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  • When I wake up: I could be learning my target language rn
  • When I'm at school: I could be learning my target language rn
  • When I'm at work: I could be learning my target language rn
  • When I'm literally doing anything except learning my target language: I could be learning my target language rn

I’m interested in the “’chai’ means tea” and “’chai’ is a type of tea, ‘tea’ means tea” divide in languages.

Team Chai:

  • Hindi - चाय (chaay)
  • Urdu - چائے (chai)
  • Arabic - شاي (shay)
  • Turkish - çay
  • Amharic - ሻይ (shayi)
  • Somali - shaah
  • Swahili - chai
  • Bosnian - čaj
  • Russian - чай (chai)
  • Greek - τσάι (tsai)
  • Chinese - 茶 (cha)
  • Thai - ชา (cha)
  • Portuguese - chá

Team Tea:

  • English - tea
  • German - tee
  • Danish - te
  • Dutch - thee
  • Africaans - tee
  • Yoruba - tii
  • Sudanese - téh
  • Hungarian - tea
  • French - thé
  • Italian - tè
  • Spanish - té

Team Neither:

  • Finnish - iltapäiväateria (also uses loanword ‘tee’)
  • Lithuanian - arbata
  • Japanese - お茶 (ocha)
  • Korean appears to use both 차 (cha) and 티 (ti)

My (completely unsupported, unresearched) theory is that Germanic and Romance languages tend toward the “tea” root, and other major language families tend toward “chai” especially languages spoken in largely Islamic areas (Arabic, Turkish, Amharic, Urdu) but there are many examples that break that pattern.

(Native speakers, please correct me! I do not speak these languages, can’t comment on everyday usage, and can only read Roman characters and Cyrillic. Google Translate was used for a large chunk of info.)

Multilingual songs

Here is a list of all the songs in more than one language I have in my music playlist. They’re all linked to their music video. Add yours! :)

    Here is a list of some of my favorite movies placed in 10 respective language categories. I put the languages in alphabetical order, with the films listed chronologically. Hope you find this helpful (I included links to each movie’s imdb page) + feel free to send me movie recs! :)


The Hunt (2012) 

A Royal Affair (2012) 


Atonement (2007) 

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) 

Nightcrawler (2014)

Moonlight (2016)


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) 


Amélie (2001) 

Triplets of Belleville (2003) 

The Chorus (2004)

Persepolis (2007) 

The Rabbi’s Cat (2011) 


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) (2001) 

Devdas (2002) 

Om Shanti Om (2007) 

Jodhaa Akbar (2008) 

Bajirao Mastani (2015) 

Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015)

Piku (2015) 

Parched (2015) 


Spirited Away (2001) 

Millennium Actress (2001) 

Tokyo Godfathers (2003) 

Kamikaze Girls (2004) 


Ixcanul (2015) *This film is in both Kaqchikel and Spanish


Lady Vengeance (2005) 

The Handmaiden (2016) 

Okja (2017) *This film is in both Korean and English


Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)


Mustang (2015)


Usually i make lists with books and audios for learning languages, but now i’ll make this game. ^ ^ There’s only 1 rule, you must be an Android user.

Let’s start :) Click here, or here, maybe here or here?
There are 4 links, they lead to 4 different things and i think you will love them all, i hope so at least. (enjoy the prizes~ if you get to the end)

I’m sorry that ios users can’t play this game.

About Symmetra’s new lines…

To everyone complaining about Symmetra’s new lines being in Hindi and not Telugu you need to understand that India has a LOT of languages. Like, 23 official languages including English. And not only that, according to the 2001 Census about 30 languages are spoken by over a million people and 122 are spoken by at least 10,000 people.

Hindi is the most spoken language with about 40% of the population speaking it (while 7% speak Telugu). Which may not sound like much until you account the sheer size of India’s population. Hindi and English are also the official languages of the central government. If you’re lucky enough to receive a good education, like Symmetra was given by Vishkar, you would learn these two languages. My mother grew up in Punjab and mainly spoke Punjabi, but she also spoke Hindi fluently.

