hinks bull terrier


I saw someone mention in the post about the Retro Pugs that they’d like to see the same type of throwback breeding being done in the bull terrier (I checked back and found you arinwolfe !! hi!). so here’s a few dogs out of Lyndon Ingles’ bull terrier lines from Thunder Rock kennels across the pond.

Lyndon Ingles is a bit of a ghost from what I’ve discovered trying to hunt him down just using the web; his website for his kennels is inactive and many people have been looking to get in touch with him for one of his dogs. I’ve managed to find a few people on various forums that say he is still breeding and working with these types of bull terriers. 

you will also find other breeders by searching terms such as “hinks bull terrier” and “old tyme hinks bull terrier”, and will also find information on the gull terr, a Pakistani bull terrier used for fighting.