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Modern Day Fuckboy!Soda AU. It’s named HUMBLE. after the Kendrick Lamar song because that’s one of my favorites to have sex too lol

This is gonna be EXTREMELY NSFW, not appropriate for young eyes, and like, all about sex. So yeah. You’ve been warned. 

This is the updated one with both parts 1&2. It’s just over 3,400 words so its a long one lol

I hope you all enjoy!

I know @littlewolfdiaries@ponybabyy were really into this and I forget who else was too but here’s the updated version for you guys. I added a little line between where pt. 1 ends and pt. 2 begins :)

Face washed and moisturized. Lights off and tucked into bed. Eyes closed and phone charging. Phone vibrates, lighting up the dark room.

You let out a groan, peeling open your eyes as you reach for your phone. The snapchat notification from him makes your chest swell and you bite your lip, knowing whats to come.

Sodapop Curtis wasn’t your boyfriend. Sex and lust were the only things at play between you. Sure, you both enjoyed each others company, but he didn’t seem to want anything serious and, besides, you couldn’t stand the way he acted sometimes. So reckless and and in the moment, he never thought about where he was going or where he wanted to be, Soda just went.

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Okay, since that post last night about a Green Lanterns movie got so popular, how about a little concept for the opening?

The movie begins in Nevada, 20 years ago. Abin Sur is slumped up against a small rock formation, bleeding out and dying. In the distance, there’s a green light, and it’s growing closer. When it arrives, it’s carrying Hal Jordan. He rushes over to Abin and tries to save him, but it’s too late. Abin places his ring into Hal’s hands and tells him “You have been chosen, become the Green Lantern” before dying.

Flash forward to Baltimore, 15 years ago. Guy Gardner is on a field trip to the museum with his students, but one girl wanders off into the street. Guy pushes her out of the way of a speeding bus, saving her life. He brings her back to the other students, and when he’s alone for just a moment, he opens his hand. There’s a ring, and it tells him “Guy Gardner of Earth, you have been chosen.”

Flash forward again, this time to Fallujah, 10 years ago. John Stewart is set up on a rooftop, and he has his targets in his sights. Everyone is in position, and there’s no way the mission could go south. But then John notices that a little boy could be caught in the crossfire, and instead of doing his job, he saves the boy instead. When he sees the boy with his family, safe and sound, John smiles. A ring floats behind him, and whispers in his ear, “John Stewart of Earth, you have been chosen.”

Cut to an alley behind a bar in Los Angeles, 5 years ago. Kyle Rayner is tossed out on his ass by a bouncer, completely shitfaced. He sees a guardian, stepping out from the shadows. The guardian looks him up and down, sighs, and hands him a ring. “You will have to do,” he decides.

Guantanamo Bay, 1 year ago. Simon Baz is being tortured by a government agent, and the agent refuses to believe that he’s innocent. He doesn’t believe that Simon was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to make Simon confess. And then the door to the room flies off it’s hinges, and there’s a ring, floating between the two men. “Simon Baz of Earth, you have been chosen.”

Finally, it’s present day Portland. Jessica Cruz is gearing up for a hunting trip with her friends, and despite her anxieties, they assure her that nothing will go wrong.

The Vice Chastity Cage Review

Here is the review my pet, @lizzies-pet, wrote for The Vice we recently received.

My wife got this from @lockedinlust. The shipping was fast and packaging was nice.

I have only tried a few chastity cages so far. We started with a CB6000S and then tried some metal ones from eBay. I did not care for the CB6000S for a couple of reasons. First, it was fairly easy to pull out of the tube. Second, I work outside on a daily basis, with no access to a proper toilet. So using the bathroom was a big problem with it. I believe this could be remedied by a better fit. My flaccid size varies quite a bit and pretty often, so I found myself always having to keep some cotton swabs in my pocket to help me get everything lined up and in place when I needed to. And third, hygeine. Being outside all day in the heat, it just proved to be too much of a problem keeping it clean.

I was pretty pleased with The Vice, since it is fairly similar to the CB6000S. It is definitley more secure. The Vice portion that clamps around your cock and locks onto the pin prevents pulling out. I tried and decided it wasn’t worth the discomfort that it would cause. Even if you did manage to pull out, I don’t know how you would get back into the device. The Vice portion made its presence known, but not in a painful way. It made the whole device feel just a little tighter and actually more comfortable in my opinion.