At the end of the day, Symmetra speaking Hindi is not only practical, it makes sense! It’s more well known, more spoken, and her voice actress Anjali Bhimani is no doubt fluent in it.

I’m just so HAPPY that not only does Satya Vaswani have new voicelines, but they’re in Hindi! An important language of India! I’m gonna be so giddy hearing it and understanding it! Maybe by someone hearing it in game they’ll become curious to learn more about the language and then the culture. And I think that’s pretty amazing. ❤️🇮🇳❤️

     ——-  A complete guide to a study routine ——-

Hey heh everyone it’s Tay and here’s a masterpost to become a disciplined individual because that’s what we all lazybones dream of but here’s how to make it come true! ( “•√•” )

                           ——- Making a study routine ——

Check how to make a study routine during exams here.

Step 1.  Write down all the subjects you have on the basis of their difficulty level.

here’s how - If you find a subject difficult or if it has a lot of memorization portion give it 3 points. If you are having any difficulty in a particular topic of a subject, give that subject 3 points too until you understand that topic. I put history here because is has lots and lots of pages to be read and stuff to be memorized.
When study? You are going to have to study these subjects every single day the sun shines.

Next, give subjects which are easy to grasp with little bit of understanding, 2 points. Put the subject with the different topic here too after you understand the topic because if you can’t understand a particular topic, it means you’re not fully confident about the subject itself.
I put maths, since it needs regular practice,  plus biology and chemistry here.
When study? You are gonna study these subjects every alternative day or every day for a short amount of time, say 30 minutes each day.

Finally, give subjects which need very little time to be understood or those which you can do during the free time in class, a single point. I put Sanskrit, Hindi  and English literature here.
When study? You can study these on every weekends and holidays or as said earlier, during the free time in between classes.

Step 2. Boxing in the stuff.

When you are done making the list, use this cute printable by @cmpbls to box in time for every subject. Make this REALISTIC and on the basis of your learning speed.
Leave in space for sleep, eating, shower, pee ( joking joking ;; ), chores, school/college, running/ fitness etc. Don’t forget recreation because your mental health is important too. These can be going out for movies, watching TV shows, creating art, checking social media, making yummy deserts for yourself, getting a long long shower, a picnic with friends and the list goes on.

Step 3. Done making it?

Then start using it! See if you left out any important thing or if your time limit for each subject is a bit less or a bit more. Write all these down somewhere and continue for a week.
At the end of the week, adjust your time for any subject you found uncomfortable with or add any chore which you forgot. Refer to step 1 for this again. Then make a new routine again. Make sure this is perfect because c'mon you don’t want to keep making schedules, do you?

So you’re done making a routine. But what happens after a month or so, can’t seem to maintain it? Keep reading then!

                        —— Maintaining a study routine ——

Step 1.  Make it real.
If you ask me to do 10 hours of study each day, I won’t be able to do it since I’m not use to it. Just like that, knowing your own learning capacity, make your routine so that you’re actually able to put it to use. Put in breaks, shower time, pee time (joking, I was making sure you’re listening haha) and all other chores and stuff. Make it normal and not some idealistic thing which you can’t follow at all.
However, if you do want to improve your learning capacity, go baby steps! For that, increase your study time and decrease your breaks in between proportionally. Then message me about your success! ;)

Step 2. Burnout baby?
Make sure your not just studying and studying 24/7. Putting in breaks is super important as it helps in keeping your focus and determination consistent. Having burnouts will not only decrease your productivity but will also lead to unwillingness to follow your routine. Remember, mental health is as important as your academic status! Go out in the sun with your friends and enjoy nature in its purest form ok?

Step 3. Enjoy, let go a little bit.
Please dont just keep studying 24/7. Have some relaxing days where you take out time for yourself and your pet (yes) and do some self care! Go for a walk, pet a pet, read a book, take a long shower, go out with friends and have fun!

