Running in the rain

Oh pretty lady, won’t you wipe those tears?
Oh pretty soul, I wish I could fight your fears.
Not a night goes by, I don’t curse the distance.
Not a night goes by, this phone is both a cruel lie and an assistance.
I tell you I’m with you, I’m right there beside you.
I tell you I’m with you, but we both know it’s not true.
If only this phone would reach, would reach past the screen.
If only this phone would reach, I would take away those nightmares and bring forth dreams.
Hold on pretty lady, this one night I won’t let you go insane.
Hold on pretty soul, wait for the time we can go running in the rain.

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Your 'sickness and disabilities' just sound like you being a weak and whiny bitch. Get over it and move on. You aren't anything special.

Lol I figured I’d get an ask like this eventually since that bnha comic is getting popular.

I know I’m not “special”. I talk to people like me every day. Sharing our experiences makes us stronger as a whole. 

I read the comments and tags on my art about chronic illness and they’re full of other disabled people resonating with it. People say things like “I feel like this too!” and “this makes me rethink how I look at my illness”. 

It takes a lot of strength to find power in something that people look down on you for and that hinders your every day life

I just think it’s really funny that you think I’m the whiny bitch but you’re the one that took time out of you day to try and come after a stranger. I hope whatever it is in your life that makes you so bitter changes soon.

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i tend to be overly competitive and would always worry about how hard my peers are studying. i would always have the fear that other people are more hardworking that me and would always doubt if i am actually studying enough. it's overwhelming and i'll end up being more unproductive!!any tips :(

Hi! I think we all have a little bit of a competitive streak in us so don’t put yourself under unnecessary scrutiny because of it. I think you’re comparing yourself to your peers too much and it’s becoming a problem. As blunt as it is, it is doing nothing but harm to you. How your classmates or friends are doing shouldn’t bother you, as long as you’re trying your best. Generally you have a mix of people that do actually working hard, people that are doing enough to pass and those that really don’t care. You’re probably always going to have someone ‘better’ than you at something but you shouldn’t let that hinder you from focusing on yourself. In my opinion, comparing yourself in terms of marks isn’t something that should matter. For instance, if you performed better than Jack in maths and Lauren got 2 more marks than you did in science, but how much does it really matter? Like those mark don’t really define you or them in terms of intelligence but more so in how they perform in a specified course. Does the make any sense? :’-) I think trying to calm that competitiveness to a manageable level is going to help move your focus back on to you. I would say this begins with realising, in some contexts, there isn’t need for a lot of ‘competition’. Take things at your own pace and put yourself first. It doesn’t matter if Bob is studying 6 hours and you study 5. Do what is best for you and what works. I’m not sure if this is helpful in anyway but I really hope it settles your mind a little x

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“ You can’t get away from me, you’ll never get away from me! ”

     THERE WAS A FINE LINE BETWEEN PLEASURE AND TERROR  :  were those gasping sobs or delighted shrieks?     It was impossible to tell ; what with her face turned away, unkempt pale blonde hair whipping out behind her as she dashed through WILD-FLOWERS, TALL GRASSES, and DUSK SUN-RAYS. The specks of old blood on her boots were covered with new dirt as she pushed and pushed, moving at full speed   ;  the burning of her lungs both driving and hindering her. Scraps and scratches were introduced to nearly TRANSLUCENT skin : the void-vessel present only enough to make contact with the ground and the occasional wayward branch or thorn

                      The human world was SLOW, made lazy and dull by the orders and rules enforced by foolish humanity. It tugged at the fabric of reality, pulling it back over its eyes and head : certainly incapable of keeping up with the sprinting enigma. With her next step, her foot missed the real world and Charlotte stumbled ; she gave a cry of GLEE, hand pushing against the few fragmented shards of the PALPABLE / and substantial to regain balance.

                      Lost time proved to be DEADLY : the stench of decay and blood wafting forward, catching up to Charlotte — and soon, so would It.   Sounds good to me! She shouted, the words easily stolen by the absence of reality ( or was it a lovely, morning breeze? ) without the support of a steady breath. Her face was flushed, the only other sign ( besides the THRILL that pumped her blood ) that she was ALIVE.   And likewise! Once again, laughter and howls spilled from Charlotte ; better those relentless musical nuisances than her blood!

