hint hint this is a joke for those that don't know

dan and phil play yasuhati don't stop eighth note: a summary

danandphilgames sad musical notes

47 seconds in and dan is already getting his daily fix of phil staring in

seriously look at that smile

dan mate there’s a camera in front of you how about smiling at us

he’s transfixed

oh no he just acknowledged the camera for a second it’s fine

back to staring at phil

oh now phil’s staring back at him

is this softcore porn

phil is giving some serious hand porn that i know for sure

dan has no time for the slow motion ‘dan vs phil’ meme

“all i know is that’s cute” if you close your eyes it’s easy to imagine dan saying that and pointing at phil

“don’t nose it” “i’ve nosed it”

“you’ve just got the tape on your nose, it’s going to have phil pore dust all over the tape now” “there’s no dust on my pores!” better comebacks phil better comebacks

they’ve just started the game and i already feel sorry for their neighbours

no wonder the dog wondered into their flat it probably thinks they’re in trouble all the bloody time

dan saying literally,,, it’s been a while

whispering oh is this doing anything for you asmr loving folk do you have a nice satisfying tingle

dan’s first attempt and he kills the character wow symbolic

seriously i feel really sorry for the neighbours

forget the lady that’s always having sex in the apartment below she probably thinks dnp like it rough every day holy shit

why is phil so vocal like dan’s high pitches are to be expected but,,,,,, deep voice phil please stick around

“imagine being sat next to a train and someone was just playing this next to you”

dan called him out on it

“thomat the tank engine”

suggestive thomas the tank engine edits ok i wonder who edited this vid the mind truly boggles

“i love thomat the tank engine” yes phil drag him to the pits of hell

dan can’t handle being called out can he

why are they just saying oh

“i’d like to see your failure” i love phil

“i’ve got a tickly voicebox”

see i’m glad i had time to prepare for dan’s piercing scream this time

“our neighbours are going to call the police” i think your neighbours are going to call a counsellor

watch phil as dan moves the character along he’s so invested and so animated

he wants dan to succeed you can see it in his eyes

“this is so tense” he acknowledges the camera before going back into supportive bf mode

i feel like dan should tackle opera he has the voice volume capacity

rip headphone users

phil makes sure to tell us dan has hit 100

“everything’s fine” dan says after deafening more than half of his audience

phil is still very much in supportive bf mode

“i’m the freaking best at this and i was trying to be mildly entertaining” deafening me is not entertaining dan this is why i make you the asshole in fics

“you could do this as an olympic sport” see, supportive bf phil vocalises himself

“watch out lads, watch out girls, watch out musical notes. philly’s in town and he’s got a great set of lungs”

phil’s noises are,,,,,,,, really something

those poor poor neighbours

dan’s calm voice is weird i think because it’s so unused (hint hint nudge nudge danny boy)

“don’t be so loud all the time” dan how dare u

ok phil’s noises are either sex noises or the noises of a dying corpse i’m

is dan crying

“you don’t have to scream, phil” again dan how dare u

dan stop staring

you get those noises on a regular basis let us have this

i mean what


the noises suddenly turn distinctly sexual

dan is cringing he doesn’t like to share

“the neighbours are going to think this is really weird” if they’re not already used to it i’ll eat a shoe

oh my god phil are these noises just in the back of your throat

dan stifling his laugh is adorable

up goes the hand

his other hand is suspiciously out of shot

that was a joke

“this is so much harder than yours!” who needs context

i swear if you listen to this video with your eyes closed you’ll interpret it very differently

dan’s little glances i’m

dan stop trying to sabotage him nobody wants your rendition of walking in the air

still loving this angle of phil tho ngl

dan’s face is priceless

“what the fuck is this game” honestly dan a smut writer’s wet dream is what it is

phil’s gorilla impression ok not going to question anything by this point

seriously dan stop trying to sabotage

phil didn’t react to the word vagina

“yes YES! i’ve done it! i’ve done it!”

i would pay to be a fly on the wall in their neighbours’ flat

“i wanted to win so much- oh i died”