Check out my other masterposts ->

Hope this helps! You can always send me requests for masterposts since my ask box is always open! :^)

Love, Taylor xo



So apparently, deaf people sneeze silently.
And this article says the sneeze sounds we make are just cultural habits and we don’t even need them. 

Although it does also say “Very little deaf-sneeze research exists”.

Thanks a lot, government.

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ID #29493

Name: Noah
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hello, I’m Noah.
I’m French and Indian but am first generation in America. I love art, poetry and music. I’ve won a few awards for my artwork ans writing. I’m currently a sophomore in high school, but I’m planning on studying anthropology or medicine. I love learning about other cultures, languages and customs. I speak English, French and I’m learning Italian. (I do know some Hindi but I don’t write much so it’s not very good).
My music tastes very quite a bit from harder more classic rock to artists such as Lana del rey, Lorde and halsey. As well as the classic emo bands of middle school. I love new music and well as old.
Anyways I tens to ramble a bit but I look forward to making new friends, feel free to message me regardless of where you are. I’m interested in both snail mail and any messaging you’d prefer!

Preferences: I’m fine conversing with people 14-18. As long as you aren’t racist, homophobic ect. I’d be happy to talk to you if you’re a tad older or younger. I’m fine with contact online or snail mail.

Dreaming in Gujarati

The children in my dreams
speak in Gujarati
turn their trusting faces to the sun
say to me
care for us nurture us
in my dreams I shudder and I run.

I am six
in a playground of white children
Darkie, sing us an Indian song!
in a roomful of elders
all mock my broken Gujarati
English girl!

Twelve, I tunnel into books
forge an armor of English words.
Eighteen, shaved head
combat boots -
shamed by masis
in white saris
neon judgments
singe my western head.
Mother tongue.
tongue of the mother
I murder in myself.

Through the years I watch Gujarati
swell the swaggering egos of men
mirror them over and over
at twice their natural size.
Through the years
I watch Gujarati dissolve
bones and teeth of women, break them
on anvils of duty and service, burn them
to skeletal ash.
Words that don’t exist in Gujarati:

English rises in my throat
rapier flashed at yuppie boys
who claim their people “civilized” mine.
Thunderbolt hurled
at cab drivers yelling
Dirty black bastard!
Force-field against teenage hoods
F****ing Paki bitch!
Their tongue - or mine?
Have I become the enemy?

my father speaks Urdu
language of dancing peacocks
rosewater fountains
even its curses are beautiful.
He speaks Hindi
suave and melodic
earthy Punjabi
salty rich as saag paneer
coastal Kiswahili
laced with Arabic,
he speaks Gujarati
solid ancestral pride.
Five languages
five different worlds
yet English
before white men
who think their flat cold spiky words
make the only reality.

Words that don’t exist in English:

If we cannot name it
does it exist?
When we lose language
does culture die? What happens
to a tongue of milk-heavy
cows, earthen pots
jingling anklets, temple bells,
when its children
grow up in Silicon Valley
to become

Then there’s American:
Kin'uh get some service?
Dontcha have ice?
May I have please?
Ben, mane madhath karso?
Tafadhali nipe rafiki
Donnez-moi, s'il vous plait
Puedo tener…..
Hello, I said can I get some service?!
Like, where’s the line for Ay-mericans
in this goddamn airport?
Words that atomized two hundred thousand Iraqis:
Didja see how we kicked some major ass in the Gulf?
Lit up Bagdad like the fourth a’ July!
Whupped those sand-niggers into a parking lot!

The children in my dreams speak in Gujarati
bright as butter
succulent cherries
sounds I can paint on the air with my breath
dance through like a Sufi mystic
words I can weep and howl and devour
words I can kiss and taste and dream
this tongue
I take back.

Shailja Patel, Migritude (2010)