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Maybe Nanami (AI) writing an important letter to hinata but you know. Her handwriting.

A/N This was sent to me back at the start of the anime. I wonder if the original sender is still here. Will they ever know I wrote back?

Sincerely Written (with some help)

Not everything can be properly expressed verbally… probably.

At least that’s what Nanami thought since after all, there’s so much she wanted to Hinata but sometimes there’s a lag time in her words… Sometimes more often than not. She’d be in the middle of a game, hours after she last talked to him and then all of a sudden she’d remember something she could have told him but didn’t. And as much as she wanted to tell him the next time they’d meet, by then she’d be too absorbed with their current conversation to even recall what she was supposed to say.

Ah, maybe she’s doing this the wrong way… she thought.

When she asked Usami for advice, she told her to try something else, a different approach. “Why don’t you write instead what you want to tell him?” She suggested with a sweet tone.

“Write? But I’m not that good… at writing.” Nanami sulked a bit. She’s fully aware that her writing skills weren’t that developed and she’d rather no one else knew.

“It’s alright! It’s not the penmanship but the thought that counts!” Usami encouraged her with a smile. “As long as you write with your heart, I’m sure he’ll understand your message!”

“Is that so?” Nanami pondered with crossed arms, not quite convinced but she seemed willing enough to try.

“I know so! Trust in your teacher!” Usami proudly declared. “If it’s you, Nanami, I’m sure that Hinata will answer your feelings! Good luck!”

“Thanks, I think?” Nanami replied with her head tilted. Good luck on what exactly? Was that a miscommunication or something? What did Usami mean by that? She was honestly puzzled.

“Have more hope!” Usami added as she bounced happily. “And remember, wuv! Wuv!”

To this day, Nanami has already written her first letter but she had yet to decipher Usami’s message.

She didn’t know how letters worked either. Sure she wrote in a diary before but a letter was different, right? For starters, there was a designated sender and recepient for it. She’s not sure how they’re supposedly given so she asked someone else for advice. It just so happened that Ibuki was passing by at the time and she thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“What’s this? What’s this? A letter?” Ibuki’s eyes sparkled with innocent mischief. “Kyaah! Don’t tell me, is it for a guy? Oh, but a girl is A-OK too! So who’s the lucky person?”

“Lucky? Isn’t Komaeda the one with SHSL luck?” Nanami asked, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “But Hinata isn’t exactly lucky.”

“Plot twist! Oh, how the Hinatables have turned!” Ibuki cried out and even dramatically staggered back. “It seems that Ibuki has underestimated Hinatater-tots charms! Ibuki is impressed!”

“I don’t understand…” Nanami tilted her head. She knew that Ibuki could be bewildering at times given her eccentric personality but she sounded even more incomprehensible now than usual. “How is this related to the letter… that I’m about to give him?”

“It has everything to do with it! You know, like love love!” Ibuki cheerfully yelled. “Say no more, Nanami my homie! Ibuki’s got your adorable hoodie covered back covered!”

Nanami didn’t understand the reasoning behind half of Ibuki’s suggestions but she trusted her no matter how many hearts they put on everything.

She’s also the slightest bit concerned as to why they had to drop off the letter discreetly at Hinata’s cottage door and spy from far away instead of just handing it off to him directly like how she originally planned. In the end, the letter was written on pink stationary with red ink and hearts were drawn and pasted all over it. Nanami briefly wondered if this was what Usami meant by “wuv! wuv!” and what Ibuki meant by “love! love!”. She didn’t understand it at all but she reasoned that abstract concepts such as feelings weren’t really her strong points anyways.

When Hinata finally came out and picked up the letter, Nanami’s heart thumped in anticipation although she could hardly comprehend why. Maybe this was because of the thrill of spying like in those stealth games she played. Or maybe it was just because they had quickly scampered off as soon as they knocked on his door and jumped behind another cottage. Either way, she could practically hear her heart beating loudly.

Hinata squinted at the letter. He flipped it over as he examined it and then his head turned left and right as if looking for its sender. Of course he didn’t know that she was just right there and that they had ducked before his gaze even swept by them. Her heart thumped faster. Yeah, it must be the suspense kicking in.

For a long while he just stared at the letter with an unreadable expression. It was unreadable mostly because she could hardly make out his facial features from this distance. He just stood there and held the letter without much movement. She even thought that he’d choose to check the letter indoors which incited some small form of disappointment in her.

But then against all expectations, Hinata finally opened the letter.

His eyes scanned through the whole sheet.

Again. And again.

He even squinted. He squinted so hard that his eyes looked like slits from afar. He opened his mouth and it took a bit of effort but she heard him mutter, “I can’t read this.”

It’s only then that Nanami confirmed just how bad her handwriting was.


“It’s still a bit unbelievable that you don’t know how to write.” Hinata commented as he tried hard to stifle his laughter.

“That’s not true!” Nanami huffed her cheeks at him. “I do know how to write!”

“It’s barely legible though.” He retorted as he raised the letter she gave him the other day which looked like chicken scratch in all honesty.

“I’m getting better!” Nanami’s cheeks were red in a mix of embarrassment and anger.

“You’re right. At this rate your handwriting might level up from chicken scratch to elephant strokes.” He teased to which she just pouted even more. A chuckle escpaed his lips. “You know you could have told me instead of just writing, right?”