“have you just lost your voice?” dan would know tbf

eye contact

“it’s about like…. projecting” again, dan would know

“i thought you’d have learnt this from tatinof” well, what happens on tour stays on tour lads

this game and this video are something else

“oh my god we’re going to get kicked out”

dan throws down the all or nothing gauntlet like the sore loser he is

“phil you need to see my plan” is that what the kids are calling it these days

also why has dan suddenly started enunciating more

oh my god are they actually going to sing

i’ve been praying for a sing it gaming vid for so fucking long

please don’t make it a joke i seriously need this

of course dan makes phil sing their own song


this reminds me of the speech jammer challenge

dan can’t speak for laughing this is my aesthetic

that was set up for failure i’m sorry honey

go on phil set him up to fail too

“that was the funniest thing of my entire life”

oh dan’s picking for himself i can’t help but feel this is a little biased

did he do pouty lips and wide eyes

i bet he did pouty lips and wide eyes

oh fuck he’s actually doing this isn’t he

strap yourselves in kids it’s like internet takeover never ended

dan fucked himself over oh no what a shame

the universe doesn’t like cheaters soz about it

pouty baby throws a tantrum, kills desk,,, innocent supportive bf laughs in the corner

look at those meaty arms as he raises them in victory

“well that was something, that was an experience” you’re telling me, phil, you’re telling me

“the game’s over, phil” sore loser dan doesn’t want to be here anymore

dan says hi to google overlord

they might do it again

“it’s not going to be good dan and phil singing, if that’s what you’re looking for” oh COME ON what do i have to do to get a singing game

naturally phil suggests toxic

“i’m so sorry to your ears” thanks dan but i think that would’ve been a good disclaimer to have at the beginning

danisveryLOUD (tru)

ASHOUTINGPHIL (amoaningphil more like)

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Hiii! Can i request an imagine with Prompto? Considering his origins he probably would't be able to have kids, or so he thought until, ten years later his captive, his s/o tells him she is pregnant. However his old insecurities and knowing he should tecnically be sterile lead Prompto to think his lover cheated on him with Ignis, whom his s/o has grown close in the years. Happy endings but a little angst in the middle :) thank you!

I honestly love this so much. If I wasn’t over the word count so much already, I would include Ignis more in it, but I like to think that it’s not half bad. Hopefully anon will agree! I also tried to keep the gender of the baby neutral since I wanted the reader to imagine the gender as the gender they would someday want if or when they had kids. 

Tagging the senpais: @roses-and-oceans @bespectacled-girl (I know you don’t want kids but indulge me) @gladiolus-mamacitia @itshaejinju 

Please Believe Me
Word Count: 4,116

Originally posted by p1n3c0n3

“I’m…a Lucian" 

That face, the face that has haunted Prompto’s nights for a little over ten years. That same fucking face that was always more daemonish than it was in the memory, the face that appeared in the dream with screaming children behind him that were bred and forced into being daemonish machines like livestock as they all reached out to Prompto, begging him with their eyes to kill them. Even Prompto, with his pretty knowledgeable skills with a gun, wouldn’t be able to give all of those children in his dreams the mercy they so much deserved, as there was always so many of them. But the man, the face with the horrifically stinky breath that made Prompto’s insides rot whenever it reached Prompto’s icy cold cheeks, the face that was a monster and daemon in every sense of the word…

That monster who was supposedly his father…

Always there, in his dreams, to tell him his worst fears. 

“You’re nothing but a failure," 

Prompto stares into the mean eyes of a man so devoid of life, of humanity that Prompto feels his own soul being sucked away-but despite it all, he manages his next sentence as he always does in his dream…his nightmare. "I-I’m not one of your experiments," 

"You’re nothing but a clone-you can never possibly have a normal life," 

It wasn’t true-he was normal, Prompto could recognize that he was dreaming because memories of his recent life, ten years after being trapped in Niflheim were coming back to him in a wave of a wonderful and happy life that he desperately clinged to, even in his dreams. 

Falling in love with you. 
"She could never love you," 
Asking you to marry him. 
"You could never make her happy," 
The tears that flowed from your eyes and the smile you gave him when you said yes. 
"She will leave," 
Those same exact tears and smile when you told him you were pregnant.
"You cannot be her husband. You cannot be a father," 

Father…night upon night of this same exact dream and this bastard never questioned Prompto’s ability to be a father until now. The gall of this man, the man who had bred and passed his own ‘children’ around like a litter of puppies, all for his twisted and demeaning experiments. This man, questioning his ability to be a father. 

"I am a better father than you could ever be,” The words muttered are so dark and shaky from anger that even Prompto doesn’t recognize his own voice. 

“You are a clone,” 

“Shut up,” Squeezing his eyes tightly shut, Prompto told himself, tried to convince himself that it was time to wake up. 

“You are worthless," 

"Shut. UP,” He knew he was dreaming-all he had to do was…wake up. 


"SHUT UP,” He was screaming, but he didn’t care-Prompto looked up and opened his eyes to face the man who was one of the most evil men Prompto had ever met, save short for Ardyn Izunia…

But Verstael Besithia was gone-and in his place stood Prompto’s best friend, the person who Prompto thought could never ever betray him and didn’t have a bitter bone in his body. The person who grew closer and closer to you, the love of Prompto’s life, every single day, the person who Prompto began to dread seeing every day more and more. 

Ignis Scientia, who whispered one word that made Prompto’s heart practically stop. 


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RWBY & Queerbaiting

As a queer person I feel like I should adress this on this blog. 

Queerbaiting basically is when a show adds tension between two characters of the same gender or even hints a possible relationship so queer viewers will come and watch it, but in the end it’s just a joke and they never ever end up together. Hinting queer representation to get the views without delivering it. 

Now let’s look at RWBY.

There were hints for Bumblebee on the show, sure, but those were only hints. Not blatant queerbaiting like I’ve seen it in other shows. Outside of the show RT has been joking about Bumblebee for a while now. Now we have Bmblb on the Volume 4 soundtrack. Yeah, RT has definitely been bumblebeebaiting. 

Bumblebeebaiting is not queerbaiting. If they go for another couple like White Rose and it’s not just a cheap solution… well, it wasn’t queerbaiting then, because we actually got queer. Baiting a queer couple and giving the fans a different one might disappoint many fans, but it’s not queerbaiting. Bumblebeebaiting could be queerbaiting if we didn’t get any queer, but if we do, it’s not the same. 

But we can’t ignore that they have said several times that we will get queer characters. They did not just hint it, they confirmed it. So at this point not having any queer characters on the show wouldn’t be queerbaiting anymore, it would be blatantly lying to the fans, especially queer fans, which of course is even worse. Not having openly queer characters would be a shitty thing to do after telling the fans we would get them for years. 

I’m aware that we didn’t get any queer characters yet, but we also didn’t get any confirmation we wouldn’t get any ever. As long as we get the queer eventually (and not just a cheap solution like mentioning Tukson had a boyfriend) it’s still not queerbaiting. I know fans are pissed and I understand it, but if I get a good developed main character on screen couple (like Bumblebee, just saying) I won’t be mad about not casually dropping in some representation, because to be honest if I wrote the show, I wouldn’t have let any of the possible queer couples become canon yet.

Yeah, waiting is hard, but with RWBY we won’t get around waiting for many things. But it’s not the same as queerbaiting. Yet. 

Also I’m done with background queers, two women dancing in the background during the Vytal dance wouldn’t change a thing for me. It would probably mean a lot to other people and I’d appreciate RT doing that, but it’s not the representation I want. Not the one I need. It wouldn’t change anything for me. 

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how about andriel dating in secret?

Fair warning: I may have taken some liberties with this prompt

In which the media can never get a straight answer pun intended about Andreil

  • so Neil and Andrew are boyfriends and the team know it but they’re keeping the media and the fans in the dark because who needs that kind of scrutiny? Not Neil and Andrew
  • but honestly they wouldn’t care too much if the media found out and one day after the game Nicky’s talking to the press and they ask about the Minyard/Josten rivalry and Nicky just laughs it off and “says that’s just how they shows their affection.” And the media is like ???? Affection???? But Nicky is already talking a mile a minute and they are forced to move on from this little throw away comment
  • the media practically ignores it but the fans are speculating and this creates a little game within the team: how far can we push the Andreil before the media realises they’re a couple?
  • of course Renee goes to check with Neil and Andrew that it’s okay and Andrew is indifferent while Neil is mildly amused and so the game begins
  • now the media, as we all know, is an overwhelmingly heteronormative institution. But none of the foxes thought they could push it this far
  • they’re dropping hints in interviews and on social media, granted the hints are extremely vague and/or can often be perceived as jokes but still???
  • the fans are losing it over this shit because oh my god it’s so fucking obvious?
  • if the mainstream media uses the phrase “close friends” or some other along those lines one more time Neil’s eyes might actually drop out of his head from eye rolling
  • the game escalates, Andrew and Neil aren’t even not acting likea a couple anymore. They act like they normally would but if the press asks any of the foxes about the relationship they just go “Andrew hates Neil.” (like, duh) and move on.
  • in summation the Exy fandom™ definitely 100% ships Andreil but it’s never confirmed (at least not for a while)
Hope you like this mess V(^_^)V
Reading By Moonlight - SorMik

Author Notes: This is the first time I’ve written for them so please bear with me. I haven’t exactly participated much in this fanbase either, as my big projects are in other fandoms right now, but I wanted to write at least something for SorMik Week cause I do love these two quite a lot. So here I am! Trying my best! ^-^

Pairing: Sorey x Mikleo

Words: 925

SorMikWeek2017 – Day 1

Prompt: Elysia (Innocence / Beginnings)

Title: Reading By Moonlight

Mikleo closed the door behind him as he stepped out into the moonlight. The air was crisp, a natural scent of fresh grass with a hint of calm soothing water, leaving his steps forward to feel smooth and serene. Flowing through the night like a – well, like a water seraph should, he would think.

Crossing his arms, Mikleo paused in his walk to frown up at the large rock formation sticking out of the ground beside Elysia’s small pond. All of the other seraphs were asleep, or at least closed off in their dwellings for the night. Only one of the villagers was awake at this absurd hour (besides Mikleo himself of course), but he supposed Sorey had a little bit of an excuse to be the odd one out. He was, after all, the only human who lived with them.

Standing at the bottom of the lone rock, Mikleo continued to frown up at his close childhood friend. “And what are you doing up this late?”

Sorey jerked toward him and then gave a light grin. “Oh, Mikleo. I thought you were asleep.”

“As you should be.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Sorey quickly assented, “but I had to read this part again.”

Shifting his stance to put a hand on his waist, Mikleo raised an eyebrow. “Out here?”

A sheepish shrug was his only response. Without more explanation, Sorey returned to the book in his lap. His legs stayed crossed, not at all acknowledging the line of being awake at such a late hour, nor recognizing the hint of curiosity in Mikleo’s tone. Trust Sorey to miss the finer points of conversation. When he was caught in his reading or exploration, it was hard to get noticed without banging down the doors deliberately, so to speak.

Well. If he was going to be that way, then Mikleo had no choice.

With a determined push forward, the young water seraph grabbed hold of the stone in front of him and little by little pulled himself up. He wasn’t really a climber, not like Sorey. Sorey found trouble in other ways all the time, but climbing was definitely one of his strengths, especially when it came to exploring the nearby ruins. Mikleo had magic techniques on his side, of course, so he wasn’t ever too worried of a fall, but he was still only strong in water and not rock or air.

Regardless of the details, Mikleo could climb this rock just fine, and in no time at all he was sitting beside Sorey on the cool stone illuminated by the overhanging moonlight. Before he nudged his friend, he took a moment to study him. Admire him. While he’d always been somewhat conscious of growing up, seeing Sorey in this setting seemed to make it all the more real. A feeling he couldn’t quite explain burned deep inside him just from staring at his close friend’s face, at the way those soft green eyes danced across the words on the book’s page. A part of him wanted to snuggle in closer to the human’s natural warmth, but he held that part back. He wasn’t sure what Sorey would think of him for doing such a thing – and he wasn’t too sure why he wanted it yet, either.

After his eyes had gotten their fill, Mikleo cleared his throat. “So what’s so important that you have to read it out in the dark instead of under a light in your house?”

Sorey blinked, lifting his nose away from the book slowly to light up at Mikleo’s presence. “Some of the text looks different under different lighting. And the art catches the moonlight strangely, too.”

“Strangely,” Mikleo repeated with a disbelieving hum. “You mean you think there could be some secret to decipher.”

Sorey’s eyes widened immediately. “You think that’s possible? I just thought it was neat reading the Celestial Record while sitting under the stars. It has a different feel because of the change in atmosphere. You don’t think that could -”

Mikleo watched as his friend went on and on, getting more excited after each sentence. The young water seraph brought a hand to his chin, feeling the soft fabric of his clothes brushing at his skin, all while he swallowed his laughter. Eventually, Sorey caught on to his mirth and nudged his arm, setting the chuckles free.

“You know -”

Before Sorey could go on, Mikleo interrupted by snatching the ancient text from the other’s lap. “You know, we should probably read through it all under the moonlight together. Knowing you, you might miss something important.”

“Heh. Yeah, I guess we should,” Sorey said, ignoring the slight teasing insult as he accepted the proposition. “Two heads are better than one.”

“And four eyes are better than two.”

Sorey snickered as if at some funny joke but didn’t elaborate. Instead, the both of them became preoccupied with reading through the Celestial Record from the beginning. After setting the book in between them, resting on one leg each, they shifted positions a few more times to find the best angle to avoid shadows, and then they read aloud to each other with the turn of each page, their voices whispering softly in the moonlit darkness.

By the time dawn arrived, both Mikleo and Sorey had fallen fast asleep, leaning against each other. The Celestial Record remained shared between them, open and barely a fourth of the way through its many pages. They may not have finished their project in one night, but at least it was a fitting beginning.

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Hello ^.^ So I was watching a H/L fan vid today and it included alot of moments from Nov-Feb and I was so shocked at everything that happened between that time. We were truly blessed. But it made me wonder, do you think something could have changed bts causing things to slow down? I know we've had good things happen, but nothing like how November was. Don't want to sound like a pessimist (now that I said that, I do) but it feels like we took a couple steps back. Hope all is well! X.

You know, I have definitely said similar things myself. But, I think to understand it, you kind have to take a step back. So, bare with me, as this will be long. Hopefully it’ll help with the bigger picture.

November was unprecedented given everything that we’d experienced in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It got the name “No Chill November” for a reason. Something happened. I don’t know if it was someone else exerting influence or something else, but something changed during those interviews. Then, right after “Not That Important” and “Don’t Knock It Til You Try It,” you get Harry sexuality rumors everywhere. I remember being shocked by just the number, as a lot of people really could have just taken the comments as a joke. But, they didn’t. They could have written them off, but they didn’t. That’s what is important. I’m very much of that opinion - what matters is not the individual action but the reaction. This was given the green light. Harry was offered the chance to deny them in the livestream, and about rumors, he even said there were some he quite likes. So, November was huge for Harry. It needed to be done - given how prevalent his reputation was prior to those comments. It was phenomenally well done. For Louis, I had high hopes. We had him in that Rainbow shirt, written about in The Independent, we had them sitting next to each other in the performance on the livestream (we had SUCH a meltdown over just the possibility, do you remember that? And now we get Harry and Louis next to each other ALL THE TIME.) and him refusing to deny rumors. I was so excited for the both of them at that time. And then you get BS 2.0, and everything kind of stopped. Then, Eleanor flew in, and Jay’s email was hacked. It just seemed like while Harry was making strides, Louis was stuck behind. I think that may have been necessary, because I don’t think they wanted Larry rumors to flare up at that time. The media narrative in November was Harry was not straight, and Louis was. And then Louis still got that dagger at the end of November. That wasn’t for us, that was for them. But, I think it shows that they were ready to win this time, and they weren’t going to give up.

December was a cooling off period. We had very, very light Nadine interactions. I mean, blink and you would missed it. I was even widely engaged in the fandom and I didn’t really notice it that much. It was nothing compared to what it could have been. You had the boys pictured next to each other at events a lot, too, which like I mentioned before, we hadn’t had in years. I remember everyone freaking out during the livestream when we saw those microphone stands because even the possibility was wild. But, then you have them sitting next to each other at talk shows, at award shows, standing together on the red carpet. Those seem small, but we hadn’t even gotten that in years. So, no, it wasn’t “Not That Important,” and there was Nadine, but it slowly keeping things at the same pace. Glacial, maybe, but it was there. The undertones were there if you paid attention, and we were.

In January, we got AIMH to beat Obama’s, and the articles about it were everywhere. You had the family subtly referencing it. Harry tweeted, “I study rainbows.” We also got a public presence for Louis in LA, and the first of that horribly staged late entrance. Then, Louis stayed in LA, and attended Harry’s party. So, again, minor hints and nudges. Then, of course, you had LAIRPORT. Which, you know, that was freaking monumental, and that’s where the shift in UA started. And then you had AIMH reach 1 million retweets. So, yeah, in February, it seemed like it was all systems go. In March, you had rumors of Louis picking Harry up at HeforShe. Louis seemed ecstatic on stage. An article is released where Louis answered a question with, “I’d probably snog all the guys to be honest.”

