Starting 2015 off with a BANG! the first @hindscultureltd Photoshoot of the season with @_saffronnn big thank you to for Modelling and buying the beanie

I have TWO Beanies left at £6 and then they will go to £10, contact me if you’re interested


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Culture Acoustic

It’s crazy I have my LAST #Culture t-shirt in stock..this one is going for £6, it’s crazy how many of these I’ve had to over the last 4 months! I thank you all for supporting! Let’s get this last tee sold peeps! #Culture #HindsCulture #WRK #Sale #Merch #Brand

Have to have all members of the @hindscultureLTD team wearing the clothing! Big shout out to Kajol for the photo!

ANNOUNCEMENT 2 is out tomorrow! And anyone who follows HindsCulture on youtube(link in bio)

www.youtube.com/HindsCulture you will receive the video after 12! Before anyone else

This year is going to put the next stage of this movement into place

Have a good rest of your Sunday!

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     This is a brand that is increasingly developing month on month as I grow as a designer and as HindsCulture grows awareness as a brand, My priorities change and the way I want this movement to represented does also. This cleaner, sleeker design and this where I plan to take my clothes, a better attention to detail and a crisper design

so from here on out, We’re in HindsCulture 2.0 the world is ours



p.s check this special offers page:


I don’t put ‘Move Culture Forward’ on shirts because I think it’s a 'cute’ catchphrase

I live the movement

I find it so upsetting that the SMARTEST people we know are poor or are just 'getting by’ because of lack of information, not through traditional education but FINANCIAL education, they’re CONSUMERS and not PRODUCERS

My goal with this event is not to begin my financial journey but it’s to

'Save those who don’t know they need saving’

Investing in the @HindsCulture group is not an investment in creativity but it’s a GREATER investment in yourself and this SUNDAY

Link in my bio for announcement 1

#Annoucement2 is out and the next phase of the movement begins

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6 Days until the Camo Winter collection is released, I thank each and everyone of my customers that get excited when I release a new collection or product and it really shows each time I release product, the family that HindsCulture is growing to be responds and cares 

so on the 22nd of December 2013 the Camo Winter Collection will be released 



HindsCulture is BACK! on youtube and for all those that follow @HindscultureLTD on instagram! but those that haven’t I’ve been releasing 15 seconds snapshots of how the collection looks when its being worn ! please continue to support HC! and if you want to buy a piece of the collection please go here:



#Repost from @hindsculture

It was a great learning experience, the smallest details make all the difference and leading up to this next collection the EXECUTION of all facets of the design is JUST as important as the initial design itself.

I appreciate everyone who came to support me! #CrémeDeLaCrepe #NottinghamTrent #StudentUnion #Brand #Hindsculture #Streetwear


Culture Acoustic - Aiesha India

I started 2015 with customers with in Nottingham and the amount of support I’ve received from Student from Nottingham Trent students who love my brand after only knowing of it for a few months is a BLESSING. Another one of my Beanie customers, I’m so Grateful to Alex a fellow Graphic Design Ba Hons student for supporting the movement!….BIG projects coming from @CultureIdentities within the next few weeks, the goal for me is to create the lane I want to be in not having it forced upon me.

I’ve genuinely only got 2 beanies left at £10 then rest will previewed at other places for £15 so GET THEM while they’re cheaper!

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