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Haikyuu!! chapter 271

sooo, intense chapter as usual (fuck! who am I kidding, I’m like WAH!! GAH!! and AH!!). I though it would continue about Noya-chan problem, but sensei change our attention to Suna. God my babies are in trouble, he was just so damn good.

and again I once again rooting for Tsukki’s brain to figure out what should they do to handle him. Like some panels here:

I just really love when Kags was there to help. and Look!! Lev was supporting Tsukki. (Damn my third gym feels).

but once again, Inarizaki was one of the best high school for volleyball, and Suna was there so,

I think this kind of miracle ability was normal….and I agree 1000% with ya Kenma

sooo, Karasuna was pretty in a tight situation right now, maybe in the future Hinata will save the day with his new receive ability or Noya-chan coming back with his miracle receive, or suga come to the field and change the atmosphere or with Yams serves, or once again Tsukki’s brain will come to the action.

but one thing I could say…

ya have another wall to climb moonshine…. 


Another great chapter, Furudate!!! I am finally loving Inarizaki and what they bring. To be vice champions and all you gotta have amazing players and they are. Love the Suna’s characteristic explain, as a former volley player it is satisfying. As for my my babies, more for my eyes to feast on. The Lord + Tsukki golden pair makes me so happy, then I love all Atsumu does, I got a mini Yahaba and Kuroo’s on point explain, and random Daichi + Tanaka putting their all in. Even Asahi is combative enough, which I like. I am glad Ukai wants to wait to call time up. This is being worked well by Karasuno so far. They are taking measures and this will work. No doubt they win in the end. What makes me already rolling my eyes is that in such a good game now, the deus ex machina is going to be a midget with red hair and superpowers… like this is BNHA or something 😩 but until the impossible takes place to please kids, let’s enjoy realistic great players playing at their best. I’ve mentioned them already so… those are my babies 💖

12 - 2 = A Bitter Choice; 1/2 + 1/2 = Is Nestled Near the Soul


12 - 2 = A Bitter Choice; ½ + ½ = Is Nestled Near the Soul

Betaread by: julie-chii

Translated by: Me

My Brocon Master Post

Azusa: “…… Thanks for the food.”

Azusa-san put down the fork as he said that.

“Eh? You finished already?”

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