hindi temple

In Mumbai, just about every Pokestop in Pokemon Go around is a temple. Just imagine kids who live in Mumbai with this game:

Mummy: “अरे बेटा कहाँ पे हंस रेज हो?”
Beta: “मम्मी मैं मंदिर पे जाऊँगा।”
Mummy: “ठीक है, भगवान आशीर्वाद दे!”
Beta: “हाँ मम्मी, भगवान का आशीर्वाद चाहिए। *घंटी बजता है* रब मुझे पिकचु दिखा।”

For you English speakers out there:

Mom: “Son where are you going?”
Son: “Mom I’m going to the temple”
Mom: “OK God bless you”
Son: “Yes mom I need God’s blessing *rings bell* lord show me where Pikachu is”

The sheer irony is that if you go to the Pokestops you get Poke Balls and other stuff so it’s literally like God help me beat my rival

Nintendo found a way to get kids to go to temple man omgggg