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I absolutely adore that one panel of kenma and hinata brawling right after kenma declares them regular friends. Make me imagine kenma holding up a knife to yamamoto’s throat saying “u free of friday?” Because they’re regular friends

Oh my gosh I know!?!?!

Like, it’s just amazing. They are litterally holding each other at knife point. But this is just what normal friends do, right?


The Halloween Giveaway has just ended!! A winner will be announced tomorrow! ;)

But that’s not the important news right now lol. I came online to tell you…


Don’t play, guys! Esp re the BNHA set!!!! Let me know if you want anything!!!! So I could get the items now, and save them for your next order/invoice. 


  • Midoriya is only sold with Uraraka. £10 for the pair.
  • Everyone else is £5 each (yes, you can get Uraraka alone for £5)
  • Bakugou is like….super low stock. Once these final few are gone, he will be sold with Kirishima as a pair at £10. 

Haikyuu Sets

  • Everyone is £4
  • When ordering the HQ ones, please refer to them as school uniform or team [character name] so I could distinguish the design.

As I’m not asking for payment upfront, I’m only accepting orders from customers who have bought from me before. 

If I don’t know you, but you’re interested in something, feel free to message me with the characters you want. If there is excess stock left, I’ll pick up some more for public sale in the future, and you could order then. But read the FAQ on hachisales.com first!


Finally I finished it!! I was drawing the first half for at least half a year going back and forth to it and then I got too excited about finishing it and I drew the whole second part in like three days, ahah!

Please, turn on the audio first and look at drawings as you listen:”) Hope you’ll enjoy! I know it’s quite messy because I was trying to be super fast with each panel, but I hope the feels are gonna be there.

I am so so sorry to everyone who had to scroll through this monstrosity. I wanted to add read more thing, but when I post drawings into the text they get squeezed in my main page;; thank you so much for watching!