hinata kid

hina + yams hanging out in chapter 244 (。’▽’。)

hoshiumi: i can’t for the life of me figure out why everyone thinks that being short is something one should despair over. 
hinata: !!!
hoshiumi: being short in volleyball may very well be a disadvantage, but it does not automatically imply incompetence or ineptitude!
hinata: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kageyama: *whispers* oh, no, no, no


clears throat. sasunaruhina

heres a not so well known ot3 of mine

so theres a biologically narusasu kid and two biologically naruhina twin sisters (if kishimoto thought i’d forget how he accidentally confirmed trans naruto and hinata hes dead wrong,) but no ones keeping tabs tbh its just that they have the sharingan and the byakugan or at least some watered down version of it (and whisker marks) so its p obvious but as i said everyone is everyones kid and sibling

hinata is reforming the hyuuga clan + has a genin team w sasuke that practically lives w the family, and naruto and sasuke are reforming the System w the help of sakura, who, before anyone asks, married ino

+while naruto is romantically involved with both of them, sasuhina are mostly friends

+yes, the pasta necklaces are made by the kids

(raises leg) anyway my garbage brain produced another kagehina AU some time ago and it’s a weird 50′s thingy about slurping milkshake and awkward drive-in cinema dates

anyway check out these fantastic headcanons from my twitter: