Windenburg University (Fan Made SP)

Well, it’s time for you to know more about the progress the team made this past few days. First of all, I wanted to thanks all the creative and talented simmers who’ve joined this project : @crazycatladysims, @zx-ta, @vivificus-zombiae, @haziesims, cynthiaaplays and @leafpool2014 ! We’re trying our best to deliver a good amont of content for you guys and we’ll keep you update pretty often.

So, what we’ve done since last time ? We’ve opened a group chat to discuss the direction this pack will take and the atmosphere we wanted.

In addition of the cc-free campus itself, the pack will offer multiple custom contents options : furnitures, a set of poses, hairs and hoodies. Maybe we’ll have more but it’s still in discussion.

Here are the swatches we’ll dig for the outfits line :

Oh, and there’s also some fantastic TS2 conversions !

And a hair collection for male and female ! *o*

So, are you excited ? Because we are !


All in the video~