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Okay! So for a number between 1-2000 I'm going to go with 1843. And if you would like to do a Drabble, then how about Sirius and Lily being really good friends and talking about life. This would also be before James and Lily started dating. I hope that isn't too much! Congratulations on 2000!! You deserve it and so much more❤️

Sure! I love exploring the non-traditional relationships that don’t get enough screentime. @jily-swan-hinny1 (sorry this wasn’t before they started dating I just got the idea of them addressing wedding invites and couldn’t stop myself)

Summer 1979 - James and Lily’s Flat pre-fidelius charm on Godric’s Hollow

“Remus, could you nudge those invitations closer to Sirius?” Lily called from the kitchen where she was baking a turkey casserole in a half-distracted way, a cranberry nearly going up James’ right nostril as he walked into the fray. He only snorted it out with one finger and popped it on his tongue.

“Coming through!” he called loudly.

“Oh, James!” Lily pulled her wand up to keep the flour out of James’ black hair before the paper thin bready sheets folded themselves around the spinach and feta cheese.

“Sorry, I’ve got the envelopes!”

“And more markers?” Sirius asked, looking up from his careful calligraphy.

“In the box.”

Sirius had never used markers before. He was very keen on them.

“It’s lucky that your handwriting is so nice Sirius,” Lily said, watching him carefully pull the marker flat in a long loop of an ‘Y.’ “It really saves money to not have the invitations professionally done.”

“It’s not a problem,” Sirius mumbled around the marker cap. “I’ve had lots of practice.”

“Really?” Lily laughed.

“The Map,” James explained as he took a seat next to Remus. Remus was in charge of the wax seal. James was messy, and a bit too enthusiastic with fire, so he only wet his want to seal the envelopes, a muggle contraption Lily had insisted upon.

“James, sweetheart, silver envelopes for magical guests and white for muggles.”

“That’s what I did!” he protested.

“That’s Petunia’s invitation,” Lily said, and the other three froze tensely as she carefully took it from James’ stuffing into a silver envelope and folded it into a crisp white one which Sirius had already carefully lettered out as Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley, No. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

“Sorry,” said James sheepishly.

Lily only sealed it with a quick drawn line with her wand, and passed it to Remus. She leaned down over James behind him in the chair, put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

Sirius and Remus traded glances, and both relaxed imperceptibly.

“The casserole is almost done, so you boys finish up, all right?”

“I’m finished,” Sirius declared, sitting back with a stiff grunt. “At least with this stack. I can help you in the kitchen.” He followed Lily into the tiny cabinet wall to wall strip of a kitchen. It was so small it was hard having two people and an oven inside.

“You okay?” he asked her as she ducked her head into the muggle refrigerator. They were living in a mixed neighborhood, so while the apartment was small, it also had many charms in it to make it more liveable. The oven didn’t use any gas, for example, only a heating charm that triggered the oven thermometer. The fridge had six different rotations of food, changed each time the door was open. Lily was opening it several times just a crack, keeping an eye out for the food she wanted before she had put her head in, diving for the back. 

“Yeah, I’m okay,” she said, her voice muffled as she retrieved the lettuce heads where they had been in the colder area for vegetables. The lettuce had a thin crust of ice she broke as she set it on the self-scrubbing counter.

“About Tuni?” Sirius guessed, quickly grabbing a knife and setting it to chop the lettuce heads with a flick of his wand. 

“Cutting board,” Lily reminded him, quickly sliding it beneath the frenetic knife blade. “But yeah. About Tuni. I don’t think she’ll come.”

“Because you didn’t go to hers?” Sirius guessed.

“Because I wasn’t invited to hers,” Lily corrected him. 

“I’m sure she’ll come around.” The lie sounded false to both of them, but Lily pretended to smile and Sirius pretended back. 

“Do you like cherries?” Lily asked lightly.

Sirius shrugged. “I like everything.”

“You do not,” she crinkled her nose at him, cinching her hair up in a long ponytail as she started opening the fridge again.

“I do too,” Sirius contradicted. “Growing up I didn’t get much to eat at all. And nothing that was fresh, or a fruit.”

Lily quickly turned her face away, her cheekbones red. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “Stupid of me. Of course you do. Here,” and she handed him a cherry.

Sirius quickly popped it into his mouth and spit out the pit into the sink. 

“Into the compost bin, please!” Lily said, opening the cabinet under the sink. There was no bottom to the cabinet; their apartment was on the ground floor and it opened directly into the earth. It probably smelled rank, but the odor barrier on the cabinet kept it from drifting out. Sirius tossed the cherry pit into it and closed the door, only catching the tail glimpse of a brownie quickly digging up to the surface. Brownies were good to have around the house - they repelled gnomes and loved to fix things that were broken. However, they needed a lot of food to keep their magics fresh.