“I know that but…” She trailed off sulking.

“Come to think of it, you never did tell me what was written there.” He added thoughtfully.

She huffed and leaned toward him with a temper that hardly matched her soft appearance. “That’s because it’s meant it be read!”

“Cut me some slack here. You didn’t exactly make it easy to read.” He joked but was only answered with a replied. He had a feeling that he was about to cross a line with one more word from him and despite how curious he was, he would rather not incur the gamer’s wrath. “Alright, I got it. Sorry, I’ll read the next one I promise. So tell me what the first one was about, okay?”

“Mm…” That seemed to cool her down a bit as she looked thoughtfully. And then in a voice that was deadpan she said, “No.”

“Hey, I said I was sorry. You don’t have to be so mean about it.” He apologized once more. “Besides, what’s the point of that letter then if I won’t ever get to know what it’s about?”

It was then that Nanami remembered words of wisdom from her mentors.

“Love love? I guess…” She answered in her usual uncertain tone where it was hard to determine whether or not she was joking.

But the blush on Hinata’s face was definitely there.

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please give us a sdr2 version of the underwear fight with hinata instead the world needs it

Naegi Version here

Friendship Underwear Post-Island Mode AU

There are questions better left unasked.

“So is anyone going to explain to me why they gave me their underwear or what?“

But Hinata just had to ask one of those questions.

The whole room erupted in chaos.

Followed by the great war of who Hinata’s best friend truly is.

“Soul friend! Say it isn’t so! I’m your bestest, right?” Souda cried and then there were literal tears in his eyes as he asked, “Wait does that mean you got Sonia’s too?!”

“Yes, Hinata did in fact receive mine. It is proof that he has agreed to return to my country as a hero.” Sonia clarified as she stuck out her hand with authority. “So we must cease this fighting at once! He already has promised me his companionship.”

“Fufufu!” Gundam diabolically laughed and then bellowed, “Fools! Your shallow pacts mean nothing to him for he has already pledged his allegiance to the Tanaka Empire! He is bound by contract to serve under me!!”

“Back off, fuckers!” Kuzuryuu angrily yelled and then smirked smugly. “This guy here already swore to me. Got that? He’s already a part of the Kuzuryuu clan so you can all just go home and suck it!”

“It seems you are more capable than you appeared to be.” Pekoyama calmly commented. “Perhaps with my young master’s permission, we may still continue where we left off.”

“You got everyone’s? EVERYONE’S??” Teruteru huffed excitedly with a more intense nosebleed than usual. “Tell me all about it! I’ll feed you the finest things in life if you give me all the finest details of those clothes!”

“I’m going to stop you right there.” Koizumi interjected and then glared at Hinata. “And as for you, Hinata! I can’t believe you went on an… on an… underwear collecting spree! Have you no shame as a man! Honestly, I thought you were different. Ah, but it’s not like I like you or anyting, okay!”

“Um, I’m okay with sh-sharing but only if y-y-you’re okay with that!” Mikan stammered and then timidly asked, “W-We’re stil f-f-friends right?”

“Nobody asked for your opinion, pig-barf!” Saionji yelled at her and then turned to him teary-eyed. “You said you’d watch my show. You promised me not these bimbos. You’re gonna choose me, right?”

“AHAHAHAHA!” Nidai laughed boisterously. “Look at you getting along with everyone! But don’t forget you’re training with me!”

“Yeah, Hajimeme!” Akane seconded with a holler. “You still gotta fight me!”

“There will be no such intense activities for Hinata.” Twogami smoothly intervened. “He already has his plans filled with helping me.”

“BUT! BUT! BUUUUUT!” Ibuki wailed as she jumped and skipped around. “Hinatater-tots is going to be a rockstar with Ibuki! We’ll be so great at it, they’ll call us rockets instead!!”

“Ah, look at you getting flocked with hope!” Komaeda laughed merrily. “You truly are the most hope-filled person I’ve ever met, how lucky of me!”

From behind a monitor screen even Nanami chipped in, “Hinata, please don’t forget about me. You still have lots to teach me.”

And thus, the war on who Hinata’s best friend is raged on.

“So? What do you have to say for yourself?” They finally asked him after minutes, almost an hour, of fruitless arguments. They’ve been fighting over him this whole time and they weren’t getting anywhere so it was time for the guy in question to answer it once and for all.

Except Hinata wasn’t even in the room anymore.

He started this war and he bailed out on them.

“After him!” They ran out and hounded him.

Somewhere, very very far away, Hinata escaped to the only person who could help him. He went to hide with Naegi.

“What have I done?” Hinata asked himself in horror.

Naegi empathetically patted his shoulder with a small tired smile, “Just give them yours and they’ll be pacified with that.”

Maybe if he just gave away 15 pairs of his own boxers then they’d shut up.



“Nanami-san! Sonia-san! Souda-kun!” he cheerfully greeted his friends.  It hadn’t been too long since he saw the people he considered friends, yet he still couldn’t help to feel overly excited whenever he saw them, or even when someone mentioned. “To what do I owe the pleasure of having all of you standing on my door right now?”

He glanced once more to the group of people and noticed someone he didn’t expect to find. “Hinata-kun….is that you? This truly is a surprise!” he exclaimed.

But next to Hinata-kun he noticed an unfamiliar face. “Oh…is that a friend of yours?” he asked.