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So the other day I made a character named  Alpha Beta Spirit Forbidden Gran Astral God Gun Tic Tac Ray Moth Grave Blood Lunk Original Kaiju Sonic Geometry Mello Scooter Paddle Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Jesus How Many Versions Of Super Saiyan Can They Make 3 Iso Mecha D-Lux June Ban Darth Mount Albert Ster Bigger Youtuber Sinful Legendary Albino Door Lord Vlog Saiyan Prince Krill Muscular Freezy Super Sand Lesbian Tom Cryo Headache Super Sand Lesbian 2 Super Sexah Bisensual Nipper Sour Gazorpazorp Octo Mian Dian Ian Abbreviated Book Other Alan Bovine Odd Lumpy Creepy Hong Sleazy Walt OG Mexican Avian Boomeranger Greater Coldsteel Fascist Slonk Wardsome Tentaclesome Krappy KRAPPY krappy kRaPpY Sorrowful Producer Stellar Artist Gyro Professional Zombie Exodia 3X-0d14 Yami Y4M1 ERROR Mafia Boss Bojangler Llama Narrator Moo Dark MLG Underground Rekful Golden Singer Archangel Demigod Prototype Mega Spiny Boring Feline Godly Margo Viking Hinga Dinga Durgen Canine Fedora Emerald Balboa Drone Amphibious Davi Monochrome Lil Fat Five Random Fuzzy Minecraft Dan Ogrelord Clone XD Long Dong Doordsome Chipsome Dongsome Drawsome Drongdrobe SCREE Pan Triagonal Jesse ERRORER Red Dodgeball Kid.

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Columbus Day Controversy, last comments

Columbus Controversy Days are over. Further comments and opinions next year. Here are some of the yesterday’s comments. 


We’re celebrating a specific person on Columbus day. This person wasn’t just behind his times on how ruthless and cruel he was. He and his men raped and murdered thousands. They forced the taino into obtaining obsurb amounts of gold or else they would be torn to shreds by dogs or have their hands chopped off. I know this is how a lot of history went down, but because of this we should drop our found memory of certain aspects of history. We can’t be blind to these things cause “it’s just history”


Its cool your posting the Asks. Especially what poo189 said . I love history and im very much into military history and what he said and what everybody said as well are correct. People need to learn to stop being sensitive to historic things. Because we learn from it very much. Theres good and theres always bad. Again thanks for posting em


I know you’re getting a lot of hate right now, but I’d just like to point out the blog doesn’t say “Opinionated Historical Times,” Columbus happening upon “America,” and causing the mass genocide of Native Americans, isn’t a happy thought, nor was it a good thing. But it’s fucking history, it happened. Stfu please. Thanks for your time.


I feel Night Vale’s tweet would be appropriate for all of the people freaking out over Columbus Day yesterday:  "Today is Columbus Day, the day in which we all honor the constantly changing narrative of the fiction we call history.“  Remember kids, what is considered "history” is ALWAYS changing; just because someone mentions an out-dated point of view does not mean that they subscribe to that view. Calm yourselves.


Colombus didn’t DISCOVER those lands… They had been populated for thousands of years.


Tumblr is worthless with all the stupid SJWs. Columbus’s bravery and brilliance should be celebrated. When cultures collide, the weaker one subsides… it’s called evolution, nature, reality. It’s going on right now all over the world: capitalism versus communism, islam versus modernity, nation states versus chaos.


Why should we promote and celebrate a man whose arrival on the continent heralded the absolute destruction of indigenous society, with over 90% of american indians wiped out? There’s a reason that several people have already changed yesterday to Indigenous People’s Day– namely, Columbus was a horrible person and not worth celebrating. It’s like how the Mongolians still print Genghis Khan on their money despite his killing tens of millions of Chinese, except worse because it was more recent.

Also, to say that any europeans “civilized” the indigenous population is to use the same jingoistic barbarism that America used before and during Manifest Destiny, while it was systematically demolishing native culture and asserting genetic superiority of the white race


Columbus did nothing wrong? Well the first thing he did wrong was taking credit for discovering america because he didn’t do shit. And second the sickness’ that the spanish got were purposely given in an attempt to eliminate them all. I was following your blog because i wanted to be well informed but it now it makes since that all you do is give credit to white men. Bye unfollow


Hello!! Im Mexican and Im really tired of all the people telling that it was Columbus fault, I mean, yeah he didn’t discover the country, because people already lived on it, but they just don’t understand what discover means, it means “tell it to the world”. All the things in the universe are already there, the animals, the minerals, etc. HE found a continent who nobody knew existed, the genocide and all those thing aren’t his fault. Well but we know that here in tumblr just the US citizens..


I too am deeply upset about history I have no part in making. Just kidding, history should be shown and taught. Especially the bad bits. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Otherwise before you know it you have peeps invading countries for resources and religious reasons. Oh wait, whoops! Ah well, you can always try and teach. Love your blog, peace!


I didn’t follow your blog to see people justify what their ancestors did to mine. Yes, things WERE different back then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speak critically of them a centuries later.


How dare you post a picture of a man on roller-skates some people don’t even have feet.


We can talk about the discovery of the Americas and still acknowledge that Columbus made life so horrible for the Taino that they killed themselves rather than endure it. We can talk about how he was sending children as young as five back to Spain as sex slaves. How he forced people to mine gold (a thing there wasn’t actually much of where he landed) and mutilated them if they didn’t bring him enough. We should talk about that. A non-critical view of history serves no one.


Columbus made the last great land discovery. Sure, another person could have done it but fact is, he’s the one who had the balls to approach the queen about it and get funding. And I bet if any other person from any other European country were to discover the Americas and its natives the EXACT SAME THING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

If history has taught me anything it’s that everyone’s a selfish racist prick who hates everyone, we just call the winners the bad ones. Maybe that’s where the old fashioned “American underdog” comes from…. But I digress.


Celebrating Columbus Day but not Lief Erickson Day? What kinda history blog is this?  Hinga Dinga Durgan to you! Downvoted. Unsubscribed. Reported to ACLU.


The Columbus problem is so …. overplayed.     When did the ships sail ?     And in the time between then and now, what went wrong ?   And in this time what, steps were taken to change the fortunes of the  those whose ANCESTORS witnessed, and were caught in a historical HUMAN MIGRATION.  
They happen often on this earth. And they are never “nice.”   Dwell on the misfortunes of ones ancestors, their misery and pain at the hands of others, the cruelty and inhumanity of the world centuries ago … and longer … and the FUTURE will never happen, it won’t matter, cause your ANCESTORS were so oppressed, that ya can’t get over it.   Only everyone gets over it.   One way or another.   Or we all would still be shivering in caves, till we die of d age, at 18 years old.

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