     EXHILARATION numbed her awareness to the fatigue of her limbs, and blooming pain of her newly TWISTED ankle. Clammy fingertips glanced over the soft petals of cosmos and verbena, the fragile things falling a part immediately after — before being dealt a swift, crushing death. Fire seared her skin as Charlotte skidded over the rough ground, sharp stems and dead roots burrowing a new home in her corpse-complexion dermis. A bloodcurdling SCREAM ripped from her throat, her mouth open wide in a gruesome GRIN : the awful, splintering cry followed by HYSTERICS. Concentrated tears leaked from shut eyes, her lungs near ASHES as she continued to guffaw without the relief of freshly drawn air.

                      Colourful beauties and grassland critters scattered as she rolled her weight. Like a cadaver on display, Charlotte crossed her arms over her chest ; holding herself together as surreality chiselled and shattered the perceptible world into bits. MANIA flavoured her cheer and joy, gasped breaths and tiny giggles escaping her, now. 

     The horizon was greeted by the sun, a sense of warmth blanketing the field — or was it a seeping wound that provided the comfort?   Penny! Watch the sunrise with me! It’ll be like in the movies.  Its shadow loomed over her, the various flowers abreast her shying their faces away from the horror.  Charlotte should have done the same.  Come on, we can finished playing tag later. Watch the sunrise with me, she urged, patting the dead plants beside her.    /     @monstrauma : prompt ask !


Soooooo with the potential reveal that Lance is in the red lion and Keith is in the black lion for season 3, I started thinking about what paladins might be able to swap lions if needed.

And then i thought way too much about this. And it became… a thing.

In the comics, there’s a scene where Pidge has to fight all the paladins, and she explicitly says that she HAS to take Lance out first because he’s able to work and enhance every other team member so well. So that’s where the idea that Lance could pilot all the lions came from. But what do you guys think? Am I wrong and a garbage human? What are your ideas?

Read more for the text as I realise it may be hard to read

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Found these at the Dollar Tree and thought I’d just leave it here.


Ahsoka Tano custom action figure.

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Intuitively, we tend to think of forgetting as failure, as something gone wrong in our ability to remember.

Now, Canadian neuroscientists with the University of Toronto are challenging that notion. In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Neuron, they review the current research into the neurobiology of forgetting and hypothesize that our brains purposefully work to forget information in order to help us live our lives.

I spoke with Blake Richards, one of the co-authors of the paper, who applies artificial intelligence theories to his study of how the brain learns. He says that in the AI world, there’s something called over-fitting — a phenomenon in which a machine stores too much information, hindering its ability to behave intelligently. He hopes that greater understanding of how our brains decide what to keep and what to forget will lead to better AI systems that are able to interact with the world and make decisions in the way that we do.

Could The Best Memory System Be One That Forgets?

Photo: Jedrzej Kaminski/EyeEm/Getty Images

Sounds So Sweet

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The Jensen ficlet I mentioned last night! Here’s the song, in case you don’t know it. 

Saturday Night Special was always a fun time, for fans and the on-stage guests as well. Of course, when Jensen Ackles took the stage, the screams in the crowd got even louder.

Honey, why are you calling me so late?
It’s kinda hard to talk right now
Honey, why are you crying, is everything okay?
I gotta whisper ‘cause I can’t be too loud

The opening chords of the old Hinder song had hinted to only some of the crowd what was coming next. When Jensen opened his mouth and started singing those words, however, the crowd went crazier than ever. He stayed at the microphone for that first verse and chorus, then moved to the front of the stage where girls and women were lined up and reaching out for him as they sang along.

One particular woman drew his attention, and caused Jensen to smile. Crouching down in front of her, he sang the words as though he was singing to her for the next full verse and chorus. With a wink and a caress of her cheek, pink from the heat in the place as well as the excitement of that moment, Jensen stood up and moved back to the microphone. Every so often, his eyes wandered back to that woman, and the grin would once again tug at his lips.