As far as the urination and hygiene issues, however, they are pretty much the same as the CB6000S for me. While The Vice did prevent some of the moving around inside the tube that I experienced with the CB6000S, it was still an issue. And the smaller ventilation holes on The Vice made getting everything back in place a little more difficult. They also made washing the device a little more difficult as well. It’s not impossible by any means. I have the small squirt bottles and plastic/foam swabs to be able to get inside the device and clean while it is on.

The Vice is a surprisingly comfortable device to wear, though. I was a little concerned with the hinged rings, but they didn’t give me any issues. The kit includes enough rings, spacers, and vice clamps to fit almost anyone I would guess. The only thing I wish was different as far as size goes, is the tube itself. The Vice is about the size of a CB6000. I would like to see it offered in smaller sizes, like the CB6000S or maybe even one just a bit smaller, too.

In short, if you have used a CB6000 or CB6000S and enjoyed it, but just wanted something a little more comfortable and secure, then you will most likely find this to be a nice device. This is not a negative review of the product. As far as quality and comfort goes, it is a very well made device with plenty of sizing options included. It just does not fit me or my lifestyle as well as the smaller and more open metal device that I am currently using. It certainly is a secure device, though. And I would not hesitate to buy my next device from @lockedinlust.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one, you can use the coupon code JOESGODDESS to receive $20 off your purchase.
When We Meet Again

Hi! Hello, It’s been some time since I’ve posted! I’m so happy to finally get this out as it was a request from some time ago. I’ve changed some things up but, I do hope I’ve given you a small and fluffy piece. -Admin Cole

TW: Mentions of Anxiety 

Fluff| 1,800+ words

Yongguk could feel the fatigue pulling at his eyelids. He’d been composing for the last 7 hours. The others had gone away hours ago, and here he sat in the darkness of his studio rolling back and forth in his overstuffed chair trying to complete his newest piece. It seemed that composing for his group was one of the most natural things in the world to do…until it wasn’t. He’d been blocked for hours. Yongguk spun himself in dizzying circles in the hope of ridding himself of the tension and frustration that currently was settling along his temples and across the top of his back.

The pain had become familiar in recent months, as did the migraines. The rapper stopped trying to spin away the pain and resigned himself to an evening of flopping stomach, erratic heartbeat and the occasional feeling or a railroad tie being pushed into his head. While he’s had better days, he’d also had much worse. The quiet sound of his incomplete track melting into the warm dark brown of his studio left Yongguk feeling ever so slightly less shitty. He decided to take a small reprieve from his moping and laid himself on the chaise lounge across from his computer.

The bright, blue light of the screen cause him significant discomfort. It seemed to be yelling at him to make progress despite all the headway he’d already made on the song. Yongguk could feel the way his heart began to race in his chest, the way sweat slicked in the back of his hair despite the studio being temperature controlled.

It always began like this, a pebble causing an avalanche. His chest tightened slowly, all the air in Yongguk’s lungs dissipated. The rapper reached for his telephone to call you, he needed to hear your voice. One ring went by, then two, on the third you answered.

“Guk! It’s damn near midnight! Are you coming home tonight?“

The sound of your frustration only wound him tighter. The fatigue in his eyes had been replaced by unshed tears.

"Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, lovely. I just wanted– needed to hear your voice.” The soft rumble of his voice was strained with tension.

You nodded in understanding despite the fact that he could not see you. “Okay, baby,” you murmured, “you wanna breathe with me? Inhale 2,3,4.”

Yongguk matched his breaths to the cadence of your voice. You sat on the phone breathing with him in the silence hoping that he would come down soon.

“I’m coming home,” the rapper croaked wearily.

“Okay, Love,” you shifted on the sofa trying to find your sweet spot again, “I’ll wait for you.”

The line went dead, and you assumed he was packing up and on his way. Your own screen in front of you was covered in spreadsheets and calendars. You’d been swamped with work recently. Climbing the ladder as a marketing analyst was anything but easy, primarily as a woman. The crick in your neck had spread into your shoulders and crept closer to your spine with every second. Quickly you shuffled your papers into a pile on your laptop and sprinted to the bathroom. You’d hoped to be showered and done before Yongguk got home.

