hinn raven

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dogs or cats?
i love both but cats

apple juice or orange juice?
orange, always

last tv show you watched?
the office probably

last book you read?
i’m finally getting back into shadowhunter chronicles (yes, i know, problematic, idc) and i just finished lord of shadows and INCOHERENT SCREAMING. i also lent it to my friend and we’re going to scream about it over text since idk when i’m seeing her again since school is over.

last fic you read?
i started rereading A Minor Situation by Hinn_Raven on the bus since it was on my phone as an ebook anyway and it’s mostly not questionable

favorite comic of all time?
i don’t think i’ve read enough to have an answer for this

do you prefer fanart or fanfics?
fics but man i love both more than life

do you have any pets?
one cat, one dog, and my brother has two gerbils

do you have any siblings?
younger brother

favorite color?

pink or purple?
pink again but actually a solid 50% of things i own where the colour is an easy option are purple so


my questions:

  1. last song listened to?
  2. last from of transport you took?
  3. are you an icarus metaphor or the sun?
  4. last moment that made you cry in a good or not-extremely-painful way?
  5. last movie you watched?
  6. favourite way to relax?
  7. favourite place you’ve been to?
  8. where would you live if money was not a factor?
  9. who hugged you last?
  10. strangest thing you’ve ever seen on public transit?
  11. hogwarts house?

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Title: Good News (No One Mourns the Wicked)
Author: Hinn_Raven
Word Count: 1,109
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Character Death (Canon), Substance Abuse & Violence
Summary: In a Gotham-That-Isn’t, three dead birds meet on a rooftop.

“Think of this place… not as the land of the dead… but as the land of memories,” Jason said. “I mean, I’m alive.”

“But Robin died,” Steph said, nodding. “Same with me. I might not have died, but the idea of Robin died. That’s what mattered, really.”

“Even if you come back,” Jason said, shrugging. “It’s not the same. After this … you can’t be Robin.”