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“I sprouted from the concrete” and “humans were born without wings so we search for other ways to fly” both sound like some lines from some award winning slam poetry, or some social or political commentary-Kanye or Drake lyric, but they’re actually from an anime about an orange gremlin who can jump super super high but learns that the power of friendship can get him higher.

Some Akaashi Appreciation

Not that Fukurodani’s amazing setter DOESN’T get enough appreciation, I just thought I’d appreciate him even more.

Akaashi Keiji:

-is the only known second-year vice captain (as opposed to third-year) in the entire series so far

-is in a class 6 college prep class, which is the second-highest level of any character in the series (Yachi is in class 5 and she’s smart!)

-has a jump stat of 4/5, which is higher than Oikawa “Killer Jump Serve” Toru’s, and on par with Bokuto’s and Ushijima’s, who are both nationally ranked top-five aces. And Akaashi is a SETTER.

-has his current concern down as self-improvement