of his vision, but he never pays attention to it. Until one day.

It’s a sunday so he was able to sleep in and now he’s supposed to meet Combeferre at the coffee shop around lunch time. His friend is not yet there when Enjolras arrives so he looks for a table and sits down, really looking around for the first time since he comes to this coffee shop. And his eyes widen more and more.

There are paintings at the wall - the Eiffel tower at night, a full moon shining above it, a lady with a bright yellow umbrella in an otherwise grey and empty street, a close up of a violin, a field of flowers in soft colours… Enjolras looks at all of the paintings, and oh, how he loves them. It is as if the artist is sharing their way of seeing the world, offering the viewer to see a glimpse of it through their eyes, and Enjolras is amazed. He finds extraordinairy beauty in every one of them, but he quickly has a favourite: it’s a drawing of the Seine covered by one of her old stone bridges, soft outlines hinting at the city of Paris in the background, everything illuminated by a soft spring sun.

“You seem quite interested in the paintings”, a voice suddenly says and pulls Enjolras out of his thoughts. He turns around in his chair to see a man looking down at him; unreadable grey eyes, wild dark curls.

“Yes, I love them!”, he answers enthusiasticly.

The stranger raises an eyebrow, shakes his head and fixes his gaze at his shoes.

“Nah, they’re not that good.”

“Excuse me? They are amazing!”

Enjolras does his best to not get angry; he wanted to have a nice calm sunday morning, and he discovered some beautiful drawings, that’s good, he should be happy, but really, who does this man think he is to critizise these pieces of art?

To his surprise, the stranger is smiling now.

“Thank you”, it’s barely a whisper and Enjolras gets even more confused. His missing understanding must be showing at his face because the stranger opens his mouth again.

“Well, they’re mine, you know. Like, I painted them.”

For a moment, Enjolras is speechless; he’s just looking at this person who created such beauty, and then they’re talking, and somehow, he realizes that he wouldn’t be too angry if Combeferre would be a few minutes late for their meeting…

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Viktor Nikiforov | Yuri!!! on ICE

no ihan tiedoksi
sinä jäät nyt mun vangiksi
voi luoja, oon kaivannut sua niin

(Rough translation for the lyrics I quoted: well just so you know / you are my captive now / oh god how I’ve longed for you)

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Love that its Harriet. Love that Cain is involved. Love that Aaron is wearing a hint of the colour that is usually Roberts. Love that Robert is actually putting up decs. Weirdly, I like that its in their first home even if it is the pub. The police bit and the naysayers can bog right off but gosh, I am EXCITED!

It couldn’t have been anyone other that Harriet. And Cain getting involved, I am living for this (I am also longing for some Cain and Robert). Aaron looks lovely (and so happy and in love). Robert is just the cutest. I wasn’t too keen on it being the pub but now I’ve seen the photos, I honestly don’t care where it is. I can not wait

until i die again because Aaron is taken away *cries*

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now that you have seen kisumi and encountered the holy trinity, im requesting if you could draw the holy trinity as the pretty boys they are

they look like a boy band im crying

“You will never get away from me~”
:: quote from lyrics ‘Confrontation’ – Jekyll and Hyde ::

To fofosenpai! I’m just so happy that now my cousin has grown obsessed over Bipper and I can finally share my obsession with!! >8C

Thanks Fo ◉u◉



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I found an almost pure albino betta, she has no color in her tail or skin at all, her eyes are white but dont have the red :( idk what to call her coloration but shes amazing

Hi, there. :)

Is she almost more peachy in the flesh? It’s likely she isn’t albino but cellophane. A nice find, though! Cellophanes are pretty darn cute.

Here is an example of a cellophane:

[Image source]

If she’s much more on the white side, it’s possible you do have a white betta (but not albino). True white bettas, opaque white, won’t change colour. If there’s even a hint of colour along with the white, you’re likely to see the betta change colours.

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I’m back. It seems like I was gone for an eternity and I’m sorry for that. But heeey, I hope this one makes up for it. Tell me what you think pleeeaaaseee, don’t leave me hanging.

Request: reader is super punk rock and goth n stuff, like has piercings, tattoos, hair dye, etc. and they’re into mcr. they introduce bucky to welcome to the black parade and he gets emotional and wow look it’s his new favourite song

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She is everything she isn’t supposed to be.

In a world full of neon lights and bright colours that look unnatural, she’s a welcoming exception. A sight that Bucky embraces gladly when he lands eyes on her.

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