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Hindi siya ang ideal man ko. Siguro dala na rin dahil sa mga nababasa ko kaya tumatayog sa standards yung pagtingin ko sa isang lalaki. Hindi siya yung tipong pasweet na minu-minuto ay sasabog ang pantog mo sa sobrang kilig. Hindi siya yung tipong mahilig sa surpresa. Hindi siya yung todo effort. Hindi siya yung tipong showy. Hindi siya yung tipong kagaya ng mga fictional characters na kinahumalingan ko na marunong tumayming sa lahat ng bagay. Pero napamahal ako sa ugali niya. Napamahal ako sa kung paano siya makitungo sa paligid niya. Napamahal ako sa kung paano niya tinitingnan ang mga magaganda at hindi kaaya-ayang nangyayari sa buhay niya. Napamahal ako sa kung sino siya at ano siya. Solved na ako sa kung paano niya pinapakita sa akin yung pagmamamahal niya. Kung ikukumpara sa mga kathang-isip na lalaking nagustuhan ko sa mga librong binabasa ko, alam kong walang wala siya sa kanila pero mahal ko siya. Sapat na sa akin yung pinapakita niyang sweetness maipadama lang sa akin kung gaano niya ko kamahal. Sapat na sa akin yung prinsipyo niyang hindi kailangang ipakita in public ang sweetness ng dalawang tao sa pamamagitan ng paghalik o kung ano pa man para ipakita sa lahat kung gaano mo siya kamahal. Sapat na siya sa akin. Hindi siya yung ideal man ko pero siya ang gusto kong makasama sa araw-araw na buhay ko hanggang sa pagtanda ko.

Hindi siya ang ideal girl ko. Simple lang naman kasi ang gusto ko. Tamang mahinhin, tamang pormal, tamang marunong magluto, mag-asikaso, tamang maalalahanin, tamang masarap kausap at sige, nandun na din ako sa itsura. At aaminin kong nagpapatansya ako sa mga babaeng kagaya ng nasa magazines. Pero hindi ako naiinlove sa mga ganung babae. Hanggang sa nakilala ko siya. May mga katangiang wala siya sa kung ano ang ideal girl ko. May katangian siyang minsan naaasar ako. Pero napamahal ako sa kanya. Oo minsan naaasar ako sa pagiging madaldal niya, minsan naaasar ako sa patweetums niya, minsan naaasar ako sa mga pasweet at paglalambing niya sa akin in public pero sa kaibuturan ko, alam kong masaya ako sa ginagawa niya, alam kong hahanap-hanapin ko yun pag di niya ginagawa. Siya lang ata ang babaeng nagagawa akong pasayahin lalo na sa oras na wala ako sa mood, na may problema ako o down ako. Siya yung babaeng handang maging available kahit gaano pa siya kabusy. Hindi siya ubod ng ganda o ubod ng sexy gaya ng mga nasa magazines pero siya ang pinakamagandang babae sa mga mata ko liban sa nanay ko. Hindi ideal ang ugali niya pero naiintindihan ko yun dahil gaya niya, hindi rin ako perpekto pero malugod at buong puso niya akong minahal. Sapat na siya sa akin. Hindi siya yung ideal girl ko pero siya ang babaeng gusto kong ihatid sa altar at iharap sa Diyos.

DAY 2952

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Apr-May 30/1,  2016                   Sat/Sun  1:14 am   

Birthday - EF - Anat Magen

Sunday, May 1, 2016

To Anat all our wishes for a wonderful birthday .. filled with all the love she gives us and added with all ours .. you seem to have gone off the communication -Blog Twitter .. I do hope and pray all is well with you .. we are all anxious .. but we wish you the very best always .. love form the Ef

There is always an anxiety to get back home to face this blank screen and to begin the communication with our Ef .. and today even though it is late the anxiety still persists .. its actually 2:30 am now !! But what the heck .. so what .. yes so what .. which ought to be the mantra for most situations and occasions .. ‘SO WHAT’

Yaaaa .. SO WHAT …?

Dr Dharamveer Bharti , poet writer editor and a true friend of the family .. a litterateur of eminence .. a student of my Father at the Allahabad .. later a close association with family and today after 18 years of his passing, his dear wife invites me to the inauguration of a street corner in Bandra where he lived, in his name .. the Dharamveer Bharti Chowk ..

It was to have been done by my parents but it took long .. my parents passed away and Pushpa ji his wife wished that I do the honours to day .. an honour and a privilege ..

He and a few of the student community at Allahabad had formed a literary group called ‘PARIMAL’ … they used to come over to our home in Allahabad at midnight to have poetic symposiums and discussions and recitations .. it was when I was about 8-9 years of age but those visuals remain .. Bharti ji was one among them tall thin and wore dark glasses even in the night .. a distinct observation .. later he settled in Mumbai and was the editor of ‘Dharmyug’ a vert popular Hindi Magazine brought out by the TOI group …after his passing the magazine stopped too ..

I spoke today at the inauguration on our association and the many events of days gone by .. Bharti ji visiting our home his admiration for my Mother’s rose garden which won the first prize each year at the Flower Exhibition, at that luscious and large spaced garden spread over acres of land in the heart of the city - Alfred Park .. now named Shaheed Chandrashekhar ‘Azad’, the revolutionary and iconic freedom fighter who single handedly engaged the British at this Park, firing and eliminating many opponents before succumbing to his own bullet, when he had run out of ammunition … that tree behind which he hid and sacrificed his life exists in the Park ..

Sunday evenings a band would play at a canopied area in the middle of the Park .. English evening tunes as an entertainment .. on one side of this massive area was the museum with rare entities .. and on another were the beautiful maintained tennis courts where a lot of the greats used to come for their International games, attended by my Mother and me .. I still remember ..

But the high event at these gardens was the Annual Flower Show and the pride with which we would watch Ma winning all the prizes for her garden and particularly for the roses she nurtured and grew in her lawn at our home .. !!

Bharti ji’s famous novel ‘Gunahon ka Devta’ was a most popular book during those times and I had read it and wondered at that young age how it would be if I would get an opportunity to act a role in the book  .. fate willed it .. during the early years of my entrance into the film firmament, I was offered to work in the film version of ‘GKD’ and the character the main of Chander .. and the female lead was to be done by Jaya .. we were not married then ..

We travelled to my home town Allahabad in the deadly summer in May of the city and shot many portions of the film .. worked hard at it for 8-9 reels when for some reason the film stopped and was never made or completed ..

The title was ‘Chander aur Sudha’,named after the two main characters in the film .. the main and original title was taken by Jeetendra for another film of his, not the same story though .. a pity that the film could never be made .. the story and the book are a classic till date ..

It was interesting to be in the company of litterateurs and those fond of writers and poetry in the afternoon .. and to be getting the honour of the chief guest for this unique evening .. its not always films one is associated with .. and Maharashtra has a great following and leaning towards literature and the classics ..

And then a sharp change within hours to the wedding of Bipasha and Karan .. a quick wish and back to be with you all .. happy for Bipasha, a happy girl full of beans ..

Many happenings too tomorrow May 1st .. May Day, Maharashtra Day ,, Gujarat Day I believe too .. Happy Easter and the anniversary of Dada Saheb Phalke, the founder of the Indian film Industry …

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan