Sometimes you lose the track of the life. And fall into the darkness. Your nights chase the days, days chase the nights. And your light becomes your meditation. Let the Om guide you the way, so your will shall become as strong as an oak. Keep yourself always in balance my beloved friend.

Don’t try to demonstrate your spirituality, keep it your secret. Then you find that it is possible to be in both worlds.You can speak to people normally, you don’t have to ‘be’ spiritual you can speak with them. But something will be moving through your conversations and your contact. Something will change. Especially if they don’t see that you’re trying to do something. But you only speak from your truth, from your way. And initially, although there’s greater peace even in your face, in your countenance, the mind, which is still immersed in conditioning, doesn’t see that at first. It sees more threat.
 'You’re not the one I, I have in here of you. You’re not matching up to my picture of you. So something is wrong with you.’
You have to be strong. And you’re growing strong, just by staying still.
—  Mooji