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Windenburg University (Fan Made SP)

Well, it’s time for you to know more about the progress the team made this past few days. First of all, I wanted to thanks all the creative and talented simmers who’ve joined this project : @crazycatladysims, @zx-ta, @vivificus-zombiae, @haziesims, cynthiaaplays and @leafpool2014 ! We’re trying our best to deliver a good amont of content for you guys and we’ll keep you update pretty often.

So, what we’ve done since last time ? We’ve opened a group chat to discuss the direction this pack will take and the atmosphere we wanted.

In addition of the cc-free campus itself, the pack will offer multiple custom contents options : furnitures, a set of poses, hairs and hoodies. Maybe we’ll have more but it’s still in discussion.

Here are the swatches we’ll dig for the outfits line :

Oh, and there’s also some fantastic TS2 conversions !

And a hair collection for male and female ! *o*

So, are you excited ? Because we are !


All in the video~

Emir Timur, Hindistan'ın tamamen kontrolünü sağladıktan sonra, İslam'a davet hutbeleri okutmuştu. Özellikle batıl inanca sahip, ateşe tapan Hint kabileleri bu duruma şiddetle karşı çıkarak, İslam dinini rencide edici faaliyetlerde bulunuyordu. Timur bir grup askeriyle bu kabilenin bulunduğu mevkiye gitti ve askerlerinden ne kadar ateşe tapan kişioğlu varsa yakalanıp bağlamalarını istedi. Daha sonra onları Hintlilerin kutsal kabul ettikleri Ganj nehrinin kıyısına getirdi ve şöyle dedi:
“Siz ateşin sizi koruduğuna ve kurtarıcınız olduğuna inanıyorsunuz. Bu su bile ateşin üstesinden gelecek kudrettedir. O halde şimdi sizi bu suya atalım, bakalım o kudretli ateşiniz sizi kurtaracak mı?”

Timur'un emri ile askerler yakaladıkları hintlileri suya attı. Hepsinin boğularak can vermesi üzerine Timur: “Tek yaratıcı Allah-u tealadır. Onun dini yeryüzünün efendisidir” diyerek, Hindistan halkının müslümanlaşmasına vesile olmuştur


All in the video~

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It tried but I couldn't figure it out. I felt like I was close though. I was like screenshoting photos, playing around with different brightnesses on my phone, and like seeing if there was a secret message every time there was a blank part like the words that occured at those times lmao.

Alright, so I’ll explain it (maybe as reference for the other ones)

The secret message was not meant by something written on it, but by interpretation of the characters’ emotions and acting 

now here it is (it’s my first time to put any, if something isn’t clear you can private message me oo:)

I mentioned that Drew despited Aiden, that they wanted them out of their sight.
Do you know why?

they fear them
Drew here wasn’t aware of the possibility of getting killed if far from them, but deep inside they were aware that their life was under Aiden’s wing

Just look when they start to overthink as soon they touch them

or when Aiden’s mood got altered

Aiden here didn’t do anything to them, but since Drew thinks too much they were sure that Aiden was a bad fellow and that their intentions where mostly bad

more than secret message, it’s just a hint of Drew’s thoughts (since I always said they overthink but never said about what)
It’s pretty confusing I know, indeed it was my first try and I did this as a vent in the end

I just hope you’ll like this analysis haha