Ron Weasley offered the stranger sitting next to him on the train half his sandwich, even though it was all he had.

Ron Weasley sacrificed himself for the good of Harry and Hermione at age eleven, because even then he thought they were more important than he was, and the ones worth saving.

Ron Weasley was Harry Potter’s first friend, and the first thing Harry ever had resembling a family. 

Ron Weasley lived in a cramped house, and wore hand me down robes, and he didn’t even think twice about offering his room and food and family to Harry every break, he offered him every thing he could and gave him everything he had.

Ron Weasley took care of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger when they were too busy taking care of the rest of the world to worry about themselves. 

Ron Weasley stood on broken bones when he was thirteen years old, to tell a man infamous for murder that if he planned on killing his best mate, he would have to go through him first.

Ron Weasley was the person Harry would miss most in the world.

Ron Weasley was a pureblood wizard who, from a very young age, devoted his life to abolishing blood status, even if he didn’t quite understand his own privilege. 

Ron Weasley’s greatest fears and insecurities were tied up in his two best friends seeing him the way he saw himself. They were tied up in the idea, imbedded deeply in Ron Weasley, that he was somehow inferior.  

Ron Weasley gave Dobby his own clothes and socks to be buried in, because he understood how important it would have been to him.

Ron Weasley thought about saving the house elves when everyone else forgot. 

If you don’t love Ron Weasley, The Boy Who Cared, I don’t know what books you read but they weren’t the same ones I did.

“He was fifteen feet away when he realized it was Ginny. He stopped in his tracks.  She was crouching over a girl who was whispering for her mother”

”He wanted to shout out to the night, he wanted Ginny to know that he was there, he wanted her to know where he was going.”

-DH, pg 696-7

I was reading the Deathly Hallows last night and came to this scene - I always wished/hoped that Ginny did know Harry was there…that maybe she felt something, got a feeling that he was nearby. 

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Hinny!! :D


  • always wins when they play Trivia Crack: Ginny does but she asks her brothers for help and Hermione because they love seeing Harry ponder how she always wins
  • laughs when their partner trips on something: Ginny does she grew up with Fred and George she loves slapstick humor 
  • would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke: Harry but he only does it once because Ginny basically beat him up. 
  • spoils the ending of books/movies: Harry does because he needs Ginny to pay attention 
  • always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW: HARRY JAMES POTTER BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A ROMANTIC PIECE OF SHIT HOLY SHIT 
  • eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it: Harry omfg 
  • obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week: I can see Ginny loving this for some reason 
  • makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc: GINNY LOL again this is the girl that grew up with Fred and George she loves it 
  • has to beat their partner in every game: Ginny is SO COMPETITIVE 
  • keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff: Harry does tbh
  • eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway: Both of them. They love it. 

so there’s this toilet cubicle in my school that has some things written all over the door and i was in it the other day just minding my own business and stuff ya know and then I noticed


but then I came back like a few days later and I looked and


I have this headcanon that during Ginny’s first game with the Harpies, the other team’s asshole keeper made a snide remark about her ass or how she only got on the team because she’s dating Harry and she threw the Quaffle at him so hard that he fell through the hoop and that’s how she scored her first professional goal
Harry, Ron, and George were crying they were laughing so hard in the stands

I love how OTP stands for one true pairing but literally no one has just one.

whatever you do don’t imagine one half of your otp reading while the other one dozes on their shoulder all tangled up in the bedsheets don’t do it please

A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 

i find it amusing how people think harry and ginny would have had a completely settled, quiet life after the war like these two idiots are literally the biggest daredevils on the planet?? do you honestly think they even know how to have a quiet existence?? they probably came shuffling in to mrs. weasley every week all scraped and bruised with a black eye and matching stupid grins because they fought off a bear that was trying to steal their picnic or some shit