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I've been wondering if I might be semi-verbal because as a child and teen I never really spoke much, especially at home and I normally reply to things with a simple "mm-hm" or one word answers, I've always been known as quiet and have always told people "I don't speak unless I have something to say" meaning I don't partake in small talk and meaningless conversation. I deal with non-verbal episodes a lot but I just can't find anything online that isnt by NTs about being Semi-verbal. Thanks!

Semi-verbal refers to a reduced ability to speak. Something such as it requires a lot of effort to speak, only being able to speak when prompted, only able to communicate in echolalia or with scripted responses are all ways to be semi-verbal. Basically, if you feel there is something hindering or blocking your ability to speak but you can still get words out in some capacity with your mouth, then it is semi-verbal.


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For some reason I picture Buddies voice to be a mix of what the nomes from 'Little Nightmares' sound like and a bit of static.

The little guy’s with the cones on their heads? Huh… I can see why you’d make that parallel, considering the following:

-Bendy and Six both arrive in a Terrible Place where Terrible Things happen, both wearing oversized, baggy coats
-The Gnomes and Buddy serves similar purposes, both hindering the protagonist initially but also helping them solve puzzles through the game, whether through providing clues or solving the puzzles outright.
-Gaining attachments narratively to the protagonist. Bendy befriends Buddy, and the Gnomes eventually gain trust of the Six and try to help provide food for her. (The key word being “try”)

But thankfully, Buddy’s story may be sad in the Spinoff AU, but it’s much kinder than what happens to the gnomes.

Well I was just thinking about how Devola and Popola are waiting for 9S at the tower and I remember when I played at the time I was suspicious of them and I was so shocked when they were there to help me, not hinder me.

And now that I’ve played Gestalt it occurs to me that it was presented that way on purpose. I wasn’t supposed to trust them. I was supposed to be expecting betrayal. Because that scene is is suddenly very familiar to me.

Except this time, they were innocent. They were guilt-ridden and lost and alone in a world that hated them for crimes they didn’t commit. But even so, they used their final breaths fighting to save the world instead of end it. And now the fact that the Automata version of their theme song is called “Atonement” hurts so much more.

@timetobeaghost i said 5% one-sided because tyrell is still angry at elliot for going behind their backs and trying to stop the attack

i don’t know if tyrell is still going to remain loyal to elliot now that he knows about his disorder and what his prime personality has done to hinder their plans

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Hi! I know “mental age” is an ableist concept but I’m an adult and I act more like a “traditional” 14/15 y/o and feel more like it, I use the term “mental age” to express that cause it’s too hard and makes me almost pass out anxiously to try to explain some of the ways my autism impacts my daily routine and how it’s hindered me in ways that some people don’t like, is it ok to call it that only when talking about myself? I’m genuinely confused cause if I can’t call it that then idk what to say

(@ the mental age anon I just sent) I have a hard time explaining things especially when I’m mostly semi to nonverbal so I just kinda get hurt finding out it’s ableist :(

(I sent the last 2 mental age anons) I’ve also been emotionally mentally and psychologically abused and have many mental illnesses so I feel like I have a right to say I have a different mental age because it causes many complications. Is age regression an ableist concept? I m really stuck and scared now cause I don’t know what to do and I’m extremely overwhelmed and scared

Unfortunately, mental age as a concept is one that has been forced upon disabled people rather being a chosen a label. Mental age is generally used to strip people of their humanity and used as an excuse to treat people terribly. As such, it is a very ableist concept. 

Whether or not you chose to use that language is up to you. Using “mental age” gives support to those who use the concept to dehumanize and abuse us, but if you truly think that this is the best language to describe your experiences, then that is your choice to make. 

However, if you would like alternatives, you could try saying something like “Due to the ways that autism affects me, I feel closer to 14-15 than my actual age.” 

I would also suggest considering why you think of yourself as 14-15. What about the way you feel and your actions is similar to a 14-15 year old? It’s not very specific language as all 14 and 15 year olds are different and there isn’t really a standard of what a 14/15 yo is like mentally. For instance, of the people I know in that age range, some are more mature than I am while others seem like they are still in elementary school. 

This gets back to some of the issues with mental age as a concept. When you say that a person is mentally a specific age, you assume that all people of that age have hit certain milestones or have some aspect of development in common. However, if you were to walk into a class of 14 year olds, you would find that there is a huge variation not just in physical appearance and size, but in maturity, abilities, and more. The concept of mental age is reductive and ignores the realities of the world. 

Of course, it is entirely up to you whether or not you chose to continue to use this concept. However, please keep in mind that your choice to use this concept does not erase the ableism tied to it. 


As Sabrina said, the use of mental age to talk about the development and abilities of a person is very ableist as it’s generally used to strip people of their personhood, agency, and lived experiences. There is such a wide array of developmental stages and abilities at every age that it’s not even an accurate thing to say a person is mentally X age (also ignoring that a person has lived Y years and so is mentally Y years old regardless of whatever arbitrary developmental criteria is used.)

However, there is one place where the concept of a mental age that is different from a person’s body’s physical age can be used in a non-ableist and useful context. And that is in the context of trauma.

There are a few uses of it in psychology that are ableist in that they fall into the same pitfalls of locking onto what a person of a specific age is expected to look like developmentally. Trauma in childhood generally has an impact on development, which is how childhood abuse can often resemble the developmental delays found in autistic individuals from an outside perspective.

There is non-sexual age regression wherein a person assumes an age to help cope with and process trauma. This is not sexual in nature. Generally, “mental age” is not used and instead just “age” though. But this is a place where it could be used in a non-ableist context as the person feel like they are that age rather than being used to describe a person’s abilities.

The way in which I have personally used it and found it helpful is also in the context of a trauma reaction. When triggered, I often get mentally locked in the time & place where the triggered memory happened, and as such I also get mentally stuck in the age I was. It’s kind of like mental time travel. As such, saying I am mentally five or eight or fifteen is a quick way to convey where/when I am. - One distinction between this and the ableist use of mental ages is that this doesn’t rely on ideas of what development should look like, but rather other factors.

- Os


BNHA: Peace Blossom

“This quirk hinders the individual’s ability to fight back by growing painful vines and flowers on the person’s strongest body parts. It’s meant to force the individual into submission and to prevent further attempts to harm others. A person can only receive this by psychical touch with the intent of harm to the quirk user. The flowers and vines are suppressed/removed only by the individual that has this quirk, thus curing for this affliction relies solely on the person in quesiton. Attempts at removal risk permanent damage to muscle and bone tissues and there is a high risk of the roots entering the lungs, heart, spinal cord, and brain which could led to paralyzes and/or death.”

Midoriya had the misfortune of encountering this villain and now has to live with the growing plant life on his arms and legs.. Every time he fights other villains, a new blossom blooms and more vines grow throughout his body. 

Unhealthy Moons

Aries: The Aries moon has a lot of conditioning to do. Aries is like a child that needs to be constantly reassured and nurtured. Unhealthy Aries moon lacks emotionally maturity. They tend to be agitated, confrontational and also very vulnerable. They have an “angry” cry. Unhealthy Aries moon doesn’t see the importance of active listening, they completely disregard the other person’s feelings. They can also make themselves seem like a victim—again going back to that “child” complex. Struggles with identity are also highlighted

Taurus: Unhealthy Taurus moons have very BAD coping mechanisms. Keyword is indulgence but over indulgence. You tend to have an abundance of what’s not good for you. This can be alcohol, food, sex, compulsive buying, drugs, etc. They also are pessimistic. They can’t see a good and does absolutely nothing to change it. They just sit and let the fire just burn them. Unmotivated to do anything but also can get heavily attached to their “values” whether it’s people or again, their mechanisms etc. The biggest indication of an unhealthy Taurus moon is their lack of wanting to create or curate art. This sign is very in touch with expressing and spreading creativity. When that is hindered, they feel less of value. They tend to demonstrate poor budgeting skills and will become unresponsive to their environment

Gemini: Unhealthy Gemini moon is a bit tricky. Again mutable moons are usually very adjustable. But an unhealthy Gemini moon is one that is too sporadic that it’s hard to comprehend their needs. They can be very isolated which causes even further agitation. Also, they are constantly stressed. Unhealthy Gemini moons are very insecure when it comes to their worth and the validity of their ideas. On the other extreme, a Gemini moon may be too “happy” (happy isn’t the best word but close enough) that they just do things without thinking. Spending way too much money or just being out of touch with reality. This can hinder their rationality skills. 

Cancer: Unhealthy cancer moon lacks balance. They can almost be “stuck” in the past and refuse to push forward. They constantly victimize themselves and has a poor ability to communicate with their partner or those around them. Hindrance in creativity is also noted.  They find too much refuge in the home so they can be a “failure to launch.” Overabundance in comfort can be manifested into lethargic behavior. Unbalanced emotions also can lead to outbursts and saying things they don’t mean. 

Leo: Unhealthy leo moon lacks the intuition and drive to create. They are unsure of their talents, can be very needy and latch onto people. Constantly needs reassurance that it can drive them into a state of inactivity and lack of worth.They can make things about themselves than those around them. There is a sense of disregarding other people’s needs and all around being unrealistic and having unrealistic expectations. There is also an “obsession” with how you look. You want to please people TOO MUCH that you lose who you are in the long scheme of things.

Virgo: Mercury dignities in the moon placement is always a call for self destruction. Unhealthy Virgo moon lacks the ability to comprehend their emotions which manifests into anxiety and frustration. Also, poor structure and low self esteem. You will rely too much on organization that it only stresses you out further. Unhealthy Virgo moons don’t know how to phrase how they feel to others and will feel that it is a lost cause. Poor self care methods = bad health. Can have constant stomach aches. 

Libra:  An unhealthy libra moon really struggles forming authentic and proper partnerships. They can be really self deprecating, they may even do this to get sympathy from others. They thrive on pleasing their mothers specifically despite a strained relationship. They can get very stress induced when the ppl they try to please dont reciprocate. by return, they can act shallow and disregard others. on another flip, they can be very stagnant and use ppl for their own gain, their own pleasure, their own need for having ppl around them (libra moons NEED partnerships). They can lament about relationships when tbh half the time they are ones at fault–almost like a self sabotage.

Scorpio: Unhealthy Scorpio moons can be a bit selfish. They need others to comfort them but will simultaneously push them away. They might be too paranoid to open up to others bc of the fear of being incriminated or manipulated. They, too, lack emotional maturity. Their wounds may be too deep for others to understand so they just sit, mope around and wait for death. Sounds over dramatic but that’s exactly what an unhealthy Scorpio tends to operate or act. Again, they disregard people’s needs and may victimize themselves too much. Worst thing of all, they may not even realize it. They can be repulsive, pessimistic and lonely. 

Sagittarius: Unhealthy Sagittarius moon can be very resistant and almost stubborn to understanding other people’s perspectives. they feel they are the most correct and like other people said, unhealthy sag moons can be TOO dogmatic. They like to be “free” and this idealization of freedom can get in the way of reality and being practical. they always fight for their own cause without being realistic about it. unhealthy sag moon can evolve into extremist behavior. Since they are fire, they may use “force” to voice their beliefs and make them become widely accepted. too much independence and self centrism can make it difficult for connections to flourish.

Capricorn: Unhealthy Capricorn moons are scared. they can be really isolated but on the lowest of keys, thrive for some emotional comfort and security. believe or not they can have outbursts and show anger/frustration. i mean how can they not when they feel “lost” in the world. They may not be in control and that can terrify a cap moon. Not being in control means no framework holding them together. “just going with it” scares a cap moon and this can turn into bad behavior, reliance on substances etc. Like we will see in an aqua moon, unhealthy cap moons may despise and get frustrated by feeling “small” in the world. They can be heavily pessimistic and do nothing to change it. Capricorn is the architect–when they no longer want to build or create, they have hit rock bottom. They may feel like they have nothing left to “fight” or strive towards. They can ruin their connections with others bc of frustration. Again, very self deprecating and rather be left alone despite NEEDING guidance

Aquarius: Unhealthy Aquarius moons are said to be “very detached” but that is not entirely true. They actually become too chaotic. They can become too extreme, completely disregard ppl’s feelings, and may even act out to get ppl to care about them and what they stand for–to see how integral they are in the world. When air moons get going they REALLY get going. Again, aqua is air so there is nothing keeping them stable. their emotions can be so consuming that eventually it makes them NUMB. They can get lost easily, lose sense of purpose and destroy all their connections. Unhealthy aqua moon will drop everything and just immerse themselves in the fucking woods tbh. They will lack worth, lose common sense and completely shut down. there is no longer clarity. 