Then Zayn left the tour, and we got an Elounor breakup confirmation. I still get kind of surprised when I think about it. That was brilliantly well done. It was there, it got her name out, but no one really focused on it. Then, you get the Tour Rider leak. Now, whether or not that was to hint at Zayn not returning, I’m not sure. But, again, like I said, what is important is the reaction, and media sources jumped all over the rumors of H/L sharing a dressing room.

All of that, of course, was buried when Zayn left the band.

After that, though, Louis seemed to regain control of his social media. In April, he posted a video with Harry in it. Harry stripped a man on stage, for goodness sake. And then we start getting something we’ve never seen before.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Louis likes to go clubbing. He did it all the time, even if we didn’t see it. I do genuinely think he enjoys going to party. But, we got to see it this time. We got him papped nearly every single night, when he was next-to-never papped before that. When they really started to push him going home with women, Harry wore the blue bandana. But, I mean, really. We talk about how prevalent the Louis leaving with women rumors are, and they seemed so important and influential at the time. But, really. He left with women twice. The one with the girl outside the van doesn’t count because they were his friends, so that was just spun for the media. But, we got him leaving with the two blondes, and then the five girls. That was it, really. That’s nothing compared to what Harry went through. And the larger public frankly did not care. No one cares about who a boybander kisses if it’s not someone famous. They just don’t. Louis’ dick vine got more attention than any of his stunts with women. So, yeah, it gets his name in the media, it gets pictures out there without Eleanor in them. But, it was hardly reported on - if at all - in US media. What it did do was kind of quiet Larry speculation. But, even then, it was so obviously set up and then even denied!!!! So, yeah. It sucked to see it. It wasn’t fun for any of us. I was the embodiment of that Michael Scott “NOOOOO” video. But, I kind of think the general public went pressed the snooze button. The only thing that got attention was when they brought drugs into the picture. Because no one cares who a boybander sleeps with. They just don’t. We gave those articles hits.

Then, so far in May, we’ve got Louis publicly in LA. We’ve got them in the studio together. We’ve got articles talking about their “strained relationship.” But wait, I thought they weren’t even friends because of gay rumors??? I’m hoping they’ll address that on James’ show and say they’ve always been friends.

A lot of people are angry about Harry not publicly interacting with the band. And I’m frustrated with that, too. I was frustrated with those strained relationship articles because I was like how is this good for band unity? But, I really think they want Larry speculation quieted for right now. I also don’t think Harry wants the attention right now, and God knows he deserves a break. They’re going to continue building Louis’ image so that he can have a reputation and a name outside of Harry Styles which is vital for his success post-1D. If you don’t put a stop to H/L rumors, if you don’t keep Harry away from this, it’s always just going to be Harry-and-Louis. Louis needs to be able to be just Louis to the public. It needs to be Posh and Becks, not Posh and Posh’s boyfriend. Harry gets a break, Louis gets to build his image. They’ll build an empire together later, but Louis needs to work on his piece first.

So, for the rest of the break, we may see hints of H/L, like we did in December. I think they’ll continue to let the media be Louis-focused right now. On tour, I think they’ll try and change the fandom’s perceptions of H/L. Because the fandom isn’t ready to be told they were lied to and manipulated. They need to come around to support H/L as much as they can - even as friends - on their own. I think they’ll do that on tour, since the interactions there are mostly for us. If you just let them be organic with each other, I don’t think you’ll have any problem swaying the fandom into supporting them, since they’ve always had an amazing friendship and relationship. I mean, if I was pulling the strings here, that’s how I would do it.

So, all in all, this is very carefully done, and they have to control this carefully. I think it’s hard to watch, and I sure as hell don’t agree with what they’re doing all the time, but I can see the strategy even when it’s not necessarily the way I’d do it. I think this is a better PR push than anything we’ve seen before. We see things as a clear line to the finish, but it’s not that way. It’s not step forward and step back, there’s just turns and curves in the road.

Trust them. They know better than we do.