The squeak of the door hinge and the bright ring light greeted you as you made your way into the bathroom. It was not small by any means, but it was cramped as hell. You and Guk crammed all of your things mildly associated with the bathroom in there. From cleaning supplies to every body product you owned.

The shelves surrounding the vanity were filled with your candles. All of them were for different occasions, all of them different. On the left-hand side sat your aromatherapy candles, bunched together by scent and color. The right was overrun by your “experimental” assortment of “sexy time” candles as Youngjae had called them once. They varied in scent and size each of them a precious gift given to you by your beloved. He’d often picked you up candles whenever he was on tour. Your favorite, by far, were the ones he picked up while in Poland. They smelled of earthy countryside and rain, which reminded you of Yongguk’s smile and the way he held you.

The hot water beat a path down your back easing the tension of your muscles and melting your mind. The spray of the water soaked your hair and as you leaned your forehead against the tiles and just stood. Your eyes fluttered shut as the world fell away piece by piece. The scent of your favorite candle wafted around the shower curtain every now and then. It was nice just being there in the moment. Your mind started to conjure up a picture of Yongguk. He was dressed in his black cardigan a white tee and some jeans. He was sitting on your couch looking at his lyric book, his hair falling over his eyes. He’d let it grow long again recently. When he saw you his eyes, you wanted to go cuddle with him immediately. The warmth that sat there comforted you. The sound of your front door slamming shut shook you from the fantasy of Yongguk and alerted you to his actual presence. Fanatically you finished up, as urgency rose up within you. He’d been on the verge of having an attack when he called you earlier, and it was important that you saw him before he passed out. Throwing on your jammies, you rushed from the bathroom, wet hair dampening your tank.

Yongguk heard you rushing about in the bathroom and smiled. He could feel the weight of the bags under his eyes and knew you’d see them. You’d probably start scolding him about coming home earlier and eating well while hugging him. He couldn’t wait to have you in his arms again. As you rounded the corner cheeks shiny and flushed from your shower, the rapper couldn’t help but chuckle. Your shirt was soaked from your hair, and your tiny toes peered from underneath your Eeyore pajama pants, all in all, you were the cutest thing he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Babe, how are you,” he grunted as you collided into his chest. He smelled like the incense in his studio and that leather chaise lounge he often napped on. You didn’t quite realize how much you missed him until he was in your arms  Body heat radiated through Yongguk’s sweater against your cheek.

“I missed you,” you mumbled bringing yourself closer. He wrapped his arms around you, giving a squeeze in return. He placed kisses at the crest of your head a silent confirmation of his own affection. He pressed his cheek against your head and sighed. This was one of his favorite places except he’d rather be horizontal, dozing off with you doing the same. As if you’d read his mind you suggest he go shower and get ready for bed while you wait in the bedroom. With a nod and a fleeting peck on the lips, Yongguk went about readying himself for the evening.

You parted ways as you went upstairs to the bedroom and Yongguk made his way to the bathroom. The bedsheets were still rumpled, moved this way and that from earlier this morning. The memory of what occurred brought a blush to your face as you set about fixing them. The best bed to sleep in was a freshly made one. Tucking and folding over sheets, your mind wandered. You considered a reprise of earlier today but decided against it. Your back was creaking from a day of hard work, and despite the heat growing in your belly, your eyes were ready to shut. Maybe you could muster up the strength in the morning again. Yongguk would be off so you wouldn’t  feel too guilty. With the bed freshly made, you crawled under the duvet and drifted off to sleep.

Yongguk looked around the bathroom at the chaotic mess of bottles and candles sprawled across the counters. He often felt like he’d entered an old merchants shop whenever he came into his restroom. In truth, it was the most colorful room your apartment. He secretly liked it this way, despite how much you pledged to clean it out. It has so much personality, it was where your worlds meshed best. His colognes sat in a cluster on a shelf surrounded by your perfumes, his face washes lined against the vanity, yours varying in shape and size lined up next to some of your candles.