Jensen stuck around for the remainder of the Saturday Night Special, watching from the backstage and making a couple more appearances with the other guests. He was sweaty and tired, but there were other reasons to look forward to returning to his hotel room.

He slid the keycard into the slot, and the light turned green. He walked into the room, noting the beside lamp was already on, to where you were sitting against the headboard, legs stretched out in front of you. You were wearing one of his t-shirts and a tight, short pair of sleep shorts.

“Didn’t know you were going to sneak down for the concert,” Jensen said, kneeling on the mattress before crawling over to where you were.

You shrugged. “When you told me you were going to sing that song, I had to be there. Maybe the fandom is the other woman in this case, and I know we’ll go public eventually. But for now, it’s kind of fun, keeping our relationship a secret. Do think they have any idea?”

“Not a clue,” Jensen said, shaking his head before dipping his head lower so that his lips could meet yours.

☠️ “Fuck Me Up” Spell ☠️

this is a “universe i’m ready to take like five curveballs right now for the assurance it will all end well. just fuck me up right now” spell. 

☠️  gather: tarot cards, five things that symbolize yourself and your situation, five candles, as well as bay leaf, coffee grounds, basil, and storm water.

☠️  perform in as much darkness as you are comfortable with. 

☠️  create a pentagram, and at each point place a token of something that represents a key aspect of your personality.

☠️  light a corresponding candle by each.

☠️  with the bay leaf, coffee ground, and basil, combine into a mixture. burn a pinch of the mixture over each candle.  

☠️  speak of, or meditate on the subject of each representative object, and how it has been hindering you. think on the ways it may have to get worse before it can get better.

☠️  select tower and chariot cards from the deck, fan them out and place them in the center.

☠️  utter the incantation to the universe once you have gathered all the energies and intents you need, “just fuck me up” 

☠️  extinguish the candles one by one using the storm water. 

As a Slytherin, I have quite a few thoughts on the whole “Slytherins are inherently evil” bias.

Slyrherins are not evil, many of our actions just fit in the more gray areas of the scale. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fucked up Slytherins, but there’s fucked up and twisted wizards from other houses too, BCJ and Pettigrew being some examples.

Slytherins are goal oriented and driven, unafraid to do what it takes to achieve their goals, often leading to the degradation of both mental and physical health. But at the same time, Slytherins have a personal set of rules that they create for themselves that they will not cross or break for any reason. Rules set by others are simply suggestions and will be easily tossed aside if they hinder progress, but breaking our own rules is out of the question. Sacrificing personal morals, beliefs, and personalities for any reason is not who a Slytherin is.

We’re also unafraid to admit who we are. Other houses have created horrible, twisted wizards like I’ve mentioned before, but unlike the other houses, Slytherin house isn’t afraid to claim it. Just because Slytherin openly admits to producing evil wizards doesn’t mean all Slytherins are evil does it?

Speaking of evil, what really is it anyways? Yes, murder, abuse of any sort whether mental or physical, sexual abuse, torture- all of that is shit. Cruel to the core. But putting the obvious aside, what is evil? Going against what is preordained? Forging your own path against the wishes and wills of others? Going against the normal and trying to achieve personal goals no matter what has to be done in the process? Take out the comic book concept of evil and destruction and chaos and think of some of the Slytherins considered evil. Narcissa didn’t murder, didn’t cheat, didn’t torture. Hell, she wasn’t wven branded with the Dark Mark! She sides with Voldemort and her husband in order to protect her son, her family, as we as keep peace with Lucius. She sided with Voldemort because it was the way she saw that was the easiest to achieve her goals- she was provided protection and her family was safe and protected. As soon as she realized Voldemort did not care for Lucius or herself, not did he care about the life of Draco and intended him to be murdered, she went against him and stopped fighting for him to keep her family safe. Hell she even lied about the death of Harry, the boy her family swore against, all to keep them safe and alive! She knew it was the only way to reach her son and ensure his safety!