“Have you…” Lily trailed off as she mixed the salad together by hand, not looking at Sirius.

“Have I what?” Sirius asked easily. He turned off the timer with a button - Remus was really teaching him - and carefully levitated the casserole onto the counter. 

“Sirius, oh use potholders,” Lily begged as she popped a cherry into her mouth, washing the rest behind her in a small waterfall and streaming into a bowl. “If you dropped it-”

“Whoops,” Sirius said, dramatically tipping the casserole.


“What’s going on in there?” came James’ suspicious voice. “Should I be jealous?”

“Or me?” said Remus dryly.

Lily and Sirius glanced at each other and burst out laughing.

“No,” they chorused together.

“Ew,” added Sirius, winking just for Lily’s benefit.

“Oi!” James called back, mock aggressively. “That’s my fiancée mate!”

“He’s joking, James,” Lily called. “We’re just about ready. Can you start clearing the table?”

“I’ve been done for ages,” James said. “I’m just sitting here while Remus works so slowly.”

“I want them to look nice,” Remus said calmly. Then his voice jumped a little with a laugh. “Plus I had to take James’ out of their envelopes every other one.”

“Not true!” protested James, but Sirius and Lily looked at each other with very sardonic glances.

“Well, tell me when the table is clear,” Lily called. “The dishes will come your way.”

“Remus,” they heard James wheedle. “Give me a wax stick.”



“Have I what?” Sirius asked, turning back and looking down at a grinning Lily.

Her grin melted away like ice cream in the summer sun, falling splotchily to the kitchen floor, trying to cling in places as she shrugged uncomfortably. “Heard from…from…Reggie,” she said finally, in a low voice.

Sirius quickly turned to the sink full of dishes and turned on the tap for privacy. He plunged his hands under the stream and picked up a knife to wash. 

“No,” he said finally. He could not look away from the faucet handles. “I think he…I think he might be…”

“No, Sirius, don’t even say it,” Lily was next to him, plunging her own hands into the water, and carefully taking the knife from his hands, as if she could guess he had almost closed his fingers convulsively about it, just to take focus away from an entirely different kind of pain. “I’m so sorry I brought it up.”

“No…it’s okay,” Sirius’ voice was horribly false, and slightly hoarse, the way he always got when he was emotional. “Remus and I…we don’t…talk about it. And James…well he knows not to ask.”

Lily couldn’t take her soapy hands out of the bowl she was washing, so she tipped her head into Sirius’ upper arm. “I’m so sorry. I know it’s not the same, and I can’t talk to James about it, but I really really miss Sev.”

Sirius stiffened. 

“I’m sorry,” Lily said miserably. “I know everyone hates him.”

“James doesn’t hate him,” Sirius defended automatically. “He’s just…jealous, I think, of you and Sev. And Remus…well Severus bullied him a little but he’s mostly okay with him.”

“I do talk to Remus,” Lily rushed to assure him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

“I do hate him,” Sirius said in a quiet voice, ducking his head so that his carefully styled bangs fell into his face, and so that he wouldn’t be able to see Lily from his peripheral vision as he grabbed a baking sheet.

“Why?” Lily asked in bewilderment. “You were always so much cooler - louder - more popular than -”

“It’s because of Reggie,” Sirius muttered. “It has to do with him.”

Lily fell silent. She looked down and carefully took her hands out of the now empty sink to dry them on a towel. “I’m sorry, Sirius. I had no idea.”

“It was all for me,” Sirius said quietly. “Because we picked on him so badly. I didn’t know everything we did we…we were doing to Reggie. And when the Movement came…well, it was Slytherin. He was a pureblood. The other son in the family was already a huge disappointment and chucked out. I don’t think he had a lot of choice.”

Lily handed him the towel mutely. 


“We’re ready!” bellowed James, though the apartment’s enlargement charm was so slight as to be unnoticeable, just enough to fit the couch, their bed, things like that.

“Neighbors, James,” Lily said wearily.

“We put up muffliato!” he protested, coming into the kitchen. “What can I take?”

“Nothing! Too many people!” laughed Lily loudly, distracting from Sirius’ face as he threaded around his best friend and brother to find Remus. 

While Lily sent the stream of food and James the plates to the table, Sirius and Remus exchanged wordless hand squeezes beneath the table, Sirius quickly hiding his soul-crushing dread that Reggie was dead with a smile and a wink at Lily as she sat, concerned, shooting a green-eyed glance at Remus to make sure he knew.

“Smells delicious,” he pronounced.