Pisces: Unhealthy Pisces moon lose their agency. They can get too raveled by how other people feel. they will feel like a lost cause; extreme loneliness and they will lose all sense of wanting to create and heal others. Unhealthy pisces moon might get attached to substances or anything that can take them to a different realm. they will lack clarity which can get them or others hurt. also, they can get very tensed, easily strung up and may not even be able to make sense of it. As a last resort, unhealthy pisces moon will look for some type of salvation; look for some type of spirituality that can be offered by people who have bad intentions. The unhealthy pisces moon can eat their souls away. 


school is helpful, but you are a priority


Trump Says Putin ‘Means It’ About Not Meddling in U.S. Elections

President Trump said on Saturday that he believed President Vladimir V. Putin was sincere in his denials of interference in the 2016 presidential elections, calling questions about Moscow’s meddling a politically motivated “hit job” that was hindering cooperation with Russia on life-or-death issues.

Speaking after meeting privately with Mr. Putin on the sideline of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting in Danang, Vietnam, Mr. Trump said that he had again asked whether Russia had meddled in the contest, but that the continued focus on the issue was insulting to Mr. Putin.

Mr. Trump said it was time to move past the issue so that the United States and Russia could cooperate on confronting the nuclear threat from North Korea, solving the Syrian civil war and working together on Ukraine.

“He said he didn’t meddle — I asked him again,” Mr. Trump told reporters traveling with him aboard Air Force One as he flew to Hanoi for more meetings. “You can only ask so many times. I just asked him again. He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did.”

Like Fandom? International Consumer? American Net Neutrality Rules Do Affect You. Here’s Why & How You Can Help

Are you involved in a fandom? Do you log onto a site called archiveofourown? Do you use Tumblr? Do you watch youtube videos? Do you use wikipedia when you are writing a fanfic and need to know a ton of information? Do you use a site called storenvy to find fandom related merch? What about etsy? Like gmes and use Steam? WoW? Battle.net? Are you a German artist who has a solid American following? Do Americans consume any of your fanfic, fanart, webcomics, original art or fiction? 

This will hit you in sales, lack of fan produced content, or removal of fandom websites

Nonprofit organizations like Ao3 rely entirely on donations of the consumers. That site will not be able to sustain itself when ISPs are squeezing it for premium fast lane prices. You will not enjoy it when its broadband is constantly overtaxed because it cannot afford premium prices. This will at best, just annoy you and you will have to try again and again to even get into the site. At worst, it will close the site. The American fanfic writer though? They may not even have access to the site anymore because they cannot afford to be “granted access” to it and will no longer produce content for you to enjoy. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, a company so excited to see net neutrality laws done away with. If you think American content producers will escape the premium price pay-walls on this site, you’re wrong. If you think Verizon won’t find ways to also hit you, you’re wrong. The very nature of the internet is globalized. What hits America, trickles into the international markets. Every site and every example I put in paragraph one will see dramatic changes, some of them will just outright end. The most immediate change you will see is fandom changing for Americans. No more American produced fanart, no more American produced fanfic. At least from those who cannot afford it. You better hope your favorite American fanfic author is rich. This is not even a party line issue. Americans across the BOARD do not want this. We are screaming at the FCC. We must KEEP screaming.

Here is what you can do to help. Email the FCC. You don’t need to tell them you’re international. You don’t even need to give them a last name, or just go ahead and makeup a pseud if you’re scared. Mind you, they know when an account is a spam account or a bot, so DO NOT USE THOSE. Remember, these are American governmental persons. They are not serial killers. They will not track you down and kill you in the middle of the night. You can even use what I wrote out on my own.

Ajit Pai - Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov (he is the champion of this and will unlikely change his vote but you should still tell him why he’s wrong)

Mignon Clyburn - Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov (Will vote NO)

Michael O'Reilly - Mike.O'Reilly@fcc.gov 

Brendan Carr - Brendan.Carr@fcc.gov 

Jessica Rosenworcel - Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov (Will vote NO)

[Introduce yourself, tell them happy holidays]

Please vote no against repealing Title Two Net Neutrality rules. These rules protect small business, non-profit organizations, individual American citizens. Repealing the rules will hinder American investment globally. Small businesses will cease to exist. in an online forum. Americans may be cut off from the international world. We do not want this. We have flooded your comments, we have created petitions. We have shared Facebook statuses. We have spoken and we say no. You as an agency must look out for the American people, not for a select few deep pockets. The American people say no. A competitive market is not an expensive market.