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I don't know if you are accepting requests, but I think you are one of the best Rucas fanfic writers and I have one. Riley and Lucas are celebrating their ten-year dating anniversary by going back to the ski lodge, since it is where their relationship began. Lucas proposes on the same couch where they had their talk 10 years before.

Oh my gosh thank you so much! And yes, I’m always taking requests!! Here you go, I hope you like it!! <3 

As Riley stepped into the cabin at Mount Sun Lodge, a flood of memories hit her as she took in the interior décor of the room. Everything looked just as it did ten years ago and she couldn’t help but scoff in amazement at the amount of time that had passed since they had last been here. 

“What is it?” Lucas wanted to know, as he appeared behind her in the doorway, carrying their luggage. They were only staying for three nights, but by the way Riley had packed, you would have thought they were staying for three weeks.

“It’s like stepping into a time machine,” Riley made her way over to the bay window and delicately ran her hand over the fabric on one of the pillows. 

“I know, it feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?” Lucas joined her at the window, placing a hand on her shoulder and rubbing it up and down gently. 

“It practically was,” Riley was mesmerized by everything - the cabin, the memories, the feelings that this cabin brought back for her. She took a deep breath and leaned into Lucas as he played with a strand of her hair. 

“A lot has happened since then. A lot of things have changed,” Lucas pointed out, and Riley spun around to face him. 

“And a lot hasn’t,” Riley leaned in close, and Lucas kissed her forehead. 

“Come on, we need to get unpacked because I have something special planned tonight,” Lucas untangled himself from Riley’s arms and headed for the stairs with their suitcases. 

“Oh really, like what?” Riley pressed, raising her eyebrows and hurrying over to the staircase to catch up with him. 

“Nope, it’s a surprise!” 

“Come on Lucas, just one hint? It doesn’t even have to be a full hint, just a very vague baby hint. A hint-let, if you will,” Riley begged, pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes. 

“No, no, no put that lip away. You’re going to find out in like two hours, you just need to be patient. Now, go get ready!” Lucas reached the top of the stairs, as he pulled the luggage behind him.

“You’re the worst!” Riley called up to him from the bottom of the staircase. 

“You love me,” he answered, matter-of-factly. 

“There’s no proof of that!”

“Just ask the walls, I’ll bet they have some stories that say otherwise!” 

With that, Lucas rounded the corner to enter one of the bedrooms and Riley was left at the foot of the stairs, wondering what on earth Lucas could possibly have planned for tonight. 

“I can’t believe you made me dinner,” Riley rested her head on Lucas’ shoulder as they sat by the fire on the couch in the living room. 

“Hey, I do have some skills you know,” Lucas joked as he drew tiny circles with his finger on the palm of Riley’s hand. 

“Well, surprisingly enough, cooking is one of them,” Riley poked him in the side with her elbow and he smiled in response. “It was delicious, Lucas. You even remembered that I liked ketchup on my macaroni and cheese. Now that’s a good boyfriend.”

“Yeah, that’s still disgusting to me by the way,” Lucas scrunched up his nose in disgust and Riley lightly smacked his shoulder. 

“Hey, don’t knock it till’ you’ve tried it!”

“You know what isn’t disgusting that we both love?” Lucas asked, and Riley sprang up from the couch in response. 

“If it’s what I think it is, you will definitely win the best boyfriend award,” Riley announced excitedly. 

Lucas reached behind the couch to pull out a bowl of popcorn and a huge cardboard box full of various kinds of chocolate. 

“So, what’s the verdict? Did I win?” 

“Uh, yes and then some! I think you have about every flavor of chocolate ever created in here,” Riley went to grab the box from Lucas’ hands, but he pulled it back before she could touch it. Riley looked at Lucas quizzically, and he placed the box between them on the couch.

“Do you remember the last conversation we had here?” Lucas placed his hand on top of Riley’s, and she smiled in response. 

“How could I forget? It was how this whole thing started.” 

“We sat here on this same couch, just like this,” Lucas turned in his seat to face Riley straight on. “I remember being so frustrated that I could never find the right way to tell you how I felt about you. The timing was always off. Life got in the way. Things were… complicated. But I always knew in the back of my mind that we would end up together, just like this someday. When we came here on that trip all those years ago – there was something about this place that brought out the bravery within in me that helped me tell you how I felt. Kind of like now,” Lucas picked up the box of chocolates and placed them in his lap. 