And look at Regulus, Sirius’s brother. He didn’t want to be scorned, be mistreated like Sirius was, so he adopted the views of his family for self preservation. He followed Voldemort and even joined his ranks to ensure he would be treated the way he wanted to be. It would bring pride from his family, he wouldn’t have to suffer like he watched Sirius suffer. But as soon as he realized what Voldemort was doing was against his beliefs, his moral code, his set of rules he set for himself, Regulus revolted and even went a step further to try and stop Voldemort. As soon as he realized that Voldemort was as willing to treat others like scum, like slaves, and abuse and torture them like his parents did Sirius, the future he wanted to escape, he went against it and fought against it, even sacrificing himself to achieve his own ends. Yet he still told Kreacher not to tell his family what he’d done so they would not view him as they did Sirius.

There are much more Slytherin wizards like these two than like Vdemort, yet they’re considered evil because of the house they were sorted into. Remove the veil of evil and really analyze Slytherins. Slytherins aren’t evil, they’re self serving and goal oriented and often dont follow the same rules as others. They can definitely be assholes at some points though.

And the pure blood bias thing? Think about when Hogwarts was founded. Witch trial, witch hunts, an anti-magic mania was all happening. Slytherin wasn’t an ass, he just wanted to keep wizard kind safe from Muggles and didn’t trust Muggle Borns because regardless of possessing magic, they were still raised in a Muggle society with muggle beliefs and bias and could pose a threat to wizards and the wizarding community. They were a possible danger and Slytherin wanted to protect his own kind. Once the prejudice disappeared and the trials stopped, however, more selfish and cruel Slytherins manipulated that view of Slytherin into racist bigotry to justify their own unfounded hatred.

Although, ya know, putting a giant fucking unpredictable snake hidden in a secret chamber of the castle, regardless if your heir could control it or not, to stand guardian over the wizards of non Muggle descent to protect them from any Muggle threat, was a dumbass idea. Of course it’s bound to backfire, especially if the heir is a complete and utter bloodthirsty raving lunatic.

So yeah, ramble over. One about Hufflepuff is probably coming soon I have a lot to say about them

The Sphinx that Could

I homebrewed a sphinx race for one of my players that had a few aspects of shapeshifting (based on the skin deep comic) and while he was in full sphinx I told him he couldn’t cast magic unless he had hands.

Sphinx: I roll for deception to convince myself these paws are actually hands.

Me (DM): I’ll allow it

Sphinx: Rolls nat 20

Me: It seems the claws aren’t actually hindering you from casting magic after all.

Reylo is fine.

Rian Johnson said there will be no romance that is central to the storyline in The Last Jedi – that doesn’t mean there won’t be one at all, and in fact we know a central romance was the plan from the get-go*. Johnson went on to specify the absence of a Han and Leia dynamic, and how there would be no relationship like that.

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Vanity Fair writer name dropped two very popular ships, St//rmpilot, and of course Reylo, when quoting Johnson above. Most people are reading this to mean that these ships specifically won’t happen, when NO WHERE is that said. Period. Reading comprehension is fun!

[Note: St//rmpilot WAS actually debunked by John Boyega and Kathleen Kennedy/Lucasfilm, but Reylo has NEVER been discounted… quite the opposite].

Reylo is fine. 👍

JJ Abrams has said a central romance* was “no doubt” in the works since the beginning, and it has existed before Finn was created. Unlike Jedi Killer [Kylo Ren] and Kira [Rey] who both have been CENTRAL figures since conception. 

[Note: F//nnrey was debunked before conception and again a few years later by John Boyega].

Reylo is fine. 👍

The Databank and canon sources [novelizations and commentary] provide irrefutable statements that Rey and Kylo Ren share a mysterious connection, that their destinies are intertwined, that Kylo feels compassion for Rey, that she senses his vulnerabilities, and the hints at redemption keep coming … all of these facets exist to make their relationship THE MOST OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES, and nothing that was revealed in the VF article hinders their potential. They will continue to have “a very interesting relationship moving forward.”