The water from where you rang out your hair still sat on the lip of the tub and on the floor in the little trail that led to the towel rack. The rapper made a mental note to wipe that down once he finished showering. He stripped piece by piece, belt, socks, pants, shirt and finally underwear. He placed his things neatly over the side of the face basin and stepped into the shower. The hot water ran over his body calming the muscles that he didn’t even know were tensed.  Yongguk let the water slide through his hair, down his back and over his legs as the scalding river boiled away the stress. He felt himself go soft, his sharp breaths became languid little puffs that poured out him.

Yongguk stepped out of the tub and scrubbed a towel through his sopping hair. His hands moved back and forth over his head, occasionally squeezing to dry faster. His hair flopped around his face, laid in wispy layers as he wiped the rest of himself.  Yongguk debated whether tonight was a pjs sort of evening. While his drawstring pants were sitting on the rack calling out, his laziness took precedence. He wasn’t truly one for night wear anyway. Yongguk climbed the stairs to your bedroom, clothes folded away in his arms. A small grin overtook his face as he saw the top of your head poking out from beneath the duvet. You always made him smile, everything about you was endearing. He was sure that after the  ‘puppy love’ stage ended he’d find something about you that irritated him to no end. Maybe you were one of those people who left the cap off the toothpaste, or you left your coat on the chair when the closet was less than ten feet away. No, instead he got a bathroom full of candles, Eeyore pajamas, and a small obsession with the moles on his face.

The bed dipped as Yongguk slid into it next to you. His lanky arms wrapped around your sleeping body, pulling you into a cradle. He placed another small kiss on the crown of your head as he wriggled about to get comfortable with you in his arms. Although he could not see your face, he imagined the way your eyelashes sat on your puffy cheeks, the sleep-addled pout on your lips. You were his angel, and he would be sure to let you know how much he appreciated you in the morning.

Supercat fic idea...

Cat is visiting the Danvers home in Midvale for the first time, and drops her phone.  When she bends down to pick it up, she notices something under the edge of Kara’s bed.  A heavy chain.  One end is attached to the floor with a heavy duty steel hinge ring plate.  The other end has a padded shackle.  When she asks about it, Kara goes red faced in embarrassment, so Alex has to explain it’s the only way they could keep Kara from floating out the window while she was sleeping.


This absolutely GORGEOUS yellow gold “Andromeda” hinged ring from Body Vision Los Angeles found a home this weekend, before we even had a chance to post about it! We definitely think the right person chose it, because look how amazing it fits her, and it goes perfectly with her earrings! ✨😍✨

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We are so excited about this handsome gent’s amazing new jewelry outfit! He is now all fancied up with a solid yellow gold “Moody Cuff” hinged ring we had made for him by Body Vision Los Angeles and a shiny set of plated gold mayan flared eyelets from Buddha Jewelry Organics ✨😍✨

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Appearance & Likeness

“By the time of her coronation in 1533, one hostile observer would be reporting to the court at Brussels that Anne’s crown did not fit, and she was badly disfigured by a wart, and that she wore a violet velvet mantle with a high ruff to conceal a swelling in the neck, possibly a goitre. Some writers have taken this seriously, although much of it is wilful misrepresentation. The crown was quickly taken off her after the actual crowning, but this was because it weighed seven pounds. For the rest of the ceremonies Anne wore a crown specifically made and weighing only three…As for the high collar, Anne wore the required coronation surcoat with a mantle of ermine, although the material seems to have been purple velvet and not white cloth of gold. If the style was the same as the surcoat and mantle her daughter wore at her coronation in 1559, then the neck was high. The need to conceal a goitre is malevolent embroidery.

“George Wyatt, writing at the end of the century to contradict Sander, and having access to some genuine family traditions of his own about Anne, was compelled not only to accept her ‘beauty not so whitely as clear and fresh, above all we may esteem’, but to admit that

…there was found, indeed, upon the side of her nail, upon one of her fingers, some little show of a nail, which yet was so small, by the report of those that have seen her, as the work master seemed to leave it on occasion of greater grace to her hand, which, with the tip of one of her other fingers might be, and and was usually hidden without any blemish to it. Likewise there were said to be upon some parts of her body, certain moles incident to the clearest complexions.

