Akshardham, New Delhi, built 2001-2005. By most measurements the largest Hindu Temple in the world.

It is dedicated to Swaminarayan (1781-1830), the founder of the Swaminarayan sect of Vaishnavism, who is considered an incarnation of Purushottama (the supreme deity) by his followers. The name Akshardham refers to the divine abode of Swaminarayan, where the soul goes to attain moksha (liberation).

Ancient Hindu Temple Resurfaces After Water Level Dips

The Director of Archaeology and Museums in the South Indian state of Telangana has announced plans to dismantle and move the ruins of Sri Shambulingeshwara Swamy Temple to another location.

The temple was built in the 11th-12th centuries CE by the Kunduru Cholas and was dedicated to the Hindu deity, Shiva. The temple is located in the present day town of Panagal, and was submerged in a local reservoir over a decade ago. The remains resurfaced as the water level went down in the reservoir.

The Temple has remained intact and will be moved to a new location that has yet to be determined. Archaeologists excavating at the site have also found statues of the Hindu figures Nandi and Vinayaka (also known as Ganesha). All artifacts found during the dismantling of the temple will be taken to the local museum at Panagal.