Chicago athletes share their favorite Halloween movies

Brian Campbell, Blackhawks defenseman

I’m not a big scary movie guy, but probably all the Jason [“Friday the 13th”] movies. Growing up I always watched them, probably didn’t want to watch them, but I ended up watching them. I remember also watching “The Blair Witch [Project].” That was pretty scary walking out to your car after the movie.

Jordin Tootoo, Blackhawks forward

Jason [“Friday the 13th”], the original. I was a young kid back then. I thought it was the freakiest thing ever. Probably didn’t sleep for the rest of the weekend. It just seemed real.

Vinnie Hinostroza, Blackhawks forward

The one with the dolls. They go in like a different dimension or something. Is “Mama” scary? “Mama.”

Trevor van Riemsdyk, Blackhawks defenseman

“The Ring.” That was one that was a big deal to watch. I think that scarred me for life. That came out when I was pretty young. I remember watching it in a hotel room at a youth hockey tournament. Haunted me for a little bit, I think.

Richard Panik, Blackhawks forward

“Scream.” That was the first scary movie I saw when I was a little guy. It made me a little bit scared after. When I watch it now, it’s pretty funny. When I was like 12 or something, it was pretty scary at that time.

Scott Darling, Blackhawks goaltender

I like the Hannibal series, all the Hannibal movies, “Red Dragon,” “Silence of the Lambs.”

Tyler Motte, Blackhawks forward

I’m not a scary movie guy, I get too scared. “[The] Strangers,” that’s the last scary movie I watched. At the end they go, “Why did you do this to us?” And they go, “Because you’re home.” Never watched a scary movie after that. Can’t watch scary movies anymore.

Nick Schmaltz, Blackhawks forward

No scary movies. No.

(October 19th, 2016)

Guns N’ Roses April 8th & 9th Shows in Las Vegas - Photos

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Axl Rose - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

Slash and Axl Rose leaving the stage - 04/08/2016

End of night 1 - Ph: Tony Trujillo

Axl Rose (04/09/2016) - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

Duff McKagan (04/09/2016) - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

Slash (04/09/2016) - Ph: Margott Hinostroza 

Fortus, Duff, Slash and Axl Rose (04/09/2016) - Ph: Margott Hinostroza 

Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach singing ‘My Michelle’ - Ph: Tony Trujillo

Sebastian Bach and Slash (04/09/2016) - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

Sebastian Bach - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach singing ‘My Michelle’ - Ph: Margott Hinostroza

End of night 2 -

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