A minor malformation of one fingertip thus seems very probably, and so too one or two moles, possibly on the chin…”

…not that she was ever a ravishing beauty. Lancelot de Carles did call her ‘beautiful and with an elegant figure’, and a Venetian reporting what was known of her in Paris in 1928 described her as ‘very beautiful’. Yet John Barlow, one of her favorite clerics, when asked to compare Anne to Elizabeth Blount…replied that Elizabeth ‘was more beautiful’, although Anne ‘was very eloquent and gracious and reasonably good looking’. Simon Grynee, a professor of Greek at Basle whom Henry VIII employed to canvass Swiss opinion as to the validity of his marriage to Katherine, was similarly cautious (and also not entirely persuaded to her morals): ‘young and good-looking’ was his verdict. The Venetian diplomat, Francesco Sanuto, was even less certain, though he clearly knew of no goitres or ‘large wens’: ‘Not one of the handsomest women in the world; she is of middling stature, swarthy complexion, long neck, wide mouth, a bosom not much raised and eyes which are black and beautiful’. Henry, as we shall see, saw nothing wrong with Anne’s breasts, but the overall evidence of these less prejudiced observers hardly suggests compelling physical attractiveness. All reports agree that Anne was dark…when her daughter Elizabeth was born it was remarked how fair she was, taking after her father rather than her mother. A feature of which Anne herself was clearly proud of was her hair. A good deal of comment was caused by her wearing her hair down for the coronation procession through London, but again this was simply in accordance with established etiquette. Anne, however, had also worn her hair down for the entirely unprecedented ceremony where she was created marchioness of Pembroke.

“Looks only tolerable, but a splendid head of dark hair and fine eyes – this was the impression Anne Boleyn made on her contemporaries, but it would be good to have some pictorial evidence. Here the past has not been kind. The painter coming into prominence at the English court was, of course, Hans Holbein the younger, but no painting of Anne by Holbein is known to have been made, and certainly none has survived. Two of his drawings are alleged to be of her: one in the set of his drawings in the royal collection at Windsor and the other formerly at Weston Park and now in the British Museum. The Windsor drawing carries the legend ‘Anna Bollein Queen’ in eighteenth-century lettering; the Weston Park drawing, in a hand dating from the first half of the seventeenth century, has the Latin legend: ‘Anne Bullen was beheaded, London 19 May, 1536′. The names on the Holbein drawings at Windsor are said to have derived originally from Sir John Cheke, Edward VI’s tutor, and since Cheke had known Anne, the identification might appear to have authority. However, the Cheke story is suspect – several of his supposed identifications are demonstrably incorrect – and there is evidence on the ‘Anna Bollein’ to link it with the Wyatt family. Moreover, the sitter is in evident deshabille, and why should any such likeness of the queen be commissioned? It is also the case that when both Holbeins were in the collection of the earl of Arundel int he late 1630s, the Czech artist, Wenceslaus Hollar, chose to engrave the British Museum drawing in preference to the one now at Windsor. Why Hollar selected that as likeness of Anne it is impossible to say; either he had advice or the Windsor drawing had not yet been claimed as ‘Anne’.

“One firm contemporary likeness of Anne Boleyn is a single specimen of the portrait medal struck in 1534; it carries her motto, ‘The Moost Happi’ and the initials ‘AR’ – Anna Regina. Such a piece can only have been prepared on royal authority. The common assumption is that the medal was struck to mark Anne’s coronation, but the date makes that improbable. Between Anne’s coronation and a 25 March start to 1534 was ten months. The more likely occasion is the expected birth of Anne’s second child in the Autumn of 1534, and her miscarrying would explain why multiple copies do not survive. Unfortunately the nose has been badly damaged, perhaps deliberately, so that its value as a likeness is impaired. Nevertheless, the shake of the face is clear – long and oval with high cheekbones, much the sort of face that her daughter Elizabeth was to have, according to some painters. Given the condition of the medal, it is impossible to go further than that, but it cannot be said to inspire confidence in the British Museum likeness endorsed by Holler and still less the Windsor example. Judged by the medal, Anne sat for neither of the Holbein drawings. 

