The Three Levels of Satsang (Associating with Eternal Truth), by Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj, from, Harmony Of All Religions

The word satsang is comprised of two words sat and sang. What is sat?

Sat is that which can never be destroyed. It is the essential element which is indestructible and beyond the limitations of time. And it is Truth. Sang means association or contact. Thus association or coming in contact with Sat or Truth is satsang.

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says:

“Whatever is Truth always exists and is never non-existent. That which is non-Truth has no existence whatsoever.”

* The First Level of Satsang (Association with God)

What is this element which is indestructible, has always been constant and will forever remain as such? That element is the Supreme Being of the universe. Association with this Being, in reality, is association with Truth (satsang). But, what is it that would associate with this Supreme Being? Is it the body or the senses? The answer is that it is neither of these two. It is only apart from the body and senses that we will be able to associate with the Supreme Being. This is because it is only our soul that is an inseparable part of the Divine. It is only we (our soul) that is capable of merging with the Divine. Our individual soul is truth, and also, the Supreme is Truth. True satsang is the unity of the soul with the Supreme Truth. This is the highest kind of sat-sang. However, this highest kind of satsang, unity with the Divine, does not occur all of a sudden. This category of satsang requires many lifetimes of good actions and spiritual imprints (samskaras).

* The Second Level of Sat-sang (Association with the Saints)

Sant Tulsidas says:

“The association of the saints brings association with the Divine, and alliance with people who are engrossed in the world leads the way back to this world again and again.”

To attain Ultimate Liberation it is essential to have association with the saints. Saints, having realized the true form of God, become that True Form. The accomplished great beings who have attained unity with the Divine, and who have experienced the Supreme Being even while living in this body, have become the Supreme Being [They become one with their true Divine Form]. Association with these saints is this second category of satsang. However, finding such a saint is not an easy task. A true saint is rare and difficult to find.

Sant Tulsidas says:

“Without accumulation of many good deeds one will be unable to gain the association of a great saint.”

When our good karmas permit, we are able to come to experience the association of these sentient beings. A more important point is that even if we have a direct encounter with such a saint, we often do not have the wisdom to be able to recognize a genuine sage.

A great Sant, Tulsidas, says:

“If someone says ‘I have recognized a saint,’ then I put my hands on my ears in astonishment. [It is not an easy task.]”

If ordinary people could recognize saints, then why, since antiquity, have so many great saints, sages, and prophets been tortured, maimed and killed? Many saints have had to face horrible atrocities. This simply would not have happened if we were able to recognize the genuine great saints.

* The Third Level of Satsang (Association with the Writings of Sages and Saints)

In daily life we need the guidance of a great sage or saint. Even though we might encounter many so called mahatmas or sadhus, the task of finding and identifying an accomplished guide is difficult. So, in consideration of this, how would satsang (association with a true saint) be possible? The answer is that we can study the teachings of the great saints of the past, because in their teaching we will find the elaboration of the Truth. This then is the third category of sat-sang. Generally, when we speak of satsang, it is this third category that is meant. This kind of satsang includes the study of scriptures and the words and writings of the saints and prophets of the past.

As we continue diligently in this third type of satsang we accumulate the meritorious karmas which will lead to the meeting with a true saint. Then we will be able to do the second category of satsang. As we continue in association with a great saint, and with the saint’s blessings, we will gradually begin to meditate and undertake the prescribed spiritual disciplines. By diligently practicing these disciplines, we will one day, experience the first category of sat-sang – the association with the Supreme. When we have thus accomplished the highest category of satsang, our life’s purpose will be fulfilled.

– Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj (Harmony of All Religions):



Origin: Ban Sapheu, Tulakom District, Vientiane Province, Laos
Date: 4th - 6th century CE
Measurements: 236 cm
Medium: Sandstone
Source: That Luang Museum

Many objects like this linga were collected before the building of the Nam Ngum Dam and were taken to That Luang. Construction of the dam would cause the temples to be destroyed by the rising water in the reservoir.


So, as part of my religion class, I spent the better part of the afternoon/evening at the Sri Ganesha Hindu temple in Nashville.  It’s a little ways outside the city, but I wasn’t expecting something so gorgeous to be so close to skyscrapers and suburbs.

When Did Lord-Shiva ask you to smoke-up?

Soul searching begins when both basic and advanced necessities are not met. If one gets Food, Water, Love, Sex and Fame in abundance, chances are God and Spirituality will become pointless.

So hunger and inequality are here to stay, as the great God must survive. Just the way Governments keep one group of population always poor, for their votes a.k.a survival.

What happens when some men start soul searching and walk towards Himalayas?

Being successful releases Dopamine and Endorphins in the brain, which is the ultimate addiction of Humans; as it reinforces the fact that one is still alive, more precisely not dead. 

We call people dead not when they cease to live, but when they cease to act. Life then, is a verb. Life is response to stimuli. 

So chemically inducing such elated states of mind become far more easier, than bursting their pair of arse over lubricating the grinds of life.

Guess what…B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. If God knew you wanted those chemicals in your system, he would have given you a gland to secrete it, wouldn’t He?

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The Path to God…

Image by wallygreeninker via Flickr

Weed comes as the entry drug. Aaaaahhhh..I am Spiritual, closer to God.

LSD…aaaaahhhhhhh….God resides in me.

KetamineAaaaaahhhhh…I am one with the God.

Meth…aaaahhhhhhh…I am the God…

What the Hell..Who are you?

I am God buddy, and guess what.. You are dead. You found Me, before you found yourself.




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