Headcanon: Chief of Heaven had two children, the son was Hinomiya (日宮) , the Lord of the Sun and the daughter was Eve, the Goddess of the Earth. No matter how much he cherished the two of them, they didn’t seem to enjoy staying in the Heaven with him.
Hinomiya and Eve got along very well. Whenever the Goddess finished her job on the Earth, she always came to her elder brother’s palace and even spent the night there. Eve loved sharing her stories about the lifes on Earth with Hinomiya, and later about a certain Death God. 
After Eve’s death, a ray of her light reached Hinomiya’s place asking for his help. Hinomiya loved Eve so much that he promised to look after that fallen god in his every human life. He later returned to the Sun after the fallen God was forgiven and his last human life finally ended.

Deity AU! Headcanon: Goddess of the Earth, Eve & lord of the Sun, Hinomiya, whose reincarnation was Hyuuga.
Hinomiya’s job mainly was to control time (day & night) but he usually sneaked out of work to play with his little sister, which sometimes made day longer and sometimes made night longer. When Eve grew older, she understood how important her brother’s job was so she told Hinomiya not to come to her place too often but instead she started visiting him.

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Dancing in the kitchen at 2 am (Starish+QN with their s/o )

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Shinomiya Natsuki -
Actually, someone might call the cops on them. So loud that you can hear their giggling outside of their home. Old people might think that the place is haunted with ghost children. 

Tokiya Ichinose -
Honestly, he wouldn’t agree to this, because he’s not one to be causing a ruckus at 2:00 AM and disturb the neighbors because they probably have things to do in the morning like every other working citizen and he understands that part of life, but in the end, a little dancing wouldn’t hurt, right?

Aijima Cecil -
Ah, this little toasted nugget would want to share a few dances that he learned back at home with his partner. It would make his day, because sharing something from back home with his partner is important to him. 

Ren Jinguji -
Obviously, Ren would go down with this idea. Dancing with his partner in the kitchen at 2:00 AM and sneaking in some kisses and flirty pick-up lines to make his partner all flustered is all he would want. He’s also one to tease, don’t forget that~

Ittoki Otoya -
Little baby will want to have slow dances with his partner. Holding them close to him and kissing them while telling them they’re so adorable it’s the cutest thing ever. Like okay, his sweetness would give anyone heart attacks. 

Syo Kurusu -
Please, Syo, calm. His face would be so red from having such cute moments with his partner, but also very pumped to have a dance session with them while he sings a few lines of the song to them to get them giggling.

Hijirikawa Masato -
I think Masa is malfunctioning. His strict voice and facial features will be completely gone and now, the only thing adorning his face would be just the pure color of red. Actually, his partner is not sorry.


Reiji Kotobuki -
There is no controlling this Mexican guy. He’ll just whip out his maracas and start serenading his partner while singing off-key on purpose making his partner cry of laughter. There’s no surprise when a neighbor comes knocking on his door telling him cool down.

Ranmaru Kurosaki -
Same as Masa, you’ll have drag him into it, but honestly, he rather dance his way onto the couch. He thinks it’s calling him. But that’s a no-no in his partner’s world so like, hello music, hello Ranmaru, it’s dance time~! Don’t worry, he’s denying everything in the morning. 

Ai Mikaze -
Ai, why do that? Why deny such love? A straight no will come out of his mouth and doesn’t say another word while he gets in bed. Now, Ai is stuck with a sulking partner until he makes up for it.

Camus -
What the fuck is beauty sleep with Camus? The only way to get him into dancing at 2:00 AM in the kitchen is that there’s a sweet reward at the end or is the end of the world.

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E-Ehm… Who are you? Why do you know me!?

Subaru Midou

Oh… Staring at a girl like this without even greeting her…
Isn’t that actually very rude? I’m sorry.

Shiina Kiya

Pardon our impoliteness, Princess.
We came to pick you up.

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