“A number of paintings from the later sixteenth century are claimed to be of Anne. They survive from sets of ‘Kings and Queens of England’ which Elizabethan and Jacobean gentry liked to have in their houses to demonstrate loyalty. There are two patterns which clearly represent separate traditions. The one best known at the time…depicts Anne in a gable hood with a single necklace of pearls and a cross decorated with rectangular stones. In a painting in this pattern…Anne wears a brooch in the form of a single drop pearl hanging from the monogram ‘AB’ in gold. The alternative pattern – and the one commonly reproduced today – has Anne in a French hood with a gold letter ‘B’ hanging from a pearl necklace. Several examples survive…Neither pattern, however, can be regarded as authoritative since neither is earlier than fifty or sixty years after Anne’s death or linked to the portrait medal, either directly or via a common ancestor. 

“There is, however, a resolution of this pictorial game of ‘find the lady’. The key is an Elizabethan ring belonging to the Trustees of Chequers…the ring itself is mother-of-pearl, the shank is set with rubies and the bezel carries the monogram ‘E’ in diamonds. It was previously in the posession of the Home family, having, it is said, been given from the English royal treasures by James I to the then Lord Horne. The head of the ring is hinged and opens to reveal two enamel portraits, one of Elizabeth circa 1575 and one of a woman in the costume of Henry VIII’s reign, wearing a French hood. The portrait is minute…but not only is Anne by far the most likely woman of the previous generation to be thus matched with Elizabeth, the face mask is quite clearly the sitter in the Hever and National Portrait Gallery printings. Two important conclusions follow. First, the late Elizabethan ‘Kings and Queens’ image of Anne is pushed back some twenty years. Even more significant, that image must have been accepted in Elizabeth’s court as a likeness of the queen’s mother. Elizabeth herself could obviously have had no clear recollection of Anne’s face, but others around her had known Henry’s second wife well. 

“How does the Chequers enamel compare with the 1534 medal? There is a forty-year interval between them and the head-dresses are different, but the sitter is evidently the same - long, oval face, high cheekbones, strong nose, and a decided chin: a face of character, not beauty. There is thus an authenticated sequence for Anne Boleyn, comprising the medal, the Chequers enamel, and the Hever/NPG pattern.

“With such a tiny ring it is hard to be certain, but between it and particularly the National Portrait Gallery example there seems to have been a prettying up and a loss of spirit. Fortunately, the sequence also has the effect of corroborating a seventeenth-century miniature in the collection of the Duke of Bucceleuch and Queensberry. Charles I had this copied as ‘Anne Boleyn’ by John Hoskins the elder…and it is now endorsed ‘from an ancient original’. How ‘ancient’ it is impossible to say. Although the relationship to the examples in the NPG pattern is evident, these were only thirty years old or perhaps less. It is more likely that Hoskins had access to an earlier image of the kind from which the NPG image originated. A full-length portrait of Anne was owned by Lord Lumley in 1590 and existed as late as 1773. Could it even be that Hoskins’ source was or was derived from a Holbein painting now lost? Speculation apart, the Hoskins is important because it preserves what a highly talented seventeenth-century miniaturist made of the image, and though again further softened, it is the best depiction of Anne we are likely ever to have, failing the discovery of new material. Portrait medal – Chequers ring – Hever/NPG pattern – Hoskins miniature: the chain is complete. We have the real Anne Boleyn.

“…Establishing a reliable image for Anne Boleyn only accentuates the evidence of contemporaries that her attraction was not outstanding natural beauty. What, then, explains her power? In the first place she radiated sex. The heir of Northumberland would try to break a six-year-old engagement for her; Sir Thomas would become passionately involved; and it was the inability of a Flemish musician to stand the heady atmosphere around her that would help bring Anne to destruction. As for Henry, the king’s own letters show how explicit was his desire…”

“That Anne was aware of her attractiveness to men seems obvious. While in France her place beside the retiring queen would have kept her away from most of the notorious licentiousness which flourished in Francis I’s own household. Nevertheless, Anne cannot have been made aware of her power during such visits as Claude did make to a court which was much more explicitly erotic than those at London or Brussels…days after her death de Carles waxed lyrical about her expressive eyes…