Again, do not repeal Title Two Net Neutrality rules.

[Insert salutations end]

Your name 

The Moon Signs and The Mother

The sign your moon is in is said to distinguish the relationship you have with your mother. You can experience both positive and negative traits of the relationship. Not everyone will experience the negative traits, so if you don’t, just look to the positives.

Aries: Your mother taught you to be courageous and to do anything you set your mind to. You saw your mother as strong and brave. You could have competed for your mother’s attention, she could have been too aggressive, pushy, and impulsive to you, making your self-esteem suffer.

Taurus: You find comfort in your mother who made you feel safe, secure, and loved. You learned from her to be steady, patient, and confident in yourself. But your mother could have neglected you in some way that made you feel vulnerable and unsafe. 

Gemini: Your mother praised your intellect and your self-expression. Your mother nurtured you by stimulating your mind, having frequent discussions with you and allowing your mental energy to thrive. But, your mother could be distant emotionally, could rarely be home and always busy, could have raised you up in an unstable, unpredictable environment, or mother could be moody, nervous, and irritable.

Cancer: Your mother has always been nurturing, loving, and supportive of you in every way possible. She offers you guidance and understanding. But, your mother can be overbearing, especially if you move away or start a family of your own, etc. She can also be extremely emotional, moody, and over protective.

Leo: Your mother feels great pride in your beauty, accomplishments, and your dreams. She nurtures your need for attention and supports your talents and self-expression and offers generosity and a loving heart. But, your mother could force you to live out her own dreams, making you do things you don’t want to just for her sake. 

Virgo: Your mother takes great care of you and is very helpful when it comes to any problems you may have, especially when it comes to work and education. She has high expectations of you and encourages you to do your best. But, she could be so much of a perfectionist that if you do not meet her standards, she can become obsessive and overbearing. She may often resort to criticizing you and nagging at you in such a way that it makes you feel like a failure or like you are doing something wrong.

Libra: Your mother is loving and kind, always making sure you have a balanced and peaceful life. She may have taught you to be well-mannered and fair. She pampers you and offers you emotional support. But, she could be so afraid of conflict and judgment from others, that she can be easily walked over by others or avoid confrontations and this can leave you feeling vulnerable if you or her are being hurt or threatened by others. She often overlooks remarks made by others about her and this can influence you to be pushed around just like she is.

Scorpio: From your mother, you gained emotional strength, intensity, and a mysterious persona. But your mother could have neglected or abandoned you in some way which left you feeling unwanted. Her influence on you makes you feel very paranoid of others and even yourself, making you have to be in control of your environment to feel secure. If your mother was in your life or reenters your life, you can experience manipulation from her.

Sagittarius: You have a fun-loving mother who taught you to believe in yourself and to always look on the bright side of life no matter what. You may have experienced traveling and frequent trips to stimulating places that allowed you to feel independent and free. But, your mother could be detached on an emotional level and may be quite distant. She is searching for answers she will never find.

Capricorn: Your mother is serious, conservative, and hard-working. Your mother taught you to become responsible for yourself and taught you the importance of maturity and self-sufficiency. But your mother could have restricted your time to be a child, putting overbearing worries and responsibilities on you at a young age. Your mother may have suffered from events that hindered her and made her depressed and irritable. You never truly had a childhood. 

Aquarius: Your mother taught you the importance of being original, intelligent, and independent. She respected and supported your thinking and your intellect and was a friend to all of your friends and to the community. But, she could not connect with you on an emotional level most of the time and may have been considered as weird or unusual. She could have also been rebellious in a way that affected you negatively.

Pisces: Your mother is sensitive to you and your feelings, seemingly always feeling exactly as you are. She offers you compassion, care, and nurtured your brilliant imagination and creativity. But she may depend on you in an unhealthy way, have a mental illness, or may have addictive habits she must overcome. 


Ahsoka Tano custom action figure.

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