“Riley, for the longest time you’ve been my best friend, in every way possible. I remember telling you all those years ago, that talking to you was one of my favorite things to do in the world. I’m so lucky to say that is still true. I’m lucky to say that everything I felt for you back then, everything I told you on this couch, has only grown since then,” Lucas reached into the box of chocolates and Riley looked at him questioningly. He took a deep breath, and removed his hand to reveal that he was clutching a smaller velvet box in his fist. “It would be a privilege to get the chance to talk to you, grow with you, and take on the rest of what the world has to offer us for the rest of our lives – together.” Lucas slowly opened the velvet box, and Riley’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of the ring. 

“Will you marry me?” 

Suddenly, Riley was back in that time machine again – back to 10 years ago when they were kids who had their whole lives ahead of them. She was mesmerized by the magic of the moment and the memories and the way Lucas was looking at her. She was mesmerized by how the diamond sparkled by the light of the fire. And she was mesmerized by her love for him. 

“Yes,” Riley breathed, wiping a tear from her cheek. “Yes, of course I’ll marry you, Lucas.” 

Lucas let out a sigh of relief and removed the ring from the box. With a shaky hand, he placed the ring on her finger. 

“I love you,” Riley wrapped her arms around him and Lucas buried his face in her hair. 

“I love you too, Riley Matthews. Always.”

Lucas took it all in – the fire, the couch, the snow-covered mountains outside the window. It was exactly how it had been ten years ago. But one thing had changed; he had figured out who he was, who he wanted to be, and he knew without a doubt that he wanted to be that person with Riley Matthews by his side, for the rest of their lives.

anonymous asked:

hey, i'm sorry if you've answered this before, but i was wondering if you think that the writers are going to officially make destiel canon or come out and say that dean is bi? or do you think that's all just a pipe dream and it's never going to actually happen? sometimes i get really discouraged and i don't want to watch supernatural because i feel like the writers are only going to keep queerbaiting us.

Well, I think it will probably be not quite that black and white. What I believe the question will be is *how explicitly textual* Destiel is going to be. I have no doubt that Dean and Cas are absolutely 100% each other’s endgame, but how openly romantic is it going to be? Will it be subtle enough that people can still argue they’re only best friends, or will there be no doubt that they’re in love? That’s what I’m not sure about.

I don’t believe the writers are queerbaiting us. I believe they are telling a story. I think that queerbaiting would be mocking us, leading us on with occasional hints, not literally weaving their story with countless tropes, hints, callbacks, references, and indications through set design, music choice, editing, direction… I mean, on the one hand there are BIG parts of the story that make no sense if Destiel isn’t real, and on the other, there are so many constant tiny, subtle efforts going into the background, the mentions, the set, the costumes, the editing - from the fact that Cas found his grace in Don Quixote, a story about a delusional would-be hero madly in love with someone who doesn’t love him back (this being how Metatron views Cas) to how a shot of Cas faded into Dean’s hand reaching for his beer with the label “a taste of heaven”. These things aren’t accidents. They make those beer labels on purpose, they pick their literary and pop culture references, their props, their colors, their costumes, their music, very very much on purpose. When Dean stops mentioning women and starts making his statements gender-neutral, they know what they’re doing. When it’s openly asked what Dean and Cas want in their lives, they know what they’re doing.

There’s too much for it to be nothing. There’s too much effort and thought and work for it to be a joke, a tease, or anything but an important, intentional part of the story they’re telling. What kind of stupid fuck would waste that kind of time and energy in the making of something if it didn’t mean something? Why would people intentionally antagonize, mislead, and mock the fans their livelihood depends on, ESPECIALLY when the major media has already taken notice? Big websites have already said that Supernatural needs to make it canon already, so if the show ends without them doing SOMETHING? There is going to be blood.

In short, there is no chance this is going nowhere. The question is exactly how far it’s going to go, and only time is going to tell that.

A Christmas to Remember

Summary:  Connor’s dad kicks him out just days before Christmas when Connor comes out. With nowhere to go and not wanting to spend Christmas alone, Connor turns to his roommate Jude, even though he doesn’t know Jude all that well. What will Jude say?

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Part 5

*2 Days Until Christmas*

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