“Yet sexuality was only part of Anne Boleyn’s attraction. What made her stand out was sophistication, elegance, and independence, in fact the continental experience and upbringing which we have explored…

“France and Queen Claude, and, one might add, Margaret of Austria: these had made the difference. There were other foreign ladies at the English court. Some, now aging, had come over with Katherine of Aragon, but among the English there was nobody with a tithe of the continental polish of Anne Boleyn. One of Wolsey’s servants who had known her remembered how she stood out among the other women at court for ‘her excellent grace and behavior’. A less than enthusiastic Protestant writer of the next generation told how’ albeit in beauty she was to many inferior, but for behavior, manners, attire, and tongue she excelled them all, for she had been brought up in France.’ A Catholic account of the same period stressed that ‘she was in the prime of her youth’, and as well as her musical abilities ‘had her Latin and French tongue’…Even the recusant tradition remembered her elegance and gave her credit for it, if for nothing else: ‘She was the model and the mirror of those who were at court, for she was always well dressed, and every day made some change in the fashion of her garments. But as to the disposition of her mind…’

“Anne Boleyn had style, and continental style at that. George Wyatt might look back and write of ‘the graces of nature graced by gracious education’, but Carles declared at the time: ‘no one would ever have taken her to be English by her manners, but a native-born Frenchwoman’.”


Beautiful implant-grade steel and brass “Fleur” hinged ring from Flaming Bones. Such a great piece!

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Casper had us special order this amazing piece of jewelry from BVLA. 

The Boston Python. Made from solid rose gold, an Ouroboros snake with genuine emeralds for its eyes. Made for Casper as a 14g hinged ring. The first of its kind in this gold/gemstone combination.

If you’d like to sneak a peak at this piece in person, be sure to pay a visit to Casper (whom works as a tattoo artist) in Sand City at Earthbound Tattoo. 

Thanks so much Casper!!

Monterey, CA

Say hello to another gorgeous new addition to the studio: the “Graduating Oaktier” hinged ring from Body Vision Los Angeles in 14k white gold and featuring a gradient of genuine White and Champagne Sapphires and Smoky Quartz - yeah, we’re pretty much speechless too ✨😍 Available in the studio or email us at coldsteelusa@gmail.com for info!

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Up close and personal with this beauty. 14kt Solid Rose Gold “Monarch” hinged ring. Perfect for your daith, septum, helix or earlobe piercings.


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God Must Be An Engineer

by  Saṃsāran

If you watch any documentary on evolution you cannot help but note one crucial thing. Evolution is all about solving engineering problems. The development of the backbone, the gill, the lung, skin, the jaw, the hip, grasping digits and the eye are all engineering advances.

You have all kinds of mechanical devices being used. The lever, the gear, the buttress, scaffolding, the ball and socket, bushings, flanges, pivots, hinges, O rings, I beams, filters, pumps even tiny engines complete with propellers. 

If this doesn’t amaze you then you are far harder to impress than I am.

Actual SEM Image of a cellular engine which propels a human sperm.

Diagram of the cellular engine pictured in the previous illustration.

Life hasn’t been easy since the Skywalker kid came crashing down into it.

Sure, Han had lived his fair share of adventures before then, back when it was just him and Chewie and the Falcon. The three of them had chalked up quite a legacy, leaving stardust in their wake as they jumped between planets and settlements and whatever assholes wanted them dead that week. He’d been shot at more times than he could count, become a master of cheating death as tactfully as he cheated said assholes out of their dubiously-earned credits. It’d been exciting, fun, and dangerous.

Still, it all pales in comparison to the crazy shit he’s been through since locking eyes with a pair of doe-like baby blues back in a crowded bar in Mos Eisley. Before Luke, his life had been might-get-blasted-to-death-after-a-bad-deal dangerous; now, it was saving the entire galaxy dangerous.

The point is, Han Solo is no coward. Despite what some of his harsher critics may say, Han has courage, determination, even a loose set of morals beneath the layers of sarcasm and salty comebacks. He’s thrown himself into fire and ice – not to mention the damn carbonite – to save his friends, faced Sith Lords and bounty hunters galore. Nothing has proved too much of a challenge thus far, even when the odds have seemed heavily stacked against him.

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