Capitalized A episodes, part 3

4x15, Love shAck, Baby. Two A’s, but still only one capitalized, in opposed to 3x24 which had two capitalized A’s. 

-The girls have ALi’s diary from Ezra’s lair. 

-Ezra tries to steal it back by snooping around Hanna’s room.

-Emily receives a note she hinks is from Alison. “I want to come home. Meet me at our spot”. Emily goes there and on the bench it is written “EF + AD” in a heart. Did Ali write that about her and Emily or about her and Ezra?

Ali does not show up, and Emily leaves her name bracelet at the bench. 

-Spencer comes home to find Peter and Jessica discussing in the kitchen. “Does Jason know? - Peter. “He doesn’t need to” - Jessica. When Spencer confronts them, they say that Jessica is getting a divorce and needs Peter’s help as a lawyer. 

-The girls finds a clue in the diary, the Busy Bee Inn, which is now closed. Still the girls heads out there, but on the way their car breaks down. Hanna calls Travis who will get them in a couple of hours. They seek shelter at Ezra’s cabin. Whilst there, Emily and Hanna goes outside and Spencer and Aria is locked in the laundry room. They see someone walk around in the living room. Spencer grabs a shovel for protection (go-to weapon avery time?). Hanna and Emily comes in and unlocks the door. The diary is gone.

-Hanna tells the girls that she once kissed Mike and she was afraid Aria would hate her for it. She also said Alison freaked and made Mike keep his mouth shut. Aria then tells Hanna it’s okay, and that Mike used to have a major crush on Hanna back then. 

-Travis suddenly shows up. When Hanna called him, she did not know they were going to wait in the cabin, how did he know they were there?

-Peter tells Spencer to stay away from Jessica.

-“looks like I’m winning. Thanks for the tip. -A”, message the girls receive at the end of the episode. I don’t think Ezra sent it, I don’t think he has ever been A. 

-The “A ending” I think is Ezra, showing that someone on a computer opens up a road block, that made the girls take a detour on their way to the Busy Bee. Ezra probably did it to get the book back, and he knew Aria would go to his cabin. But I do think A got there first, taking the diary with them. 

Did Ezra steal the diary? I know the girls found it in his desk in a later episode.

Was Ali the one to send Emily that note?

Was Jessica and Peter talking about Jessica’s divorce? 


This song holds incredible significance for us, the fans of Supernatural. But before this moment, for Sam and Dean, it was just a good, classic song. Now, they have to be wondering why the girls chose this song, out of all the songs they could have chosen, as the song. So, they listen- really listen! to the lyrics for the first time to see how it relates to them- to the Winchesters. And suddenly, this isn’t just a classic rock song. Their parents are there singing “Carry on, my wayward son,” and the Winchesters have to be thinking about their lives and how all they seem to be able to do is carry on. Their surrogate brother and foster father tell them “There’ll be peace when you are done,” and the Winchesters have to be wondering if there ever really will be peace- “Lay your weary head to rest,” and wondering if they’ll even get peace finally in death. “Don’t you cry no more,” a group of girls sing to them- people who love them and think they are heroes. Suddenly, this song has signifcance for Sam and Dean because suddenly, they’re able to see how damn fitting the lyrics are and because- suddenly, it’s a love song. It’s not just Kansas anymore. It’s family and friends and the people they’ve saved saying, “Carry on- you will find peace.”