Anyway. Rule of the day: if you’re an atheist, you’re anti semitic, islamophobic, hate Christians, and everything else. Right. We’ll go with that. Fuck it. I have the same rights to express my opinions as everyone else and anyone that doesn’t like it can kiss my ass. 

Yes, let’s pretend that *your* particular religion is great and everyone else’s isn’t. That kind of tribalism is so archaic and bothers me way more than being called an anti semite. Boo fucking hoo. 

Christians are privileged assholes for the most part that embrace a savior that never even existed and bootlegged all their principles from another religion. 

Muslims are indeed oppressed in western culture and are honestly the only group that I want to hear complain. Actually, any group but Christians. Any group that practically influences entire governments and social norms doesn’t deserved to be called oppressed. Jews, nonbelievers, Satanists, and others are oppressed and kicked to the curb. So yes, complain if you want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your beliefs critiqued. 

But yes, Islam is bullshit too. Hawkish and oppressive just like Christianity and pretends to be loving in the same way. 

Judaism has a ton of archaic, dumb traditions and, once again, outdated and primitive principles that so many adhere to. 

Don’t like me? Don’t follow. Don’t look at my posts. I don’t give a damn. As for everyone that’s had to witness this shit show, I apologize and I will continue reblogging cute animals and memes. Fuck everyone else. 

For those of you who are unaware, Qandeel Baloch is a Pakistani woman who was very big on social media and was often critiqued for posting “racy” or “inappropriate” content that was disapproved of by the South Asian (but mainly Pakistani) community. She was murdered by her brother because he thought she was bringing dishonour to her family, although people believe there might be another side to the story since photos of her were released with a mufti (Islamic scholar). There are actually people justifying this “honour killing” because they believe murdering somebody is justified as long as it’s to restore honour to the family. This absolutely appalling and despicable mentality runs rampant in South Asian communities and it needs to be addressed. Women’s lives are not yours to take, control or assign worth to. Unsurprisingly there are Pakistani men who support this murder because they too view women as property and objects they own and can choose to dispose of when they feel like it. To these men, and all men- women are not your possessions. You do not have the right to us, to our lives. It is a sad day when this needs to be said but the fact is, South Asian communities hold this disgusting mentality that it is justified to fucking kill someone if you think they are behaving inappropriately. Our lives BELONG TO US. I am so tired and sick of these communities that are brainwashed and fed the same sick attitudes and beliefs. I am really fucking tired of people using religion and the idea of retribution from God to control and police women’s behaviour. It is absolutely a Muslim problem and it is absolutely a Hindu problem, and above all- it is a South Asian problem. Policing and controlling women’s behaviour to what men believe is appropriate is a very large problem in our communities and we need to acknowledge that the way these men do it is using religious beliefs that come with Islam and Hinduism.

Growing up as a Hindu I’ve always admired Vishnu for his kindness, charisma, beauty, mysteriousness, and fluidity of gender and expression. I’ve never properly sat down and drawn him, so here he is today, with somewhat of a modern aesthetic twist I suppose. 

Signs that someone has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to religion:

  • Refers to “Catholics” and “Christians” as if the former isn’t part of the latter
  • Thinks the Council of Nicaea decided what books are in the Bible
  • Says anything about “bronze age fairy tales”
  • Thinks that there are “tens of thousands” of denominations of Christianity
  • Refers unspecifically to all Orthodox Jews as “Hasidic Jews”
  • Thinks Jews use “loopholes” in the Torah to “trick” God
  • Thinks that Salafism/Wahhabism is an “ancient” or “undiluted” form of Islam that’s “stuck in the seventh century”
  • Says Buddhism is “just a philosophy”
  • Thinks that they can practice Buddhism while unthinkingly discarding the religion’s entire metaphysical/cosmological system
  • Thinks that Hindus “worship cows”
  • Thinks that all religions teach that unbelievers will be damned/punished/sent to hell